An Incredible Massage


For long seconds she hovered on the brink, just on the painfully wonderful edge of a climax, until Mina thrust into her even harder one time, and that was enough. She felt her orgasm explode deep inside her, wave after wave of pure ecstasy rippling out through her body like surf hitting a beach. She cried out, not once but each time another wave of pleasure flooded through her, squeezing her eyes shut and tipping her head back, grabbing at the table edge, her back arching, lifting her hips from the table as if attempting to take those magic fingers even deeper. It seemed to last forever and all the time Mina kept up her movements, a continuous stimulation of Shelley's pleasure spots that slowed and eventually ceased only when Shelley's jolting movements tailed away and she finally lay gasping and sweating on the table, her entire body trembling and quivering with tiny aftershocks.

Mina let her fingers slip from Shelley's pussy and began gentle movements along her legs using the flat of her palm to stroke her softly, her other hand doing the same thing on her stomach. She smiled as Shelley licked her lips and looked up, her chest still heaving and her heart still pounding.

'You like?'

Shelley nodded almost imperceptibly. 'I like.'

Mina hands were now resting motionless on Shelley's skin and she let them lay there, a warm gentle pressure that served to bring the session to a quiet and peaceful end.

'When you are ready there is a shower through there.' Mina lifted one hand to indicate a door beside the screen that Shelley had undressed behind so long ago. 'Then we will have cups of tea.'

Shelley smiled as Mina quietly left her to recover in her own time, watching the stunning dark skinned girl walk towards another door at the opposite end of the room. Her accent, Shelley thought, was just like her massage, totally unique and absolutely beautiful.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/13/17

An incredible story

I am so impressed that a male author has written this and been able to capture the pure sex & desire of a woman. This story has made me so horny and wet that I have been playing with myself whilst reading.more...

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