tagGroup SexAn Itch to be Scratched

An Itch to be Scratched


Her hands itched. Her feet itched. Even the inside of her body was on fire with an itch she couldn't reach to scratch. Her half eaten breakfast lay on the plate, her appetite had disappeared.

Her brain was on fire trying to figure out what might have triggered what could only be some sort of weird allergic reaction. They had been to an all night restaurant after her blind date turned out to be intriguing enough to spend more time with, not quite worthy of sex on a first date...but definitely worth a few more hours.

She tried to remember what they had ordered. Even her memory seemed to be affected by this strange malady. There was a memory in there just itching to be scratched.

She decided to take a trip to the emergency room as the only logical explanation must be food poisoning of some sort and that maybe the itch was a prelude to something more dangerous. What if her throat started to itch too? What if she couldn't breathe?

Although her memory seemed to be affected, her imagination was not. She started to pant and gasp, her chest heaving with every breath as she grabbed some clothes and quickly ran a brush over her hair. Ohhhhhhh, but that did feel good, she brushed and brushed, every stroke scratching at the itch on her head. " Oh no, even my head is itching now!" Her brain moaned out the concern, and her body responded, but what a strange response! Now she was feeling aroused, and she squeezed her thighs together tightly to stem the itch that was starting down there too.

Grabbing her purse she rushed out the door and stood confused on the sidewalk. "I need to get to the hospital and quickly but how?" While her muddled brain fumbled for an answer her feet started walking. She walked along streets normally familiar but they had all taken a somewhat sinister look. While her memory still eluded her, her active imagination brought a panic to her body, the body that seemed alive with nerve endings, all on fire, all looking to be scratched.

"Focus!" she said out loud and just the sound of her own voice brought her momentarily back to the task at hand...hospital.

Her feet started walking, towards the hospital. She walked and kept repeating the word, hospital, like a mantra, keeping her foggy brain at least somewhat clear.

Thoughts of monsters, aliens, danger kept telling her to walk faster, get to the emergency room where they will know what is wrong.

She pondered her date. He was tall, she smiled, she liked tall. His name was... how could she not remember his name? She paused in her walking to let her mind think. This is hard work she thought. She worked her way through the alphabet trying to jump start her memory...and then she remembered...all the way to W ... his name was Will. A smile worked its way onto her face as she absent-mindedly scratched the palm of her hand.

Walk and think. Will took me to an outdoor concert. There were costumed people everywhere. It was a little overwhelming and some of the music bordered on creepy. The Halloween Extravaganza it was called, and it was quite a festival. We held hands, but couldn't really talk over the music. When it was over, both reluctant to call it a night, we went to a restaurant. A big neon light flashed WE NEVER CLOSE. It was close to the concert in the park. She remembered how they had laughed over the garish sign, but were glad of a quiet place to talk.

And she remembered the costumes, so many costumes and masks. Every where she looked monster masks and goblins and ghouls.

A light bulb went off in her head. "The restaurant. I need to go to the restaurant to at least see what it was called. The doctors will need to know that." she was happy to have that memory returned to her.

Her feet seemed to know the way. Good thing because her brain became infused with the urge to scratch and most of her mind was involved in a battle...scratch...don't scratch.

Finding herself stopped, her feet finally taking her to the restaurant. A big empty window faced her, she could see her reflection as clear as if it was a mirror. The sign in the window said simply, FOR RENT. She looked around wildly, her hair flying as she spun in a circle. This was definitely the place. They had sat in the window, looking out at the park. The gate to the park directly across from here. How could this be?

She placed her hands to the window, cupping them and peered inside. There were no tables, just a pile of what looked to be clothes in the middle of the floor, but as she squinted, she could make out Halloween masks, staring empty eyed at her. Just wide open empty space. She could feel her heart pounding harder...her breath...oh no...she couldn't breathe. It was happening, a deadly allergic reaction to food she couldn't remember eating at a restaurant that didn't exist.

Will, Will, Will, what else was there about Will? She should call him. Ask him. Maybe he was suffering too. Or maybe he was ok and would remember what it was this reaction was taking away from her. Grabbing her cell phone, she scrolled through the phone book. No one named Will. Caller list, missed calls, received calls, sent calls...no numbers she couldn't identify. "Did I just imagine the whole thing, am I dreaming?" She chewed on her bottom lip, pouting and feeling the tears welling in her eyes.

