tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 04

An Old Head Ch. 04


I felt fine when I awoke at the usual time on Sunday morning. I got up, showered and shaved. As I was looking in the mirror of my bathroom cabinet I noticed a small faint red mark on my chest.

"I haven't seen that before," I said to myself, "maybe I should get it checked out."

I dressed and went down to the kitchen for breakfast. Anka was sitting at the table eating toast and drinking coffee.

"Good morning Phil," she said.

"Good morning Anka,"I replied.

"Has Sean come back yet?" she asked me.

"I had a text from him telling me he would be back on Tuesday."

"Oh good."

I was not sure whether she was looking forward to seeing him again or just that she felt uncomfortable being alone in the house with me. I decided to get another lodger.

"No work today?" I asked.

"I am going in later," she replied.

I spent the day in town as Phil, buying more clothes and accessories for Sean, or was it Marcus? When I went to bed that night I put my ring on.

The Muezzin shouted the call to midday prayer from a nearby minaret. I walked out onto the balcony and the heat came at me like a solid object. I gazed out onto a courtyard, where fig trees stood and a fountain played.

I looked down at my feet, I was wearing leather sandals. My legs were covered by voluminous green trousers. I held out my arms to see they were bare and I had on a simple leather waistcoat covering my large hairless chest and fat belly. I put my hand on my head, my pate was smooth.

I turned and retreated from the balcony and went back into a large cool room. There were columns strung with wispy curtains, dividing the room into several sections. I pulled one of the curtains aside and peered into the main area of the room, which was when I saw her.

She reclined on a collection of large cushions. She was naked apart from rings on her fingers and toes, bangles on her wrists and a belt of the finest gold chain imaginable. Her lithe legs were crossed at the ankles. Her arms rested, slightly spread from her sides, on the cushions. Her long jet black hair was in a plait that hung over her right shoulder and came down to just above her waist. Her nails were painted bright blue and her eyes were made up to look even more cat-like than normal.

"This is unreal," I thought to myself, "that's Tibah from my office!"

"Make yourself scarce Butrus!" came a voice from behind me, "the Vizier will be here in a moment, he won't want you getting in his way."

I turned to see a man dressed similarly to me.

"Certainly," I said to him and I walked to a corner of the room and stood, making myself as inconspicuous as possible. The man disappeared out of the room.

I peeked through the curtain I was standing behind and looked at her. She was divine. Her skin was flawless, her chin, lips and eyes were perfect. The ever so slightly large nose may have been a flaw, but it just added to her sexiness. If there was one thing that detracted from her beauty, it was the look of worry on her face.

A tall gaunt old man entered the room. His sallow complexion was accentuated by his black robe and hair. I noticed his long bony fingers and his beaky nose. He smiled a wicked smile at the girl.

"My official business is done for the day," he said to her,"I can enjoy you at my leisure."

She looked away to the side and did not reply.

"Come,come girl," he said with an evil grin," you will soon get used to our little sessions."

He walked across the room and knelt down at her feet. He took hold of her left foot and held it to his mouth. He put his mouth around her toes and began to suck them. She did not move, she did not look. As he sucked her toes he rubbed his free hand up and down her leg, from her ankle to just above her knee.

I watched the old man molest the young woman in silence. I felt sorry for her, I disliked him for what he was doing to her.

The old man put her left foot down and picked up her right. He repeated his actions on her other foot and leg. After a minute or two he dropped her leg back down. She crossed her legs and turned slightly to her left, facing towards me. She bent her knees and drew them up a little. I was still concealed behind the curtain and she did not see me.

The old man stood up and discarded his robe. He had no undergarments and so stood naked in front of her.

"On your back girl. Open your legs," he ordered her.

She rolled onto her back and uncrossed her legs. She opened her legs, presenting that thick black bush of hers to him. He knelt, put a finger to her slit and pushed it inside her.

"Oh so dry," he said, withdrawing his finger, "We must do something about that."

He leaned across and picked up a small clay pot. He removed the lid and dipped his fingers in the pot. When he withdrew his fingers, I could see they were covered in coconut oil.

"Now, let us try again," he said as he pushed two fingers inside the young woman, "Oh that feels much better."

