tagErotic HorrorAn Impulse

An Impulse



Carlye opened her eyes, squinting at the bright sunlight leaking around the curtains. It was a lazy Sunday morning and she and her husband had slept in. Well, she had slept in, but, judging from the rustling in the bed and the warm breath she felt on her thighs, her husband was wide awake. Feeling the light stubble of his beard slide along the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, she opened her legs wider giving him better access to his goal.

"Good morning," he whispered as he leaned his head closer to her. She then felt his warm breath over her pussy, just before feeling his warm tongue slide in between her lips.

"Mmmm," she responded, moaning at the sensation of his tongue pushing deeper into her. She felt a tinge of self consciousness as he explored her, he always told her he loved how she tasted, but still she worried about it for a moment. The concern quickly passed as she gave into the sensation.

They'd been married twenty years and in that time both had learned the sensual intricacies of each other, knowing just the right places to touch, kiss or lick. Feeling his tongue move from her wet opening and slide up her slit, moving in a slow circling motion, she began to raise her hips to him. She glanced down, peeking between the mounds of her breasts, her nipples erect, aching for contact, she watched his head bob a bit as he moved his tongue up to her clit. His nose was buried deep in the soft thatch of her light brown pubic hair. He'd move in a moment as her hair would tickle him some.

His hands then moved up over her stomach to her breasts and, as if on cue, the fingers began toying with her nipples, just as she craved. A jolt of pleasure shot in between her legs as he sucked her clit in between his lips while sliding his tongue back and forth over the sensitive nub. She arched her back, raising up to him, as if pleading for more.

He moved his right hand from her breast, ran it up her thigh and slowly pushed two fingers into her cunt. She knew she would come soon, so did her husband as he touched and teased her, circling her clit with his tongue, plunging his fingers deeper and deeper into her while lightly brushing his left hand over her breast, over the erect nipple. She also knew he would suddenly pause for a moment, letting her dangle as the cusp of orgasm as he remained motionless, with just his heavy, moist breath to caress her.

"Please," she groaned, her body trembling with need. He moved again, moving his tongue quickly back and forth over her clit, pushing his fingers deep into her and then withdrawing. Looking down at him she could see his head moving furiously as the wet slurping sounds from his mouth and her pussy excited her even more. Suddenly, she'd feel an electric jolt run up from her depths as she pulsed over his fingers, squeezing them in her warm wetness, squeezing him again and again.

She felt him pull his tongue from her clit at just the moment it became too sensitive for her and as he rested his head on her thigh, she looked down at the proud expression on his face as he enjoyed the feeling of her cunt pulsating over his fingers, soaking them in her juices. It was an expression she saw in him whenever he made her come.

Slowly the pulsations faded and Carlye felt her husband's fingers slip out of her, leaving her with a bit of an empty feeling there, a feeling that would shortly disappear as her husband, moved his head back down, lightly kissed her pussy lips and then rose up onto his hands and knees. She watched him slowly and deliberately straddle one of her legs, letting his cock lightly brush against her as he crawled up to her. She smiled, looking at the bald spot he normally tried so desperately to cover up as he watched his erection slide along her calf, over her kneed and up her thigh. Glancing down, she could see faint sparkling drops of his precum that had dribbled on her.

As his cock slid up over her upper thigh, he moved both knees in between Carlye's legs and as he knelt over her, he lowered his mouth onto her breasts and sucked a nipple between his lips, first on one side, then the other. She pulled her feet up closer to her, bending her knees on each side of him. Instinctively she moved her hands down taking hold of his cock with her right hand and opening her lips a bit with her left. At seemingly the precise moment she grasped his shaft, he lifted his head from her breasts and moved over her, letting her guide his cock into her body.

She felt the familiar slow penetration as he eased himself deeper and deeper into her cunt, his face seemed to wince as he concentrated on the intimate feel of her soft, wet pussy. When he had pressed himself to the hilt he paused, something Carlye enjoyed, the feeling of fullness to be simply enjoyed before the movement again, before the journey to his pleasure. She would not come this time, she wanted to concentrate on him and she knew he most likely wouldn't last long enough for her to come again.