"Whatever happened last night, I need to get to the hospital....and fast." she thought.

"At least I am still breathing, still able to move and still on fire with this interminable itch!" she thought as she started on her journey once again to the hospital.

She found herself at last at the hospital. She veritably ran in the doors in her relief at having reached her destination. The emergency room was empty, well almost, one person sat sleeping in a chair in the corner, a magazine still clutched in his hands. Decorations still hanging, skeletons and witches, zombies and ghouls. Why didn't anyone decorate with unicorns and ponies?

She concentrated on slowing her breathing, walking calmly to the triage desk and gently tapping the bell placed on the desk. A male nurse finally arrived and sat down across from her. He was smiling, at least it appeared to be a smile, it was hard to tell as he was still dressed in a Halloween costume. There was no mask on his face but he had a clowns smile painted on. His baggy colorful clothes billowed around him making him a shapeless lump. He calmly took her history, the symptoms and then the regular, blood pressure, temperature and pulse.

"Your BP and pulse are elevated. Your temp is normal though. Are you still itching all over?" he asked her as he tapped at the computer.

Her answer, almost frantic, almost like a plea, "Yes."

He noted her answer in the computer and told her to have a seat in the waiting room. It should only be a few minutes before a Doctor could see her.

As she sat the itch became worse. She could only think of scratching. Nothing else mattered. She took off her boots and started scratching the bottom of her feet. Next came her coat. Sitting bare footed and still itching. The thought of her skin on fire, alive with the urge to rub against anything became all consuming. Her clothes came flying off...buttons snapping as she thought that if she was naked, then the itch would stop. The pile of clothes on the floor grew until she was standing in the middle of the waiting room, naked as the day she was born.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she sighed aloud as the itch finally ceased. Her skin, still so sensitive, but not itching at all. "Maybe it was my clothes!" she actually managed an embarrassed laugh as the thought of being allergic to clothes came to her. She was much too relieved to be worried about her state of nudity.

But then the itch started again. Not on her hands or her feet...but deep inside...up inside. Itching at her core. Her entire pussy was itching. She gritted her teeth and glanced around to see if anyone was watching. Not a soul, at least no one awake was in the room with her. Her hand strayed to her pussy, "Just a little rub to relieve the itch," she thought. She stared at the dancing skeleton, glanced at the witch flying high on her broom and tried to remember last night.

While she thought, he rubbed, and rubbed and rubbed until her eyes were glassy...until there was not another thought in her head but this moment. Her breath fast, her pulse definitely elevated now. Her clit swollen, ripe and still itchy. Her fingers concentrated on that. Faster, harder, slippery fingers masturbating the itch away. She stifled the groan as she climaxed.

Her body started to relax, the urge to scratch gone. Absolutely gone! She was astonished and bent to pick up her clothes. "Maybe I just need to cum more often...and go naked." the mere thought brought on a fit of giggles as she stood up preparing to get dressed and sneak out the door.

That's when it happened. Her pussy, not just her pussy but her cunt started throbbing. Not just an itch but a deep pain. Deeper than her fingers could reach. She needed to fuck...and NOW! If only the zombie on the wall would come to life. Even the vampire with his fangs would work right now.

She looked at the sleeping man. She hungered for the sleeping man. She needed the sleeping man. He was dressed like a cowboy and she thought that maybe he wouldn't mind if she rode him like a stud bull.

She rushed to where he was sitting. She tore at his pants, pulled down the zipper and revealed his cock. Her brain on vacation as her body responded to the urge to scratch the itch. She dropped to her knees in front of him, taking his limp cock in her mouth. She sucked and sucked, tasting this strangers cock. Like candy floss at a carnival. Just the taste of him making her hips grind until she was humping at his leg.

She was rewarded with the growing of his cock...it thickened in her mouth, lengthened in her mouth, became hard and throbbing. Yet still he slept. She didn't care. She didn't need a man...just this delicious length of heavenly cock. Her tongue swirled, savoring... nostrils flared inhaling the sweet scent of sex.

