tagLoving WivesAn Extra-Special Dinner

An Extra-Special Dinner


To celebrate our tenth anniversary, my wife and I decided to go to a fancy French restaurant in Santa Monica that we'd heard rave reviews about. The suggested attire was dressy casual, so I wore a shirt and tie with dark slacks. My beautiful wife Vanessa wore a low-cut brown blouse that exposed plenty of cleavage, a pair of black slacks and her favorite black knee-high boots. She looked absolutely stunning, her long curly brown hair hung over her shoulders, framing the cleavage of her 36B breasts. As we ascended the stairs to the second floor of the restaurant, my eyes were fixed on her shapely ass. I wanted so badly to throw her up against the wall right then, but did my best to control myself. It isn't often that we have the opportunity to get dressed up for a night on the town, and she was driving me wild! I knew every guy in the place wanted her as badly as me.

We settled into our seats and had just begun looking over our menus when our waitress arrived. My jaw damn near hit the floor when I looked up at her. She was gorgeous! She had one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen. She appeared to be of Italian descent. She had straight black hair tied up into a ponytail and piercing blue eyes. She was a slender woman, with a nice pair of breasts, about the same size as Vanessa's, I guessed, and a nice tight ass. She was wearing a low-cut off the shoulder pink blouse and a pair of tight black pants. I realized that since she had appeared, I'd been checking her out very indiscreetly, so I looked away as soon as I gained my composure. I mumbled my drink order and returned my eyes to her as she walked away, admiring her cute butt.

When I turned back to my wife, she had a huge smile on her face. "Enjoying the view?" She asked.

My initial reaction was to deny, deny, deny, but I knew I'd been busted. "I'm sorry hon, but I couldn't help it." I admitted.

"No, that's fine," Vanessa said, "You can look all you want, you think I don't look at guys?"

"I'm sorry, she's really cute, babe." I told her.

"Believe me, I noticed too," My wife said, "She's beautiful…bitch!"

"Oh, stop that!" I admonished my wife. "She's got nothing on you!"

"I wish." She replied.

I was still complimenting Vanessa, trying as much to reassure her as I was trying to make her forget about me staring at the waitress, when she returned with our drinks. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or not, but I was pretty sure she was flirting with me. She leaned way over to put our drinks on the far side of our table, allowing me a clear view down the front of her blouse. I now knew that she was wearing a black bra. She was also very friendly to us, joking with us both, and being very touchy-feely. She put her hand on Vanessa's shoulder twice as well as on my hand at one point, and then when she took the menus from my hand, her hand landed on top of mine and she very slowly slid it away as she looked at me and smiled.

"What was that?" Vanessa asked jokingly as our waitress walked away.

"Did you catch that too?" I responded.

"How could I miss it?" She laughed. "She practically pushed her tits into your face, then she fondled your hand! I can't believe she was being that forward with me sitting right here!"

"I hate to break it to you, but I think she was flirting with you too!" I told her.

"Really, how do you mean?" She asked.

"Didn't you notice the way she put her hand on your shoulder? And how she was looking at you?" I replied.

"Well, sort of, I guess." She admitted. "I don't know though, do you really think so?"

Before I tell you the statement that Vanessa made next, let me give you some background info on us. One drunken night a few months back, my wife asked me what my biggest sexual fantasy was. Now, as I said, we were both drunk, and therefore, honest. I never would have done it sober, but I admitted to her that like every man, I'd always fantasized about bringing another woman to bed with us. I expected her to be disgusted by it, but she really wasn't. Instead, she admitted that once or twice, she'd wondered what it'd be like to be with a woman. She also admitted that in college, she'd kissed a girl, and liked it. She had never mentioned that to me before, and I was quite turned on.

Our discussion continued for hours, sharing other fantasies and the like, but also revisiting the topic of another woman. Vanessa told me she would think about it, but not to "expect" anything. About two weeks ago, after an especially good sex session, Vanessa told me that if I really wanted to live out my fantasy, she'd do it for me. I was ecstatic, but tried to play it cool. After discussing it for a few minutes, I began to realize that not only was my wife willing to share me with another woman, but I believed that she wanted to! I knew she would never admit it, but I could tell that she was curious. We discussed a few possibilities, before Vanessa made a suggestion. She worked with a woman that she was pretty sure was a closet lesbian. Vanessa had always been curious about her, as always seemed to be extra friendly towards my wife, and now she had the perfect opportunity to find out. I'd met the woman, Kristen, a couple of times, and found her mildly attractive. She wasn't beautiful, but if that's who my wife wanted it to be, I wouldn't argue. I secretly hoped that Kristen would turn her down and we'd have to find another woman.

