tagLoving WivesAn Eventful Life Ch. 04

An Eventful Life Ch. 04


Nearly two months had passed since the day Gen skipped out on dinner to have a sexual rendezvous with our old friends Josh and Todd. With both of us working now our lives were getting busier and time together was not taken for granted. We had enjoyed nights out together recently, going out to dinner and seeing movies and even though the eventfulness of our lives seemed to be dwindling, the rest was well needed but also short lived. Labor Day weekend was approaching and I imagine Gen could sense that my desire for her to do something kinky was rising. I had a four day weekend coming up and used a sick day for the upcoming Thursday to have one extra day off. This was going to come in handy because her last day of work for the week would be on Thursday.

She knew my schedule and asked me early Thursday morning to come in and see her at work. I had never been to the strip club to see her because I didn't see the point of spending our money in order for her to make money. It just doesn't make any sense. With this being the case though, if I did decide to see her at work, no one would have a clue as to who I was and the relationship that I have with Gen. As the day progressed she became more insistent on wanting me to come and see her. She began teasing me that she was going to do something special and she wanted to explain things to me at the club.

My curiosity was growing and the fact that she always had great timing with her adventures struck me. The need for me to ask her to be my kinky wife was no longer necessary as she had become more enthused and comfortable with playing that role. As with her previous meeting with Josh and Todd, which I had no influence, she was making things happen on her own.

The evening was approaching and after dinner, I told her I would come up and see her. I asked what time she would want me up there, and she responded at midnight. She explained that at midnight she would devote an hour to me, and a customer she had been dancing for the last two months comes in about a quarter to one in the morning. From one until two a.m., when the club closed, she would be spending time with her customer and I could go home then. She explained that when I arrived at the club, she would give me all the details.

After our short conversation she headed for work. I had nearly five hours before I would leave to go see her. I cleaned up after dinner and straightened up the house a bit before relaxing on the couch. I dozed off in a matter of minutes as I sunk into the couch. I slept like a rock and woke up just in time. Around 11:30, I woke up and quickly got ready throwing on some deodorant, brushing my teeth, and messed up my hair a bit to mask the bed head I had. I was out the door and arrived at the club right at midnight. I walked in and paid the cover, ordered a beer, and made my way to the floor of the club. I sat down at a nearby table and saw Gen mingling with a table of guys. Each one reached for an ass grab and one after another she nonchalantly moved their hands away. Once she noticed I was there, her attention shifted and she excused herself from that table of guys.

She made her way towards me casting that smile of hers. Her body looked great in the dim light. Her tiny skirt exposed the gap between her thighs and the top she was wearing revealed more than enough to get any man interested. She got closer to me and the stiletto heels accentuated her long legs causing such a distraction in me that I nearly didn't notice the comments made by some of the men she passed as she approached me.

She was directly in front of me now and said "Hey there baby!" I gave her a smile and she passed right by. My head turned like many others in the club as she walked towards the dressing room and entered. I watched the dancer on stage for the moment and watched how graceful she moved. She was a good looking girl with a nice rack, so I approached the stage to tip her and made my way back to the table. Just as I sat down, Gen was coming out of the dressing room holding something in her hand.

She came to the table and sat down and in no time the waitress was there asking me to buy her a drink. I obliged and Gen and I began talking. She handed me the object (a walky-talky) in her hand and explained that this walky-talky covered around 10 miles. She explained at 2:30 a.m. she wanted me to turn it on and have the volume up. I gave her a look that expressed I didn't really understand, but the conversation took a different direction about her upcoming customer.

She explained that this man had went through a divorce recently, hadn't had any sex for 4 months, and was propositioning her to meet him after work sometime. She explained that he offered $2,000 for an hour meeting and she was going to take him up on it. She let me know that she already had a room reserved at a hotel less than five miles from our home. She expressed to me that for the time she had been dancing for him; her desire for his cock had become unbearable. She mentioned how big he felt through his pants while dancing for him and her curiosity was getting the best of her. She's wanted to pull his cock out for some time now and tonight she would finally get to.

She talked sexually to me how she couldn't wait to put the huge cock in her mouth. She focused on mentioning how she was going to give him head; licking him from his balls to the tip of his cock, open her mouth and try to swallow as much of his cock as she possibly could while using her hand to stroke what wouldn't fit into her mouth. The excitement must have grown in my eyes as well as my cock because she said that I looked like I was starting to get a little turned on. She couldn't see my hard on under the table so it must have showed in my eyes.

The conversation shifted back to the walky-talkies and she explained that she would have hers locked for transmitting and hiding under the bed. She explained how she wanted me to hear her fucking this guy and ordered me to slowly stroke my cock the entire time and build up a cumshot of my own. It was nearly a quarter to one in the morning now and I could sense her excitement. Her eyes grew large as she shifted towards the entrance to the floor of the club. She excitedly said that he was here and he would be making his way to a specific table and to watch so I could see him.