The fullness then left her as he eased back out of her only to plunge into her again. Carlye would feel it again, as the end of each of her husband's thrusts, but it wouldn't be like that wonderful pause, now it would be too driven, too fleeting. She looked down between their bodies seeing him rise up off of her, giving her a quick glimpse of his cock, the shaft glistening in her wetness. He'd plunge downward and his black pubic hair would mesh together with her light brown and she'd feel him reach the hilt, his balls slapping onto her ass.

She looked up at his face, his dark eyes staring at her, his expression a mixture of love and need and she knew, at least for that moment she was the only thing on his mind, her and how it felt for him to plunge into her again and again. How she wished he'd look at her like that when he wasn't inside her. Reaching up, she moved her fingers to his nipples, squeezing them while whispering to him, "Yes, come on. Give it to me, come on."

Predictably he closed his eyes and began breathing faster as he increased the speed of his thrusts. Carlye began lifting her hips up to meet his thrust, enjoying his roughness, feeling him lose control as her pussy drew him in again and again. She saw the muscles in his neck strain and could feel his body tense up as he got closer and closer. Then she savored his release, as suddenly he seemed to relax as he arched his back and pushed as hard as he could, trying to go deeper, deeper, deeper into her wet cunt.

She felt his cock twitch inside her as he collapsed upon her, his chest flattening her breasts between them while his breath flowed hot and moist onto her neck. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she held her husband tight, feeling the change come over him as his muscles relaxed and his cock spurted the last droplets of cum inside her.

He remained on top of her for several minutes as Carlye felt his cock slowly shrink from inside her until it slipped out of her and fell wetly onto her thigh. He then rolled over onto his back as she moved from beneath him and hurried into the bathroom, not wanting their cum to wet the sheets any more than they already were. Sitting down on the toilet, she let the cum ooze out of her, gently wiping it away with some toilet tissue as she wondered what her life might have been like had she not met her husband.

She couldn't imagine ever knowing anyone as well as she did him, while it was more than just sexual, she was amazed how comfortable they were when they made love, how they just seemed to know what to do, how to touch and what to whisper. After twenty years there were no surprises, they simply kissed, touched and came, easy as that. Carlye could hear snoring coming from the bedroom as her husband, as she expected, had fallen asleep.

Standing up, she moved over in front of the sink and looked into the mirror. Looking down at her breasts, she cupped her hands under them and then raised them slightly, thinking to herself, "Why just last year I remember them up here and now..." she moved her hands away and watched her breasts flop back down to their natural position. Glancing now up at her face she looked at her eyes, noticing that the faint crow's feet weren't that faint anymore. Her husband's snoring drew her attention and she glanced up at his reflection in the mirror.

"So comfortable," she said to herself, looking at his naked body, the paunch at his stomach, his flaccid cock resting on the curly black pubic hair, his balls hanging loosely between his legs. She then had a thought... no not really a thought, a notion, an impulse and she turned and walked into the bedroom. She could feel her nipples harden again as she felt an odd tingling beginning in her stomach and then sliding down between her legs. While still staring at her naked husband, she moved slowly around the bed and moved to their closet. Reaching up to a high shelf, she opened a wooden box and reached inside.

Her fingers trembled as they slid over the felt lining inside the box. Rising up on her tiptoes, she reached further into the box, finally finding what she needed. Pulling it out, she felt the tingling run through her body again and as she held it in one hand, she ran the other hand over her erect nipples, first one, then the other.

Looking back at her husband she could feel a wetness forming between her legs as she stepped out of the closet and moved closer to him. Taking a deep breath she took firm hold and raised her arms just as she had been taught to do. Carefully aiming, she savored the sensations running through her body as she held her breath and slowly pulled the trigger.


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