tagIncest/TabooAn Offer He Can't Refuse Ch. 02

An Offer He Can't Refuse Ch. 02


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This chapter picks up where the previous one left off, so reading chapter one is recommended. Don't expect realism and you won't be disappointed when you don't find it! Enjoy!


Emerging from his first restful sleep in weeks, Mike found himself moaning. His lower body was enveloped in a warm pleasurable feeling that seemed like a continuation of the buzz caused by the sizzling hot dream he just had, one in which his curvaceous mother was his willing sex toy.

As he slowly opened his eyes, Mike was met by a sweet smile and a soft husky voice. "Morning, baby! Did you get a good night's sleep?"

Topless, her fabulous tits jutting proudly from her chest, her nipples hard and pointing up, his mom was sitting on his bed wearing only a pair of ass-hugging boy shorts. Holding his cock softly yet firmly in her tiny hand, Julia was stroking Mike's morning wood with such expertise and loving care that the teenager couldn't help but groan. Blinking in amazement, he managed to gasp: "Mom!? Am I... Is this... I'm still dreaming, right?"

Julia chuckled as she leaned in to kiss her son on the cheek, one hand running through his messy hair while the other kept relentlessly pumping his thick shaft. Her luscious tits jiggled as she straightened up and sat closer by his side. The hypnotic sway of her big boobs caused pulses of pre-cum to dribble out of Mike's raging boner.

"No, silly, it's all real!"Julia smiled. "I came in to wake you up and I saw you had an erection, so I thought you could use some relief before you go to school. We don't want you to be distracted today in class, do we?"

Mike felt a shiver run up his spine as the whole situation sank in. The fuzzy memories of the previous night suddenly reasserted themselves as actual facts, not just figments of his imagination. Overjoyed that it was all actually happening, he just smiled at his amazing mom, unable to put his happiness and wonder into words. Letting her work her magic on his dick, Mike moaned loudly as he enjoyed his mother's masterful, loving manipulations. Her handjob was so good and Mike was so turned on by the visual of her spectacular tits jiggling and bouncing freely as she pumped and caressed and tugged at his shaft that it didn't take long before he was ready to explode.

"Mom, I... I'm gonna cum soon," he blurted out, amazed by what he was saying and even more amazed at the sight of his mother's impish grin widening as he announced his impending climax. Mike felt his cum rush up along his throbbing shaft as he watched her lean closer, aiming his fat glans straight at her cleavage and bringing her ample breasts almost in contact with his cock.

"Go ahead, sweetie," Julia exhorted him, her eyes glinting. "Let Mommy have all your cum."

That did it. Julia smiled and kept egging him on with murmured coos of appreciation as Mike grunted and let loose his massive morning load all over her jutting mommy-boobs. While he sprayed her soft fleshy globes with long ribbons of seed, Julia milked her son with both hands and tried not to let one single drop of his thick, potent sperm land anywhere except on her breasts.

As Mike panted and grinned in satisfaction, Julia gave his cock one last lingering squeeze before reluctantly letting go of that impressive oozing pole. After stamping a tender smooch on his forehead, Julia stood up and made to leave Mike's room, saying: "Jump in the shower and get dressed now, honey. Breakfast will be ready in five minutes."

Watching his almost naked mother walk out the door, her sumptuous boobs plastered with his cum and her beautiful plump ass swaying invitingly, Mike couldn't help but notice the obvious wet spot darkening the crotch of her underwear. As he shook his head in glad disbelief and got up, the teenager couldn't decide what was the hottest thing he had just seen: his mom's big cum-drenched jugs, her jiggling barely covered bubble-butt, her sopping camel-toe or her tiny fingers wrapped around his hard meat, stroking and squeezing him until he exploded in her hand. Each of those images sent a jolt of excitement to his groin while a beatific smile spread across his lips.

"Wow," Mike mumbled to himself, awestruck, "and I've barely even gotten out of bed!"


In the following days, Julia didn't miss a chance to masturbate her son. She felt foolish thinking of the weeks she had wasted considering and reconsidering the wisdom of using sexual incentives to snap Mike out of his post break-up depression. Now that she had taken the plunge and put her plan in motion, Julia realized that, unorthodox or not, what she was doing was working perfectly.

