tagNonHumanAn Immortal Slave Ch. 04

An Immortal Slave Ch. 04


~If anyone really wants to know what happened between the end of chapter 3 and now, please tell me and I'll see about writing it, but otherwise you'll only get what Saber recalls in this chapter.~

A small groan escaped my lips as I slowly regained consciousness, my whole body in agony. Once my mind cleared a little it wasn't that hard to figure out why, either. I must have royally pissed someone off, for I woke to find myself blindfolded and strapped to a rather uncomfortable chair that kept me completely immobile. The blindfold was tightened to a painful degree, straps across my chest kept several apparently broken ribs pressing painfully against my lungs, my arms were strapped to the arms of the chair, as were my legs- one of which I noted had been forced to heal improperly...

Shame I couldn't remember what the hell I did last night, but I'm not too keen on finding out either. However, I did remember literally running into Sekka after managing an escape... I believe he broke my neck shortly after that, but I can't be sure, it was all really fuzzy; I can't blame him if he did though, since I did get that nut shot off when we first 'met'. An all too familiar voice snapped me out of my thoughts and elicited another groan, god how I hated that woman.

"Morning, sleepy-head; you have a busy time ahead of you. And I don't think you're gonna like it."

Once more she was purring, but the threat in her voice was enough to make my blood run cold. Actually, now that I thought about it, it was rather cold. The fact that I was sitting stark naked in a metal chair didn't make things any better. She ran a warm hand along my abs, tracing the shape of my muscles, causing me to shiver whenever she moved her hand. It was most defiantly cold in here. She chuckled and pushed on my chest just enough to elicit a cry of pain from me.

"You're so damn sexy when you're in pain."

I couldn't help but snarl a few harsh and foul words at her, and was rewarded with a lash to the face. I clenched my jaw, wishing I could see her so I could glare more efficiently... Her warm breath heated my ear and neck as she purred in my ear, causing me to shiver once more.

"What's the matter, my pet? Are you uncomfortable, cold? Here, let me warm you up."

She continued to purr, and I felt her whipcord tail lash across my chest, taking care not to hit my ribs. She continued with this several times, each time leaving a bright red mark that faded within seconds. It was a few minutes before she moved on to my calves, then onto my thighs. Each lashing caused my thighs to twitch and flinch, before she snaked it teasingly across my cock. As she continued this lashing and caressing pattern, I felt my cock start to harden even with the cold.

"It seems someone's enjoying this little punishment, aren't they? Perhaps I should do something about that... I will most defiantly have to do something about that foul mouth of yours."

Next thing I knew her hands were on my thighs, the heels of her palms rather close to my half-erection, and her lips met mine. She kissed me with such passion that I regret to admit I actually let myself get lost in. It was only seconds after she kissed me that I in all my bound glory, started to kiss back, and loved it. I only hesitated to open my mouth to her once, and her tongue slid over mine before flicking the roof of my mouth. I groaned softly into her lips and tried to move to deepen it when a flash of pain reminded me of the situation I was in.

That said, it didn't mean I wanted the kiss to end, I was enjoying it too much. So naturally the first thing I go to do when she stopped was go to complain, and promptly had a ball gag stuffed in my mouth. My muffled complaints and curses only served to make me even more irritable. No longer able to voice my complaints as she continued to strike and tease me, and unable to really move without inflicting more pain upon myself, I simply resorted to letting the gag muffle my never ending stream of curses and insults.

Once she had me at a full erection she stopped, leaving me momentarily confused, before her tongue flicked the tip of my cock. At that point my breathing had gotten a little uneven, and much more ragged as she proceeded to suckle at the head; while one hand pumped my shaft, the other played with my balls, and her tongue swirled around the tip. I groaned some, trying in vain to move, the pleasure she was bringing about unrealistic. I groaned even louder as she started to take more of me into her mouth, licking and humming as she made her way to my crotch, swallowing so that she could take the last few inches.

I must admit that it felt divine, as if my slightly muffled groans of pleasure didn't make that clear. She continued to lick and tease me until I was just moments away from climax then she stopped and backed off, leaving my cock wet with spit and my balls wanting release. I made a rather displeased sound and was rewarded with her laughter.

"After you've been such a bad, bad boy, what makes you think you deserve your release? In fact, you deserve much worse."

She sneered, and then poured some freezing cold water on me. I shivered horribly and muffled a long stream of new insults, curses, and complaints as her footsteps retreated until I couldn't hear anything anymore. I REALLY pissed her off last night... She came back every day for around a week, continuing to torture and tease me, always leaving only after dumping freezing water on me.


"Wake up!" –SMACK!- "I said, WAKE UP!"

