tagGroup SexAn Exclusive Club for the Oversexed

An Exclusive Club for the Oversexed


She is completely naked, blindfolded and wearing a pair of headphones that render it so she can not hear a sound. Then she is lifted off of her feet and carried away. She could sense that they were going down stairs to the basement. Suddenly, they stop and gently lay her down onto the small examination table in the center of the room.

The table is sort of "V" shaped. Its wider at one end where it supports her back at the shoulder blades and narrows down to only about a foot wide where the other end supports the small of her back. This leaves her ass hanging off the edge of the table allowing them easy access to her sex. Each of her ankles is firmly strapped to outriggers that extend outward leaving her spread eagle. She feels that her pussy is so wide open, so vulnerable.

Her wrists are tied to each other and pulled high and taut over her head and fastened tightly to hooks above. She cannot move. This is what she wanted. This is what she had asked for but still her heart nervously pounds in anticipation as to what is about to happen. The butterflies she feels in her stomach are no match for the lusting aching feeling that she feels between her legs. Her pussy is dripping and her nipples are so hard and long now they point straight up at the ceiling. She knows not what they have planned. Her only request was, "use me until I'm done."

"How did Jen get here and in this position," you ask? Well, Jen is a member of a very exclusive and expensive club. Not outrageously expensive but, when one considers it is only visited and used one day per month then some might say it is. One can only learn about this club by another member and only for the purpose of being asked to join. A member can recommend someone as a candidate for entry into the club only once every other year and only if an open slot exists. This ensures that the club maintains its relatively small membership at a maximum of one-hundred total members. This particular club is for the 21 to 40 year olds which Jen has another happy twelve years remaining. The club is operated and maintained by just six trustees.

The only way to get to the club is to be picked up at your residence in a limousine. The windows are such that once inside, you cannot see out even in broad daylight. To further ensure that one cannot see, a black hood is placed over the head. The ride from Jen's residence is about two hours. The club is open every Saturday and Sunday all year long. Just prior to the beginning of every month, each member receives notice as to which day their Saturday or Sunday for that month will be. The day is chosen at random and in this way, there are either twelve or thirteen members in the club that day. Furthermore, it ensures that on any given day the group of members various from one visit to the next. It also means that once in a while, your day can fall on back-to-back weeks and conversely mean that you may have up to seven weeks between visits.

The club currently consists of 50 men and 50 women and once Jen learned of this club she just had to join. You see, Jen has what most would consider is a very high sex drive. Jen instinctively learned of masturbation at a very young age and ever since, her need for orgasmic pleasure consumes her. The next orgasm is always on her mind. Occasionally Jen will spend practically the entire weekend simply masturbating in bed and literally make herself cum dozens of times. Yes, Jen is obsessed and she accepts it for what it is but Jen is also very successful in her profession as an attorney and the club allows her to anonymously fulfill her sexual cravings.

Judge her if you will but do you know what its like living with a pussy that constantly calls to you. It constantly leaks and the obsession exists not because she wants it but because she needs it.

The club allows Jen to live out all of her fantasies that before were only played out in her head while laying on her bed alone masturbating the day away. Now Jen gets to live out fantasies without consequence to her reputation.

Roughly once a year, each member is provided a day where you get to choose the events of the day. Well, this was Jen's day. This is what she chose.

Back to Jen on the table.

Jen waited firmly strapped to the table for what seemed like an eternity but it was most probably for only about ten minutes. As she lay there, an indescribable and unique feeling begins to overcome her. The reality of the situation suddenly hits her. Her legs are spread so wide open and her pussy is so exposed to all that are there in the room with her. Some of the people in the room Jen may have come across during a prior session at the club, and some maybe not but they are anonymous to her right now anyway. It's a vulnerable nervous kind of feeling but at the same time so very sexy and slutty too.

After a few minutes of just lying there in this splayed position, Jen felt like jumping out of her skin as her body practically begins to vibrate with sexual excitement. Jen starts to silently scream within her mind, "somebody please touch me!" "Do something to me."

Jen's nipples are smallish but they grow long, very long as a matter of face and they are a light pink shade. They are perched atop the center of her two soft but very firm natural "C" cup breasts and when excited, her nipples get so hard and so long that they begin to ache. Right now they are aching so bad its as if they want to blast off of the magnificent mounds of flesh they are attached to. They are seemingly screaming out on their own to be touched. To be used. To be abused.

Her exposed pussy is overly excited and wet and it has already leaked so much that Jen can feel the wetness running down past her asshole, running through the crack of her ass and probably beginning to pool up on the floor below. Her pussy, her clit are swelling and they beginning to throb. They too beg to be touched by someone, by something or by anything. Jen needs it so bad now.

