tagLoving WivesAn Interesting Tailgate Party

An Interesting Tailgate Party


This is a true story.

Here is a little background info on Ella and I. We started dating in 2009 and we have been married since July of 2011. She is an instant head turner whenever we go out. I'm not talking about a fake tanned, fake breasts, fake blonde type of girl. She's not that at all. Her beauty is natural. She looks innocent and seductive at the same time. 5'3" and 120lbs, brunette, 32B breasts, and an ass to die for.

It was a common occurrence for her to get hit on when we went out. At first I was a little upset by it, but after a while, I took it as a compliment when a guy would approach her. She started to notice that I didn't mind guys hitting on her and it would become a little game for us. If we were out at a bar or club, I would make my way to the bathroom and when I came back she would almost always had a story to tell me about some dude trying to get her number or trying to get her to dance. We took it a little further and I would leave her along sitting at the bar and move to a different part of the bar to watch other guys try to make their moves.

I never thought watching other men approach my wife would turn me on, but it was an extreme turn on for me and my wife. She wouldn't let it go past innocent flirting and touching in the bar, but when we got home she would tell me what the guys had said and tried to do. Wow, we had some amazing sex after those nights out. I would tease her and tell her she could have gone home with any of those guys. I'd even make her pick her favorite of the night and imagine she was at his place instead of with me. Anyway, you get the point. Let's get to the story.

Did I mention she is 3 years older than me? Yup, at the time of this story she was 29 and I was 26.

It is our annual tradition to go to the Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game every fall with some close friends (they loved to party). We would do the whole tailgating thing, drink a ton of beer, and then wander our way to the game. In 2011, it was announced that the game would be a night game, which only means one thing - a 12 hour tailgate party. Things were going to get interesting this year.

It was 7am the day of the game and Ella was all showered and dressed for the big day.

"Wake up, sleepy head." I heard as I was slowing coming out of unconsciousness.

I squinted and looked up to see Ella standing at the end of the bed.

"What time is it?" I mumbled. "It's time to get up! I'm ready to go...hustle up."

I looked at her closely and saw she was wearing a tight grey Michigan Wolverines t-shirt and some short white shorts that showed off her perfect little ass and tanned legs. She was also sporting some sexy little pigtails and her lucky pom-poms were sticking out of her back pocket. I knew that she would be getting some attention looking like that.

I made my way out of bed, showered, got dressed and we were out the door on the way to pick up our friends

We got there right at 8am and the fans were lined up for blocks to enter the tailgating area at the golf course. We waited patiently and made our way in and picked out our spots. We quickly set up our site and once we finished, I started sipping on my coffee I brought along.

"Coffee? What the hell is wrong with you?" questioned Alycia, one of Ella's best friends and one of the hardest partiers I have ever met.

"Yeah..." I replied.

"No, no, no. It's beer time mister" she stated as if I had broken a law. She tossed me a beer.

I knew this was going to be one long day if I started drinking at 8am, but I was up to the challenge. Let the drinking begin.

2 hours and 5 beers later, we were all feeling pretty good. Too bad it was only 10am. We had a long time until game time. I realized I needed to pace myself a little better and grabbed a water from the cooler. There was no music playing so I started to mess around with my iPhone and was trying to hook it up to our car speakers. It took me a good 5 minutes to figure it out, but I did get the music going. After I got that situation handled I started looking around to find Ella. I looked up and saw she was in the tent next to ours playing beer pong with some Notre Dame fans. Except she doesn't drink beer. I walked over to inspect the situation and realized her and her partner were drinking cranberry vodkas instead of beer.

Wow, this is going to get interesting, I thought.

There were about 8-10 guys in this tent and they were all pretty buzzed (so were we though) and the testosterone was flowing. I made my way back to our tent and was just chilling in a chair listening to the activities next door. Ella was obviously impressing the boys with her liquor drinking...and more.

I heard a few remarks like, "Damn, this girl can really drink her liquor." and "You said you were married? Well where is your husband? He might want to get here soon before we start taking advantage of your drunk ass".

I could tell she didn't mind the attention since she was joking and teasing right back.

"You guys are too funny. I am not that drunk. You need to be nice and take good care of me while my husband is gone." She teased.

