tagNonHumanAn Immortal Slave Ch. 06

An Immortal Slave Ch. 06


It's been two weeks since I was taken out of the freezer. Two weeks that I've been stuck on her bed, chained to her headboard with my ruined leg, and only a day or so ago did she unbind my wrists... I've been starting to lose track of the days, I'm not even sure if it's been that many or that few days... My sleep schedule's been so erratic that time's started to blend together.

I stretched as I woke up, noting that I was alone in the bed. I yawned, looking for my pants, which as usual were out of reach. I sighed and sat up, then froze, when I noticed I was no longer chained to the bed. I looked around, my attention going to the bathroom once I heard the shower running.

She beckoned me to join her, and I glanced around again, noticing a crutch leaning against the side of the bed. My gaze drifted to her, questioningly, before grabbing it when she nodded. I hauled myself onto it with a sigh. It was no surprise she wanted me to join her after having gotten it modified so I could stand in it. I hobbled my way over, taking care not to slip on her bathroom rug as I did so.

I grabbed onto her shoulder as I laid the crutch aside and stepped into the shower. I leaned on her until I could reach the handrail up at the top of the shower, holding myself off my leg. I gave up on the idea of her ever fixing it, especially after she made plans to have the rail installed so I could shower with her, even with a bad leg. At least now I understand why she had me on a chain now that I was slightly mobile.

I moved under the water, knowing that she'd want to wash me even if I had been able to do it myself. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the water as she washed my back, doing her best at a massage while my one arm was so tense. I couldn't quite get over the shame of being broken, hanging my head as she reached my legs. Being the cheeky demoness she was made me jump slightly with a small yelp as she had suddenly thrust a finger in my anus, startling me and causing me to grab the rail with both hands to stay standing.

I dared a glance over my shoulder, a coy smile on her face as she removed her finger and continued to wash down my legs. I turned around with a bit of effort when she told me to, using her for support since the handrail was on my good side then. She didn't seem to mind as she started to wash my front. I tensed some as her tongue snaked out to flick across my lips, her hands running along my abs, then lower. I grunted and braced myself against the shower door to keep me from falling over as she dropped to her knees when she reached my legs.

She giggled, before washing my legs off, then focusing all her attentions on my cock and balls, making sure they were clean as well, before ordering me to turn and rinse off. I sighed and just barely managed that, practically hanging from the rail as I let the water rinse off all the suds. Once I was soap free she had her back against me, purring sweetly. I sighed again, then blinked in surprise as she took my free hand and placed it on her breast.

Admittedly, I did have a passing thought of snapping her neck, but I blew it off and gently kneaded her tit, rolling her nipple between my index and thumb, relieved that she was enjoying it as she leaned into me, resting her head on my chest. I knew when she started to want more as she started to grind her ass against me, bringing me to an erection. It was then she turned around and wrapped her wings around the two of us, startling me.

I moved my free hand to her butt as she parted her legs slightly, inviting me in. I pulled her close as I thrust all the way in, making her squeak and purr in joy. I kissed the top of her head, before leaning in and kissing her lips as I ground into her, making her squirm in pleasure. I then pulled out to the head and slowly slid back in, taking long and slow strokes. I enjoyed this position more only because I stimulated her clit with every stroke, meaning I could get her off faster this way.

I winced as her tail lashed against my back, demanding me to speed up. I obeyed, quickening my pace. I slid in and out at a faster rate, taking her harder and deeper when I felt her tail across my back again. By then I was moving in and out of her like a piston, her claws digging into my back as she squealed and squirmed against me. I knew she was close when her nails dug deeper and she started to drag them down my back painfully.

She arched her back as she came, tearing into my back, her vaginal muscles quivering around my cock. She sighed happily and wrapped her arms around my neck, smiling up at me.

"Mistress, why is it you insist on washing me when you're going to simply bloody me up again?"

"Because then I get to wash you all over again, of course."

I had obviously satisfied her this time around as she was purring and didn't bloody me up more for questioning her. I simply nodded and let go of her as she folded her wings, took a rag and proceeded to wash away all the blood, before turning off the water and grabbing a towel. She dried me off first, helping me out and to the crutch, ordering me to wait for her.

I got the crutch and leaned on it, watching her dry off. Of course I listened and obeyed her, since I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. I was hers... To use and abuse however she saw fit. I sighed and hobbled out of the bathroom after her, sitting on the bed, watching as she clamped the chain back on me. She went over to her closet and got dressed before returning and helping me pull on my pants.

"I'm going out tonight, so you be a good pet and stay here while I'm gone."

I sighed, nodding my acceptance as she insisted on doing up my pants. I laid back and watched her leave. Rolling onto my side I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Every day was almost always the same, I'd wake up, she would wash me, we would fuck until she was satisfied, and either I would go back to sleep or she would have some fun making me scream.

By now I've learned to live with it at least, something's just can't be changed, and when you're in my position after a while, you'd rather those that could don't, as change was almost always for the worst... ALMOST always.

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