tagIncest/TabooAn Interview with Alice

An Interview with Alice


An Interview with Alice, a.k.a. the Princess of All Things Sweet

Interviewer: Well, hello again sports fans. Lovely to see you all today. If you’re looking forward to another revealing interview with the characters of Party of Five, then you’re in luck. And today we have with us the porcelain beauty Alice, who, it has to be said, is just the most adorable thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Alice previously expressed a great deal of reluctance when asked if she would like to be interviewed, but her brother Josh stepped in to persuade her, and he’s actually here now, attempting to reassure her. They can’t hear what I’m saying, by the way, nor can I hear them, but it looks as though it’s a private moment anyway. If anyone’s curious, Josh is holding Alice’s hands and trying to coax her into the chair opposite me, but Alice is remaining firmly in place on the other side of the room and eyeing said chair with a large amount of fear. Perhaps we should just wait for a while.

[3 minutes later] We’re back folks, and Alice has kindly agreed to answer some questions for us, despite the fact that she had some reservations earlier. How are you, Alice?

Alice: Good, thank you.

Interviewer: Are you sure you’re comfortable with this interview? It’s an entirely optional thing.

Alice: It’s fine.

Interviewer: Just shy?

Alice: [smiling weakly] A little bit.

Interviewer: Well, we’ll start nice and simple, okay?

Alice: [nodding]

Interviewer: Now, CheatMan is curious to know how you would feel about Josh telling his other sisters about the relationship he has with you. Are you dreading this revelation, or do you think it would be best in the long run?

Alice: Um...

Interviewer: If you’re uncomfortable with answering the question, just say pass.

Alice: No, that’s okay – I’ll answer it. I guess I’m a bit worried about Jacquie finding out, because I know Dawn already knows about Jacquie, but I also trust Josh’s judgement and I know he’ll do what’s best for everyone. And I don’t think Jacquie could ever hold a serious grudge against Josh.

Interviewer: If it came down to it, which sister would you rather found out first?

Alice: Um ... I don’t know. Josh doesn’t really tell me much about his relationships with the other two – which is a good thing, I think – so I don’t know how they’d take it. I don’t think Dawn would mind much if Josh asked her to stop, but Jacquie’s always been attached to him and she might have become possessive. I guess I’d rather Jacquie though, because I know she’d be hurt if she was left out of the loop. Dawn wouldn’t care.

Interviewer: Okay, well next we have a question from CheatMan, who wants to know how you would react if your sisters once again insist that Josh has a crush on you, now that you’re intimately involved with him.

Alice: [giggles] Um ... I think I’d deny it again, but I’d probably turn bright red as I did. I’m a terrible liar, which I’m sure Jacquie and Dawn know.

Interviewer: Next up is a question from Ryno506, who is curious to know whether anything happened between you and your study buddy Marty.

Alice: What do you mean ‘happened’?

Interviewer: Well, were there any romantic developments?

Alice: No, of course not. I don’t have those kinds of feelings for Marty. We were just working together.

Interviewer: Okay. Also, you expressed a great amount of tolerance when it comes to Josh’s other ... extracurricular activities; would you be as tempted to continue your relationship with Josh if you found someone else?

Alice: Um... I don’t really think I’ll find someone else.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Alice: [shrugs] I don’t meet many nice guys.

Interviewer: But supposing you did...

Josh: I’d definitely stop what I was doing with Josh, and I know he’d want the same thing. I love him with all my heart, but I can’t be with him in that way.

Interviewer: Because you don’t want to or—

Alice: No, no – it’s not that. It’s just an unrealistic goal.

Interviewer: But if Josh wasn’t your brother...?

Alice: That would be worse. But I can’t even think about him like that. He’s my brother first of all, before anything else, and that’s why I love him. I’m intimate with him because ... well, I don’t get to do that very often and it’s nice to do it with Josh.

