tagBDSMAn Indecent Adventure

An Indecent Adventure


Julian had seen the discreet advert in the Evening Standard, it had appealed to his fantasies and the thought of being exposed under the control of a dominating female excited him tremendously. Nervously he dialed the number from the advert, he was excited and as he stood naked in the apartment, his penis fully erect, he slowly masturbated waiting for the phone to be answered. After what seemed to be an eternity a soft female voice with a slight French accent answered at the other end.

"Madame Louise, how can I help you," she said.

Her voice was alluring and sexy, and Julian continued to masturbate as he plucked up the courage to speak to her. As he spoke and explained what he wanted she could hear his deep breathing and instinctively knew what was going on at the other end of the phone.

"OK, I can organize that for you, but I have a strict rule, you do not wank or play with yourself unless I tell you to," she said.

Julian could only nod in response, he was so close to cumming and as she spoke his penis started to pulse and throb, hot white cum spurted from the tip, he clenched his buttocks tight and his semen spurted across the room. Madame Louise could hear his sharp intake of breath followed by a grunt over the phone and smiled, this one was going to be so easy she thought to herself.

Two days later on Saturday morning Julian was standing outside the front door of a large town house in nearby Islington. Madame Louise had instructed him to wear the minimum amount of clothing and to arrive at 8 am on the 'dot'. Julian had taken his instructions very seriously and had traveled from his home wearing very short sheer white running shorts completely split up the side and a nylon singlet which barely covered his navel. The running shorts were tight and so short that his buttocks were almost completely exposed and his semi erect penis was barely contained, the fact that they were almost transparent made them so revealing that as a form of cover they were practically useless.

At 8 am he nervously pressed the door bell and waited. Madame Louise was watching him from an upstairs window as he stood and waited for her to answer the door. She smiled as she noted his rather revealing shorts which covered virtually nothing and what they did cover was plainly visible. Deciding to make him wait a little longer she continued to watch as he attempted to cover his exposure as passing pedestrians stared at him, some in amusement and others with disgust.

After making Julian wait for a further 5 minutes Madame Louise answered the door wearing a short silk robe and high heeled thigh boots, she smiled at him.

"You must be Julian," she said, glancing down at his very obvious erection.

Julian nodded nervously as he took in her beauty and very sexy attire.

"You look very excited," she said, looking directly at his penis which was clearly visible through his shorts.

He smiled sheepishly and as she waved him into the entrance hall his penis gave a twitch of excitement. As he walked past her she noticed his exposed firm buttocks which had almost devoured the thin material intended to cover them and reaching out she gave him a gentle pat on the bum. Julian jumped a little as she touched him and she felt his already tight buttocks tense even more.

"Relax," she said, "You are here to enjoy yourself."

Julian smiled, "Yes of course," and turning to face her he realized that his penis was now fully erect and about to burst free of the thin material.

"Then I think we had better begin before you have an accident, but first of all you must put this on," Louise smiled and handed him a blindfold.

"You will wear this until I tell you to remove it," she said, gently but firmly.

She led him by the hand, although she had been tempted to take hold of his erect penis, and guided him upstairs into a dimly lit room. She moved him into the middle of the room.

"OK," she said, "Raise your arms above your head."

As he did so she took hold of his left wrist and snapped on a pair of handcuffs and then did the same with his right arm. With his arms strung up above him, Louise gently kicked his feet apart and attached foot restraints which prevented him from closing his legs. Julian's erect penis was now pushing very hard at the flimsy material of his shorts and with his legs spread apart he could feel his bits slipping free of their constraint. Louise watched as Julian's balls eventually flopped out from the shorts and his penis now clearly visible through the material was straining to be released.

Julian's excitement was rising and all the time he could feel his penis pushing hard against the thin material of his shorts, he could also feel the tip pushing out from the foreskin and an as it did so a damp patch from his precum started to spread.

Madame Louise watched the wet patch on the front of Julian's shorts, the material was becoming totally transparent and the tip of his penis was completely visible as the pre-cum oozed slowly out. He was obviously very excited and ready for the game to begin.

