tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Incident at Anal Prime

An Incident at Anal Prime

byJenny _S©

Slowly, the Searcher settled into the waiting cradle at the Space Fleet Astrodome in the low rent district of Kansas City. Returning from the Harcock system had been a long and arduous journey fraught with sneak attacks, ambushes, excessive maneuvering and, finally, surrender. But now Captain Shika of Space Fleet was home and could turn the Councilor over to the Lezzbo delegation and try and forget she had been ultimately seduced by the Councilor despite her best efforts to escape. With a shake of her head Shika wiped away the tender feel of the Councilor’s hands playing with Shika’s nipples and tongue tickling her throbbing clit. “Ugg,” Shika thought, “The Lezzboians should be confined to Gay/Lesbian Categories on Literotica and never allowed in Science Fiction at all.” But then she smiled at the memory of the hours in the arms of the Lady Beth SlikKitty.

As Shika walked across the tarmac toward the terminal she pulled out her official Space Fleet Ronco Phone-O-Matic visi-dig communicator and dialed Doctor Laundra’s office to see about her lover, her Denzil. As you recall from episode one, Denzil was infected with an alien non-carbon/oxygen virus, which rendered him semi-conscious with an excruciatingly large hard-on. Shika rescued him and transported him to the care of Doctor Laundra to both save his life and isolate the virus.

“Yes? What do you want?” came the voice of Dr. Laundra as her video picture formed on the tiny screen in Shika’s hand.

“Oh, Dr. Laundra. How is Captain Densil? Any progress isolating the virus? Is he going to be alright?” asked Shika anxiously. Shika noticed that (just like the computers in episodes one and two) even the cell phone system in this story did not work quite right. The computer generated image of the Doctor showed her leaning back in her chair, legs on her desk, working an enormous vibrator in her pussy. Shika knew this was not possible since it was strictly against the rules for any Space Fleet personnel to have sex of any kind.

“You haven’t heard? Captain Denzil was kidnapped two days ago,” responded the doctor sadly, “I didn’t even get to finish the great fuck… I mean… finish my work.” The doctor frowned into her camera and, erroneously appeared to stroke even harder with the computer generated vibrating dong.

“Oh my God!” said Shika as she turned at an angle to the right and began running toward the Administration Building and the office of her mentor, Admiral Charles Stanos, DBF, FUK, DPSHT, etc. “Thanks, Doctor.” Shika broke the connection and continued to run.

Captain Shika was crying when she burst into the Admiral’s office just as his secretary, Ms. CumTwatt, was adjusting her panties and the Admiral wiping his mouth.

“Admiral, what’s happened to Denzil? Oh, this is terrible,” sobbed Shika with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Who?” asked Admiral Stanos rubbing his chin as if he knew exactly what was going on and was in complete control of the situation.

“Oh, Charlie. She means that nice young and hard Captain Denzil that Doctor Laundra has been keeping all to herself. That bitch!” Ms CumTwatt told the Admiral in an exasperated whisper.

“Denzil? Oh, yeah. Captain Denzil,” said the Admiral now in complete control of the situation. “Last I heard Doctor Laundra was fucking… I mean working very hard on the patient.”

Looking somewhat miffed Ms CumTwatt said feigning impatience with her hand on her hip, “Charlie, don’t you remember? Captain Denzil was kidnapped a couple days ago and spirited off to some Anal Prime place. Geeze. Do I have to remind you of everthing?”

Rubbing his chin again while looking very thoughtful and important the Admiral said, “Of course, I remember. I was just testing you to see if you remembered, Charlotte.” Then turning to Shika the Admiral continued, “You better get out there and rescue him, Captain Shika.”

The Captain gave the Admiral a snappy salute then asked, “Where is Anal Prime? I’ve never heard of it?”