I looked without being too noticeable and saw a huge black man, probably around 6'7". He was built like an athlete and I was kind of scared. This man was going to fuck her silly and nothing I could do would even compare to the pounding she was going to receive. She was left our table without me even noticing and approached him. She had a short talk with him and made her way back. "It's time for our dance she said." She took my hand and took me to a couch barriered by panels so no one could see the dance.

The dance consisted of her teasing me about how loose her pussy was going to be when she got back home and she couldn't wait to cum on my cock after cumming on this guy's huge black cock. She admitted that she was starting to become more of a black cock addict. She had only had a couple of black cocks in our time together, but mentioned how she enjoyed both of them so much. She kept showing me her pussy, telling me to get a good look at it now because when she got home it would be so spent, it wouldn't look like that later. My cock was growing as she thanked me for letting her enjoy multiple cocks in her life and repeatedly told me that she loved me. She was getting to be such a dirty slut wife and her unintentional cuckolding of me was becoming an increasing passion of both of ours. The experience is something I cannot really explain. All I can really say is that it brings a whole new excitement to our lives.

The dance was ending and she made sure to go through the details of the upcoming event briefly one last time before we exited the couch booth. She said that she loved me and would see me later and made her way towards her new black desire. I sat down to finish my beer before leaving and to let my swelling subside. This did not happen easily as I watched her approach the black man and place herself in her lap. I could sense a huge amount of passion between the two and nearly wanted to stay and watch how she was around him, but I forced myself away from the table and drove back home.

I got back home and looked at the walky-talky before setting it down on the living room table. I took a quick shower to freshen up and threw on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Before going back to the living room, I fixed a glass of ice water for myself. While entering the living room, my eyes were fixed on the walky-talky, but I managed to turn the television on to pass the next 30 minutes of time before I was informed to turn the walky-talky on. Those thirty minutes seemed like 30 hours, but the time finally came and I turned the walky-talky on.

For a couple of minutes there was no sound, but out of no where I heard Gen's voice come through. She told me not to say anything or to touch any buttons. She explained she was naked and waiting for her new lover to get to the room. She insisted that I pull my cock out and stroke it slowly. She wanted me to push myself to almost having an orgasm, but to stop and let the feeling subside the whole time she was gone. She said that she wanted to make my load fire out of my cock and if it didn't she would be pissed. She used the excuse that she was going to bring me home a special treat and that her treating me was reason enough that I should follow her orders without any flaws.

Suddenly I heard what I thought was a knock on her room door and she whispered into the walky-talky that she had to go and I better be good and do what I was told. She ended the chat by telling me to enjoy what I was about to hear because she had a feeling she was going to make noises I've never heard before.

The sound from my walky-talky disappeared and my nerves became tenser. I turned off any lights in the room, leaving the room illuminated by the television. I reached for my water and took a drink. I set the walky-talky on the table and relaxed myself on the couch. It wasn't long and I could hear them talking. The conversation was faint, but I assumed that this event was going to get louder as the time progressed.

My cock was growing with anticipation so I gripped it in my left hand and slowly massaged myself waiting for any sound to come through the sound device. A few minutes had passed and I heard a slight moan. The moan was deep so I figured it was her black lover reacting toe her sensuous mouth. The subtle moaning continued and was followed by what I guessed was a gasp from Gen as she released his cock from her mouth. I could hear her voice faintly, believing she was telling him she had been waiting so long to see his cock and complimenting him on his size.

The time passed for awhile with no more than faint moans, but my cock as rock hard. Gen, my slut wife, was offering herself to a big black cock. This was consuming my thoughts and producing an excitement not many men could ever or even want to enjoy. My slow stroking started to produce pre cum at the tip of my cock and my balls were swollen and tight. I was near an orgasm so I released the grip around my cock and squeezed around the underside of my sack to temporarily stop any sensation.

At that moment I heard Gen's voice more clearly asking the hung black man to lie down so she could stuff her waiting pussy. I imagine her squatting over top of him with his cock in her hand, holding it at the base of her opening and slowly lower her meaty pussy down onto his girth. A long moan escaped from within Gen and my stoking continued. I could imagine her inching her way down the entire length of his cock while I continued to stroke my cock to the sounds projecting through the walky-talky.

She must have became comfortable with the size of his cock after a few minutes because the clapping of skin and increased moans from the radio link filled the living room, pushing my stroking close enough to another orgasm that I had to stop again. Pre-cum leaked from the tip of my hard-on and I could barely stroke myself any longer. My masturbation had turned to a mere squeezing at the base of my shaft which was providing enough stimulation to keep me on the edge of erupting as the sounds of sex continued to fill the room.