On a nearby table lay a pair of tailors scissors, Madame Louise leant over and picked them up, then gently sliding them up the outside of his left leg she cut the waistband of his shorts. As the elastic snapped the left side of his buttocks and groin were totally exposed leaving the material hanging on his erect penis, she moved round and cut the waistband on the other side, as the material fell to the floor his penis sprung free and stuck out fully erect in front of him. Madame Louise bent down and as she picked up the scrap of material which had been Julian's shorts the tip of his penis brushed her shoulder, she felt him shudder and saw him tense his buttocks. Tossing the scrap of material into one corner she moved close by him and putting her hand on his bum she whispered, "You won't need those again."

She moved back in front of him now and noticed appreciatively that he was completely smooth, no hair in sight, she ran her fingers over his pubis, he was so smooth that he must have been waxed very recently. Julian moaned gently as she circled her fingers over his pubic region passing close to but avoiding his penis and balls, and as she did so he intuitively thrust his hips forward eagerly wanting her to touch him.

Julian started to writhe within his constraints desperate for her to touch his penis and bring him to orgasm. She watched him as he thrust his penis towards her as if begging to be brought to orgasm, the precum was now dripping from the tip and his foreskin had now completely rolled back making him even more exposed.

Taking the scissors again she carefully cut the shoulders off his singlet and as it slipped down his taught body it came to rest on his erect penis, hanging there briefly before falling to the floor as she made a final snip.

Completely naked now, Julian was straining at his constraints thrusting his penis forward begging to be touched and stroked, in response Madame Louise gently but firmly ran her long finely manicured finger nails along the inside of his legs stopping just short of his balls but teasing his parted buttocks before retreating again. Julian was moaning and groaning loudly now so in a final tease she ran her nails gently over his smooth balls and then carefully along the underside of his erect penis, stopping just short of the glans which by now was dark purple and dripping pre cum. As she ran her nails back down his shaft Julian began to tremble and shudder uncontrollably, she stopped what she was doing and watched him as he calmed down falling back from the edge of orgasm.

"That's as close as you are going to get for now," she said, quietly in his ear.

Then moving back in front of him she slipped off her robe and let it fall to the ground. Wearing only thigh length boots she looked truly magnificent, her ample breasts were firm and her big erect nipples betrayed her excitement, her flat stomach tapered to her smoothly shaven pussy and the lips glistened with moistness as her clitoris protruded eagerly between them ready for pleasure. But of course Julian knew nothing of this from behind his blindfold as he waited eagerly and hopefully for the next caress of his erect penis.

Madame Louise stood only a matter of inches in front of Julian, the tip of his penis almost touching her thigh, reaching up she removed his blindfold. For a short while he blinked as his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, and as they slowly focused on her naked body he let out a low appreciative moan.

"Don't get too excited, you can look but you won't get to touch," she said.

Teasing him further she slid a finger down between her moist lips and held it there for a few seconds before stroking it gently over his mouth, instinctively he put his tongue out and licked her finger tasting and smelling her sweet sexy juices. He felt as if his penis was about to burst.

She paraded herself in front of him making sure he got a good look at her very sexy body, stroking her pussy and caressing her nipples as she teased him and then finally she turned with her back to him showing of her resplendent firm small buttocks, then with legs apart she bent over and gave him a perfect display of her smooth pouting pussy, the lips moist and welcoming appeared to be smiling at him. Then standing up sharply she turned to him.

"OK show time is over. Now it's time to get serious."

As she said this she could see his penis pulsating to his heartbeat and smiled to herself as she imagined him spurting cum all over her breasts, maybe later she thought.

Madame Louise left the room and returned a short while later wearing a pair of scruffy blue jeans, a loose fitting shirt and trainers. She walked over to the window and as she drew back the curtains the morning sun poured in and lit up the whole room. For the first time Julian could see that he was constrained in some sort of frame in a large room which contained a variety of equipment probably intended for pain. On the opposite far side of the room was a very large bed above which was a mirrored ceiling. Louise was now sitting on the bed and as she looked at him he began to feel nervous, his fantasy was about to be realised.