Her son was finally sleeping well, he had regained his appetite and he looked like his old self again. Alert and driven, he was focusing on his studies with unprecedented zeal. 'And why wouldn't he,' Julia thought to herself whenever she passed by his bedroom to find him intent on his homework. No eighteen year old boy would refuse to apply himself to his schoolwork when the reward for good grades was the prospect of tit-fucking his busty mother, or getting a blowjob from her, or even having a shot at her round plump ass.

For her part, Julia was just as excited as her son. Every night she coaxed at least a couple of creamy loads from Mike's big cock before kissing him goodnight and retiring to her bedroom, where she fingered her pussy to countless orgasms, her tits glistening with the saliva she left there after licking them clean of her son's thick cum.

Every morning she woke up with a smile on her face and hurried to his room, wearing nothing but her panties, to wake him up with a slow milking handjob. The rest of the day was little more than an agonizing countdown until the moment her handsome son got back from school. When Mike was home, Julia had to restrain herself from bursting into his room, whipping out his dick and having her way with him like a wanton whore, all of which she fantasized about endlessly during her nightly masturbatory sessions.

Despite her growing desire though, Julia limited herself to jacking off her boy a couple of times during the afternoons when she went to his room to check on him and see if needed some 'help' with his homework. Unfailingly, Mike would smile and point at his pant-clad erection, asking her if she would mind 'relieving some pressure' so he could focus better. Julia always complied, happily so, falling to her knees and taking off her top before she started lovingly stroking her boy's shaft until he blew a massive load on her huge, offered mommy-boobs.

Julia had to struggle not to let her inner slut break out completely and instead maintain the pretense of doing what she did only as an extreme measure to help Mike overcome his break-up blues. In truth, both mother and son could feel a deeper connection growing between them, a newfound intimacy that they were both thrilled about.

As a rule, Julia never openly got off in front of Mike, making her handjobs all about him. One afternoon though, she couldn't help but make an exception.

Mike had just got home from school and Julia was so excited that she was almost physically aching to touch her boy's big meaty dick. He had barely made it across the front door when Julia rushed to him and took him by the hand, leading him straight to the living room. Once he was sitting down on the couch, she swiftly took off her top and freed him of his pants and boxers. Kneeling between his legs, thrilled to find his chubby cock already semi-hard, Julia started lovingly pumping her son's huge shaft with her expert hands, her splendid naked tits swaying above his balls.

Mind-blown by her evident arousal, Mike wanted to touch his mother's amazing jugs more than ever before. So far, he had never dared push his luck. No matter how much he wished to lay his hands on his mother's gorgeous body, Mike had respected the rules she set and patiently waited to come home with a B to touch those pillowy juicy boobs, to knead them and fondle them, to pinch her suckable puffy areolas and tweak her long, erect pink nipples. Up to that day, he had never done anything at all except letting her jack him off. But that afternoon Mike needed more. He just had to touch his mom, this beautiful, amazing, loving woman who was making him feel better than he ever thought he would after he had his heart broken weeks before.

She was such a magnificent creature, he loved her and he wanted her to feel his love for her, at least a bit. Moaning from his mother's skillful manipulations, thrilled by the soft cooing noises she tried to stifle while squirming and rubbing her thighs together as she knelt before him, Mike eventually reached his hands forward. He didn't want to make her mad at him by breaking her rules, so instead of pawing her tits like his first instinct suggested, he went for her delicate, beautiful face instead.

Julia gasped and turned her widened eyes up as soon as she felt her son's fingers resting on her cheeks. Before she could react, Mike was caressing her slender sensitive neck, massaging her bare shoulders, running his fingers through her blonde hair, tracing her jawline, tickling her ears. His voice reached her before she could protest.

"You're so beautiful, Mom, so amazing," he murmured as he caressed her. "Do you mind if I touch you? Your skin is so soft and smooth..."

His words hit her, his touch made her shiver. Mike's love for her was so clear in his voice that she felt it like a physical thing, as if he was transmitting his affection straight into her being through his caressing fingers. Smiling at her boy, Julia purred like a kitten and pressed her face into his strong hands, giving in and demanding more, crazed by his touch.

"Thank you, baby... And no, I don't mind at all. Aaahh, sweetie, this is really nice... You're making Mommy feel so good. Mmmh yes right there, honey, touch my neck like that..."

