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An Extra Man


I walked into the hotel room not really knowing what to expect; my heart lurched as soon as my eyes spied the beauty lying on the bed. Elizabeth's legs were crossed, but still much thigh was showing under the short pink skirt she was wearing even though the lower half of her legs were covered by thigh-high white leather boots. A matching pink blouse, tied into a halter, barely covered her perky breasts. Her hair was splayed out on the pillow beneath her head. A huge smile played upon her lips, and her eyes crinkled in delight at the look of hunger I was giving her.

I looked at Brian and he just grinned back at me.

I still couldn't believe I was really here.

This whole episode had started the previous week at a local sports bar, during the Monday Night Football game. I was hanging out with a group from work, laughing and eating snacks while we drank. A couple was next to our group at the bar, the man bumped into my elbow once or twice, apologizing each time. Finally, he started a conversation with me. Next to him was his wife, a short, curvy, dark-haired beauty with a luscious ass crammed into a tight-fitting pair of leather pants. He introduced himself, then his wife, and I was treated to a very pleasant Russian accent when she spoke.

He ordered some drinks, mumbling something about making up for the fact that he kept bumping into me. We made small talk, about football, about life, about going out on the town for an evening of fun.

Then he shocked me. He asked if I found his wife Elizabeth attractive. I fumbled a bit with my answer, not quite sure where this was headed; but of course, ultimately I told him what I thought. She was a babe! Her smile grew when she heard my response, and he nodded and smiled as well.

Well, I'm sure you know where this is going. I thought some kind of joke was being played on me when he mentioned what he wanted. He knew his wife was a beauty, but he wanted to see what kind of effect she would have on another man. He switched places with her, and she sidled up to me, her bare arm brushing against mine as she leaned her head towards mine.

She placed her lips against my ear and started whispering in a delightful accented English, telling me that her husband really wanted to watch her please another man. Her close contact, the feeling of her warm breath in my ear really sent a chill down my spine, and made my cock grow in my jeans.

She asked me if I'd like to be that man, if I'd like to see more of her in a more private location. She guaranteed me a wonderful time, and I believed it.

So that's how I ended up in the hotel room, with the sexy lady stretched out on the bed in front of me.

We had decided to start off with a massage for her. She had me unzip her boots and pull them off, giving me a quick view in between her thighs as I tugged, catching a glimpse of a bright pink flash of panty. That glimpse became a stare when she next slid out of her skirt, flinging it to her husband sitting in a chair across the room. Next came her blouse, freeing her soft breasts for my appreciation.

She laid down on her stomach, and I drizzled some oil along her back and her legs. God it felt divine touching her, smoothing the oil into her skin. My fingers were strong, my touch gentle as I slowly rubbed along her muscles. She was looking at me as I touched her, smiling, and then she reached out with her hand to feel just how aroused I had become.

She suggested I would be more comfortable if I was undressed too. Quickly shedding my jeans and my shirt, I stood next to the bed in only my boxers, my bulge prominent, a small wet spot near the head of my cock. As I resumed the massage, her fingers snuck under the waistband of my boxers and I gasped as I felt the first touch of her warm flesh. My own fingers were dancing on her thighs, moving up higher and higher til they were brushing against her mound. I could feel heat pouring though the damp crotch of her panties and the moans coming from her mouth were better than any music I had heard before. She grasped my cock and pulled me closer to the bed, pulled me next to her head. She pushed down on my boxers, letting them drop to the floor. My cock pulsed in her fingers, and my heart raced as I watched the beauty slowly place her lips at my head.

Oh fuck! Her tongue darted out to lick a drop that had seeped out and then in an instant, my cock was in her mouth, her head bobbing as she took me deep.

My thumbs had pressed up under her panties by then, spreading her dampness along the lips of her swollen sex. It was easy to slip my finger inside her, feeling the fiery heat of that fuzzy little pussy.

But I was so distracted by her mouth. One of my hands left it's perch in her panties and became tangled in her long dark hair. I formed a fist, using her hair as a handle to pull her head off and then back onto my cock. There's nothing like the sight of a hungry, dirty girl slobbering all over my cock. Elizabeth was obviously loving this as well. She was up on her knees now, with one hand on my ass, pulling me closer as she sucked. The other hand was alternating between stroking my shaft and fondling my balls, which were now drenched with her saliva.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I felt her finger probing my ass, pressing slowly inside.

I erupted, one, two, three strong blasts of cum straight into her mouth. She pulled off for the fourth, which landed on her cheek, dripping onto her smiling lips.

She swallowed, then spoke, telling me that it was now her turn.

I continued meeting Brian and Elizabeth for several months, getting together every couple of weeks. At first it was always at a hotel, but as we got to know each other better, I would go to their house. Well, actually, I would be taken to their house, with a blindfold on. Kinda weird, kinda kinky.

There was one rule, and I didn't particularly like it. Elizabeth and I couldn't kiss. I love to kiss, so it was difficult to restrain myself. But I did...I enjoyed the way Elizabeth sucked me, milking all the cum from my prick. I enjoyed fucking her too, while Brian watched from the corner in his chair.

He started to video us, offering suggestions as to how I should fuck her, he loved it when she was on her knees doggy style.

Soon he wanted to participate, wanting to fuck her while she sucked me, or to watch me fuck her from behind while she jerked him off.

One night he suggested we both fuck her. She rode me, on top with her pretty ass bouncing. He straddled me and slid his cock inside her cunt right next to mine...fucking felt intense, like a big, fat finger. He urged me to cum inside her, he wanted to feel my seed flooding her pussy all around his cock.

She'd usually end the night with a shower, with Brian cleaning up the room and getting ready to take me home. I'd join her and she'd suck me off one last time. One night though, we really got heated up with our scrubbing, her soft body grinding against me. I started fucking her in the water, against the tiled wall, and our lips met. Holy fuck it was hot. Kissing like teenagers for the first time...my cock pistoning in and out of her wet cookie. But that kiss...so fucking hungry, seemed like time stood still. I could feel her cunt quiver when she came, and it milked the cum right out of me...so fucking good. She pushed me away, a look I'd never seen before in her eyes. She grabbed me again, another kiss, slower, pressing her body against mine. Finally breaking apart, she sent me out of he shower. Brian was waiting to take me home.

I never saw them again. They never called. I guess because of that kiss, the forbidden kiss.

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