Her hands pushing the fabric of the man's jeans away from the hardened phallus she so wantonly needed deep inside...up inside her pulsing cunt. Reluctantly she pulled her lips from his prick, gripping it tightly in her hand she straddled his body. Unable to resist, not wanting to waste a single breath she plunged her body down on his cock with a vengeance. Once the hot length of thick throbbing cock was nestled up against her cervix she rocked back and forth. Feeling it rubbing, scratching at her inner walls. His girth was almost too much for her, but it helped to make contact with every inch of her cunt. One hand reached behind her to squeeze his balls. She needed his cum, like a salve, a balm to cure the all encompassing sensation.

Her other hand worked her clit. Frantic rubbing, pushing, pressure that helped to assuage the constant urge to fuck the itch away.

The man's eyes flew open, his hands reaching for the bouncing boobs in front of his face and his mouth eagerly latched onto one swollen nipple. He sucked hard, sucked on her sensitive tit flesh, his other hand grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her closer to him. Her moans filled the waiting room, his grunts of surprise and delight joined hers for a lustful symphony of desire and need.

The triage nurse stood wide eyed and slack jawed at the entrance to the waiting room, the clipboard clutched in one hand. His clown's smile looking rather evil. His eyes staring at the strange sight before him. He added sexual hunger to the list of symptoms on her file. He was torn, "Do I keep watching or do I interrupt and let her know the Doctor is ready for her?"

He glanced down at the bulge in his pants and realized he was ready for her too. Professionalism took over and he cleared his throat loudly and called her name. No response from either of the participants in front of him. He moved closer, close enough to smell the sweet musky scent of sex in motion and called her name again. The only response was a scream of pleasure, a scream that made his cock twitch frantically in his over-sized pants. He was feeling his own itch now...Was she contagious? Or was it a natural response to being such a close witness to this primal coupling?

She slumped against the man who owned that delicious piece of machinery that so completely settled the burning itch within, kissed him politely on the neck and whispered, "Thank you cowboy, I needed that."

The not so sleepy man grunted back, "My pleasure, really!"

The nurse cleared his voice again, "Um, the Doctor will see you now."

Horrified as she realized where she was and what she had done she extricated herself from the man she had just performed such an intimate act with, the stranger that she had just had wild sex with and stood, red faced in front of the nurse. Still naked, she started to tell him that she was feeling just fine now....when...

Tears came to her eyes as she realized the pattern. Itch, remove clothes, better. Itch, masturbate, better. Itch, fuck, better. Now her ass was on fire, burning, itching and she knew, without a Doctor's analysis that the only way to cure it was to fuck it away.

Forgetting her embarrassment, she gave a last glance to the man in the waiting room, grabbed her clothes and followed the nurse into the treatment room. He had chosen a nice private exam room for her and handed her a hospital gown.

She looked at the garment and said, "Clothes seem to make it worse, can I just stay naked until the Doctor sees me?"

He nods and asks, "So in addition to the new symptom of needing to have sex, is there anything else you need to tell me before the Doctor arrives?"

"Well, it seems that every time something itches, I need to do something sexual" her voice was quivery, tears in her eyes, and in a near whisper she stammered, "and now my ass itches."

The nurse, remembering to be professional, but thinking that this might just be his lucky day, tells her he will add it to the list.

Standing naked in the room, she paces, her ass on fire, hoping that the Doctor can cure her, because she has never had anal sex before. She has heard some people like it, but most women she has talked to have told her it just plain hurts. But then again, this fire in her butt just plain hurts too.

The door opens and in walks the Doctor. OMG! a memory comes flooding back to her, Dr. Will, her blind date. He stands staring at her as she rubs her ass and looks back at him, recognition making her cheeks flame to a brilliant crimson.

He smiles at her, "I have read your list of symptoms, and now that I see who you are, I think my diagnosis might be a little easier."

" I don't know if I can wait for a diagnosis, my ass is on fire, I don't think anything but having a cock in there will fix it!" her voice raises louder with every word. Desperation and fear apparent on her face.

Dr. Will looks back at her with understanding and says, "Last night was an incredible night. I really enjoyed our time together. Best Halloween night I've had in years. Do you remember at the concert when you said you were hungry?