I could see him working his fingers in and out of her snatch, I could hear a slurping sound as his lubricated digits went in and out of her. She made no sound. He had a licentious look on his face, he was obviously relishing his abuse of her. As he fingered her he rubbed his penis with his free hand.

"I think you are ready for me now," he said as he withdrew his fingers and settled himself between her legs.

"Please don't hurt me, my Lord," she entreated him as he offered his stiff cock to her hole.

"Quiet girl, don't fuss," he said as he pushed his meat inside her.

"Aaaah! that feels nice!" he exclaimed as he started to move in and out of her. "What a nice tight little cunt you have."

My emotion was one of sympathy for the young woman being taken by the old man. I felt no arousal at all. Normally the scene would have gotten me hard, but I reached down and my cock was flaccid. I reached for my balls and it was then that I found the reason why I had not reacted as I normally would have done, I had no balls. I was a fucking eunuch!

My surprise and shock at my discovery turned my attention away from the scene I had been witnessing and it was the cry of the Vizier as he ejaculated into the girl that brought me back to my senses.

"Oh yes!" he cried as he came, "Oh yes, yes ,yes."

Still the girl made no sound, except perhaps a little sob.

The old man climbed off her and left the room. A few minutes later another young woman entered the room carrying a copper bowl. She knelt beside `Tibah` and began to wash her.

"There is a caravan heading to the west this evening, you can be on it if you wish." the new arrival said.

"I will go anywhere to be away from him," `Tibah` spat. "Get me a burka to cover myself and I will go tonight."

"Be prepared to leave in two hours," said the other girl.

"Where is she?" the Vizier enquired of me later that evening, "I am feeling amorous and want to enjoy that tight little cunt again. Bring her to me."

"She is gone," I replied,"gone where you will never find her."

The look of fury on the Vizier's face made me recoil in fear.

"You fucking useless piece of camel shit!" he screamed at me, "you are supposed to keep my women safe and secure, not let them run off when the mood takes them! What is the fucking point of keeping you if you do me no service?"

The Vizier picked up a large curved scimitar and swung it at me in a wide arc. I felt it make contact with my body and then nothing.

The pain in my chest when I awoke was unbearable. I clutched at my chest and groaned in agony. I thought I was having a heart attack. I pulled my ring from my finger hoping it was that causing my distress, it made no difference. I dropped it into the drawer in my bedside cabinet and crawled to the door. I managed to get the door open and crawled to the stairs hoping to wake Anka.

"Hello, can you hear me?" came a voice from above my head, "you are in hospital, you had a fall, can you tell me your name?"

"Philip, Philip Watson," I mumbled as I began to come round.

"Well Philip, nothing seems to be broken but we are going to run some tests, the nurse will look after you and we will send you for a scan tomorrow."

I focused and saw a young man looking at me, he was a doctor, I assumed. A young nurse was standing next to him.

"I thought I was having a heart attack," I told him.

"Your lodger found you at the bottom of the stairs and called the ambulance, she thought you had just taken a tumble."


"Anyway, we shall keep you in for a day or two to make sure you are o.k. Get some sleep now and we will get you sorted in the morning."

"Thank you doctor."

I lay back and slept like a log.

The ward I was in had twelve beds, all of which were occupied. Some of the patients had limbs in casts, others were probably recovering from operations or the like. I had been taken for a scan and had samples taken as usual. I sat up in bed and looked at my fellow `guests`, they seemed a nice looking bunch.

Visiting time came and a few people walked in and sat by their respective friends. A young man I recognised immediately came across to see James, the man in the bed next to mine. It was the young man from the toilet at the bar who had recognised Sean, or Marcus as he had called me.

The young man high-fived James and sat on a chair next to the bed. They began chatting about football and the food in the hospital and stuff. Then I heard something that made my ears prick up.

"I saw Marcus Wicks in the Apache bar," the young man told James, "he ain't gone missin'."

"Did you tell Reggie?" James asked.

"Yeah, and he is really pissed-off. The farmer has a consignment for Reggie and he only deals with Marcus, so Reggie is gettin' impatient to see him."

"What about that girl, what's her name, Jo-Jo?"

"Oh man she is really pissed with Marcus. She sayin' she need her man and he ain't nowhere to be found!"

"Why don't you look after her needs Willie?"

