tagBDSMAn Initiation

An Initiation


A chance glimpse of a familiar face in a town centre café and two friends accidentally meet after many years.

"Remember me?" asks Erica.

"Why of course," replies Maggie with evident delight. They embrace; hug and kiss affectionately. Catch up over cappuccinos at a nearby café.

"Are you still with, um, wotisname?" enquires Erica.

"Harry, God no. Too unreliable, except in his many infidelities and empty promises to change," replies Maggie. "Once the girls were at uni I booted him out, sold the house and moved here for a new start. And you?"

"With Jake five years now," Erica smiles fondly. "Met him in Central America while travelling.

"Lucky girl," replies her friend enviously, "your life has clearly been rather more exciting than mine."

Erica leans forward conspiratorially. "I think you and I had our moments. Remember our little liaisons back in the day?"

"A lot of youthful experimentation if I recall, including," Maggie's hand falls lightly onto Erica's denim-clad leg, "electrifying sex."

"Oh yes," Erica clenches her thighs to suppress a surge of lust as she pictures an image of their young intertwined bodies. "What were we back then?"

"Don't know, there are so many flavours of sexuality these days," muses Maggie, "bi curious, non-binary, or are those already out-dated descriptions?"

"We didn't feel the need to categorise, just wanted to try everything," recalls Erica. "I think sexual discovery was more fun in the '90s."

"When we thought it just our naughty little secret?


"Have you had female lovers since?" ventures Maggie.

"Flings would be a more accurate. Spontaneous hook-ups, nothing long-term, I always seem to default to blokes. How about you?"

"I wish", answers Maggie wistfully. I had the kids quite young and with previous little input from their father there was neither time nor opportunity. Domesticity tamed my inner libertine and by the time they were older I'd rather lost my confidence."

"But you're beautiful," exclaims Erica with evident sincerity.

'"That's not what mirrors tell me," says Maggie, blushing at the unaccustomed compliment.

"So, anyone special in your life right now?"

"Sadly not," sighs Maggie, "I had a long affair with a lovely man a while back. Harry had countless 'business trips' so I reckoned I was owed at least one. But it ended, no one's fault. My libido's still very much functioning, but I'm sort of off the dating market."

"We'll have to see what can be done about that," muses Erica. "Meanwhile you must come to lunch and meet my man."

"Well, do you think Maggie might be up for a threesome?" enquires Jake after she has recounted her meeting.

Erica's bi-sexuality has always spurred her into erotic adventures and far from minding, her husband actively encourages such dalliances – especially when he's included!

"I think so. Maggie's lovely, but lonely. Hard to believe that beneath that respectable exterior lurks the once wanton woman who introduced me to the joys of spanking," recalls Erica. "She was so refreshingly forthcoming about sex when we first met. Such innocents; too gauche to make excuses to spank each other we just loved to play. Perhaps our friends were into it too, but in the days before social media who knew?"

"Well it's a while since we had a playmate, I definitely think we should invite Maggie round and reintroduce her to the joys of a well spanked rear," replies Jake, "meanwhile I'd better get some practice in."

"Any excuse – although I hardly think you need one", answers Erica cheekily.

"Stop arguing and get over my knee right now, unfaithful trollop. You certainly need a smacked bottom," comes the emphatic response.

"Not unfaithful," Erica wriggles, face down across Jake's lap her jeans and panties unceremoniously pulled down and off. "Not with blokes anyway, and I always tell you about the girls."

Ignoring her protests Jake applies his palm to his wife's delectable posterior. The initial smacks sting, but bring a warm glow too. As Jake progresses, he spanks a little harder, then harder still. Unconsciously her hips begin to weave and after a dozen more slaps Jake's palm is tingling. Erica is evidently enjoying her predicament, squirming pleasurably as she grinds her naked sex against his thighs.

Having thoroughly warmed the target area Jake slaps her lower cheeks. Allowing time between each for the full effect to sink in he ensures the entirety of her bottom receives equal punitive attention; drawing her cheeks apart with his left hand so the right can redden Erica's tender bottom cleft.

The rosy hue burnishing her exposed buttocks is a delight; so is the way they squeeze together as Erica unconsciously clenches them in response to the increasing smart. Jake pauses to stroke her burning globes before bringing his hand down sharply on Carole's right buttock, making her feet kick out uncontrollably. Next the left, rendering it just as red, the marks of his fingers and thumb clearly visible.