When I heard that, I reached into the cooler and grabbed two more beers. I needed to be a little more drunk if this day was going to keep going in this direction. I cracked one open and took a walk toward the woods to take a leak.

I was almost back to the tent and I could see Ella was sitting there chatting with her partner from the previous beer pong game. He was leaning over and whispering something in her ear with his hand on her thigh. She was laughing and looked like she was having a good time.

No harm done. I loved seeing her like this. Every guy in that tent wanted her and she knew it and loved being the center of attention. I didn't mind because I knew it would most likely lead to hot sex for me later on.

When I got back into the tent Ella stood up and walked over to me. "Hun, I have some bad news. I lost the beer pong game and the bet that went along with it."

"That's alright. You will get them next time...Wait, there was a bet?" I asked.

Right then, her partner stood up and walked over. Ella introduced him as "her partner that sucked at beer pong". Come to find out, he was some lawyer from Ann Arbor. Probably in his mid-40s, but looked pretty young for his age. His name was Dan.

"So, what was the bet?" I questioned again.

"Well, the bet was that if my team lost, I would go without my bra and panties for the rest of the day." she said with a sexy little smirk on her face.

My eyes immediately went down to her breasts to see if she had gone through with it or not. Sure enough, I could see her nipples starting to become rather visible through her tight t-shirt. I was a little upset and angry for two reasons. 1.) My wife must have put on a little show for the guys while removing her bra and panties. 2.) I missed the show.

"Your wife is a crazy girl. You're a lucky man" Dan leaned over and whispered to me.

I cracked another beer. Must have been about 3pm now. 5 hours until game time. Ella and I took a walk over to the porta-john's so she could use the bathroom.

"Wow, you really just took your bra and panties off right in front of them?" I asked.

"Ha, well not really. They couldn't see anything when I took my bra off under my shirt and Alycia held up a sweatshirt while I took my panties off." she said as she slipped into the porta-john.

My mind was going a thousand thoughts a second. The 10 guys in the tent next to us will all be staring and thinking about my wife with no bra or panties on. The booze was now really setting in and the thought of my wife parading around with her nipples clearly showing for everyone really got me aroused. We started walking back to the tent site and I could see several men's heads turning and staring as we walked by.

Even I was trying to look down and stare at her tits.

As we were entering our tent, I watched the eyes of all guys follow Ella. I think they were all waiting to see what was going to come next. Ella acted as if everything was completely normal and just grabbed another cranberry vodka and started chatting with Alycia.

"All these guys are staring at you Ella." Alycia whispered.

"Yeah I know...no biggie. They can look, but can't touch." Ella replied.

After we made and ate dinner, Ella and I decided to take a walk up to the stadium to take a couple of pictures before the game. We cut through the woods since it was the quickest way. These were the same woods where all the guys at the tailgate were using as a makeshift bathroom. Lovely walk, right?

We made our way to the stadium and took a couple pictures and wandered around a bit to take in the scenes. Michigan Stadium is pretty phenomenal. We only had a couple of hours until game time so I wanted to hurry back to grab a couple more beers. We started making our way back to the tailgate area and made it all the way to the edge of the woods when I remembered I forgot to take a picture of the scoreboard for my dad.

"Shit, I forgot to take the picture for my dad." I said to Ella.

"Oh, can't you just take it when we go back for the game?" she questioned.

"No, I don't want to bring my camera when we go to the game." I answered.

"Alright, well, I think I'm just going to head back to the tailgate and you can meet me back there."

"Ok sounds good."

I made my way back to the stadium and took the picture I needed and started back toward the tailgate. I made my way to the woods and decided I better take a leak before I start drinking more beer again. As I was doing my business, I looked up and noticed Dan was also taking a leak about 50 yards away from me. Or so I thought...

I could only see his top half from where I was standing and he kept looking down and then tilting his head back as if he was really enjoying something. This went on for a good 2 minutes and it dawned on me that he wasn't relieving himself. He must have been getting some pleasure from someone.

My brilliant idea was to get a little closer and snap some pictures or video so I could share it with Ella. I thought I would use that to tease her and tell her how she could have been the little slut that was getting Dan off in the woods.