Waving his hand at the sky outside the window of his office the Admiral replied somewhat absent mindedly, “Out there somewhere. Everyone knows where it is. Now get going. And one more thing, I will make sure Dr. Laundra will meet you at Anal… umm… whatever. I’m sure she knows all about that stuff and she’ll be in orbit waiting for you to bring Captain Denzil’s… umm.., you know. ”

Aboard the Searcher, Shika consulted the on-board Cheapiac 5000 computer for co-ordinates to Anal Prime. She got an immediate response. “How the fuck should I know? Like I have to solve all your problems? Oh, and could you unzip your jump suit a little and lean closer to the camera, Captain, so I can check out those melons you keep flashing me?” came the computer’s male voice.

Noticing for the thousandth time that all Space Fleet computer systems never seemed to work quite right because Space Fleet always bought the cheapest crap they could find Shika asked, “Are you sure you aren’t broken, computer?”

“Broken?” came the computer’s voice. “Lean a little closer to the camera and I’ll make my power amplifier squirt up your resonant frequency, baby. Boy, would I like to heterodyne with you and show you I’m not broken.”

“Never mind that, computer. Just find that planet and give me the co-ordinates,” ordered Shika. Grumbling, the computer went to work.

The wait seemed like hours to Shika while she readied the ship for takeoff, devoting the time to testing out her equipment, especially the newly installed Clit-Buster 750 combination vaginal stimulator and pulsar pistol. These had recently been added to the entire fleet after some high ranking Space Fleet “big wig” saw them on the Internet show, “Galaxy Shopping Network”, for just three easy payments of $19.95. Shika was less than impressed with the operation since the Clit-Buster 750 seem to have been made in Korea and the bottoms were stamped “Reject”. Furthermore, it appeared the only way the Pulsar weapon would work was by connecting it to two 12-Volt car batteries, making the gun somewhat less than “light and portable” as the box insert claimed.

“You want to pull that thing out of your pussy and listen up?” came the computer’s male voice.

“Oh fuck, No… I’m cummmmmingggggggggg,” exclaimed Shika, being somewhat irritated at the interruption of her very serious pre-flight equipment check. Breathing heavily and shaking with aftershocks Shika asked, “What the hell do you want, Computer?”

“Remember that little planet you were looking for? I would really boost your memory if you let a REAL computer in your knickers, you know,” the computer replied.

“Ok. Knock off the satire, Computer. Display the co-ordinates,” the Captain said with an edge in her voice.

The monitor in front of her came to life as numbers scrolled down the screen finally ending with the co-ordinates Shika was looking for. Then the screen became a star field with a small, brown planet centered, the co-ordinates hanging as a label next to it. Shika peered at the screen. “I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a brown planet before, Computer,” she said frowning.

“Well, there’s one now, Captain. I found it in the Hershey system. Space Fleet personnel and really nice ladies usually don’t go there, you know,” the Computer mused.

Leaning back in her command chair Shika began entering in the co-ordinates for Anal Prime, her fingers flying over the keys in her haste to rescue her lover. In just a few minutes everything was ready. Opening a communications link Shika called the Admiral in his office. As the screen opened the computer generated image of the Admiral seemed to show the face of Ms CumTwatt nearly pressed against the camera with the sweaty face of the Admiral standing behind her. “Umm. Admiral, I’m all ready to leave, Sir. Do you have any further instructions?”

The Admiral’s image seemed startled and jumped back. Ms CumTwatt’s image slid to the floor behind the Admiral’s desk. Apparently pulling up his pants the Admiral’s distorted computer generated image said, “Oh. No. Just be careful Captain. And bring the cute little… um… ship back here safely.”

“I plan to be careful, Admiral. In fact, I’m planing to sneak in the back door when I get there,” smiled Shika.

At that the Image of Ms CumTwatt’s head and hands popped up from behind the Admiral’s desk and seemed to be unzipping the Admiral’s pants. “Um… That will be all, Captain. Good Luck,” said the Admiral and his computer-generated cock slid into the mouth of Ms CumTwatt’s image.

The Searcher rocketed across the galaxy at great speed, far faster than the little dildo shaped ship was ever designed to travel. Then approaching the Planet Anal Prime a quick scan showed Denzil was being held at the Presidential Palace near the capital city of Butt Plug. Fortunately, it was night on that side of Anal Prime so Shika felt confident she could land the Searcher near the palace without being discovered.