Interviewer: Well said. Our next question is from Ryno506, who asks: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

Alice: Um ... I guess I’d like to be more confident around people. [smiles]

Interviewer: Are you aware that your timidity is one of the most salient components in Josh’s affection towards you?

Alice: It is? I don’t know why. I guess I’m more confident around Josh and the family, though, so maybe it’s not as bad.

Interviewer: Now, hotstuff112 wants to know if you what you talk to your sisters about, and whether or not Josh comes up in conversation.

Alice: Um ... we just talk about regular stuff. And sometimes we talk about Josh, but not in that regard. Dawn just usually insults him and Jacquie might mention him once or twice, but it’s all sisterly.

Interviewer: And also from hotstuff112: What other sexual encounters have you had, and how did your first time come about?

Alice: I thought they new that.

Interviewer: Yes, I think it was mentioned in the story, but perhaps a refresher is in order. Would you like me to answer this one?

Alice: No, that’s fine. Um ... apart from Josh, I’ve only slept with one person, and that was a boy who I was friends with. He was the first, and the only – before Josh – but he moved away and I haven’t seen him for years.

Interviewer: Are you hoping for a reunion?

Alice: Oh, no, it’s not like that. We were close for a while, but the night we spent together was the apex of our relationship, I guess. I don’t have feelings for him anymore, though, and I’m content with Josh. [smiles]

Interviewer: Next up, we have, in my opinion, a very good question from a reader named Mark, who wants to know the reason behind your affection for Josh. Specifically, did you love Josh before you discovered what he was doing with his sisters, or did that information change the way you felt about him?

Alice: Um... [laughs] Well ... I’ve always felt affection for Josh, both because he’s my brother and because I like him as a person, but also because I felt sorry for him when Dawn used to terrorise him. But I never thought of him in that way.

Interviewer: Until you found out his secret?

Alice: Yeah.

Interviewer: And why did that change your mind?

Alice: [nervously] Well, I guess you can’t talk about that stuff without ... imagining it.

Interviewer: And so you became curious?

Alice: Well, at first I was a little hurt, because even though I didn’t want to do those things with Josh, I felt left out. But I could see that he wasn’t doing it for the wrong reasons and so I told him I didn’t mind, which I didn’t, really. But then that night on the sofa...

Interviewer: Was that the turning point for you?

Alice: I suppose so. I just really liked lying next to him. He’d always been my little brother to me, and even though there’re only two years between us, he’s kind of separate from Jacquie and Dawn and I. Maybe because he’s a boy, I don’t know. But he always felt a lot younger; but then, when I was lying next to him, I realised how tall he was and how grown up he was and then when he put his arms around me... [big, wistful smile]

Interviewer: Did you know then that you wanted to pursue an intimate relationship with him?

Alice: I think so. I didn’t plan to have sex with him though. I just knew that, if he was comfortable doing those things with Jacquie and Dawn, then maybe he’d be comfortable doing things like this with me. Because ... I don’t meet many boys and I haven’t found any I really like, but I suppose everyone needs some physical company once in a while.

Interviewer: And Josh provides that for you?

Alice: [smiles] Yeah. And I know I can trust him completely.

Interviewer: Okay, well, our next question comes from Ryno506, who asks how well informed you are as to the knowledge your sisters have of Josh’s exploits? In other words, you know of all that he does with his other sisters, but do you know how much they know?

Alice: [nods] Josh has told me.

Interviewer: Have you ever considered asking Josh to come clean on the whole affair?

Alice: No, not really.

Interviewer: And why is that?

Alice: Well, for one thing, I trust Josh’s judgement, and I know he’ll do what’s best. But also, I don’t want everyone to get upset with each other and turn against Josh. I think that would be the worst thing.

Interviewer: And would you? Turn against him?

Alice: No. Even if Jacquie and Dawn end up hating him, I never could.

Interviewer: Do you think it’s likely that they’ll hate him?

