tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Interesting Evening For Us

An Interesting Evening For Us


The phone rings as we are getting ready to go out. I answer and hear another voice on the line. "Hello" she says, "this is Amber. Did you just call to make an appointment?" I tell her it was me. "Well, I wanted to call back to assure that we were on the same page about the appointment" she tells me. I am puzzled but say something that lets her know she can explain further. "This massage is for your boyfriend, right?" she continues, "Both of us giving the massage will be partially naked and he will be completely naked. We will both massage his entire body, and finish off with a happy ending. If I understand correctly, you are going to stay and watch the entire massage. Is this what you expected?"

"Oh it is exactly what I wanted" I assure her and she reiterates the directions before we hang up. By this time, you are ready and are sitting next to me at the computer desk. "That was the masseuse and she was trying to assure I completely understood their service." I tell you. You know where we are going this evening and are turned on by the face that they are questioning if I really know what I wanted. These ladies obviously don't know me well.

We leave and head toward our destination, having a nice time talking along the way. You would think we were going somewhere normal, like the movies not to a place where I get to see two sexy women massage your entire body and stroke your cock for me. I suppose, in retrospect, this is completely normal for us though. We tend to enjoy adventure and sensual things together. Not anything that is too crazy or dangerous, just what others may consider out of the ordinary.

We arrive after a few quick phone calls confirming that we are on the right track. We are met in the driveway by a sexy woman that has on a silky robe. She is very friendly and invites us inside. When we get inside, there is another woman waiting. She is a little younger than the first lady but just as attractive. We see in the light that one woman is brunette, shorter, a little older and attractive with a very sexy voice. The second woman has reddish long hair, pretty eyes, is the younger of the two and is quite built. Both women have on silky robes which are very sexy and make small talk at first.

They are obviously a little uncomfortable and I am unsure why. They tell you to undress completely and lay face first on the bed. One of our hostesses asks me if I mind if they disrobe and of course I say yes. As they do, both women are dressed in very sexy night gowns. One of them then asks if I mind if they are topless. I would LOVE it, I tell her. You are already facing down on the bed and so do not get to enjoy this view right off. Our hostesses then begin to tell me how they were a bit apprehensive when I called. They have never had a woman join their client. They were worried that I was an angry wife trying to 'catch' her husband when I called. The ladies had been a bit nervous until we got there. I can understand how that would be a concern, I tell them.

As the ladies and I continue to chat, they are running their hands across your body. The site of this is something I enjoy quite a bit. Seeing you enjoying yourself has always turned me on. I love to look up at your face as I suck your cock. I enjoy watching you stroke, especially if you are watching movies on the net. I enjoy sucking your cock while you are having phone sex with another woman, listening to her play with her pussy. I have enjoyed watching another woman suck your cock while I only watch. I look down at your body on the bed as the ladies and I talk about something non-related and instantly feel warm between my legs knowing what the plan is for the evening.

I sit down on the bed next to you and snuggle up next to your ear as I watch the women touch you. I realize that we are not making this as sensual as it could be but our hostesses are finally starting to feel a little more comfortable with me there. I try to pull it back to being about you, not anyone else in the room even though that is not something that is your nature. You tend to be a very giving lover but I have assured you that tonight is 100 % about you.

They comment on how sexy you are; your nice ass, your strong body and I just love every second of this. You are a very sexy man and I completely love for another woman to admire you. They have no clue just how good to me you are. One of the ladies jokes with me by saying that if she had not met me, she would be pursuing you herself and give me a run for my money. You look at me and smile which makes my panties even wetter.

You are instructed to turn over on your back. In this position, you can see the entire room including the two ladies that have been running their hands all over your body. I like this position better because I can see your face and I know you are taking in every detail. The women massage your front, eventually making their way to your nice hard cock. One at a time, they stroke your cock with hands full of lotion. I enjoy leaning on your shoulder, looking down your body to see this from your point of view. You are hard for an eternity, long enough to tire out our hostesses as they switch back and forth stroking you.

I enjoy every single second of this experience. Watching your hands roam across the bed, the look on your face, your cock swell. Remember when I put your hand on the younger lady's breast and her nipple hardened beneath your touch? The look on the other lady's face as she slid her body up underneath you and had your cock right near her face? When I moved so you could slide your fingers in my pussy as they handled you and your body and you made me cum that way? Their determination, excitement and giggles were sensual and a huge turn on.

The very best part however, was when one of the women got up next to you began to whisper in your ear. She was not aware that your ear was one of your sensual zones, but she quickly caught on by your reaction. She began to tongue fuck your ear as her partner stroked your cock. There was no way of turning back at that point. I watched as your entire body quivered, as you squirmed beneath both the tongue and hands that were paying complete attention to you and your pleasure. I watched your cum squirt across the room and listened carefully as you moaned in enjoyment. The look of pleasure on your face is burned into my memory. The looks of satisfaction on the two women's faces were pretty hot also.

Gradually, all of us in the room started to catch our breath and regroup. You got up to clean yourself up and began to redress. I straighten up my clothing and looked at the clock, realizing that you were literally being stroked for over an hour. I had to point out to the two women that your cock was still hard at that point. What a lucky woman I am!! We thanked our hostesses and they even hugged me goodbye.

They thought that my open minded attitude was wonderful. I suppose that they wouldn't understand just how much enjoyment I got from the entire experience. Not only during the massage but for months afterward when we tease one another and recall the evening as foreplay. I even picture the lady that met us in the driveway going out dancing with us in a fantasy, merely to enjoy one another's company. I would love to watch her give me that run for my money with you.

We stop to eat on the way home and it is later than we expected it to be. We head home and are both exhausted. We shower and then climb naked in bed to relax for the night. You pull me close to you and wrap your arms around me as I snuggle in. I feel something and realize that your cock is hard against me. "Damn it, am I lucky" I say out loud as I press my body against you.

My nipples harden against your arm that is around me just by feeling you close to me. I hear you breathe in my ear and very quietly, in a low, breathy voice you merely say "so am I, baby…… so am I".

C K & L

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