Now back to our anniversary dinner. I had just told Vanessa that I thought the waitress was flirting with her, and it was Vanessa's reply that would change our lives forever.

"Well then why don't you try to find out if she'd like to come home with us?" She stunned me.

I almost choked. "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes, why not?" She answered. "You obviously like her, and I do too, so why not?"

I was excited, but I tried to calm myself down, since I had no real idea if the waitress would be interested.

"Let's see what we can do then." I replied.

A few minutes later, our waitress came by our table to check on us. "Would either of you like another drink?" She asked.

"I'm sorry; I didn't get your name?" I asked her.

"It's Jenna." She answered.

"Hi Jenna, I'm Vince and this is my wife Vanessa." I told her as I reached out to shake her hand. "It doesn't look like it's too busy, would you like to sit down and chat?

"Umm, yeah I don't see why not, you're my only table." She agreed.

As she began moving towards my side of the table, Vanessa reached out and placed her hand on Jenna's arm then said, "Why don't you sit over here, next to me?"

Jenna smiled and sat down next to my wife. When Jenna sat down, Vanessa said, "Those are really cute earrings." As she complimented Jenna's earrings, Vanessa moved her hand towards her ear. She let the back of her hand graze slowly over Jenna's cheek before reaching her ear. For the next fifteen minutes or so, the three of us got to know each other. We probed Jenna about her personal life and found out she hadn't had a boyfriend in almost a year. We were both shocked by that, but she explained that between work and school, she didn't really have time for one. She was being very honest with us, and wasn't fazed by some very personal questions. She even admitted to us that she'd been with a couple of women before, but it had never progressed beyond kissing and some light touching. Vanessa was being very brazen and told her that we were considering including another woman in our bedroom. Jenna seemed interested when Vanessa said that, so Vanessa asked if she'd be interested. Jenna hesitated for a few moments, but much to our delight she agreed.

"Let me see if your food is ready, and that'll give me a chance to tie up a few things so I'll be free to go when you're done." She told us.

When Jenna walked away, Vanessa and I looked at each other elatedly. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" I asked her.

Vanessa looked around to make sure no one was looking, and then moved her right hand beneath the table. A few moments later, her hand re-emerged and she moved it to my face pointing her middle finger towards my mouth. I opened it and took her finger in, recognizing that familiar taste. "What do you think?" She asked, in her sexiest voice.

A busboy soon arrived at our table with our meals. At this point, I had no interest in eating dinner, and Vanessa didn't appear to either. We both picked at our food, eating very little, watching for Jenna, and hoping she'd appear sooner rather than later. It took a rather long time, 15 or 20 minutes or so, for her to show up. She had let her hair down and put on some make-up, and she looked incredible!

She told us "The check's taken care of." We gathered ourselves and headed for the door following closely behind her. When we hit the sidewalk, I reached out for her hand, and I walked away three-wide with a beautiful lady on each arm. "I live only a couple of blocks away, so why don't we go to my place?" She suggested.

Vanessa and I agreed that that was fine. As we headed to her apartment, we came upon a bar. "Why don't we get a drink and loosen up a little?" I suggested.

"Sounds good," they agreed, in unison.

The bar was pretty packed, so I asked what they wanted and tried to wedge my way towards the bar. When I returned to them with the drinks, they were deep in conversation, giggling like schoolgirls. After a few sips of her Long Island Iced Tea, Jenna exclaimed, "I want to dance; Vanessa will you dance with me?" Without awaiting her reply, Jenna took Vanessa's hand and pulled her to the dance floor.

I stayed back and watched, and before long, I noticed there were plenty of others watching as well. The two of them were dancing very suggestively, rubbing up against each other's bodies, as well as anyone else around them. At the end of a particularly sexy song, Jenna dipped Vanessa and ran her tongue over her throat as she pulled her back up towards her. As Jenna pulled her up, Vanessa leaned in towards her new friend and returned the favor by running her tongue over Jenna's ear. She then said something into her ear, and the two of them headed back over to me. Vanessa took my hand and nearly dragged me out of the bar.