Finally she feels it. All of a sudden many hands are all over her body. The hands are rubbing and fondling. They squeeze her flesh. Pinch and pull at her nipples.

So many hands she cannot tell how many of them are working on her. For a moment, Jen tries to count them but before she can even count to four, the pleasurable sensations overwhelm her and instead she succumbs to the pleasure and gives up. Her mind can no longer function in a cognitive fashion. Her mind and body are now just both along for the ride for no matter what is about to happen and for however long it lasts.

Jen feels the warm moist sensations of a mouth and tongue land at each of her nipples. A deep moan uncontrollably escapes from within her as the pair of hot lips begin to suck and bite on her now excessively long and rock hard pink nipples. It feels so amazing. Jen can sense that the lips working at her nipples are those of a woman's. She also feels fingers at her pussy and at the entrance to her ass. Jen's clit is massaged and her pussy and ass are penetrated. Even though she is helpless, it is with all her strength that Jen arches her back and strains every muscle to the utmost and within the limits of the bonds that secure her to the table in order to try and press her sex even harder into the pleasure. She wants more.

Jen feels her hands being untied from above her head only to be pulled out to her sides and once again tied to outriggers that extend from the table. But this time Jen's arms are tied to the outriggers just above the elbow and all the while as this change of position takes place, her sex remains continuously played with by the many hands and fingers roving about her. She doesn't even wonder why her bonds are altered in this way because she no longer can wonder or for that matter can just plain think anymore.

But eventually Jen understands. She feels two very hard cocks lay into each palm of her hands. She grabs at them and starts to jerk on them. However, in this lustful state of mind she no longer has the cognizant brain power and motor skills to do these two magnificently hard cocks the justice of a more pleasing hand job because she simply cannot ignore the intense sensations and pleasure going on between her legs and for that matter, the rest of her entire body.

As if there isn't enough going on around Jen's body, she feels another hard cock push past her moaning lips and enter her mouth and so, now she has another job to do and begins right away. She tries to suck and lick the cock in her mouth but instead; it is steadily and forcibly pushed in and out of her hungry mouth on its own.

Jen continues to moan and writhe about in this position while continuing to clumsily pump and pump away on the two cocks in her hand as best as I can. But all the attention to Jen's sex is overwhelming. She can no longer withstand the sensations welling up inside her. The relentless manipulation of her hard swollen clit, her dripping pussy and her overly worked nipples finally becomes too much to deny and hence Jen cums.

Jen cums hard but it all continues on. She still continues as best as she can pumping away at the two cocks in her hand. The mouths that are glued to each of her nipples continue to suck and chew. She feels a finger pressed to her ass and then slip inside. The fingers between her legs continue their assault on her most vulnerable exposed ass and pussy and soon Jen cums again.

This team of men and women working about Jen's body are very skilled at what they are doing and the fever within them intensifies as they feed off Jen's growing excitement. The energy of the group keeps building.

Jen tries to breath as much as possible in between the thrusts of the cock pushing in and out of her mouth but with all the action going on and the fact that she is cuming every few minutes now, she can't seem to fully catch her breath. The whole time Jen is gasping and heaving and sucking and loving it.

After Jen has cum once or twice more, the whole situation begins to become very surreal. On the one hand, her body is being expertly worked to amazing sensations and orgasms. On the other hand Jen is in complete darkness and cannot see nor hear any of the activity. She begins to imagine the people and the action around her within her imagination. Pictures of it start to flash like flashbulbs inside her mind as if she is watching a moving.

Jen begins to imagine what the scene actually looks like around her, sort of like an out of body experience. She can see herself lying flat on her back with the large crowd of both men and women that surround and hover over her heaving and convulsing body. This multitude of anonymous bodies buzzing around her wanton flesh are frantically and feverishly working over the naked glistening body before them at a hectic pace.

Jen loses all sense of time. She has no idea how long this has gone on and no idea when the onslaught upon her willing sex will end. She hopes it never ends but in the next instant it becomes too much to take and wants to scream she can't take anymore. Yet, an instant later she wants more. She needs more. She gets more.

Jen suddenly senses the firm but spongy soft feel of cock's head pressing into her pussy. She feels it enter hard and instantly it begins fucking her very fast, hard and deep. After just a few minutes of this hard cock thrusting in and out of her pussy Jen cums again. As if her cuming was some kind of signal, the cocks about her seem to trade places. She can taste her own juices on the cock that enters her mouth, her hands get two different cocks to jerk on and yet another cock once again enters her pussy and the action continues on again. Yet again she cums and the switching of cocks around her begins again. How beautiful!