Julia shuddered blissfully. Her needy pussy, overcharged as always when she gave her son a handjob, quivered as Mike's fingertips roamed her face. That simple, innocent yet intimate contact sent jolts of delight rippling through her curvy frame. She hadn't been touched by a man in so long, she hadn't felt the hands of a loving partner on her skin in years and now her son was caressing her so lovingly and with such obvious desire, her sweet, handsome, well-hung son whom she loved so much. It was beautiful, it felt so right.

Heavy sighs of appreciation escaped Julia's mouth. She loved feeling Mike's gaze on her, and his touch felt even better. A tingling warmth spread from her abdomen while her boy's hands lingered on her exposed upper body, his fingers stimulating every inch of her smooth skin except for her heaving tits. It was a soft and delicate torture, and Julia was losing herself in it, her thighs unconsciously rubbing together more urgently, trying to give her clit some relief.

All of a sudden a jolt of deeper pleasure coursed through her, giving her goose bumps. Julia gasped and jacked Mike's cock faster as a pre-orgasmic tremor hit her. She rocked in place, pressing her legs closer as she tried to stimulate her aching clit into a real full-blown orgasm without touching it, succeeding only in teasing herself more. Her hands were a blur on her son's huge dick and her mouth was slack as she emitted a pleading moan of frustration while she melted in his hands, feeling her face burn up beneath his fingers, feeling his cock pulse in her grasp.

"Ooooh Mom, you're making me cum! I want you to cum with me, Mom! Please, let yourself cum, I know you want to. Let's cum together, Mom, aaaahh!"

Her son's words pushed Julia past her last reservations. Letting go of his shaft with one hand and fisting him faster with the other, Julia stabbed her fingers to her groin. Rushing her digits into her shorts and underwear, Julia attacked her engorged clit in a desperate frenzy, rubbing away with all she had. She was whimpering with pleasure as Mike grunted and his cock started erupting, spraying her tits with ropes of thick creamy seed. Julia sank her fingers deeper in her wet pussy and circled her thumb on her clit, screaming out her release as her son's sperm plastered her boobs and her neck, splattering even her chin and her cheeks.

Moaning loudly, Julia kept pumping Mike's twitching boner while finger-fucking herself, until their climaxes abated and their broken voices diminished to low gasps of satisfaction. Mother and son looked each other in the eye as they enjoyed the afterglow. Mike's hands were still caressing her face as Julia, her tits drenched in his cum and her thighs wet with her pussy juices, gazed up at her son in silent affection, a mixture of love and lust glinting in her hazel eyes.

"Thank you so much, Mom," Mike said after a while, helping her to her feet. "That was amazing. We should do it like this all the time. It relieves me much more, clears my head and everything."

Julia raised an eyebrow, grinning in appreciation. Her son was attempting to keep up the pretense while at the same time giving her a reason not to stop herself from enjoying fully what they were doing together. 'He's such a sweet boy, so considerate,' she thought, 'I'm really lucky to have him. And look at how much he came watching me get off!'

"Sure, honey," Julia said, meeting her son's eyes, sharing a moment of mutual understanding. Then, giving him a long wet smooch on the cheek, she added: "As long as it helps you, baby, Mommy will do whatever you need."

Both mother and son had a smile on their lips as Julia, still topless, made her way upstairs, walking a bit unsteadily on her pleasure-wobbly legs but still trying to get to her room as swiftly as possible, anxious to lick Mike's delicious cum off her tits.

That night and the following morning, Julia lustfully fingered her pussy while she masturbated Mike's huge cock, making herself cum with him while he painted her luscious mommy-boobs with his ejaculate. Still weakly trying to hang on to a last vestige of control over the situation, Julia had decided not to take off her panties as she pleasured herself in front of her boy, but that didn't seem to reduce Mike's enjoyment. Judging by his groans of delight and by the amount of spunk he spurted on her tits, it was obvious that her son loved to see her frigging herself to climax while she gave him her expert handjobs.

For her part, Julia loved this new development just as much as Mike did. It was such a turn on to diddle her clit and slide her fingers into her soaked folds right there in front of her son's awestruck eyes. The way Mike looked at her made Julia tingle all over and it thrilled her to feel his cock pulse in her stroking hands whenever a little sigh of pleasure escaped her parted lips.