"It's too sore, please stop," Erica pleads plaintively. Erring on the side of clemency Jake parts her legs and holding her tightly around the waist easily slides two digits deep into Erica's slippery sex to begin her sweet release.

"I think we might go a little easier than this on Maggie to start with", suggests Erica wryly.

Two hosts and their guest, outwardly a relaxed and convivial occasion, inwardly each wonders how the next hour might unfold? The man at the table is Jake. And why might he make a woman's heart beat faster? Six foot tall, rower's forearms, longish dark hair.

Across the table his wife, Erica; sociable and confident, black hair in a bob, slim-fitting black jeans and a figure enhancing T-shirt. Silver bangles jangle on her wrists; a woman who turns men's heads in the high street – the vulgar might call her a cougar...

Between them, the placing is not accidental, her recently reacquainted former lover, Maggie, at once excited and apprehensive. Blond-with-a-hint-of-grey hair; shapely bare legs; red painted toe and fingernails match her lipstick.

Demurely knee length summer dress, with perhaps one too many top buttons undone, a subtle hint at availability, or simply suiting the warm weather?

Both women are a few years older than Jake; each dressed to emphasise their figures and femininity. Might they be unconsciously competing for his attention?

"I never saw you settling down, always the livewire," smiles Maggie, increasingly relaxed as the conversation becomes more personal and her second glass of red wine empties.

"Oh Jake keeps me pretty grounded," Erica smiles contentedly.

Maggie gives her old college friend a quizzical look. "And how might he achieve that miracle?"

"That would be telling."

"So tell me."

"He smacks my bottom. And if you recall it was you who corrupted me in that respect."

"I plead guilty," Maggie laughs, although apparently un-shocked at the revelation her heart races. "But with mitigating circumstances."

"Such as..."

"Wine loosens inhibitions, and you were hardly adverse to the idea. If there was a sure fire way to get you off it was spanking."

Just hearing Maggie says the 'S' word is sufficient to give Erica a shiver of pleasure. "True, it certainly provoked a powerful desire in me, kind of a dealmaker when I hooked up with Jake. I wanted it and he very much satisfied – satisfies - the need. When you find a bloke who really understands – it's not about coercion, and yes, it's my choice to submit – you hold onto him."

"And does spanking feature in your romantic life Maggie," Jake enquires?

"Harry was never into it, not blessed with much sexual imagination despite my promptings."

"Well that's a both a shame and waste," so far Jake's been happy to observe and enjoy the conversation, but now asserts his presence. "Fortunately we're uniquely placed to remedy this disgraceful neglect of your delightful derriere right this minute."

Maggie glances nervously at her hosts then lowers her eyes, one might almost think submissively.

"Tell me Maggie", he continues, voice calm and authoritative, a palpable tension in the room, "when were you last spanked?"

Unable to meet his gaze directly Maggie considers for a moment. "Must be at least five years ago. My last lover indulged me a couple times, bless him, but was no more into than my husband."

Erica pulls Maggie to her feet and holds her close. "Then it's time we took care of you," she whispers, and further surprises her with a passionate kiss.

Maggie is suddenly aware of Jake immediately behind her, hands cupping her breasts. "Time to let us take charge," he says in a commanding voice." She's the only one who doesn't yet know it, but Maggie's surrender is a done deal.

"But, I don't..."

"Shhh, it's all right gorgeous girl; I know you're anxious, so Jake is going to punish both us at the same time. I'll be there for you," Erica is reassurance personified.

"Punish," Maggie is alarmed. "Jake said spank."

"I think not," says Jake, "women need to be dealt with more firmly than girls".


"Just do what you're told, darling girl," Erica whispers. In a whirl, disorientated by the speed of events, Maggie is half led, half pushed, tottering slightly on legs that have turned to jelly, towards the sofa.

"Both of you kneeling on the cushion facing the back," Jake instructs.

"Like this," murmurs Erica, guiding Maggie into position whereupon Jake draws the hem of her summer dress up to her waist, exposing full, pale, bottom curves.

"You've filled out a little since we were girls," Erica notes approvingly, "and in the most wonderful way."

"Now you," orders her husband in tone it would take a braver woman than Erica to contradict.

Erica unbuttons her jeans and pushes them slowly down to her knees. Her tiny thong contrasts with the expensive lingerie worn by her friend. "Wearing your best knickers Maggie?" she enquires wickedly, "who were expecting might see them?"

