tagNonHumanAn Immortal Slave Ch. 01

An Immortal Slave Ch. 01


Immortality is a bitch. Really, it is- take it from someone who knows. My name is Saber Salvone, I'm 24- been that way for who knows how long, short blond hair, cool blue eyes, muscular- not a bit of fat on me, oh, and I'm also 6'9". Yeah, I stood out, and I assume that's why I was taken too.

First off, you should know a few things:

1) Located in the centers of volcanoes are colonies of demons called Hell Holes.

2) Time flows differently inside a Hell Hole compared to on the surface. A month Surface Time is ten years Hell Time. I.E. 20 years ST= 2,400 years HT (Remember that.)

3) Deep below the ocean is a demon colony where the demon Queen lives. Her name is Rurita.

There's more, but that's the important stuff. Now, here's my story.

So, there I am, walking along the beach like I always did every night, my hands in my back pocket as I stared up at the clear night sky. I had heard someone approach, but thought nothing of it until I found myself surrounded, well, mostly. They were backing me into the surf, and I'm not willing to fight off ten powerful demons. I should have, because once I hit the water I was assaulted with a rather powerful electrical shock that knocked me off my feet. I hit the water, and as the water went red with blood, my world went black.


I don't know how long it was before the dagger in my chest was removed, but it wasn't long enough. I came to coughing, clearing my lungs, silently cursing not the person who stabbed me- but the person who took the damn knife out! Yeah, I've lived long enough to where I really enjoy being dead and hate coming back. If you haven't figured it out, I can't die- ever.

Either way I found myself hanging by my wrists- shirtless, from a wooden beam with my ankles chained tightly to the ground. It's not that my shirt was missing exactly, but that it was torn into ribbons used to blind and gag me. The place was hot, noisy, and smelled like a volcano would. I soon figured out that I was in a Hell Hole by the conversations around me, they were speaking demonic. Trying to break free of my bindings earned me a sharp blow to the back. It took a few times before I finally gave up and hung my head, defeated.


Several demons came and left, but none talked about me. No doubt I scared them; because once the blindfold was removed I watched the demons interested in me, an icy rage burned in my eyes, pulling on my restraints every so often to get blood flow in my arms again.

One woman wearing a purple velvet robe approached and touched my cheek; she had long black hair, blood red eyes, and was around 5'11" so I was quite a bit taller than her. Instinctively I pulled away from her and earned a very harsh slap across the cheek for my troubles. The handprint lasted only a brief moment, causing the lady demon to smile. She started discussing what I assumed was price as I tested my bindings and smiled as I discovered a weak point. I waited until they started to unhook my bindings, then snapped the chains and took off. I had thought myself fast and clever, but I never did notice the strange feeling around my ankle until after that leg was pulled out from under me and I hit the ground full force.

Turns out the lady had not only a pair of wings, but a tail as well, and she used that to knock my feet out from under me. It was a matter of moments before they snapped a collar around my neck that seemed to sap my strength, slowly draining my will to fight. There was a chain attached to it, and by that was I yanked to my feet, rather dazed. Cuffing my hands behind my back I was almost drug to a river of lava and tossed in a boat to be carted across to the other side. Lying with my back to the bottom of the boat I had no choice but to notice my mistress as she stood over me.

She had a rather slim figure, small but nice chest and firm round ass, sexy feminine horns, and a very lustful look in her eyes. She was wearing something similar to a bikini, but a bit more revealing. No doubt about it, my... Owner... was a lust demon. I didn't like that one bit and she could tell. She smiled and sat down on my chest, leaning back and reaching into my pants. I went stiff as she took me in her hands, squirming from her touch. She started to ask me questions, and considering my situation, I decided it wise to answer her.

"What's your name?"

"Saber... Saber Salvone..."

"My name is Rurita, but you can also call me Mistress."

I happened to notice that the chain attached to my collar was around her wrist. She had a lot of power if she could easily yank me off the floor as if I were a feather weight, and with one hand. I could feel her fairly sharp nails run along my shaft as she talked, causing me to shudder. She started talking again.

"Have you ever had a wife, Saber?"

I nodded. In fact I've had 27 in all, one at a time of course.

"Do you have any kids?"

I shook my head, "Only ones we adopted."


I gulped, but winced when she yanked the chain, I'm sure I felt the collar tighten around my neck when she did, and it didn't loosen back up.

"I asked you why."

"Because I'm... Sterile..." I told her, obviously uneasy about this. However her smile made me shiver, despite the temperature. I had a feeling she really liked that fact. I gulped again as it dawned on me the reason behind the smile- No kids. She could screw me all she wanted and I would never get her pregnant... I was her immortal fuck toy, and I couldn't do anything about it...

I hardly even noticed when the ship reached land, but I did notice when I was thrown out of the ship, yanked to my feet, and led through the ornate doors of the large castle carved into the cavern wall. And this is where my new life as the family slave would begin.

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