tagLoving WivesAn Introduction to My Apple Pie

An Introduction to My Apple Pie


Part 1

Diana: My Apple Pie Life, An introduction

Shy, cute, nervous energy, uncertain and play it safe at all costs. Those were just a few words to describe me. I was always labeled "The Good Girl," but in my head, I was a sexy, confident, fearless lion ready to ravish life with a fury of 100 Angelina Jolies. The only problem was that I normally only did what was expected of me. I didn't have the courage to be the person I wanted to be. It wasn't until one weekend in Vegas that would unleash a beautiful monster that was ready to escape the depths of my caged mind. This is not the whole story, many things have molded me into the person I have become, but this is the significant event in my timeline that accelerated my whorish fantasies and birthed them into reality.

I braced myself for the event that was about to unfold. I had imagined how this scenario would play out for years, and we finally had the courage to act on our deepest desires. I will wear something sexy, do my hair and makeup, sit at a bar with a drink, and get picked up by a studly gentleman. He will take me up to my hotel room and give me the greatest love making session I ever had. Of course, the gentleman would really be my husband, but I always wanted to role play and now I would have my chance.

My husband and I had been married for eight years. He was an accountant and I was a stay at home mom of four. We lived pretty mundane lives. Dropping the kids off at practice, picking up groceries, and cleaning house were the highlights of my day. Sometimes while doing chores or driving I would have fantasies about being with different men. The guy who works in produce, the cable man, or the lawn care guy that always seemed to take off his shirt at the same time like clock work.

At my son's basketball practice, there was also a guy named Steve that often flirted with me. At the most recent game, he slipped me a note saying how he knew we were both married, but he couldn't stop thinking about me. I was physically attracted to him, but I couldn't imagine cheating on my husband. Okay, well I imagined it a lot, but I know I couldn't bring myself to really do it.

My husband was a great business man, husband, and father, but we were both lacking in our sex life. Normal passion filled moments were often pushed out by exhaustion, fighting children, and simple lack of imagination. So, the thought of slipping off and falling into a passion filled affair did cross my mind. I even kept the note along with his number, but deep down I knew I would never call him. Although we had an apple pie existence, and things were going great for us, we were missing an excitement that I yearned for. When I talked to my husband about this, he often shrugged my feelings off, but this time he agreed we needed to work on things and planned a sexy trip to Vegas to rekindle our sex life.

"My flight leaves at 3:00 pm. Are you sure you will be okay with the kids?"

"Yes, Diana for the fifth time yes! Now go! Oh yeah, I took the liberty of packing some surprises for your vacation." Kirstin said with a sly smirk.

My little sister was excited for David and I to take this trip. She was always complaining that we were boring. I said my goodbyes to my children. It was the first time I had ever left them, but I knew I needed this so off I went to the airport. David had been out of town for a week and decided to meet me in Vegas for the weekend, so we would be taking separate flights. When I boarded the plane, a feeling of excitement rushed over my entire body. I looked down at my wedding ring and slowly slid it off my finger and placed into a small pocket in my purse. On this trip, I am not a mother, I am not a wife, you can call me Diana...Dirty Diana, I thought as a smile crept across my face, and I chuckled out loud at my own corniness.

It would be my first time visiting Vegas, and I was in for the shock of my life. When I got to my hotel I was amazed at the beauty and grandeur displayed at every turn. When I got up to my hotel room, I was even more impressed with the decor and amenities. I pulled off my mom pants, you know the ones that are comfy and high-waisted, and stood in the mirror. I had a nice body, but I was dressed mommyish. I had totally lost a sense of sexiness and fashion over the years. I went to my luggage to see what I could wear the next day for David. Low and behold, Kirsten snuck in some kinky toys and lingerie. As I examined the colorful dildos, flavored lubes, and silky garments in my luggage, there was a knock at the door. That's odd, David wont get in till tomorrow, I thought. When I looked through the peephole, a blonde woman stood waiting. She was wearing a very blue fitted skirt with a low cut white shirt. Oh how I missed the days I could comfortably wear clothing like that. I reluctantly opened the door with the chain still attached.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Hello Diana, I am Jenna. David sent me, may I come in?"

"David sent you? For what reason? How do you know him?"

"If you let me in, I can explain." Jenna said.

"Give me a minute, I think I better call David." I closed the door and leaned against it. I was very afraid, I mean this was Vegas, she could be a thief or a killer, but how would she know my husband name is David. Many thoughts rushed through my head as I dialed David's number.

"Hello Sweet heart."

"Umm David, did you send a woman to my hotel room named Jenna?"

"Yes I did, just let her in. I have a lot of things to wrap up here so she will explain everything. I cant wait to see you, I love you."