Maggie looks embarrassed – somewhere at the back of her mind she'd vaguely hoped that something might happen today, never dreaming of a scenario so wicked and fantastic,

"Hands on the back of the sofa and push those bottoms out," instructs Jake.

In the corner of her eye Erica sees Jakes is holding his favorite instrument of correction, a worn leather belt. Too soon for Maggie to catch a glimpse – no need to scare her, she quickly grabs her friend's hand as a distraction.

Considering himself quite the connoisseur of female posteriors, Jake is delighted with the pair now exposed before him. Four exquisitely rounded cheeks thrust upwards almost impertinently simply invite the strap.

"Not that this will make a difference he says", nodding at Erica's tiny thong while he takes his time easing Maggie's expensive knickers over her hips and down those lovely thighs, "but I always insist on bare bottomed punishments."

Maggie whimpers before, once again, her incipient protest is silenced by Erica's tongue slipping gently into her mouth and another lingering kiss. A wave of desire literally floods her. Oh God, he'll be able to see I'm wet. It was one thing her and Erica rolling and rocking in bed as students, but a mature woman betraying visible signs of pent-up lust, how humiliating. "Getting a little damp down there", Jake observes; mature arousal is so very sexy, "OK, your strapping starts here."

He lays each stroke on carefully and precisely, leaving a long interval between each to allow the women to absorb the effect and compose themselves. Erica instinctively knows to relax just before each impact – taking deep breaths to control the initial pain until it ebbs first into a slow burn, then a delicious ache.

Less experienced, Maggie yelps in shock as the first lash of leather sears her with a band of fire. Gritting her teeth she braces herself for the second – riding the hurt and holding Erica's hand tightly. She's coping better than Jake expected, nevertheless he has no intention of showing either woman leniency.

The two women, kneel side by side on his sofa as he straps their bare bottoms. Underwear tangled dishabille around their knees, expensively highlighted hair awry, carefully applied makeup messy. An erotic frisson suffuses the air, their gasps and whimpers music to his ears.

"Not fair, you're hitting me harder than her," complains his wife, Erica, petulantly – pert posterior marked with livid red stripes, contrasting with the merely pink, ripe-rounded charms of her fellow spankee.

"That's because you're more accustomed to discipline," he answers unapologetically.

Her friend Maggie looks silently over her shoulder and watches with limpid eyes as he raises his arm to deliver the next stroke to her beguiling bottom.

"In case you've not been counting that's two each thus far, four strokes to come."

With half closed eyes and pursed lips, face resting on her arms, Erica waits, dominated and complaisant. A thrill surges through her as the third stroke's searing kiss swoops in low to sting her tender sit spot. Catching his wife off guard Jake immediately follows it with strokes four and five, twin overlapping lines of smarting hurt. Erica's hips jiggle animatedly until, with a massive effort of will, she stills her burning bottom.

Maggie stares open mouthed at this severity. "Did I say you could look around?" Jake's free hand delivers a quick, sharp stinger, making Maggie yell and jerk forward. "Both of you keep still, any more disobedience and I'll add extra strokes."

Expertly applied, the strap skims the jutting right globe of Maggie's bottom so swiftly she scarcely has time to react before her left gets the same treatment. "OMG! That hurts!"

The stinging and scorching sensation is intensifying unbearably, yet somehow Maggie hangs on as the penultimate stroke crimsons the top of her thighs.

Taken to their limit the two women hold each other close, sisters in suffering. Stepping back Jake swings the belt for a final time, cracking it audibly across both bottoms simultaneously. "Right, I think I've earned a drink," he says, striding to the fridge to crack open a beer.

"Wow!!" Maggie desperately massages her ravaged rear.

"Those marks are going to take a while to fade honey," observes Erica, leaning closer to stroke and sooth her friend's burning behind. This inspection becomes increasingly intimate until, through a confusion of emotions, Maggie is hazily aware of Erica's soft lips gently kissing each weal in turn.

A glow of excitement intensifies between her legs. Her hand reaches down to the moist opening, encountering Erica's adroit fingers already easing her lips apart. Within seconds Maggie is lost to a tremulous climax.

"Now I've taken care of you..." begins Erica.

Maggie finishes the sentence, "...we'll both have to take very good care of Jake."

"I should hope so" replies an alpha male voice. "oh, and Maggie, next time it's going to be the cane."

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