40 minutes had passed and the sounds I was receiving only grew with intensity. Gen was releasing wild sounds I had never heard and her new lover was just as vocal. The hour was drawing towards its conclusion and my cock was still rock hard and producing pre jizz that lubricated my stroking. I clearly heard Gen begging for her new addiction to empty his load into her. The sounds transmitting into the living room suggested that they were both working towards the climax. I wanted to push myself over the edge as well as I heard the passionate moaning from Gen as the black man release his seed deep into my wife, but I knew it would be best if followed her orders as directed. I released my cock before taking the chance of accidentally spilling semen.

I squeezed my balls as a prevention technique and sat quietly for nearly 10 minutes not hearing more than faint chatting and finally good-byes. I took a drink of my water and heard Gen's voice through the walky-talky. She mentioned that my treat was ready. Not only had her pussy been abused, but it was also full of four months worth of this man's built up semen.

It had been a long time since she last came home after a sexual encounter, sixty-nining me, and surprising me by emptying her cum-filled pussy into my mouth. At that moment I remembered it wasn't as distasteful as one would imagine, but I wasn't sure I could know about it and do it. I expressed this to her but she insisted that I had no choice. She would come home and sixty-nine me and I wouldn't go anywhere because I would give into her cock sucking and ultimately be her clean up man. She told me that some had spilled out of her while she got dressed so it shouldn't be too bad. She said she was a little tired at the moment and wanted to relax for half an hour before making her way out of the hotel. She ended the conversation by telling me to strip down and lie on the couch so she could come right in and jump in the 69 position.

I hesitantly agreed as I shut off the walky-talky and waited for her arrival. My once stiff cock was going limp with the thought of eating a black man's cum from my wife's pussy and I nearly got dressed to put the kybosh on the whole event. Something overpowered me though and I stayed in my waiting position. The time had passed and she entered through the door. She moved beside me and removed her clothes. As she removed her panties I noticed the glistening of her mound and the redness her black lovers pounding left her with. She straddled over top of me lowering her musty well fucked pussy closer to my mouth. My tongue reached out and slid from the top of her clit and back up parting her lips. I could feel the goo that had settled between her lips and continued to lick as she fondled my cock limped by uncertainty of what was going to happen.

I lapped at her pussy some more and she stopped caressing me asking if there was any left inside her. I responded by telling her that nothing much so far and she slightly tilted her hips downward and wrapped her mouth around my growing but still limp cock. I slowly lapped my tongue from her clit to her mildly gaping opening. I reached up and squeezed her ass cheeks apart and set my mouth over her opening and pierced my tongue inside her. Withdrawing my tongue from her hole sent a rush of their mixed juices into my mouth. I instantly became hard again realizing I was swallowing their hot liquids that flooded my mouth. I nearly choked on the amount the fell from inside her pussy and took two gulps to consume it all.

Once again the taste was not as bad as many people would think. Another surprise about eating her creampies is that they are not thick and gooey like I imagined they would be. I wonder if the heat from inside her pussy thins out the deposit left behind by her extra lovers. Or maybe it is the time their loads sit inside her. It had nearly been 40 minutes since her and her new black lover had finished. At any rate, I was starting to enjoy the moment and lapped more. Suddenly another huge rush of my wife's creampie deposited itself down my throat and I began sucking at her opening filling my mouth once again. For the next twenty minutes, creampie drained from her pussy and I consumed it all. Once it had started, I did not want it to finish.

I understand that after four months of no sex, which her black lover had recently endured, a man's load may increase, but the amount left inside her even after admitting that some had fell out amazed me. In fact, the first creampie she shocked me with was huge too. I do not really understand it, but I will accept the way it is.

Gen asked if I had her pussy clean and I responded by telling her yes. She got up from the 69 position and made me sit up on the couch so she could stroke me from the floor. She placed my cock between her tits and stroked, telling me that I better have a nice load that she can see shoot out from me. Her slick hands worked their magic and I forewarned her that I was going to cum. She leaned back slightly pulling my cock forward and aiming between her tits. My load satisfied her liking as it shot in four spurts; two making their way up to her chin and the other two on her chest. She milked more out of me, but nothing more than dribbles.

As she stood up she said she thought there was still creampie in her and I told her that there might be there was quite a lot, but nothing had drained from her for a while. She straddled over top of my face lowering her pussy right above my mouth and sure enough more creampie drained out of her. I sucked it all down and waited for more. She was empty this time for sure. This night was eventful and Labor Day weekend was approaching. We didn't know what was planned, but three things we knew for sure were: (1) she was turning into a black cock addict, (2) I couldn't wait for her to bring me home another cream filled pussy, and (3) we had an extra $2,000.

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