tagLoving WivesAn Hour Before The Wedding

An Hour Before The Wedding


Author's note: This story was written in response to a request in the Stories Idea forum on the Literotica message board.


It was Bec's wedding day; the happiest day of her life!

At least, it was supposed to be. And she figured, it was. Probably. She was totally in love with Josh, after all. She loved his face, his body, his personality, his gentle nature, and the way that he worshiped the ground she walked on. What was not to love?

But still.... Before Josh had come into her life, Bec had done a lot of fucking around. Now, she faced a lifetime of monogamy. Not that she had a problem with that; she was completely in love with him, and looked forward to spending the rest of her life, sexually and otherwise, only with him, the love of her life, forsaking all others, her man. But still.....

As Bec, back in the wings of the church, out of sight, listened to the minister, talking about love, and God, and the sanctity of marriage, her mind couldn't help but wander. She saw one of the altar boys, in his white frock, standing nearby, holding an incense burner, waiting to walk out to the altar with her. He was all of eighteen years old, she figured, but he may well be the last male that she ever sees as a single woman. And he was tall, well built, and handsome. She was willing to bet he had a nice cock, too. She stared hard at him, willing him with her mind to turn and face her. But he didn't. Damn!

"Pssstt!!" whispered Bec. "Pssssttt!!!" Nothing.

She looked around. She noticed a small votive candle on the floor nearby, discarded from a previous ceremony. She picked it up. She took aim, and tossed it at the altar boy. She hit him square between the shoulder blades. He turned, curious.

"Pssstt!" Bec said again. "C'mere!!"

The altar boy wandered over. "What?" he said.

Bec grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him toward a nearby closet. There was at least ten minutes left before the minister would call them out to the altar for the marriage ceremony. That should be enough.

She stuffed the altar boy into the closet, moved in beside him, and pulled the door shut behind her. "Fuck me!" she said in an urgent whisper.

"What?" said the altar boy in disbelief, his eyes wide.

"Shut up!" said Bec, as she lifted his vestments over his head, and fumbled with his belt buckle. Soon his eighteen year old tool was jutting proudly from his groin, and Bec was stroking it with both of her hands. The diamond on her engagement ring flashed in the minimal light that filtered into the closet. She quickly pumped him to full sail.

Bec dropped to her knees and inhaled the rigid, pulsing cock into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she thought. "Young cock, strange cock, tasty cock!" She slipped her lips up and down the shaft, and pumped his eager young balls in her hand. Soon he was as frantic with need as Bec was herself.

Bec stood up, and gathered the full, rustling train of her wedding gown up above her hips. "I want you to fuck me. Do you understand?" Without waiting for an answer, she turned around, bent over, and placed her hands onto a nearby stack of boxes, exposing her eager, swollen pussy behind her. The altar boy wasted no time; he plunged his straining cock into her love nest, pressing the flaring head between her swollen, distended lips. She felt the eager head, the rigid shaft, penetrate her pussy. She felt her lips part, her womanly juices flow, her thighs quiver, as the stiff young cock invaded her womanhood. The young man grabbed her hips, and was soon swinging into her like a slugger on a World Series baseball team.

Bec bit her lip to keep from shouting out loud! She knew that she was most likely being fucked for the very last time as a single woman. She felt his cock assaulting her pussy over and over; she felt his hips slamming into her buttocks; she felt his frantic fists clenching into her hips. She felt the sweat break out onto her brow as her orgasm began to build. She slammed back, meeting his thrusts over and over and over.

Vaguely, she heard the voice of the minister out on the altar, discussing the beauty, the majesty, of the monogamous life of the married person. She knew that she would soon be summoned. Her entire future hung in the balance! But her lust would not be denied. She felt the eager young altar boy's cock in her holiest of holies, and would not relent until she had her release. He slammed into her over and over, and she continued to slam back. Again and again, they danced the dance of love. Eventually, she felt her blood rise, her pulse quicken, her skin tingle, and she knew that her orgasm was near. Her face contorted in a pleasure most painful, and she cried out in her ecstasy as her pussy achieved its ultimate release!

The young altar boy achieved orgasm simultaneously, and pumped jolt after jolt of his creamy white cum into her pussy. His own cries could barely be heard over Bec's shouts of pleasure. As soon as they were both finished, Bec straightened up, and the boy's cock popped out of her snatch with a "plop!"

It was almost time to walk out to the altar, to take her vows, to assume the respectable mantle of the married woman. Almost. But not quite yet! Bec looked around. Who else could she fuck before it was too late?

The organist was just walking past. He was an elderly gentleman, with white hair and a distinguished face. He had already played the processional hymn, and would soon be playing the wedding march to announce her arrival, in all of her virginal glory. Hah! She had to have him.

"Hey! You, there!!" Bec called to the elderly gentleman. He looked at her, and his eyebrows shot up in a "who, me?" gesture. Bec nodded vigorously. Get the fuck over here!! her gesturing eyes and hands told him. Over here he came.