Jenna led us to her apartment building. We trudged up three flights of stairs to her third-floor apartment. She opened the door and showed us in. The apartment wasn't anything special. It was sparsely decorated and somewhat aged. "Make yourselves comfortable, I'll be right with you." Jenna said, as she nodded to a side door. We opened the door to find her bedroom. It was very simple, a dresser, and a couple of mattresses piled up on the floor. Jenna followed close behind us with a box of matches, and then began lighting the many candles that littered the room.

Vanessa sat down on the bed and I joined her. As soon as I sat down, she pulled me into her and began kissing me deeply and very aggressively. As we kissed, she pulled my shirt over my head. I kicked off my shoes and socks, never breaking the kiss, then pulled away to pull Vanessa's blouse over her head. As I resumed kissing her, I felt Jenna join us on the bed. She leaned closely into us and said, "Hey, don't forget about me, you two!" Believe me, I hadn't. I moved towards her and before I knew it, her lips were on mine. I slipped my tongue between her lips, and explored her unfamiliar mouth. I have to admit, it did feel great to be kissing her, but Vanessa is a much better kisser! Jenna broke our kiss and turned towards Vanessa. Before she knew it, Vanessa lunged towards her, her tongue attacking Jenna's mouth. The two of them shared a long, deep kiss that made me instantly hard. As they kissed, their hands began roaming each other's bodies. Vanessa's hands found their way to Jenna's ass, and pulled her in closer, their bodies becoming firmly pressed up against each other.

I moved around behind Jenna and took hold of the bottom of her shirt. She sensed what I was doing and pulled away from Vanessa allowing me to pull her shirt off. She was wearing a black bandeau bra that exposed far too little cleavage for my taste. She had a large beauty mark atop her left breast that just begged to be touched. I tilted my head down and licked it. Vanessa reached up and cupped both of her breasts before placing her tongue on the top of the right one. She then removed her hands from Jenna's breasts, then reached behind her and unsnapped the bra. Jenna's breasts spilled out and I moved down to her nipple, taking it between my teeth. When I moved away from her breast, I found that Vanessa's bra was gone and Jenna was bathing her breasts with her tongue.

Vanessa reached over and undid my belt, then motioned for me to remove my pants. I did as I was instructed, and removed my underwear as well. I have a modest-sized cock, about 6" long, but it's especially thick, and my wife's hand was soon wrapped around it. "Look what we have here!" Vanessa exclaimed, causing Jenna to turn towards me.

"Well, how about that?" Jenna replied. "Looks like someone, or something, is ready to explode!" I closed my eyes as I felt Vanessa's mouth on my member. I was snapped out of my trance when I felt something on my wrist. I opened my eyes to find Jenna snapping a pair of handcuffs around me.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Don't worry Vince; good things come to those who wait!" She reassured me. "Just sit there and behave, I promise you won't be sorry."

I wasn't very happy about this, since she was right, I was ready to explode. I had no choice but to trust her; I certainly didn't want to spoil anything.

As I laid there helpless, the two women met each other next to me on the bed. Their tongues again became intertwined as they groped at each other's bare breasts. Jenna proved to be the bolder of the two and slid her hand down the front of my wife's pants. Vanessa sighed out; I guessed when Jenna's hand made contact with her pussy. As far as I knew, this was the first time; she'd been touched down there by another woman. Jenna began moving her hand furiously and Vanessa breath became shorter and much louder. Vanessa let out a whimper and Jenna pulled her hand away. She moved it to me and allowed me to lick my wife's juices from it. Her hand was drenched, so I knew Vanessa had to be enjoying herself!

The two of them then removed their pants and shoes. Vanessa was wearing a pair of grey cotton bikini brief panties that had a large wet spot on the front of them. Jenna, on the other hand, had on a sexy pair of black lace thong panties.

My eyes were firmly planted on Jenna's crotch, just waiting for her panties to disappear, but her attention turned to me. "What do you think Vanessa, have we teased him long enough?" She asked.

"Oh, I guess." Vanessa answered, sarcastically.

Jenna crawled over towards me, and straddled my waist, just a few inches away from my cock. I thrust up into her, but she just scooted up my body. She straddled my face, her pussy hovering excruciatingly close to my mouth. She had mercy on me and took hold of my manhood. She gave me a few tugs before wrapping her lips around me. She licked around the tip before sinking down onto me, engulfing me full length in her mouth. I was tilting my head up, trying to make contact with her, but fell just short. I looked over at Vanessa who was fingering herself beneath her panties. We made eye contact and I gave her the sad puppy dog look, and then nodded up towards Jenna's crotch. Vanessa smiled and turned away, ignoring my plea.