So, I whipped out my camera and tried to see if I could get a good shot from how far away I was. It wasn't happening. I couldn't make out the other person. All I could tell was that the bad girl was a brunette. So, I made my way a little closer. As I made my way to about 30 yards, I squinted my eyes and made out that the mystery brunette was wearing a grey t-shirt. My jaw dropped when I could clearly see that the girl on her knees was sporting little pig tails and yellow pom-poms were sticking out the back pocket of her little white shorts. Holy shit, it was Ella.

My first instinct should have been to run up and stop what was going on, but instead I was completely frozen and turned on. I didn't know what to do. I was pretty drunk and very aroused by it all. I looked down and saw my camera in my hand. I pulled it up and pointed it toward them to maybe get a better view. I zoomed in and starred at the little 3 inch screen in amazement. I was standing directly to the side of her and Dan so I could clearly see her on her knees, working her mouth up and down his shaft. His dick was normal length, but it was a lot thicker than mine from what I could tell. Her shirt was pulled up over her bare breasts and she kept pulling it up so Dan could see her lovely tits as she sucked his dick. Her eyes stared up at him the entire time she was sucking and she had no idea I was there.

I zoomed in a little further, but I still couldn't see enough. I decided to move closer so I could get a better view of Ella's face. I started to move and got into a better position behind a tree. I pulled the camera up again, zoomed in and focused right on Ella's face as she was doing her magic. And then, a thought crossed my mind. I needed to record this. I switched to video mode and hit the record button. "Holy shit, am I really recording my wife sucking off another man?" I thought to myself.

I was only about 15 yards away now, but I was pretty well hidden by a tree. After a couple minutes of recording, Ella's head stopped and she looked around startled as if she heard something. She looked to her right and left, but I guess she thought it was nothing and went back to sucking Dan's dick. As she put his dick back in her mouth, she opened her eyes and looked right at me. I tried to hide behind the tree, but she definitely saw me. I peeked back around the tree and saw she was continuing to suck Dan's dick, but now she had a slight grin on her face. She must have realized I didn't mind since I was recording everything.

She continued sucking Dan's dick and would occasionally look over at me while I was recording the whole thing. She would look up at Dan and then over at me and then close her eyes and take his thick cock in as far as she could. Dan was getting close to cumming and Ella realized this so stopped sucking and looked up at him and said something I couldn't make out. Must have been something along the lines of "Hey, time to bend me over." because the next thing I knew, Dan was pulling her up off her knees and bending her over the fallen tree that was nearby.

"Damn.." I thought. "Is she really going to fuck him right in front of me?" My dick was rock solid at this time and I had started rubbing it through my jeans. I never thought I would ever be this turned on by someone else fucking my wife.

The two of them were now facing away from me. Dan lined up behind my wife's ass and began to tease her pussy with his cock, rubbing it around her opening. She looked back at him and begged him to put it in. Right then, Dan plunged his dick inside her and her head tilted back as she gasped in pleasure. He started to thrust in and out and I could hear muffled moans coming from Ella. I couldn't believe this was happening.

It only took maybe two minutes before Ella came the first time. She was trying not to be loud but I could still hear holding back her screams. Dan continued to pound her from behind. He was working his thick cock in and out of her. I watched in amazement as he was rocking her world. It kept getting rougher and rougher. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. This immediately caused another orgasm for Ella. I could tell Dan was getting close too as he quickened his pace. He continued to pound her from behind and hold tight to her hair. Then, in one motion he shoved his dick into her as far as he could and unloaded his balls deep into my wife.

His orgasm lasted a good 15 seconds before he pulled out. Ella fell limp against the tree and looked completely satisfied with Dan's performance. I could see cum leaking out of her vagina and down her leg. Her inner thighs were shiny with her own juices. She must have been so wet for this man.

I knew the show was over so I got out of there and made my way back to the tent before anyone saw I was there. A couple minutes later, I saw Ella emerge from the woods. She was running her fingers through her hair to cover up the fact she was just fucked by another man.

Once she got back, she came right over to me and whispered, "Hope you got a good video of that, we will be watching that later."

My mind was blown.

"Am I a cuckold?" I thought.

I could get used to this.

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