What Julia loved the most though was always the moment when her son orgasmed in a torrential spray of warm thick cum, bathing her jugs in his seed and pushing her closer to her peak. As soon as Mike started ejaculating, Julia would roll her clit between her fingertips in a final whirl of feverish rubs, bringing herself off with him. She felt wickedly happy that she could now openly whimper in climax as she coaxed every last drop of semen from his throbbing pole, her nectar gushing on her pussy-diddling fingers, her ample heaving breasts plastered all over with his cum.

Sighing contentedly, Julia didn't fail to look up to meet her son's eyes while they came together, smiling at each other between lustful gasps.


It had been just two days since she began actively giving herself pleasure during her 'motivational sessions' with her son, and Julia was already hooked on their new dirty little game. Hornier than ever, she felt like she would explode with pent up desire any time she was apart from Mike, constantly craving the moment they would be doing it again, the sooner the better.

She was distracted and unfocused as she listened to her accountant and her lawyer relating about her financial situation. Barely hearing their words, squirming on her chair in the aseptic office while trying to ignore the pleas for attention from her needy pussy, the busty mother nodded absentmindedly as the two elderly men blabbered on and on about numbers and investments and funds. Julia's brain stopped paying attention completely once the notion registered that things were fine on all fronts. Unsurprisingly, her thoughts instantly turned into a host of sexual scenarios all revolving around her handsome son and his big cock.

Despite her wish to wait until Mike's return to finger herself to climax, Julia couldn't help but masturbate the minute she was back home. With her pencil skirt hiked up and her blouse open so that she could paw at her own huge boobs, Julia leaned against the front door as she circled her clit and slid two fingers into her wet pussy until she came, giving herself some much needed relief.

Minutes later, as she changed into more comfortable clothes, standing naked before her full-length mirror and admiring her voluptuous body, Julia bit her lips and sighed. She desperately wanted to masturbate again, but she decided not to, preferring to save her arousal for later, when her son would be home too. Putting on a tight tank top and a pair of ass-hugging shorts, the horny mother felt her pussy tingle in anticipation as she wondered what the day would bring.

The moment Mike walked through the door that afternoon, beaming with happiness and breathing hard as if he had been running all the way from school, Julia instantly knew all she needed to know.

Her heart was racing as Mike rushed to her through the hall and hugged her tight, squashing her boobs between them. She had stopped wearing bras around the house and her nipples were already hard with excitement, poking into Mike's chest through her tank top and his NOFX T-shirt as he held her in his arms.

"Mom, I got a B+ today!"

Julia tried to contain her exhilaration as she hugged him back and kissed him on the forehead, but her heart was all aflutter, knowing what that grade meant. The massive bulge pressing against her groin told her that so did Mike.

"Oh, baby, that's great! Was it Mr. White's chemistry test, the one you told me about the other day?"

"Yeah, I got the highest grade in my class!" he replied, beaming with joy.

"Wow, that's really something, sweetie, I'm so glad!" Julia complimented him. She knew how strict Mike's chemistry teacher was. "Getting a B+ with Mr. White is really nice work, honey! I think you deserve a special reward for your efforts."

Mike's voice trembled and his boner flexed in his pants as he said: "You mean... We can treat this like it was an A?! After all, Mr. White never gives A's anyway, so his B+ may count as an A, right?"

"Oh, Mike, you naughty boy!" Julia smiled, playfully rolling her eyes at the suggestion that she should reward her son with her ass instead of her boobs or a blowjob. In truth, Julia was shivering in perverse delight as she held Mike's hand and led him upstairs to his room. Instead of offending her, his brazen suggestion that she gave him access to her juicy bubble-butt turned her on even more than she already was, so much so that she was sorely tempted to consent.

Looking at him over her shoulder as they entered his bedroom, Julia noticed how hungrily Mike was feasting his eyes on her plump round ass straining against the fabric of her shorts. She chuckled softly and swayed her hips even more with each step as she basked in the thrill of having her handsome boy ogling her sumptuous mommy-rump as if hypnotized by its fleshy bounciness.

"You know what, sweetheart," Julia said, reaching a decision as she made Mike sit down on the edge of his bed, "even if you still need an actual A to get Mommy's ass, I think you do deserve something special today. So," she huskily said, taking off her tank top and falling to her knees between her son's legs, "for this B+ you won't have to choose between fucking my boobs or getting a blowjob. You can have both, baby."

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