With a few movements of her hands on keys of the command chair arms, the computer began scanning the space around Anal Prime. Immediately a pink ship appeared. Upon closer examination it appeared to be a Space Fleet hospital ship, Raging Queen, rocketing toward Anal Prime at break-neck speed.

Opening a communications channel Shika’s monitor seemed to show a computer generated image of Doctor Laundra sitting on the pilot’s lap, bouncing up and down. “Damn! When are they going to fix that computer glitch?” wondered Shika.

“Oh, my God. My Godddddddddd,” said the corrupt image of Doctor Laundra. Then, looking at the camera the doctor smiled, “Mmmmm Captain Shika. You are just in time. Commander Johnson is sooo... I mean… have you found Captain Denzil yet?”

“No ma’am. I was just about to land to search for him. I’m so glad you are here, Doctor Laundra. Poor Denzil will need your medical attention so much after this.”

The Searcher settled to the squishy ground on the surface of Anal Prime. The landing legs sunk several feet into the smelly ooze then the ship came to rest. Shika jumped from her command chair and ran to the equipment locker. Digging through the cheap junk Space Fleet provided for every eventuality Shika finally found a pair of rubber hip waders that she pulled on over the legs of her jump suit. She also stuffed the Clit-Buster 750, an array of condoms, extra “C” batteries, a large tube of Preparation H and another of Astroglide Lubricant in her pack, just in case. Then headed for the airlock.

When Shika stepped into the smelly, sticky ooze that was the planet’s surface she wrinkled her nose. “This stuff feels like shit,” she thought. “Doesn’t smell too good either.” Looking around carefully Shika began slogging through the ooze toward the brightly-lit Presidential Palace.

Approaching the Palace, Shika moved slowly though the ooze, taking whatever cover she could to not be seen. But as she neared the main door she took one last step and sunk up to her shoulders in the stinky slime. Instantly, sirens began blaring everywhere and she could hear footsteps all around her, slugging toward her. Then a voice behind her, “And vat do we haf here, Helga? It looks like zumone has tried to zneek up on us.”

Coming out of the dark what appeared to be the largest, ugliest female Shika had ever seen, saying, “Ya Vold, Sigfried. Dis looks like ve has another toy to play with.”

Grabbing Shika under each arm, Sigfried and Helga jerked her out of the ooze and dragged her toward the Palace entrance. Inside the great hall, Shika was stripped of her pack and jump suit, then tied over a table, face down with her feet on the floor secured to two large brass rings. This left Shika bent over the table with her legs spread eagle and her ass totally exposed.

Shika heard Helga say to Sigfried, “Ve need to probe her to zee if she is acceptable, Sigfried.” Immediately a large, rough finger was pressing against Shika’s asshole, trying to gain entrance. Shika gritted her teeth at the indignity and tightened the muscles of her smooth, round butt cheeks.

“Ah. She is trying to fight us, Helga,” smiled Sigfried, “But not for long I am sure.” At this both Sigfried and Helga broke into uproarious laughter.

Despite the strain of resisting Sigfried’s finger pressing into her asshole, Shika began to feel the juices flowing between her shaven pussy lips. The harder Sigfried pressed, the wetter Shika became until droplets began trickling down the inside of her thighs.

“Ah. Look at dis, Sigfried. De toy is getting excited vit your probing,” laughed Helga.

“Oh God. Not my asshole, pleasssssssssseeeee,” pleaded Shika, tears streaming down her face. “If you have to fuck me. Fuck my pussy, not my ass.”

With that Sigfried slapped Shika hard across her left butt cheek. “Vat? Fuck you pussy? What kind of people do you tink ve are? Dat is digesting,” he screamed.