Alice: I don’t know. He’s pretty familiar with being hated by Dawn [laughs] but I think it would crush him if Jacquie turned her back on him.

Interviewer: Do you think she would?

Alice: Probably not. She loves him and he loves her. They’re like best friends.

Interviewer: Our next question comes courtesy of Montie. He wants to know how you felt about Josh before you embarked on your intimate relationship with him. Specifically, when your sisters mentioned to you that Josh might have a crush on you, how did you feel about that?

Alice: I never thought of Josh that way before. Dawn and Jacquie used to say things like that all the time, but I told them they were being silly.

Interviewer: So you never wondered if there was some truth to their claims?

Alice: Well, he spent a lot more time with Jacquie than me, so I can’t see how I was the one he had a crush on. But I know it’s a normal thing for brothers to like their sisters, so I’m sure his affection was just based on admiration or something.

Interviewer: So you never thought of it as that type of crush?

Alice: No, never.

Interviewer: So, then, why did you blush when Josh complimented you on your appearance?

Alice: Because I always blush when people do. I think.

Interviewer: Next, we have darkangel132 enquiring about how you would feel if Josh decided to start a relationship with his friend Valerie.

Alice: I don’t know. I’d miss him. But I know he’d never cheat on her, so I’d just have to find someone else. I’ll always love him though.

Interviewer: As a brother?

Alice: [smiles timidly] Not really.

Interviewer: Well, CheatMan wants to know how old you were when you felt this desire to protect and care for Josh and what drove you to do it.

Alice: He never needed my protection. I think Josh is the only one in the house who’s a match for Dawn. And I didn’t make a conscious decision to look after him like that; I guess that was just my instinct.

Interviewer: Did Dawn make it hard for him?

Alice: Dawn made it very hard for him. But it worked both ways. They would get in huge screaming matches where they’d call each other really horrible names and afterwards me or Jacquie would be the ones to calm Josh down.

Interviewer: Sounds like fun. Okay, next up, we have a question from darkangel132, who wishes to know how you would feel going out, in public, with Josh.

Alice: On a date?

Interviewer: Or as friends, but essentially, yes.

Alice: [smiling] I don’t think I could. We might bump into people we know. But I’d like to, if that’s what you’re asking.

Interviewer: Where would you go?

Alice: I don’t know – maybe just shopping, or walking around the park. Anywhere really. I think it would be nice.

Interviewer: Have you ever had the desire to contact your father, darkangel132 wonders.

Alice: Well, I can’t really remember him. I don’t even know where he is. I’d like to know why he left, but I think we’re all happy as we are. Maybe it was for the best. It’s between him and mom, I guess.

Interviewer: Our next question comes from Nony, who is particularly curious about how your relationship with Josh would have played out, had you never found yourself in his embrace. Would you have realised your feelings for him?

Alice: Probably not. But I think it started before that. Like I said before, as soon as I found out he was having a relationship with Jacquie and Dawn, I got curious. But I never would have acted on those impulses. It was only when I was lying in Josh’s arms that I realised how much I loved him, and ... how much I wanted him.

Interviewer: We have another question from Nony here, and he asks what your opinion is of Josh’s feelings towards you. Do you think he cares about you more than anyone else, or do you think his strongest affections lie elsewhere?

Alice: Well, Josh told me he loves me, and I believe him. But I also know he loves Jacquie and Dawn as well, in exactly the same way and to exactly the same degree. I’m not sure what his feelings for Valerie are, but I know that Josh is smart enough to recognise true love for what it is. When he says it, you know he means it.

Interviewer: I’m sure he does. All right, our next question comes from Ryno506. He asks what you would do if Jacquie, or Dawn, for that matter, were to find out about your intimate relationship with Josh.