She released from his restraints and as he stood naked in the middle of the room he was so very tempted to start masturbating but just as he moved his right hand over his crotch Madame Louise caught his arm and slapped him sharply on the tip of his penis. He cried out in pain and grabbed hold of his penis, she looked at him sternly.

"You don't wank unless I say so." Then pushing his hand away she gripped his shaft and looked into his eyes, "Do you understand?"

"Yes," he replied meekly.

As she released her grip she smiled to herself, he felt so nice and firm.

Twenty minutes later they were both sitting in her open top sports car in the street outside her house, he was still naked but he was now wearing a hood over his head and a cock ring had been slipped over his penis and balls, attached to the cock ring was a long thin leather strap by which he had been led out of the house to the car. He didn't know if anyone had seen him in the street, he just obeyed Madame Louise's instructions. The truth was he had quite an audience as he was led naked and hooded from the house to the car; his erect penis drew admiring glances from both sexes whose attendance had been previously organised by his dominatrix.

She had explained to him the plan and the rules; he was to be driven to a place in the countryside where he would be left with further instructions. In the meanwhile they were now driving south through central London, he couldn't see where he was going or what direction but he was acutely aware of the hustle and bustle around him and felt extremely exposed. Occasionally when they stopped at traffic lights or were stuck in traffic he could hear passers by making comments and most of all laughter at his predicament, all the while he remained excited and fully erect, he so wanted to touch himself and masturbate.

At one stop, he assumed it was traffic lights, he could hear the voices of girls, they were very close by and had noticed him sitting naked in the car. To his initial horror which turned to excitement he heard Madame Louise call them over and very soon he could sense them standing next to him at the car door, laughing and making comments about his penis.

"Can I touch it?" he heard one of them say.

Before he could say anything Madame Louise had responded and invited them all to have a feel and give him a stroke. He wasn't sure but there must have been 5 of them and they all had a good grope and stroke of his penis, one in particular ran her hand the full length of his shaft and gave his balls a gentle squeeze before slowly running her fingers over his now moist tip, he squeezed his buttocks tightly and shuddered, his penis twitched.

"OK girls, that's enough, we've got to go," shouted Madame Louise as the lights changed.

Julian could hear the laughter and giggles, he smiled to himself; he had come so close to ejaculating and as they drove away a voice shouted.

"Nice cock, big boy."

They had been in the car for about an hour now and from the smell of the air and quieter surroundings he assumed they were getting close to the countryside, he hadn't asked where they were going as he knew he wouldn't be told and anyway this was all part of his fantasy. They hadn't stopped anymore since the girls at the traffic lights and his penis had softened back to normal for now, which was good as the cock ring he was wearing had been rather tight when he was fully erect although it did make his balls look good.

The sun was warm on his skin as they sped along the country lanes and he was rather enjoying the experience, anticipating the excitement of the adventure to come. Then without warning he felt the car slowing down, he could hear the direction indicator clicking away and then he felt the car turn and come to a stop. The smell in the air was familiar and he realized they had stopped at a filling station. He thought nothing of it until he felt his hood being lifted of his head. He blinked in the bright sun and as he looked around he could see that they had stopped at a small village garage.

Madame Louise smiled at him.

"We're almost there," she said, "But I just need to get some fuel."

Then leaning over to him she grabbed his penis firmly.

"Get out and fill her up will you," she said.

He hesitated and looked around, on the opposite side of the road was the village pub he wasn't so sure, but before he could protest she squeezed his penis harder and pulled on the line attached to the cock ring. He looked over to the garage office and he could see a woman at the cash register watching them, Madame Louise gave his cock ring another firm tug.

"Get out and do as I say," she said.

Slowly and cautiously he emerged from the car, the filler cap was on his side so the line attached to the cock ring was long enough for him to reach it, he tried to position himself such that the petrol pump blocked him from the view of the woman in the garage but just as he was about to open the petrol cap the engine started and Madame Louise moved the car just far enough to ensure he stood in clear view in clear view of the woman in the office.