"But... Dav.." The phone hung up.

I looked at the door, please be gone, please be gone, I chanted to myself. I didn't know what she was here for and I didn't know if I wanted to find out.

"Okay, I spoke to David. You can come in." I removed the chain on the door.

As Jenna walked through the door, I was taken aback by how beautiful she was. In my moment of awe, a look of confusion spread across Jenna's face.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"Your pants, you don't have any on..."

"Oh shit, i'm so sorry, I had a long flight and I'm tired.."

"Dont worry about it." Jenna said.

I frantically put on my pants while rushing over to close my luggage that displayed all of the "goodies" Kirsten put in.

"Okay Jenna, what are you here for?"

"Well, David sent me here as a bit of a gift for you. I am a friend of his that he met through work, and it is my understanding that you guys are pretty boring and want to spice things up. That is where I come in."

I stood wondering what she thought she was going to do to spice up my marriage.

"Are you here for a threesome?" I asked. David and I had toyed around with the thought for years, but we never went through with it.

"Only if you want, but tonight I am here just for you."

"Hold on, I am not really into girls so I am sure David meant well, but this is not what I meant by spice."

Jenna didn't say a word. She walked slowly towards me. She had dirty blonde hair, big hazel eyes and a tanned body of a goddess. She got close to my face and stared into my eyes. Before I knew it, her soft supple lips were on mine. That kiss was the best I had ever encountered in my life. She slowly slid her warm tongue into my mouth and passionately messaged my tongue. I was so frazzled by this my leg started to shake. All of a sudden I realized, I was not really frazzled, I was turned on. When her lips parted from mine, I longed for more. She kissed my chin and then made her way down to my neck. At that moment she looked up at me.

"David said you were beautiful." I didn't respond. I should have but I couldn't. I stood frozen.

Jenna lifted my shirt carefully and removed my bra and motioned for me to take off the remainder of my clothing. She pecked my breast slowly while coupling the other with her delicate but firm grip. I could feel the passion of this moment rush into my panties. Licking all around my nipple, she finally took it in her mouth and sucked. I let out a moan and before I knew it, I was ripping her clothes off and climbing into the bed.

Jenna flipped me over onto my stomach, it was in that moment that I remembered that I knew nothing about this woman. I didn't care, I was tired of worrying and following all of the rules. For once I would do what I really wanted and not let what was expected of me influence my actions. I did what Jenna instructed. She planted passionate kisses down my back. Her warm breath and touch of her tongue and lips filled me with pleasure. When she reached my rear, I felt uncomfortable.

"Wait? What are you doing?"

"Just relax Diana." She said pushing me down.

I lay down nervous and excited. She spread my legs apart and slid her tongue slowly down my ass and made her way to my center. She turned me over on my back and commenced to licking me. Her tongue swirling all around my clit sent me into a looming state of sheer ecstasy. She was a tease, she would lick around my entrance, occasionally inserting her warm tongue into my pussy, then slowly would make her way back up to my clit, which drove me crazy. Hornier than I had ever been, I got up and pushed her on the bed. I had no clue what I was doing. I got on top of her and started kissing and rubbing her soft body. She ran her fingers through my brunette tresses while my leg rubbed against her wet slippery shaved pussy. She is actually enjoying this as much as I am, I thought to myself. As soon as I thought this night could get anymore weirder, another knock was at the door. Jenna got up and approached the door naked.

"Don't answer that!" I said panicked. She did anyway and David walked into the room.

"I see you are enjoying my gift." I covered myself slightly embarrassed.

"David, what is this? I thought you weren't coming in till tomorrow?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"And I thought we were just going to meet in a bar and pretend we didn't know each other like we planned?" I said, attempting to totally ignore the fact that I was naked with strange woman I just met.

"Well I had different plans." David said removing his shoes.

"How do you know her?" David came to me and put his finger over my mouth.

"Shhh just enjoy this night and ask questions later." I nodded.

The way David was acting was very foreign to me. The David I knew was a bit sexually shy. David took off his pants and boxers and motioned for Jenna to come over. She knelt down and started to stroke his cock. I admittedly was infuriated watching her with my husband but I thought about all the years we had been together just us and the monotony of our lives and I decided to take a deep breath. As I watched Jenna lick around the head of my husbands cock, I slid my fingers down to my clit. The sight of him watching her and her watching him as her head bobbed up and down on his dick let out oceans from my center, the bed became soaked. The more Jenna sucked, the wetter I became. Hearing my husbands moans of pleasure coupled with the sweet sensual humming noises Jenna made was music to my pussy. All of a sudden David's eyes moved from Jenna and focused on me. I adjusted myself so that he could see my hands massaging my clit and then entering my opening. I could tell he was ready to explode. I started moaning and shaking as my fingers were rhythmically in sync with Jenna's sucking. Just when I thought my husband was about to burst, he pulled Jenna off of him and came over to the bed.

