tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 05

An Old Head Ch. 05


I was awoken by a buzzing sound. I opened my eyes to see Anka getting out of bed. The sound was the alarm clock on her phone telling her to get up for work.

"I don't want you to leave," I told her.

"I have to go to work," she replied.

She gathered up her clothes and left the room. I felt disappointed that I was not going to get to lick her beautiful warm pussy before I got up. I looked at the clock on my bedside cabinet, it was six o'clock. I turned over and snoozed for a while.

I heard the front door close as she left my house. I smiled to myself as I thought about her body and wondered when I would get to fuck her again. The poolside scene came to mind again and I felt my balls tingle.

"No time for a wank now Sean, or Marcus or whatever your name is," I said aloud, "Phil needs to go to work."

I got up, made the bed, picked up my clothes and left the room. I went to my room on the third floor and removed my ring.

I breakfasted as Phil and left my house for work. As I walked to work I considered my options. I could ignore Marcus and just be Sean at home, nobody would think to look for Marcus in Cloughton, I assumed. I had Anka now and I could sneak round to Sarah's when I fancied some variety. As long as I kept a low profile I would be alright. But I was curious about Marcus and I knew that the women would want more than just evenings at home fucking.

"Good morning Phil," Said Debby as I entered our building, "how are you?"

"Much better, thanks," I replied.

"Well, you take it steady, we don't want you falling down any more."

I smiled at her, but I felt a little patronised by her. The concern she showed for the `old man` from work annoyed me slightly. I consoled myself with the memory of me as Major Potts and her as Candy, and I thought that perhaps Sean should get to know her.

I spent the day catching up on the backlog caused by my absence. At lunchtime I went to the staff room to catch up on the gossip.

"Have you heard?" Dennis Hunt asked me, "they are making Sarah a partner in the firm and giving her the Bertram accounts."

The Bertram family owned a large local building firm, responsible for some of the estates springing up in and around Barstow. They provided us with a lot of business.

"Well, I am sure she deserves it," I replied.

I wondered if she would want to celebrate her promotion with Sean. I considered whether to call on her that evening or stay in with Anka. Then again, Debby needed to be given a good `seeing-to` for her comment about my `fall`.

It was hard to immerse myself in work with all these women on my mind, but I got down to it and finished the day quite satisfied with my efforts. I spoke to Debby on the way out.

"Any plans for the evening?" I asked nonchalantly.

"It's my gym night tonight Phil," she replied, "got to keep fit, us young ones need to look after our bodies."

"Right, that's it," I thought to myself, "You, young lady, are going to get fucked every which way by my boy Sean."

I went home and changed. Sean left the house at about seven, carrying a sports bag with a t-shirt and shorts in it and headed back towards work.

I had a pretty good idea which gym Debby would use, my firm did the accounts for a local gym and they had given us several complimentary memberships, I guessed one of which had found it's way into Debby's hands.

The gym was just off Victoria road, not far from our building and as soon as I entered the premises I saw her on a running machine.

I enquired about a temporary membership and was sold one on the spot. I went to the changing room and got changed.

I used a rowing machine and watched her from across the gym. She was concentrating on her exercise and did not notice me. I watched her and noticed the sweat on her face. I saw how her boobs, held firmly in place by a sports bra, were trying to bob up and down. I saw her tight little ass wiggle slightly as she ran on the spot. I really had not looked at her properly before, she was a very attractive young woman.

After a while she stopped her machine and went off towards the changing rooms. I finished my exercise and went to change too.

I went to the bar and ordered a juice, hoping that she would stop for a drink before she left. She entered the bar a few minutes later and ordered a juice. I waited, hoping she wold notice me, but would she recognise me?

"Hello," she said as she came towards me, "remember me?"

"Oh hi," I replied, "yes, you were there when I met Sarah."

"I didn't know you lived around here, Sarah told us at work you lived in Dorset or somewhere."

"I moved here last week, I am lodging not far from here."

"Oh, she will be pleased."

"Don't tell her, please. I want to surprise her."

"Or maybe keep your options open?"

That last remark coupled with the look on her face made my balls tingle, she was interested!

"Maybe I do," I replied, smiling.

"So, if you are new to town, perhaps you might like someone to show you around a bit."

"Yes, that would be nice. How about this evening?"

"Sorry, I have to get home, maybe at the weekend? Give me your number and I will call you."

"Oh, o.k." I said, disappointed. I gave her my number and she tapped it into her phone. Then she texted me.

She finished her juice and got up to go.

"Laters," she said as she walked away.