He stood with his back to the office as he placed the filler pipe into the tank; the fuel started to flow and could have sworn he could feel her eyes on his firm buttocks.

"Well you've certainly made my day," said a female voice behind him.

He turned and saw the garage lady standing behind him only a few feet away and then as he looked at her she burst out laughing. She was a tall woman with a full figure and her long blond hair gave her the look of a Viking warrior. She looked over at Madame Louise, they smiled at each other and Louise reached across and passed her the cock ring lead.

"Looks like you are mine now," she said to Julian as she looked down at his rather soft penis. Julian looked at Madame Louise pleadingly but she just smiled.

"Get it filled up please," she said.

When the tank was full Julian replaced the filler cap and then looked at each woman in turn wondering what he was to do next. Madame Louise leant across the car and passed a wad of cash to the other woman.

"Thanks Maisy," she said, "That should cover it."

"OK dear," said Maisy, "See you next time."

Just as she said that the car engine started and with a wave Madame Louise gunned the accelerator and sped off through the village leaving Julian staring after her open mouthed. He hadn't anticipated this and just as he was about to protest he felt a tug on his cock ring.

"Come on we'd better get you inside," said Maisy.

"Looks like Maisy's got another one," said a customer in the Black Bull across the road as five grinning faces watched Julian being led naked across the garage forecourt into the office.

Back in the office, Maisy who had inherited the garage from her father, stood and admired her catch, she looked him up and down and grinned as she gave a playful tug on the cock ring which made his penis jump and his balls bounce.

"Turn around," she said, and as he did so she admired his firm buttocks and couldn't resist running her fingers over and in between them exploring and caressing. Julian tensed as he felt the fingers penetrating but the enjoyment was short lived as she stopped and told him to turn back round again.

"Wait here," she said, and she stepped out of the office.

He watched as she crossed the forecourt and put up the 'CLOSED' signs, she means business he thought to himself as she came back into the office again.

"Poor bugger," said one of the faces at the window of the Black Bull as they watched Maisy outside the garage.

Back in the office Maisy had handcuffed Julian's hands behind his back (he began to wonder where these women got all these handcuffs from), he didn't struggle or complain, he was used to it by now and he assumed it was all part of the game. With his hands restrained behind his back he felt exposed and vulnerable again and very soon his penis was starting to come back to life, Maisy noticed this and before he got too hard she realized the cock ring should come off so grabbing his penis firmly she squeezed his balls back through the ring and slid it of his rapidly stiffening penis. Her manhandling of him hadn't helped and he was soon sporting a full erection. Maisy took hold of him and very carefully rolled back his foreskin to expose fully the tip of his penis.

"Now that's better isn't it," said Maisy as she looked up at him and smiled.

The office only had one door and it led out on to the forecourt, Julian had noticed this and with nervous anticipation realised that at some point he was going to have to go back out on the forecourt again, or stay in this room for eternity. The regulars in the Black Bull also knew this and they sipped their pints in anticipation of the next showing.

As Maisy watched Julian's penis throbbing in front of her she slowly pulled down the zip of her coveralls revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear and as her blond pubic hair came into view she stopped. Then looking up from his penis she slipped a hand inside her coveralls.

"Mmmm I love to play," she said as her fingers slipped through the pubic hair and down in between her moist lips

"Don't you?" she asked.

"Yes," he murmured as he watched her start to masturbate in front of him.

He was helpless, his penis was screaming to be touched and stroked and here was this woman playing with her pussy in front of his very eyes. As she slid her fingers over her clitoris and between her lips her other hand slipped the zip all the way down, her pussy was completely on display now and as Julian watched his penis felt as if it would explode. Maisy had her eyes closed and had at least 2 maybe 3 fingers deep inside her, her other hand had now slipped her breasts out and was playing with her erect nipples. Julian tried to move forward and rub his penis against her but as he did so she opened her eyes and pushed him away whilst her other hand continued to pleasure her pussy.

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