“Oh, Sigfried. Ve have found some little extra-anal pervert, slut. De very idea of fucking her pussy is so perverted,” Helga joined in. “No moral person in der right mind fucks pussy. Dat is so animal. If you want to be animal. We treat you like animal, pussy slut.” Looking at Sigfried, Helga continued in a lower voice, “She must be another vun of dos buggery, Earth people. Horrible place!”

Shika was untied and roughly led down several flights of stone stairways into the bowels of the Palace. At the bottom of the last stairway was a row of rusted steel doors. The farthest door was standing ajar. Sigfried opened this door wide and Helga pushed Shika in, sprawling on her face.

Raising herself on her elbows as the door slammed shut behind her Shika spit planetary dirt and said, “This fucking place tastes like shit too.” Then, crawling to the corner, Shika sat leaning up against the stone wall and surveyed her prison.

In the silence of her dungeon a sound caught Shika’s attention. She cocked her head to listen. The sound was barely audible but it was definitely there. On her hands and knees, Shika began crawling slowly through the smelly ooze that was the floor of her cell, around the wall of her prison, listening. Finally, at the middle of the opposite wall she could hear the sound clearly.

“Oh yesss…. Ride it… Ride that cock… I’m cumminggggggggg,” came the sound. “Denzil!” thought Shika. Tears of joy streamed down her face as she clawed at the stonework. “Denzil, my darling, my love,” she screamed at the top of her lungs. For hours, Shika pounded and scraped at the wall between her and her lover. But in the end, Shika, fingers bleeding, crying uncontrollably collapsed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

A huge rough hand shook Shika awake. “Vat has you done to us? You has given us poison, you bitch,” screamed Sigfried.

Looking at both Helga and Sigfried, Shika thought they looked very ill. Sweat was pouring off them and they leaned together to remain standing. “What do you mean?” Shika asked.

“Ve mean dis!” Sigfried screamed waving the tube of Preparation H in Shika’s face. Shika stared at the tube not comprehending. “Ve brushed our teeth vit your toothpaste and now ve are very sick, you bitch.” Helga began retching in the corner of the cell. Sigfried hurried to her side and helped her out into the corridor and up the stairway leaving the prison door open.

“Ewwww. Brush you teeth with Preparation H? That’s, like totally nasty, No wonder the dumb fuckers are sick,” thought Shika as she slogged toward the door. Once outside her cell Shika looked around. On a table were her jump suit and pack. Stuffing her jump suit into the pack and taking out her official Space Fleet Ronco Phone-O-Matic visi-dig communicator, she opened it and called Doctor Laundra in orbit above. “Doctor, I need some back up down her. Can you send help?” she asked.

The Communications Officer, Lieutenant Bruce Flit, responded immediately, “Hi ya, sweety. Oooh.. Have you seen any big, strong, handsome guys down there?”

“Umm. Not really. Who is this?” inquired Shika.

“This is the “SF Raging Queen, deary. Hospital ship, you know. And you are the famous Captain Shika. We are sending down a group of volunteers to rescue you. Are you sure about the guys? Oh, and what can you tell me about those nasty anal people. I’m getting so horny.”

Shika closed he communications link and went to down the row of cells opening the doors. All were empty except one. Inside she found her lover, Denzil. He was lying on his back in the slime, his erection larger than she had ever seen it before. Cum lay in puddles everywhere. Kneeling beside him, Shika reached out for this throbbing cock.

“Don’t touch that. It could be dangerous,” came the voice of Doctor Laundra behind her. “Only I can handle his cock… I mean, with my medical expertise and all...” Then taking a quick look at Shika the doctor continued, “Return to your ship, Captain. And take a shower. You smell like shit. Oh, and one more thing. We have a number of orderlies who have volunteered to stay her and re-educate the local population.”

Two orderlies swished in with a stretcher and loaded Denzil while worshiping his throbbing hard on. Then turning they made for the door with the doctor along side apparently giving Denzil mouth-to-cock resuscitation.

“Cut that out, you bitch,” said one of the orderlies to the doctor, “I saw him first.”

“I’m so glad the doctor got her so quickly. Poor Denzil,” sighed Shika as she began the long climb up the stairs.

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