"Nah man, she only got eyes for the white boy, guess she just like tiny cock."

The man called Willie wiggled his little finger and laughed. James laughed out loud.

I felt the adrenaline rush as I listened to them speak. Marcus had a girlfriend and was involved in something that sounded very drug-related. I needed to find out about this Marcus.

The two friends chatted some more and then Willie left.

"Was that your son?" I asked James.

"Nah man," he replied, "he just a neighbour, feed me cat and thing."

"He seems very nice."

"Got to watch him, mixed with some real dodgy people."


"Him tell me about the white boy gone missin' for days, now he show up. Something funny goin' on."

"Who is the white boy?"

"His name is Marcus Wicks, lives Friarston or someplace. Why you interested?"

"Not really interested, just being nosey."

"Well if anyone asks, I didn't tell you nuttin' about him" James told me.

I changed the subject and chatted to James a bit more, but all I could think of was Marcus Wicks.

The next day I was told I could go home. I got up, dressed and left the ward. The doctor stopped me as I was about to leave.

"How did you get the marks on your chest?" he asked me.

"Marks?" I replied, "there is a faint round red mark that appeared a day or so ago, I was going to see my G.P. about it."

"I would have said the round mark was a bullet wound, but there is no internal damage. The slash mark is the one I wondered about. Have you been attacked by someone with a large sword?"

"No doctor, I haven't."

"Mmmm, strange. Anyway, you seem to just have had a panic attack and there is nothing to worry about, so off you go."

I took a cab home and phoned work to tell them what had happened to me. Debby answered the phone and sounded pleased to know I was o.k. She told me they had been a little concerned when I did not turn up for work, but expected me to phone sooner or later. I told her I was going to take the day off and would be back the next day. She said she would pass the message on.

I went straight to the main library in town and looked Marcus up on the electoral roll. I got an address and went there.

Marcus lived in a flat in a converted house. I entered the house and went up to the second floor. I pressed the bell to flat four and waited. After a few minutes I heard the door to one of the downstairs flats open. I looked down to see a very attractive young woman leaving the flat. I ran down the stairs.

"Hello," I said, "I am looking for Marcus, do you know if he is about?"

"Sorry," she replied, "I haven't seen him for days."

"Are these rented flats?"


"Can you give me the landlord's number,I really need to find him. I have tried phoning him, but I think he has been cut off."

"Our landlord is Brindle homes, their office is in town."

"Thanks, thanks very much."

"Tell him he owes me coffee and sugar when you find him," she called after me as I walked out of the front door.

I went home and phoned the landlord. I told them I was Marcus and I had lost my keys. They told me they had a spare and I could get a copy cut. I put my ring on.

"Here you are Mister Wicks," the young man at the landlord's office said as he handed me the key, "I have had a spare cut, you can keep that one."

I thanked him and went to my flat.

As I began to climb the stairs to my floor the woman I had seen earlier came into the building.

"Hello Marcus," she said to me, "there was a man looking for you earlier, did he catch up with you?"

"Yes, thanks, all sorted."

"Do you want to come in for a coffee?"

I looked at her and smiled. She must have been twenty six or so, quite full-bodied, very pretty face surrounded by shoulder length wavy dark brown hair. If she had an office nickname it would have been Adele. I wondered what our relationship was.

"Sure, o.k." I replied.

She showed me into her flat and I sat at her kitchen table while she made the coffee.

"So, where have you been? On one of your trips? Several people have been around here looking for you." she told me.

"I have had an accident. It has left me with a bit of amnesia. They say I am alright but it may take a while for my memory to fully recover."

"So do you know my name?" she asked.

"Could you help me out?"

"I'm Rosie, don't you remember my name?" she sounded surprised as she spoke.

"I am sorry Rosie, it is all a bit of a shock to me too."

"Next you will be telling me we don't go out together."

"Do we?"

Rosie laughed. She put my coffee in front of me and left the room. I sipped my coffee and thought what a good plan I had hatched to get information about Marcus.

"So you don't remember this," said a voice from behind me.

I turned to see Rosie wearing a large black t-shirt with the word `slut` in large print on the front. The t-shirt came down to just below her bum.

"Did I buy you that?" I said, pointing to the t-shirt.

"You might have,"she replied.

"Is the label right?"

