tagNonHumanAn Immortal Slave Ch. 08

An Immortal Slave Ch. 08


~This is finally the last chapter of the Immortal Slave series; however that doesn't mean this is the last you'll see of Saber. There's a lot more to his story, and who knows, I may write some of it if the incentive is strong enough, after all, Saber IS immortal. Thanks to those that stuck with this to the end~

Time in general was a concept that was completely lost to me by now, as I spent just about every waking moment in a haze of complete agony. Days, weeks, even seconds were blurred together, as the burning pain never ceased. Strapped to something so very much like a rack, with my limbs stretched painfully, my back was constantly pressed firmly against scalding hot studs; the collar tight around my neck was also being heated as well, and a very unpleasant phallic gag shoved down my throat.

As I slowly slipped in and out of consciousness, I couldn't help but let my mind wander back to what I had seen before I was stuck here, waiting for Rurita to finally get what she wanted and release me, as I had long ago accepted that disobeying her orders were far worse than the depression brought upon me by her absence... A fact I learned within mere moments after being put on the rack. My mind completely slipped into the memory of the night that got me in this mess to begin with.


I was following Rurita through the halls, sticking to the shadows and remaining unnoticed, thinking myself clever, though disobedient, in being able to remain that way. I watched as she slipped into a guest room, wondering what- or who, was in there that she was so eager for, she had left the door wide open. I couldn't believe my eyes, standing with their back to the door, was none other than Azrael.

Elegant angel wings stained black from Limbo, dark hair long and flowing to his lower back, the angel of death turned to face Rurita, who looked obviously pleased to see him here. He sighed before he spoke, and I got the feeling he would rather be elsewhere.

"Rurita, you lived up your end of the deal, so I have no choice but to do the same. However, you upset me and I won't return."

I sunk deeper into the shadows, wondering what kind of deal they had, but I wasn't left wondering for long, as Rurita nodded and removed what little clothes she had before removing Azrael's as well.

I looked away and sat outside the room, unable to leave as it was very unpleasant, being away from one's soul, but I couldn't watch either. Not that it mattered, I could easily picture it in my mind's eye what was going on.

Az had backed Rurita onto the bed, closing his eyes as she wrapped her hand around his half-hard cock and started to stroke him to full hardness. He put a hand on her face and shoved her back onto the bed when she moved to kiss him.

"I'm not here to make love, Rurita, so keep your lips to yourself."

He removed his hand and positioned himself between her legs, placing his cock at her entrance, wondering why the hell he agreed to this... Were the souls really this important? When he had agreed to the deal, yeah, it sure seemed like it... He sighed and thrust in, not really caring about her comfort.

Rurita's little mewls of pleasure did nothing but grate on his nerves, as Az would have rather been back home, with his far more attractive wife and son, but he had made a binding contract- one that he couldn't get out of now. He grabbed Rurita's wrists and pinned them to the bed as he slid in and out of her, intent on just getting this coupling over an done with. Closing his eyes in frustration he ground his hips against her tensing as her tail coiled around his leg.

"Remember my warning Rurita. I will not tolerate your aggressive nature in bed, so keep your tail in check."

Az had practically growled that, his pace increasing as they both reached their peak.

Grunting his release the angel collapsed slightly, laying on the woman as the last of his seed pumped into her squirming body. He lay there for several moments, wings shuddering as the demoness stroked them, purring. He got up and picked up his pants, pulling them on, before turning to her.

"I can just tell by the smug look on your face that I'll be back again..."

He had grumbled, staring at her with a sour look on his face as Rurita rolled over onto her belly, tail twitching seductively, before she purred her answer.

"No. I'll be seeing you tomorrow then, and so on and so forth until you finally give my Sekka a brother."

"The agreement was for a child in general, no gender specified."

"Mmm... Yes, but it'll be a boy, I'm sure of it."

"Fine, but next time, don't bring your pet."

I tensed and scrambled to my feet, knowing that even though Rurita may not have noticed my presence, Azrael had, and had told Rurita... And it was in fact a matter of moments before she had me slammed into the wall, her hand clamped around my neck. A glance out of the corner of my eye revealed that Death had left, and I was on my own.

"I told you to stay put. It seems that you need to learn a little lesson."


She had told me that I was to be left on this rack until her deal with Azrael was over, and she was with child... I pondered the freedoms of her being with child, and her abstaining from sex... Plus once it was born, she'd likely be more focused on her child than on me. Small things, which seemed so significant to me, I continued to wonder if future knowledge of this temporary peace was worth being stuck where I was...

I shifted slightly, my arms going numb again, but that only drove the heated studs farther into my spine, and causing the rack to tighten slightly. I closed my eyes and lost the last bit of pride and dignity I had, letting my tears flow freely, not just from pain, but from sorrow at everything I had lost and as I reflected on how badly broken I've become.

An indiscernible amount of time passed, my mind completely lost in a semi-conscious haze of pain, when I felt the gag being removed, the heat fade, and the restraints loosen. A pair of arms picked me up and carried my limp form away from the wretched place. Laid down on a soft bed, I didn't even have the strength to roll over and get off my back.