Bec grabbed him by the neck tie and dragged him to the closet. She slammed him up against the wall, and ripped his trousers down to his ankles. She knew that his elderly penis would not make her pussy quiver, but she longed to taste it. She sucked it up into her mouth. She felt his fleshy cock head back in her throat; she palpated his hairy balls with her hands; she sucked and swallowed and enjoyed the little, gasping pleasure sounds that emanated from his voice box. She worked her jaws until she knew that he was going to cum. She wrapped her hands around his hips, and dug her manicured fingernails into his buttocks, pulling him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Finally, he came, weakly spurting his octogenarian spooge into her gobbling mouth. Greedily, she swallowed it all down.

Bec stood up, gave the elderly organist a smooch on the mouth, snowballing a bit of his own spunk back into his mouth, and spun him around and on his way. After all, he had music to play!

The minister at the altar was still droning on about the sanctity of marriage, the covenant of the matrimonial contract, the love like no other between a man and a woman that God has put together, and that no man shall put asunder. Yadda, yadda, yadda, thought Bec. Who can I fuck next? Time is running short. She looked around. But there was nobody to be found.

Bec crept up to the curtains that separated the back of the church from the pew area. Her father was waiting at the back of the main aisle, waiting to walk his little girl, his virginal princess, up the aisle, to give her away to the man of her dreams. She'd always wanted to fuck her dear old dad. Well, there's no time like the present!

She stuck her head out between the curtains, holding them close around her neck so that only her head showed. She gesticulated wildly at her father, catching his eye, and giving him a "come over here; now!" look. Daddy came running, and slipped back between the curtains, ready to do whatever his little darling needed on this, her special day.

"What's the matter, Princess? Is everything okay?" he asked. Bec just grabbed his trousers by the waistband and yanked with all her might. Buttons and zipper teeth flew in all directions.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me like there is no tomorrow. I will be a married lady within the hour, and this is my last chance."

Bec's father was shocked, appalled, amazed. And horny! He was an old pervert from way back, and had always fantasized about fucking his hot young daughter. Now was his last chance! He stroked his cock a few times in his fist, bringing it to full boil. Bec was on the floor, her wedding gown hiked up over her hips, her panties torn aside, her knees up behind her ears, and her pussy lips beckoning him. He went wild with lust, and fell upon her. His cock entered her with a needful, yearning, thrusting motion, and he was soon buried in it to the hilt. They fucked and thrusted and pumped each other like there was no tomorrow which, if you think about it, there wasn't.

Before long, Bec's father reached his climax, and unleashed his middle-aged load of cum into her waiting, pulsating pussy. Bec reached her third orgasm of the afternoon, and screamed in pleasure. Fortunately, the organist had returned to his keyboard, and was just playing a crescendo that drowned out her ecstatic yodeling.

Bec got up, kissed her Daddy, and sent him back out to the pews before her mother missed him. She had other fish to fry before it was time to pledge her mind, her body, her spirit, and her soul to her one true love, Josh. She needed at least one more fuck. Her furtive eyes darted around the back area of the church. Who would it be? Who would capture her final unmarried fuck?

Aha! Her altar boy was back, but he wasn't alone. There were three of them now, ready to go out and kneel around the altar, ring the bell, shake the incense dispenser, and look solemn for her most holiest of days. She grabbed all three of them around their necks and dragged them back into the altar boy lounge. There was a nice, beat-up, overstuffed sofa there, perfect for the occasion.

"Now is the time, boys. You: you have my pussy. You: you have my ass. And you," she indicated her previous fuck buddy, "You have my mouth. Here. Now. Go!"

She flung Pussy Boy onto the sofa on his back, and tore his trousers from his hips. She hiked up her skirt once again, and impaled herself onto his rigid tool, feeling it parting her slick, swollen lips. She leaned forward, lying on his chest, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks with her hands. Butt Boy wasted no time in jumping up her wide open anus, burying his long cock to the hilt into her colon. Mouth Boy positioned himself in front of her face, and began thrusting deep into her throat. He correctly judged that she did not plan to suck his cock; she wanted him to fuck her throat, deeply, brutally, completely!

All three altar boys thrusted, grunted, flailed; they plunged and penetrated; they poked and pushed; they yanked and cranked; they invaded and violated her three holes with the wild abandon that only eighteen year old near-virgins can achieve. Bec was in heaven; her pussy pulsated; her anus ached; her throat throbbed; she felt the ecstasy in every cell of her body. As her three lovers approached and achieved their climax, she felt her own orgasm welling up within her. All four of them screamed out in pleasure at the same time. Bec was drenched in sperm, in her mouth and her pussy and her asshole. Her sweat poured down her forehead, and her limbs twitched uncontrollably.

Finally, the three altar boys pulled out of her holes, and did their best to wipe themselves up before they had to go out to the altar, ready for the sanctimony of the solemn marriage ceremony. Bec was a mess, a quivering mass of jelly, and was the happiest woman in the world. She was ready to get married at last.

She turned around, smoothed down her disheveled gown with her hands, and gave each of her temporary suitors a quick kiss on the mouth. "Thanks, love," she said to them, collectively. "I really needed that. Now let's go get me married."

With several cold, wet streams of jism running down the inside of her leg and down her butt cheeks, hidden within the long, flowing skirt of her virginal wedding gown, Bec strutted out to the altar with her three altar boys in tow, to stand beside her man, the love of her life, Josh, ready to take the vow that would begin their life together in sacred, monogamous, wedded bliss.


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