tagIncest/TabooAn off Dad with Daddy

An off Dad with Daddy


Kat was soo scared of telling her dad about the pregnancy, at 18 he expected her to go to college, to get an education, to get a job, move out and be happy furthering her life. She wouldn't be doing that how he wanted and she defiantly wouldn't be doing it in the order he wanted, she was screwed! While Kat took a minute to laugh at the irony of that thought, reality crashed around her as her father's voice called to her from the living room,

"Kat come in her baby, I want to show you some colleges I thought you would like, but you know you could always go to my old college, Virginia State University home of the Trojans!" She could hear the smile in his voice, he was looking forward to her going to school, he wanted to see her in her cap and gown, she was so going to disappoint him.

She took a deep breath and looking down at the pregnancy test, walked into the living room to face her dad. He was sitting on the couch, smiling down at the laptop computer screen, she knew there must be dozens of college tabs on the screen and her dad was excited about them all. Kat had a fairly good looking dad, thick full dark hair, a small belly, but otherwise good poster and stature, he looked up smiling and ready for a fun afternoon looking at colleges with his daughter. But he couldn't miss the miserable look on her face, and the white plastic in her hands, he knew exactly what it was, he knew what it was when his wife held it 18 years ago and he knew it now as it sat in his daughters shaky hands.

Kat looked at her dad with pleading eyes, she was praying he wouldn't be angry with her, but what father wouldn't be angry with their daughter with news like this.

"What did you do Kat?" His voice and face were horrified, his mind couldn't help but picture all the different kinds of men that would have taken a dip between her legs, yes he would have a grandchild, something his wife had always wanted, and he wanted some too, but not this way, not yet.

"Daddy please I'm sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen, I mean I don't even know who the father is...it was so crazy there..." Kat was sobbing now, she could see him getting more and more angry, she wondered what he would do.

"What the HELL do you mean you don't know who the father is? How many bastards did you spread your legs for!?" Her father was furious, and he knew he would start hitting her or something if he didn't leave right then. "Never mind! I do not want to know how much of a SLUT my daughter is! I'm going out, if you leave this house and I find out, you better not come back! EVER!" Her father stormed out of the house, leaving his daughter sobbing right where he left her, and slamming the door behind him, he knew where he was going, he was going to the bar to see that pretty bartender that chased his wife away, and he wasn't leaving until he was drunk or until he had boned her hard.

Kat had spent hours waiting in the living room for her father to come home, but he didn't, she had made dinner and put everything out on the table like he liked, but he didn't show, eventually she cleaned the whole house, had his dinner waiting in the oven and was ready for bed in her favorite nighty. A dark blue and black silk number that made her feel both sexy and comfortable, the hem barely reached the top of her thighs, her thighs shone smooth in the light, tight and toned, her belly though soon to be changed, was smooth and soft, she loved to run her hands over her belly.

At 2 in the morning, Kat's father stood outside the house staring up into Kat's bedroom window, she was his little girl, his sweet little girl, she was supposed to wait until marriage, what the hell happened? When did it happen? When did that sweet little girl, become a sweet little tight ass slut? With the booze running through his body, he wasn't thinking straight, but he thought, since apparently so many other dicks had taken a turn in her tight cunt, that he would try her out and see just how tight she was. As he tried to stay upright, he kept his eye on the light burning in her bedroom and made his way to her, that pussy was his goal, and he wouldn't stop until his dick was deep inside that hot little hole.


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