I swear to God, she accentuated the wiggle of her ass as she walked away from me. I could feel my cock stiffen as I watched her leave. She would call me? The little bitch was playing hard to get.

The only girl on my mind that evening was Debby. I didn't care if Anka was at home or not. I had to have Debby. I guessed I would have to wait until the weekend and see what happened.

As it turned out, Anka was not at home, or if she was, she was hiding in her room. I knocked on her door, but there was no response. I was not really that bothered, I was obsessing with Debby.

I had an idea. What if I really concentrated on Debby and went to bed wearing my ring? Would I have one of those amazing dreams? I decided to give it a try. I went to Sean's room and went to bed.

I could not stop coughing. I was practically retching, I coughed so hard.

"Lord above, Tom!" came a voice from behind me as I felt a hard slap on my back, "you ain't got long left!"

"I'll be o.k. if you just stop hitting me," I replied.

I looked around me. I was sitting at a small table in what was obviously a saloon in the wild west of America. I turned to see who had slapped me and there she was, Sarah.

She was dressed in the stereotypical whorehouse madame's costume you see in the movies, full bodice, long flowing skirts.

"You want another whisky?" she asked me, "or do you wan to go upstairs? I got a new girl, all the way from Paris, France. You can have her for a dollar."

"He ain't got a dollar!" came a shout from across the saloon, "the old fool ain't hit pay dirt in twenty years!"

I looked over to see who was putting me down. I saw Dennis from work, only dressed as a store keeper.

"You leave him be, Pete," said Sarah, or whatever her name was this time, "Old Tom is entitled to a good time like anybody."

A silver dollar landed on my table.

"Have her on me," said a voice from my left.

I looked over to see James, the man from the bed next to mine in hospital, dressed as the Sheriff.

"Thanks Sheriff," I said as I stood up.

I walked across the saloon and started up the stairs. My legs felt a bit stiff as I climbed the stairs.

"Second on the right," 'Sarah' called after me.

I had no idea what I looked like, but I felt old, older than I felt when I was Phil. I looked at my hands, they were not heavily wrinkled or arthritic, just leathery and calloused. My clothing looked dusty and well worn. I sniffed, I needed a wash.

I opened the door, hoping to see Debby. I was surprised and more than a little aroused with what I did see. She was naked, laying on the bed, one leg straight, one bent slightly at the knee, showing off the most beautiful blonde bush I have ever seen. Lexi.

I saw Lexi as a very attractive young woman, and I had often thought about what she would look like with little or no clothes on. I supposed this was what she would look like naked. The long legs, slim waist and firm buttocks I liked in a woman were all on display. The small pert breasts with their rosy red nipples looked so inviting. This whore had shoulder length hair, where Lexi had her hair in a bob, but the face was definitely Lexi's.

"Put the money on the side mister," she said, pointing to a dressing table to her left.

I crossed the room and put my silver dollar down. I looked in the mirror on the dressing table. I looked about fifty or so, but weather worn and grubby.

"Put some hog's grease on it mister, I'm a bit dry," she said, pointing to a jar on the dressing table.

I opened the jar and saw what looked like lard. I dipped my fingers in the contents of the jar, dropped my trousers, opened the fly in my long johns and rubbed the hog's grease over my stiffening penis.

Lexi, or whatever her name was, spread her legs in anticipation of being fucked. I pulled my trousers right off and unbuttoned my shirt. I stood there in my long johns, my stiff, grease covered cock sticking out of the fly at the front.

I climbed onto the bed and got my hips between her legs. I put my mouth to her left nipple and gently suckled on it. I heard her sigh, not with pleasure, but with boredom. I took my mouth away and looked at her face. She looked at me and then looked away.

I held my cock at the entrance to her cunt, wriggled the head between her puffy cunt lips and forced it inside her. I heard a slight intake of breath as I filler her tight, dry cunt.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked.

"No, I'm alright mister, you just get on with it will ya?"

I did as she asked and began thrusting in and out, my greased up cock slipping in and out of her, stimulated by her tight cunt.

"Oh!" I cried as I shot my load off inside her. The feeling when you come inside a woman is exquisite. All the frustration I had felt when Debby had walked away from me was expunged by ejaculating in this beautiful young whore.

I climbed off of her and began to dress. She reached over, picked up a cloth and wiped herself off.

"Jeez mister, I gotta go wash now. You sure put a lot of stuff in me," she said as she got up from the bed.

Then I started coughing again. I coughed so hard I doubled up.

"You sure don't sound good mister," she said, sounding concerned.

I turned to speak to her and coughed up blood. A stream of blood shot from my mouth and landed on her breasts.

"Ugh!" she cried, "what are you doing?"