"It is, for you Marcus."

I stood up and went to her. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to me. I kissed her forcefully on the mouth and she responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth. I pulled away.

"Bedroom," I said.

She led me to her bedroom, turned and began to unbutton my shirt. As she did so, I slipped off my jacket and began to undo my trousers. I dropped onto the bed, lifted my feet and unlaced my shoes. Rosie planted kisses on my back as I finished with my socks.

I pushed her down onto the bed on her back. She smiled at me and I at her. I put my hands under her t-shirt and ran them up her body. She let out a little moan of pleasure as she felt my hands on her breasts. She had nice large breasts which I massaged, tickling the nipples with my forefingers.

As I rubbed her boobs I looked down at her snatch. She had a beautiful brown bush surrounding two nice fleshy outer lips which were just begging to have my tongue on them.

She pulled her t-shirt up and, with a bit of wriggling, got it over her head and off. I looked at those beautiful boobs and sighed. I leaned over her and kissed her nipples, she put her hand on my head and ruffled my hair, all the while making little moaning and gasping sounds. I kissed my way down her tummy to her bush, this was what I had been wanting to do ever since I saw those labia. I kissed her outer lips softly and then I poked out my tongue and began to lick them.

"Oh Marcus," she whispered as she felt my tongue on her, "that is nice."

I probed her with my tongue, wriggling it in between her outer lips and opening her up to me. She was very wet, her juice flowed freely over the tip of my tongue. I could feel my cock throbbing with anticipation. I licked her out for a minute and then worked my tongue up to her clitoris. Her love bud was engorged, sticking out like a tiny cock. I rubbed it with the tip of my tongue, squashing it and wiggling it about.

"Oh yes!" she cried, "Oh Marcus! Oh fuck! Oh God!"

She started to wriggle about on the bed as she approached an orgasm, my chin was covered in her juice.

"Ooooooh! Aaahhhh!" she cried out as she came, her body twitching as she had her contractions.

I took my mouth away from her sopping wet cunt and looked up, she had her eyes closed as she concentrated on the pulses running through her belly.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked her once she had opened her eyes.

"In the bedside cabinet, don't you remember where we keep them?" she asked me.

"Sorry, no," I replied as I reached across and retrieved one.

I tore the packet open and slipped the condom onto my erect cock. Rosie spread her legs wide, ready to receive me. I got my hips between her open legs and my arms either side of her body. I lowered my body onto her and slipped my cock inside her.

"Oh that's nice," she told me as I began to move up and down on her.

"You are a slut, my beautiful slut," I told her as I fucked her.

The wonderful feeling of her tight wet cunt around my cock brought me off in a minute. My thrusting got faster as I felt my seed rise within me, any thought of holding back was forgotten as a frenzy of lust took over. I let out a cry as I filled the condom with my semen.

I pulled out of her and lay on the bed next to her.

"Wow, that was nice," I said.

She rolled over and rested her head on my chest. She planted a little kiss on my chest.

"I wish we could lie here all day, but I am supposed to be at work in less than an hour," she told me.

"Come on then," I said as I lifted her off me, "we mustn't stop the wheels of industry turning."

Rosie slid off the bed and went to shower and I got dressed.

Rosie told me she would be out until after midnight and asked to call me when she got home. I agreed readily, after all she was a beauty and if she was my girlfriend then that was fine by me.

I kissed her goodbye, went upstairs to my flat and let myself in.

Marcus's flat, my flat, was clean and tidy but did not have a homely feel to it. It felt almost as if Marcus did not intend to stay for long. There was the usual amount of furniture, but no accessories like pictures on the walls or souvenirs on the sideboard.

I looked in the bedside cabinet and found a passport, I looked inside it and there I was, Marcus Wicks. I rooted through the drawer but found nothing else of interest.

I went into the kitchen and found a wallet and next to it a car key. I opened up the wallet and found the most important document of all, a driving licence. I was Marcus Wicks and I could drive and I was going to be twenty-six years of age on June the tenth.

Now I knew something about myself. Hopefully, Rosie would fill in some more of the blanks.

I looked in the fridge, there was plenty of food in it. I took a few items out to check the dates, they were all in date, so Marcus had been here quite recently. I opened the milk and sniffed, it was starting to go off.

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