"No, and what does that have to do with the fire in my ass?"

"There was a gypsy wagon serving food, and as we walked by you said you could eat almost anything but what they were serving. You said just the smell made your skin crawl. The old man, who you thought was dressed for Halloween, must have been an authentic gypsy. He put a curse on you." Dr. Will's voice was concerned but there was a hint of desire, a tell tale stirring in his pants.

"A what?" she stammered.

"A curse. A gypsy curse. When you said the smell of his food made your skin crawl he told you that your skin would crawl and feel like a million bugs creeping over your flesh, your insides would burn. And that it would be cold day in hell before he would let you eat his food."

"I don't remember that." she blurted out.

Your reply to him was, "Go fuck yourself!" he grinned as he told her "Very unladylike by the way."

"But that doesn't sound like something I'd say to a complete stranger."

"Well, you did." Dr. Will was standing very close.

She looked into his eyes and asked, "So how do we break the curse? And why is the restaurant we ate at not there anymore?"

Dr. Will raised his eyebrows at her, "Well the gypsy told you that you would itch and burn until you fucked yourself. And that the curse would return every time you ate any food at all. The only cure would be to eat his food, and that he would not let you EVER eat from his wagon." He paused and then answered, "I don't know why the restaurant is not there...but the gypsy is the one who recommended it. We should have known better than to eat there I suppose. A magical restaurant to set the magical gypsy curse perhaps."

"So if I eat, I need to fuck?" she started crying as her ass burned and itched with the vengeance of the gypsy's curse.

Dr. Will responded with, "Let's give it a try shall we?"

She shook her head and backed up against the exam table. "But it will hurt. I have never done that ... I'm afraid."

Dr. Will grinned and said, "Trust me, I'm a Doctor!" he chuckled, "Sorry, but I have always wanted to say that."

Her heart pounded in her chest, the fire in her asshole became all encompassing and as her brain digested what the Doctor had told her, the memories came flooding back. She had told that old man, who she thought was dressed for Halloween to go fuck himself...only because she had been thinking all night about how it would feel to fuck Will.

She almost felt like she deserved the curse. Resigned to the inevitable and needing to cure her ass, she turned and bent over the table, gripping the edges, prepared for her injection of anal sex.

Dr. Will, always up to the task of fucking an ass, dropped his pants to the floor. Tossed his white coat on the chair and stroked his cock, already hard and prepared to fuck the itch right out of this virgin ass so prettily poised in front of him. Without so much as a kiss, he dribbled some lube along the spread crack in front of him and slid his cock up and down. His throbbing piston more than ready for the task required of him.

The nurse stood with his clownish grin and watched the "medical procedure" being done and again thought what luck that he had drawn the short straw to work Halloween night. No one was going to believe this one. His hand strayed to his cock, rubbing his own throbbing erection.

The Doctor unable to wait any longer, listening to the groans from his patient, pushed his cock against the tight muscle, and to his delight, found her pushing back, thrusting her hips, urging him forward. His cock finally breaking through, her groans a mixture of pain and need, she thrust hard, taking his cock right to the hilt. His massive length buried balls deep in a not so virgin ass. He fucked her, she fucked him back.

The initial pain was nothing compared to the relief she felt. Each inch of cock that injected itself into her ass was like a balm. When he was buried inside her, the urge to thrust her hips overwhelmed her and she fucked him. Her ass swallowing his entire fuck stick over and over like a hungry mouth.

"I need to cum, please make me cum!" she screamed.

"A little help here please Nurse." panted Dr. Will.

The nurse changed his clown suit for his birthday suit and slid himself between her and the table. His cock at the ready, then placed his hands on her hips and slid his cock in her hot box. He could feel the Doctor's cock as it drove in and out, rubbing on his own as he forced inside the tight opening. Her screams were mixed with relief, and desire.

She thought briefly that this was no medical treatment, but her body was on fire for sex. She needed to extinguish the fire burning in her body and this seemed to be working. She let her body go, enjoying every inch of cock fed into her, front and back, such a full feeling, she thought she might explode with the sheer exquisiteness of it.

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