I coughed up more blood and collapsed onto the floor.

I awoke with a jolt. I was unable to draw breath without feeling the most indescribable pain in my chest. I guessed I was having another panic attck and tried to stay calm. I tried to take shalow breaths to ease the pain. I got slowly out of bed, noticing that I had ejaculated a copious amount of semen onto the sheet.

I crept out of my room and climbed the stairs to Phil's room. I went in and removed my ring. The pain was getting worse so I phoned for an ambulance. I managed to put my pyjamas on and make my way to the front door. I opened the door and waited for the ambulance.

As soon as I saw it pull up outside my house I passed out.

"Well Mr. Watson," said the doctor, the next day, "It looks as if you have picked up a chest infection. A course of antibiotics should sort it out, but we shall keep you in for a couple of days to be safe." I was relieved at not having had something worse but annoyed at being out of action for a day or two.

As it turned out, James from the bed next to mine the previous time I was in hospital was in the bed next to me again.

"Chest infection," he told me, "picked it up last time I was in here. That's the trouble with hospitals, full of sick people."

I smiled at his gallows humour. I tried to take the opportunity to find out what he knew about Marcus.

"If you want to play detective," James told me, "try going to the Chequers cafe in St. Isaacs. But be careful my friend, be very careful."

Eventually I was allowed to go home. I took a cab to my house. Once at home, I phoned work. I was told to rest for a day or two and then go in for a meeting with Sidney Spence, one of the partners. I thought that sounded a bit ominous.

I spent the day catching up on work from home and as the time for Anka to come home approached, I prepared a meal. I had stripped Sean's bed and washed the semen soaked sheet and duvet cover, and had made the bed, hoping to get her in it that evening. I put on my ring and waited.

She walked through the front door at about seven. I walked out of the living room into the hall to greet her. She offered me her lips and I kissed her fairly forcefully, as I was feeling quite randy.

"Mmm," she said, pulling away from the embrace, "did you miss me?"

"Oh Anka, I have missed you so much," I replied.

"Then stop going missing."

"I have to go to work, I'm afraid."

She put her hand on my chest and gave me a little push.

"Then change your job," she told me.

She walked towards the kitchen, sniffing the air.

"Something smells nice" she said.

"I cooked," I replied, "It looks as if Phil is away again. Have you told him to change his job too?"

She just laughed.

We ate together and chatted about Barstow and how much Anka liked the city. She asked me if I would show her around. I told her that I was not a native, she should get Phil to do it. I did not want Marcus to be spotted again.

"Will you come to my room tonight?" I asked her, after we had finished eating.

"Yes," she replied.

I left the washing up and, taking her by the hand, led her up the stairs to Sean's room.

We stood, looking into each other's eyes. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. She really was beautiful.

We stripped each other slowly, relishing the removal of our clothes, revealing our bodies to each other.

"Oh!" I exclaimed as I pulled her panties down, "you have shaved."

"Yes," she replied, "that's better, isn't it?"

I was a bit disappointed, I like a girl to have a nice bush, but it seems the younger generation like to be bald down there.

"Mmm," I lied, "much nicer."

I knelt in front of her and put my face to her smooth mons veneris. I kissed the smooth skin. I poked my tongue out and licked her. She put her hands to her cunt lips and pulled them apart for me. I licked her inner lips and worked my way to her clitoris.

"Oh Sean," she sighed as my tongue stimulated her clit, "that feels so nice."

She stood, legs apart as I worked on her with my tongue. I slipped the two middle fingers of my right hand up inside her, she was soaking wet. I felt around inside her cunt, searching for her g-spot. She began to twitch.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, "this is so nice!"

Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor as she climaxed. She rolled around on the floor moaning as she had her orgasm. I watched her come, my cock leaking pre-cum, yearning to be inside her.

I took her on the floor. As soon as she had stopped rolling around I grabbed hold of her legs and spread them apart. I got in between her thighs and rammed my stiff cock into her hot, wet cunt.

I fucked her hard and fast, slamming my cock in and out with short, violent thrusts. I was in a frenzy to unload myself in her.

"Oh Jesus fucking Christ!" I shouted as I ejaculated a huge amount of semen into her.

"Oh Sean!" she cried in reply as she had a second orgasm.

I lay on top of her as I came down from the dizzy height of my climax.

"Oh Anka! I am so sorry!" I cried as I realised I had not put on a condom, "I did not use a condom."

"Don't worry," she replied, smiling, "I am using contraception and I am sure you are clean."

"Yes I am," I reassured her.

We got up off the floor and climbed into bed together. I put my arms around her and we went to sleep.

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