tagNonHumanAn Incubus' Treat for a Treat

An Incubus' Treat for a Treat


October 31st. Worst day of the year. Regular girls dressed up like hookers, and hookers dressed up like regular girls.

Walking down the streets of what had come to be known as Saint Drago's Corner; I kept my eyes and ears open as I looked for potential clients, and listened for sirens. Even if the police weren't coming for me, it was never a good thing to be out and about when the po-po came a calling.

While I stepped across the body of a passed out college kid, a car pulled up beside me. Looking into the driver's seat I could see that the man driving was in his mid to late twenties, and pulling in some serious coin. He was driving an $80,000 car and wearing Valentino cologne.

"Hey honey." I leaned into the car so he could get a better look at me. With my ass on display to anyone who walked by, I hoped he would pick me up. The air was starting to cool off as a cold breeze set in.

"How much?" he asked as he glanced around my shoulder at my derriere.

"How much you willing to spend?"

"Five hundred."

In my head I screamed sold, but aloud I whispered, "done." Hopping into the passenger seat, I waited for him to feel up my leg or make some crude comment about my boobs in that dress. But he did neither. Instead, he drove me back to the hotel he had chosen for the night. Apparently the girl he usually used was out of town on business, so I would have to do.

As we walked into the hotel lobby, he grabbed my hand. His grip was firm as he kept his eyes straight ahead, and led me over to the elevators. Riding with him to the third floor, I noticed that he didn't give me one look over. Ouch!

So once we got to his room, I was ready to get straight down to business. However, he wasn't.

"Please sit," he said.

Listening to him, I took a seat on the bed.

Clearing his throat, he turned his back to me. "I don't know your name, and don't care to. But I'll let you know mine. I am Lord Byron, ruler of a legion of demons known as incubi. I need someone to mate tonight, and I have chosen you."

Stunned, I felt like running, but as he turned around and looked at me, I knew I couldn't.

"You will not speak of this night to anyone, do you understand?"

I nodded as he walked over to me and grabbed my neck. Throwing my head back, he bit down into my throat until I felt like I was going to pass out. The pain definitely hurt, but felt good at the same time.

"You like that, don't you?" he murmured as he breathed in the scent of the blood that was now flowing down the side of my neck. "I'm sure you'll like the rest of tonight as well."

Pushing me down into the bed, he flicked his wrist and my legs opened. Not by choice, but by way of some magic he seemed to possess. Smiling down at me, he slowly unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

Staring at his large, purple dong that was hanging out in front of me, I knew he wasn't lying when he said he was a demon. Blue veins encircled his cock as stood at full attention, and throbbed against his chest. Walking back towards me, climbed on top of me and grabbed the top of my dress. His hand ripped the delicate fabric apart and left me speechless.

My chest heaved as I looked up at him. I didn't know if I were more scared, or turned on by his forwardness. As I stared up into his dark eyes, his skin color suddenly changed to the same dark, purple hue of his cock. Yep, he definitely wasn't human.

Grabbing my wrists, he held me down on the bed as he slid his cock into me. "Remember, we have a deal," he whispered as he rammed me deep. Demon or not, he felt good.

Closing my eyes, I screamed out for more as he ripped my bra away from my chest with his teeth. The way he fucked me was raw, rough, and animalistic. He pumped himself into me so hard that I thought the bed was going to go flying through the wall.

"Oh, fuck!" I yelled as my pussy walls started to tighten. This crazy son of a bitch was going to make me cum.

"Oh yeah baby," he growled as he let go of my wrists, and grabbed me by the waist. "Cum for me."

As he lifted me up, I met every one of his thrusts head on. Bang! Bang! Unable to hold on any longer, I felt my soul break into a million shards of lust. Shaking violently underneath him, my eyes rolled back into my head as I screamed.

"Good girl," he murmured.

His voice seemed like it could've been a thousand miles away as I just laid there, barely able to think. Opening my eyes, I saw that he was still hovering over me, ramming my cunt into tomorrow with his unearthly dong that looked like a vibrator on steroids. As I struggled to regain my bearings, I found myself being flipped over.

"Yeah, ass up in the air. Just how I like it." Finding myself face down with my ass to the ceiling, I figured that he had used his special demon abilities to get me on all fours. Because he certainly hadn't touched me.

"Ouch!" I screamed as I felt his heavy palm smack down onto my booty.

"Such a tight little ass you have," he said. "Too bad I can't fuck it tonight."

That was a relief. I didn't know if I could take—"Oh!"

He was back inside of me. With his chest bent over my back, he was sinking his cock so deep into me that I could've sworn it was going to cause my stomach to hemorrhage.

Pounding away at me, he held my hips firmly in his oversized hands as his nuts slapped against my clit. And they were huge. Huge and full of cum. Screaming underneath him, I felt my legs starting to buckle as he demanded I cum for him a second time.

Trying to hold myself up, I felt a shiver run through every vein in my body as my mind went blank. Staring up at the ceiling, I felt like I was having one of those out of body experiences as a rush of wetness came flowing out of me and sprayed all over his dick. How the hell had I squirted?

"Mmmm," Lord Byron moaned as his beast of a cock hardened. Feeling it rub up and down inside of me, I didn't know if I could take anymore. Not that he probably cared.

Still holding my hips, he sat up inside of me and told me to push my ass back onto him. "Yeah baby, just like that," he said as I tried my best to please him. He was my customer after all, and he had given me two earth shattering orgasms despite his brash behavior.

As I pushed myself onto him, his cock started to throb more and more. "Don't stop," he breathed as I felt him explode inside of me. His burst of wet, sticky love overfilled my pussy and flowed out onto the comforter as he pulled out of me.

Turning around, I fell down onto the bed and watched him get dressed. After he had put his jeans back on, he reached into his pocket and threw me five, crisp one-hundred dollar bills. "Thanks for the trick. Here's your treat."

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