I jolted slightly and grunted in pain as the movement hurt my ribs, talk about rude awakenings. My cheek was throbbing as her smack had most likely left a very nice mark that would probably stay there for a while...

"Finally, you're up. Didn't think I'd let you just sleep the day away now did you? Oh no. I have far more plans for you my pet."

She said, dropping something by my feet. I made some muffled groggy sounds that got her to laugh. I however didn't think it was very funny, but no doubt thanks to the blasted enchanted collar, I didn't even have the will to growl at her. Then she removed the gag, startling me with a quick kiss. Shortly after that she sat on my lap, her back against my chest, her butt against my crotch, arms over arms, legs over legs, and her tail managing to wrap around my waist. Her warmth felt good against my freezing skin, and I dreaded the moment she'd decide to get up.

Seeing as that didn't seem to be any time soon, I simply rested my chin on her shoulder, wishing I could see her since I could tell now that she was wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt with at least one sleeve off her shoulder. We were both silent for a while as she laid her head back on mine.

"You sure like to walk the line between bitch and cute don't you?"

I muttered it softly to her, wanting to put my arms around her for just a moment before coming up with a better use for my hands if she freed them: Strangling her. However seeing as that wasn't going to happen any time soon, considering the fact that she's never left me able to... Perhaps she's smart enough to not trust me completely, or she's just that much into being dominant, either way it's clear that right now I won't be able to do much of anything.

We sat there for a while in silence, allowing her body heat to warm me up. I wasn't complaining, for once she wasn't torturing me or anything besides sitting. That is, until she started grinding her ass against me. My chest tightened and I buried my face in her neck, groaning slightly. Heat rushed through my body as my heart sped up and my cock grew stiff, pressing against her jeans.

She was giggling as she felt my erection against her, wordlessly mocking me for my inability to do anything. Not that I really had much of an urge to fight any more, it only really flared up when she did something to really aggravate me, like leaving me with a hard on and soaked to the bone. I moaned some into her neck as her tail unwound from my waist to tease me. It was a few minutes before I muttered something almost unintelligible my need by now greater than my pride.

I half sighed and half groaned when she got off me; the only source of heat now gone, I once more had to deal with the biting cold of the room. It's not like I hadn't been expecting it, since it was more than likely to get my body used to heat again so the cold felt even worse, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. There was no sound from her for a little while, and then I felt her hand take my balls and start to tease them, as her lips covered the head of my swollen member and she once more started to pump my shaft as she swirled her tongue over the head. For a moment there I thought she'd actually let me finish, but again she stopped and backed off.

"Tell me, why do you think you deserve the right to be comfortable, even a little? Why should I show you any mercy?"

"Then will you at least tell me what the hell I did to deserve this?"

"You don't remember?"

"All I remember is running into your son."

"Well, you ran for starters, and gave my husband a hard time."

I sighed, hanging my head, beginning to think that perhaps my life would be at least bearable if I didn't fight her so much. Having been expecting the water this time, I hardly flinched when I was drenched, only gasped as the cold shocked my system and flinched as the gasp caused a flash of pain. I don't know what it was, but something caused her to take the blindfold off and look me in the eyes. Having gotten so used to the dark I kept my eyes closed at first before slowly opening them, letting them get used to the light.

It was the curious look on her face that baffled me, but I didn't keep eye contact with her. Not in the mood to have a war of dominance while it's been made quite clear by now that I was the lesser one, I adverted my gaze to the floor. She picked up the blindfold and gag she had set on the floor and smiled as I closed my eyes and relaxed my jaw. For the first time in my life, someone managed to break my spirit, and to tell the truth, it terrified me.

I opened my eyes when I felt her remove the strap on my chest and couldn't help but flinch when she brought her hands to my injured ribs. She laughed, softly, and set my ribs, causing me to be confused once more. I couldn't understand why she was suddenly being nice after making it quite clear not that long ago that I had royally pissed her off.

Startling me one final time by softly kissing me before taking a few steps from me, I took the moment to quickly look her over. She looked hot in the loosely form fitting black shirt with one side pulled off her shoulder and hip hugging pants.

"Get some rest, I'll send someone to pick you up in the morning."

"Um... about my..."

"About your what?"

"My leg..."

"What about it?"

"Will you fix it?"

"No. Not for a while now. You'll barely be able to stand, let alone run off again, with your leg at it is. Call it a safety precaution."

I sighed and laid my head back, closing my eyes, trying my hardest to ignore the soon uncontrollable shivers that wracked my body as I tried to sleep and escape the unpleasant cold, giving up on any hopes to ever see the surface again, at least, for now...

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