David pulled my bottom to the edge of the bed and lifted my legs. The filling of him entering me took my breath away. His dick was so hard, I had never felt him that hard in the whole eight years we were together. He thrust hard in and out of me. While he was standing there fucking me, Jenna came and straddled my face. I licked and slid my tongue all around her smooth pussy until I heard her let out a cry of enjoyment. Jenna came over and over again as I ate her pussy. Shivering she fell to the other side of the bed.

"You want some of my dick you dirty slut?" David said, as he slid out of me.

I had never heard him speak like that before in my entire life! David seemed like a man possessed. He turned Jenna over on all fours and put his hand in Jennas wet pussy and then rubbed her juices over her ass hole. He penetrated her ass. Jenna took all of his dick like a pro. I had always wanted to try anal sex but was too afraid to bring it up to David.

"I knew you were a whore", David grunted at me as he fucked Jenna.

"Get over here". He slapped Jenna on the ass and gave her one more huge thrust and pulled me to him (he had obviously picked that little tidbit from the porn he watched). He shoved his dick in my face. I sheepishly licked the tip like I normally do. I then put part of his dick in my mouth and began to suck.

"You can do better than that. Take all of that dick in your mouth Diana, you know you want it. You want it don't you slut?" I nodded and moaned hmmm as I slurped and attempted to deep throat his rock hard cock. I choked and spit started to fall from my mouth. A trail of warm saliva oozed its way down the veins bulging along his shaft on to his balls. It seemed to excite him so I kept making myself choke on his dick until my eyes watered. I looked over at Jenna and she was touching herself and pinching her nipples as she looked on in delight. Remembering the quick lesson I had received from watching Jenna earlier, I put a firm grip of his wet slippery dick and put my lips over it. I suctioned while bouncing my mouth hard and fast on his dick. David was surprised and amazed at how I was giving him head. Moments later his sweet warm seed filled my mouth. Jenna quickly came over and kissed my lips slightly sucking some of his cum from my mouth. After minutes of recuperation, David and Jenna Fucked, licked and kissed my body in ways I never knew even existed.

We all fell asleep together shortly before the sun came up. When we woke up, Jenna left, and David and I went to lunch. We were both eerily quiet. When we got to our table and sat down, neither one of us said a word. I finally started the conversation.

"So that was some night."

"Yep." David said still looking into his menu.

"You have slept with her before haven't you?"

David stared at me with a face of fear, uncertainty, and slight regret. Despite the joy I had the night before my heart felt as if it sank to my toes. I couldn't believe that he had betrayed my trust. At the same time I knew how boring our sex life had become. We were both each others first and had limited experience...at least until he met Jenna. I slightly understood why he did it. The look she had in her eye and the way she touched you, made you want her. I was simultaneously upset and relieved. Upset because I had no clue my husband would cheat, but happy because I got to know myself sexually. "I'm so sorry babe. At first Jenna and I were just friends but then she slowly opened me up. I love you and after last night, I understand that you can provide me with all the things I need fulfilled...you were a dirty girl last night Diana. David smiled briefly and then continued his blah blah I cheated on you blah blah.

"I thought if I shared Jenna with you, you somehow would understand how I messed up. I just hope that you can forgive me and we can work on our relationship and expound on our new found sexual explorations."

I looked at David and gave him the sweetest smile I could muster "I forgive you David and you're right, I will be exploring my new found sexuality."

Ignorant to what I meant by that statement, David was happy with my response and we enjoyed the rest of our weekend in Vegas together. When I got home Kirstin quickly opened the door, she looked exhausted, but was eager to know what I did on my trip.

"Did you get to use the toys I put in your luggage?"

"Wow, you cut to the chase don't you?" I said wheeling my luggage in.

"Your toys were not needed. David and I had a fantastic time without them."

"I knew you guys would stick to the usual boring routine, even all the way in Vegas." Kirsten said with a look of disappointment. I smiled inside, it felt great to have a secret for once, I had always been a boring open book.

However, you look different, I'm not sure what it is but you look...I don't know...just different. Kirstin said eyeing me from head to toe. "I feel different." I smiled and turned to search for my kiddos.

I took the kids and went on home. David would be gone for yet another few days for work. The next few days, I slipped back in my routine, but my mind would always drift back to the events that took place in Vegas. I also thought about the pain I felt upon realizing David's infidelity. With children off to school and one more load of laundry to do, I picked up my phone. "Hello, Steve..."

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