tagToys & MasturbationAn Idea Born From Necessity

An Idea Born From Necessity


I decide to play hooky from work today. I spend the day doing self indulgent things I don't normally do; ordering a fancy coffee from the coffee shop down the block, watching retro game shows while flopped on the couch, having pizza delivered and flirting with the cute pizza boy. That afternoon I climb into bed with a trashy romance novel and a glass of wine. A few chapters in, and I remember why they call these books "porn for housewives." The sex scenes are so explicit they read like a transcript from a porno movie. I find myself flipping past the pages of thin plot and cheesy dialogue just to get to the next sexual encounter. The last scene is so hot I can feel myself getting wet as I read it. I finish my glass of wine and debate what I want to do next. I figure if today is all about self indulgency, there's only one way to cap it off.

I put my book down and reach under the bed for my box of toys. Eying my choices, I reach for the butt plug. It's great during intercourse because it makes my pussy even tighter, and between that and a cock I love how full I feel. But it's not what I want right now, so I put it back and grab my anal vibrator. It's smaller than the plug, but the vibrations are awesome. However, what I really want is to feel a cock pushing and pulling in and out of my ass. That is the most intense feeling, but almost impossible to replicate on my own. I find it hard to fuck my own ass and rub my clit at the same time. When it gets to the point when I am about to climax, it's hard for me to keep moving the vibrator. It's all I can do to keep rubbing my clit. Anything else requires more coordination than I can handle.

About to give up my fantasy of anal for today, an idea strikes me. The vibrator has a suction cup base. If I can just find a smooth surface to attach it to, I could possibly use my toy hands free. My eyes eagerly search for somewhere to mount it to. The wall has too much texture and the suction cup would never stick. The headboard isn't attached to the bed and would make quite the racket as I repeatedly slammed my ass against it. I do have neighbors, after all. The dresser, though....it's made of the same smooth wood as the headboard and since it sits up off the ground on legs, I could slide my own legs under it while kneeling and back all the way up on my toy. Excited, I jump off the bed and crouch in front of my dresser.

I stick my fingers in my mouth and wet the back of the suction cup. Judging about where my ass would line up, I plop it onto the front of the bottom drawer. It sticks. In my hurry to try my new idea, I slip my jeans and panties off in one swift movement and grab my lube. I feel silly being naked only from the waist down, so I pull my top off over my head and take off my bra. Being fully naked makes me feel even naughtier. With my left hand I check between my legs to see if I am truly as aroused as I think I am. The juice on my fingers surprises me.

Kneeling down in front of my vibrator, I squeeze some lube onto the end of it. I squeeze some more lube onto the finger of my left hand, and rub it on my asshole. I get on all fours and line myself up with the vibrator. Backing up until I feel it against my asshole, I take a deep breath and try to completely relax. I slowly rock back, impaling myself on my toy inch by inch, feeling it enter me, until I have it completely buried between my cheeks.

It's so good that I don't even want to move yet. My muscles tighten and contract around the vibrator because my body knows what is about to happen. I reach for the remote and flick the dial to the lowest setting. A quiet rumble rockets through me as a moan escapes my lips. I slowly pull forward and feel the length of the toy moving out of my ass until just the tip is inside me. Just as slowly, I push back on it and it fills me again, the vibrations making the movement even more intense. I repeat the movement, slowly rocking on all fours, fucking myself on my toy. As the sensations build, I move faster and dial up the vibrations to match my rhythm.

I shift my weight to my left hand, and with my right I find my clit. It's swollen and sensitive already. Rubbing it causes my ass to clench down on the vibrator, but I don't break my rhythm. I'm moaning loudly now, glad that I am home alone. I'm having a hard time supporting my weight on one hand so I lean down and use my forearm for leverage. My hardened nipples rub against the carpet as I rock back and forth, the sensations adding to my excitement. I rub my clit harder, bringing myself closer as I keep ass fucking myself. I can feel my muscles pulsing and know my climax is imminent.

I slam against the dresser, yelling unintelligible words as it builds. Just as I am about to come, I put both hands on the floor and push myself back upright so I can take the entire toy into my ass. My head comes up and for the first time I look at the doorway. My roommate and her boyfriend are standing at the entrance of my bedroom, completely shocked. My face reddens from embarrassment, but I'm so close I can't stop myself. I scream as my orgasm grips me, sending shock waves throughout my body. I can't take my eyes off them as I come, and they can't take their eyes off me either. I ride out my pleasure in front of them; having an audience making it even more intense. Finally it breaks as I let out one final shout and collapse on the floor. When I am able to catch my breath I look up at the door. Once again, I'm alone.

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by Anonymous09/11/17

Wow! Nothing like getting caught and being watched while master bating!

I've done this same thing. I placed a 9" dildo base between the two bottom drawers of the dresser at the corner and closed them to hold the cock in place. All lubed up I get on all 4s and place a legmore...

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