Eventually my mind had cleared enough to realize that I was back in my mistress' bedroom, chained to nothing, with my mistress herself curled up against me contently. I took that as a good sign and relaxed enough to allow my mind to shut down and finally get some sleep.

For the first time in a very long time, I had woken up on my own, to an entirely peaceful atmosphere, and completely unchained. I stretched and yawned as I sat up and looked around. Rurita was actually decently dressed, going about her business making the room suitable for the baby, humming a tune that I felt I should remember.

I was startled when she turned around to smile at me, walking over to give me a kiss, one I didn't hesitate to return. She purred some, breaking the kiss with a smile before she went back to her business. I kinda enjoyed the serenity; it was nice, especially since I was allowed my pants. After a few more sleep cycles I got back to a normal day/night schedule, and a few weeks passed, all with me staying unharmed and happy during the day, and being snuggled at night as we slept.


First off, the burns on my neck never had a chance to heal thanks to the tightness of the collar, but after a month, Rurita took notice of this. I had flinched when her hand had trailed down my neck after caressing my cheek. She had frowned, staring intently at the collar.

"Has your neck not healed like your back has?"

I shook my head and pressed against the wall I had been leaning against, worried that I might be punished, for the look in her eyes was not the content one I had gotten so used to and relaxed around. I had almost forgotten about this side of her, and had been falling for her, addicted to her loving touches.

"Then we'll just have to fix that then."

She purred, reaching up and with a click the collar came undone from around my neck. I was dumfounded, as my sore neck rapidly started to recover. But that wasn't the only part of me that was recovering, for now that the collar was off I could feel my strength and willpower returning. I blinked, staring at her, as she still had that fierce look in her eyes. Reacting purely on instinct and a sudden need to get OUT, I grabbed her wrist when she went to place it on my neck, driving my knee forcefully into her gut before turning and bolting for the door, her shrieks of pain and anger echoing loudly behind me.

I floored the first guard I came across, slaying him with his own sword before bolting through the halls, heading straight for the exit, cutting down any guard that thought to stand in my way. There was no way I was going to stay here any longer now that I was free from my bondage.

It was unfortunate that Sekka had crossed my path when I was just about at the door. I swung the blade, not aiming to kill, but knock him off balance, however when he dodged I cursed inwardly as the blade permanently blinded him in his right eye, leaving a nasty gash. I shook my head, abandoning the blade, for I was better with my hands anyway, and continued to bolt. I frowned when I saw the river was already starting to heat up, melting away the hardened coating that had formed overnight.

Fearful of the guards closing in on me I leapt to one chunk of solid magma to the next, cursing when I misjudged the distance and one foot slipped into the magma. I couldn't move forward due to there being no place to jump, nor could I go back to where the guards were waiting, and the piece I was stuck on was slowly shrinking in size.

With an oath, I decided that my best bet was to just suffer with it... So I closed my eyes, and let the lava envelope me, and carry my constantly healing body under and with it, out to the Atlantic, where once my body recovered, with lungs burning with the need for air, and the pressure giving me a headache, I swam towards the surface, knowing that for now, I was safe from the demons pursuit.

Once I reached shore, thanks to the help of a friendly dolphin, I fell unconscious, letting my body recover. It wasn't until then that I felt the crushing darkness envelop me, being so very far from my soul, I cursed softly at having been foolish enough not to reclaim it when I had the chance. I shook it off and got to my feet once I woke up, amazed at the fact that my pants were still intact, before remembering that they had been enchanted some time ago. Sometime later I made it to a small surf shop, where after some quick conversations I got some money to use the payphone and called up an old friend of mine, chilling outside the shop waiting for him to come get me.

I smiled with I saw my old Paladin buddy come walking up, but was completely floored- literally, by his right hook.


He was yelling at me, and I was in shock, staring up at a very angry man as I rubbed my jaw.

"James... Calm down and I'll explain on the way home... First, how long have I been gone?"

I slowly got to my feet, keeping a wary distance of my friend. I knew that time flowed differently down there than up here, so I figured I couldn't have been gone for very long... after all, I couldn't have been trapped down there long enough to have worried my friend that badly...

"You don't know?? Saber, you've been missing for twenty years! Everyone's been looking all over for you, not sure if you've taken another form or not... Then you come along as if you never left!"

I paled, twenty years? I didn't even want to think of how long that meant I had really been stuck down there... I shook my head. With a sigh I started to tell him my story, struggling with my shame when I got to the part where I had essentially given up and let myself be broken... I had only just finished my story when we arrived at my house, kept safe and still in my name thanks to my friends.

I explained my need to be alone, thanking my good friend for his help, before going to my house, waving farewell, and stepping back into my normal life. But things weren't back to the way they were, not really. I spent decades trying to find a way to end my current body, because something I hadn't told Rurita was that when one form dies, I take on a form of another... Why, I don't know. I can't remember anything about my birth or anything past waking up back in the ice age, with no memory whatsoever...I hope to one day reclaim my lost memories and figure out who I truly am... But that's a tale for another time.

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