My head dropped back onto the bed defeated, thoroughly enjoying the tongue-bath Jenna was giving my cock. I had contented myself with being unable to reach Jenna, but I was soon given a reprieve. Vanessa moved over towards us and said, "Sorry Jenna, I have to have mercy on him." Vanessa grabbed hold of Jenna's panties and literally ripped them off!

I mouthed the words "Thank you" to my wife, just as Vanessa pulled Jenna down on top of me. Jenna's pussy landed squarely on my mouth. Unlike Vanessa, who has a full brown bush, Jenna's was neatly trimmed with just a thin strip of hair. I took a big sniff of her musky scent before thrusting my tongue between her lips. She tasted amazing, very sweet, in fact. Vanessa's pussy is rather tart and unpleasant, but Jenna tasted wonderful! Just as I began really devouring her, Jenna moved away from my mouth.

"I need to feel you inside me!" She exclaimed. She then looked towards my wife, seeking her approval. Vanessa simply nodded, still frigging herself furiously.

Jenna leaned in and kissed me as she positioned herself above me. She took hold of my length and placed it at the entrance of her love-hole. She bit her lip as she lowered herself down on my length. As the tip penetrated her, she cried out. She very slowly sank down on me, as her tight pussy strained to accept me into her. She had to ease herself down, my girth stretching her walls. It took a few strokes before she could handle my whole length. When she finally was able to handle me, she hurriedly quickened her paste. I reached up and played with her breasts as she bounced up and down on me. Vanessa had scooted in close to me and rested her head on my chest, getting a close-up view of this strange woman riding me like an animal. She was riding me with abandon, crying out each time she sank down on to me; my balls slapping against her. I could see her chest becoming redder and redder as her cries grew louder.

"Oh my!" She shrieked. Her pussy spasming around me; her body quivering with delight. As her walls clenched around my length, I knew I too was gone. I felt the tingle then before I knew it, I erupted inside her, every drop being milked by her tight pussy. Her sweaty body collapsed on top of me, and I inhaled her sweet aroma of perfume mixed with sweat. I have to admit, she'd just given me one of the best fuckings I'd ever had. She was a beautiful woman as well as a great lay!

Jenna moved away from me and fell onto the bed between Vanessa and myself. Her body was glistening with sweat, but apparently she still had plenty of energy, as well as desire. As she lay on the bed, she pulled Vanessa's right breast into her mouth. Vanessa moaned as her lips covered her nipple. Jenna moved away from my wife's breasts and climbed on top of her. She kissed her neck, and then started kissing her way down my wife's body. She went straight through the valley between Vanessa's tits, stopping only when she reached her navel. She licked at it with her tongue, something that always drives Vanessa wild, and this was no exception. Vanessa squealed with delight, and then placed her hand on Jenna's head, pushing her lower. "Please Jenna, I can't take it anymore, please!" She begged.

Jenna had mercy on my poor wife. She hooked her thumbs beneath the waistband of Vanessa's soaked panties, and slid them down her body. Vanessa's full bush soon became exposed. Her panties clung to her pussy for a brief moment, and then Jenna pulled them off her legs, and then brought them up to her nose, sniffing the scent she soon would become very familiar with. Vanessa spread her legs wide as Jenna moved towards her pussy. Vanessa trembled as Jenna's lips made contact. Jenna was all business. She placed her thumbs on Vanessa's lips; stretching them apart, allowing her tongue to penetrate my wife's pussy even deeper. As she lapped at Vanessa's depths, her nose rubbed against her clitoris, driving Vanessa insane. I admit that I am not very good at eating pussy, so Vanessa had to be enjoying a feminine touch from someone who can appreciate what she longed for.

Vanessa was much more vocal than usual. She was squirming like crazy beneath Jenna, bucking her hips up into Jenna's mouth, her hands pushing Jenna's mouth firmly onto her sex. Vanessa was crying out, "Oh, oh, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come!" Jenna lapped at her pussy in a frenzy, rubbing her clit between her thumb and fore-finger. Vanessa squealed with delight "Holy shit!" as she climaxed, enjoying an orgasm, like I knew she'd never experienced before. I had never seen my wife so exhausted after sex. It appeared as if she couldn't move.

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