After a few more rounds of this sorted musical chairs, the cock that Jen has been sucking on starts spurting hot thick cum inside her mouth and all over her lips. Jen of course eagerly licks and swallows every drop. Then the cocks in each of her hands start cuming. First one, then the other soon after. Jen furiously pumps and pumps away on the two cocks and can feel the hot goo splashing onto her face and neck. Some lands on her panting lips, which her greedy mouth and tongue eagerly lap up. She wants more. She still needs more. The three spent cocks are quickly replaced by other steely hard cocks.

She feels the cock that has been fucking away at her pussy begin to cum inside her and it too is quickly replaced by another large and rock hard cock. She can feel jets of hot cum splashing onto her body. The fucking and the cuming all continues on and on and she does not know how long its been because she has lost all sense of time and space.

Finally, Jen feels all the hands, mouths and cocks leave her body but the two mouths sucking at her nipples remain. Now without any other sensations, Jen can feel that they are sucking and biting at her nipples so very hard. But soon her attention is once again diverted from her tortured nipples as she feels a sudden and intense vibration at her pussy. It feels like a vibrating wand pressed hard onto her pussy and clit. But this feels bigger than the typical round ball shaped head. It feels more like a vibrating mat as it engulfs the entire area between her legs. The vibration covers her entire pussy and ass and as a result in no time, Jen is once again cuming.

She's cuming again and again while pulling hard against the restraints. Jen is now non-stop moaning and thrashing violently within the limits of the untiring restraints. Her mind is lost in the bliss. Jen is reduced to a lone female form bound to a cold hard table. A bound, blindfolded and naked body glistening with sweat and cum all alone within her own mind and screaming out in ecstasy...and she loves it. This is what I asked for, what she wanted.

Jen likens the experience to a violent lightening and thunder storm. The orgasms cum crashing in. Twisting and convulsing about on the table as one orgasm overwhelms her then subsides for a bit and all seems calm. But yet another begins to build. She is either in one of two states; the throws of orgasm or the build up to the next. Just when she thinks she could not possibly withstand another orgasm, another is building within her and yet she somehow welcomes it.

There is no way for her to judge how long it lasted and there is no way to know how many times Jen ultimately came but, finally the wand is removed from her thoroughly used and engorged sex.

The sucking and biting on her nipples continues on and in somehow this manages to keep her cuming. Of all the crazy things Jen has done, something like this had never happened before. Jen remained in some sort of lust induced altered state. She kept on cuming and cuming over and over even though there was no longer any stimulation between her legs. Only the sucking and biting at her sore nipples. Her hips kept undulating up and down with each orgasmic thrust as her body's core kept contracting and convulsing. The powerful orgasmic forces that coursed through every cell within her kept lifting her higher and higher not knowing when or where this intense, this most amazing and unprecedented pleasure could possibly cease. Tears were streaming down her face but these were not tears of sadness or even happy tears, they are the tears of pure bliss.

Jen got what she wanted. She passed out because she can't even remember how it all ended. She simply went directly from sexual delirium to waking up in one of the nice warm, comfy and soft beds available in club. She's ragged, in need a shower and her head is still abuzz. Again, instinctively she reaches down to feel her pussy. It's puffy, it's sore and its wet. Or is it still wet? She can't tell. Jen's clit is still hard and swollen too. She wonders how long it's been since it ended. Typical Jen though, she is so bad because soon she finds herself gently rubbing the swollen bud that is still asking her for more attention. Jen gets the urge to masturbate and cum again before going to shower up.

"What is wrong with me?"

"How can I do this?

"How could someone want to masturbate right now after all my mind and body have just been subjected to?"

"Why is my body still asking for more?"

But Jen gives in to it. She always does. She slips a finger into her slick whole and quickly removes it to spread her juices all over her pussy and clit. She rubs the hard swollen nub with her fingers until she begins to approach the edge of another explosion of pleasure and the feelings of lust return to her foggy mind. The orgasm builds and swells within until finally it hits and it's massive. She squeezes her legs together trapping her fingers against her pussy and she curls up laying on her side. Once again, Jen is back in that hazy, lusty fog because she continues to rock back and forth in this position keeping the pressure on her clit and continuing massaging on it until another orgasm rages through her body and suddenly Jen is cuming yet again and again. When Jen's mind and body are drained and weakened to this degree and she has cum so often, the orgasms seem to hit her faster, harder, stronger and longer.

Finally, Jen collapses throwing her arms out to her sides and laying flat on her back. Her breathing is short and fast but gradually begins to slow. She makes it over to the shower but just before she steps in she look down at herself and smiles. She releases a short soft moan as she notices all the dried cum that practically covers her entire torso area. Jen quickly showers and scrubs herself clean because the day is still young and she wants to go back downstairs and join in on some more fun with the others.

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