Alice: [bites lip] Um, well I don’t really think Dawn would mind. But... [laughs] um, I’m not sure what I’d do if Jacquie found out. I think I’m lucky, knowing about everything. I think I would be hurt, though, if Josh hadn’t told me. I know he doesn’t want to keep secrets from Dawn or Jacquie – especially Jacquie – but he’s worried about what she’ll do if she finds out. Jacquie’s friendship means a lot to Josh, and if she took the news the wrong way, he’d be heartbroken.

Interviewer: Well answered, Alice. Ryno also has a question regarding your temperament.

Alice: [ambivalently] Uh-oh. [smiles]

Interviewer: He’s curious to know whether you are, in fact, shy and slightly reserved, or if you use these qualities simply to mask a much wilder side.

Alice: [laughs] You mean like Dawn? No, I really am shy. I don’t know why, I’ve just always been that way. Josh was the same, but I think he’s a lot more confident these days. I just find it hard to talk to people sometimes, especially about myself.

Interviewer: So you don’t keep any chains and whips in your closet?

Alice: [laughs] Definitely not.

Interviewer: All right then. Well, I think that’s satisfied many a curious reader. Um, an anonymous reader wishes to know how you would have acted should you have fallen pregnant to Josh.

Alice: [sighs] I really don’t know. I... I probably would have kept it, because I couldn’t bear to lose something like that. I have no idea how I would have explained it to everyone, but if they did come around, then I guess I’d raise it and eventually told him or her about Josh when they were older.

Interviewer: You would have informed your son or daughter that their uncle was in fact their father?

Alice: [shifts uncomfortably] I really don’t know what I would have done. But I wouldn’t be able to keep a secret like that. I’d have to tell them eventually. I’m just glad it hasn’t come to that.

Interviewer: Of course. Well, our next few question come from an aNonymous reader. The first is, are you in any way envious of the time Josh spends with his other sisters, sexual or otherwise?

Alice: Um… I don’t know. Maybe a little bit. It’s hard sometimes, knowing that he’s with them. But I know that what we have isn’t a normal relationship and I can’t stop him from doing the same thing with Jacquie and Dawn. I know he loves them just as much as he loves me.

Interviewer: So, supposing you had been the only girl in the family, and had shared two other brothers along with Josh, do you think you would have a problem with being intimate with all three?

Alice: [blushes furiously] I… [laughs] I don’t really see myself doing that. But, it would depend on what they were like as well. I’m not intimate with Josh simply because he’s my brother; it’s because I like him as a person, and because I’m attracted to him.

Interviewer: Fair enough. Also, do you think you were always – perhaps subconsciously – a little interested in Josh?

Alice: I don’t think so. Not in this way. But if I was, then I’m still not aware of it. It felt like an epiphany when I found out about Dawn and Jacquie. I couldn’t have that knowledge without questioning it, and try as I might, I couldn’t help the curiosity I felt. And so when I found out that Josh had some kind of feelings for me, when he wanted to hold me, I wanted to find out what they were. And when I did… I fell in love with him. Which sounds really stupid, I know, but that’s what happened.

Interviewer: Excuse the candidness of this question, but, have you ever had any sexual fantasies involving Josh before?

Alice: [blushes] No. Well, not until we actually had sex.

Interviewer: So you have some now?

Alice: [smiles] Maybe.

Interviewer: Is there any chance of convincing you to elaborate?

Alice: [grins] Well, I wish we could go back to Fiji again. That’s all I’ll say though. [looks away nervously]

Interviewer: That’s perfectly all right. And I think that that’s all we have time for anyway. Alice, I’d like to thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview. I know you had some doubts at the beginning, but I hope it hasn’t been too rough.

Alice: No, it was fine.

Interviewer: All right then. Well, we look forward to seeing more of you in the future. Bye Alice.

Alice: Bye. [hurries out]

Interviewer: And there we have our penultimate interview with the adorably lovely Alice. But, as they say, that’s not all folks. We have one interview left, and the one, I daresay, that you’ve all been looking forward to. So just how does Dawn feel about her brother, and is she really a full-blown bisexual nymphomaniac? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. I’ll see you then.

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