tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 13

An Old Head Ch. 13


I went to work the next morning anticipating a busy day and I was not disappointed, Debby had plenty for me to do whilst she phoned around following up on leads for new clients.

Lunchtime in the staff room was quiet, there wasn't much gossip except that Dennis Hunt had managed to break his wrist in a climbing accident.

Tibah was at work that day and I managed to get her alone in one of the offices.

"I am sorry if I troubled you at the party," I told her.

"No, it's fine," she replied, "Alison was quite concerned by what you said, but she is over it now."

"Can I meet with her and apologise in person?" I asked.

"Give me your number and I will get her to text you if she is willing to see you."

"I can ask for no more."

I left her alone in the office and went back to work.

I went home after work and put my ring on. I left as Sean and went to the gym. Debby was there, working on her body, making it even more desirable than it already was, if that were possible. She really was a beauty.

"Hi," she said as she came over to me in the bar later on.

"Oh hello," I replied, "I got your text."

"I can see that," she replied, smiling,"that's why you're here."

"No, I was coming anyway," I told her,"and now I am leaving."

I finished my juice, got off my bar stool and walked away. I wiggled my ass a little bit as I went. I had a big grin on my face.

The next day was Friday and I was hoping to leave before lunchtime. Debby had other ideas. She seemed to be in a bit of a mood and tried her hardest to find complicated and tedious things for me to do. Maybe Sean was starting to get to her.

"I am feeling a bit dizzy," I told her at about twelve, "I think I ought to go home."

"Go on then," she snapped, "I can manage, I shall bloody well have to."

I pictured her as Candy and wished that Major Potts had fucked her in her ass, and bloody hard too.

Once out of the building I walked home very briskly. I put on my ring and changed my clothes. I left my house and found a cab on Victoria road to take me to meet Polly.

The restaurant I had been invited to lunch at was one of the most salubrious on the waterside development, near the centre of town. As I walked through the door I noticed that the diners were all very well dressed and very handsome or beautiful. Another noticeable thing was that in most instances there was an age gap between the couples, so me being with Polly would not look out of place.

"Good afternoon sir," said a waiter as he approached me, "do you have a reservation?"

"I am here to meet Mrs. Bertram," I told him.

"Ah, right this way sir," he said as he led me to the table.

He stopped and pulled a chair out, I was a little confused, Polly was not sitting at the table, instead there was a beautiful looking Blonde in her late twenties, an Amanda Seyfried lookalike if ever there was one.

"You will have to explain," I said to the waiter.

"Bloody Polly," interrupted the blonde, "she has set us up. She isn't going to turn up I bet."

"Mrs. Bertram has told us that she will settle the bill for this table," the waiter told us, "so please do enjoy yourselves."

"Come on, sit down," the blonde said to me, "we might as well have lunch now that we're here."

I sat opposite her and smiled at her, she really was very good looking. She smiled back.

"Nina," she said to me, holding out her hand.

"Sean," I replied, taking it and shaking it. I noticed that she had a very firm grip.

"So, how do you know Polly?" she asked me.

"I only met her at the Bertram's party last Sunday. Were you there?"

"No, I couldn't make it."

"How do you know her?"

"I am one of her charity cases. She likes a good cause, does Polly."

"I am sorry, you are going to have to explain."

"Come round here," Nina told me waving me to her side of the table.

I stood and stepped around the table. Nina lifted the table cloth and I saw that she had no legs.

"Oh" I whispered, and sat back down.

She looked at me, waiting for the obvious question.

"Go on then, tell me," I said.

"IED Afghanistan, just over two years ago."

"I'm sorry. There's nothing more I can say."

"I am learning to live with it, or rather without them."

"Shall we order?"

"Yeah, go on, she's paying."

So we ordered and ate together. Nina told me about her time in the army and I told her as little about myself as I could. She seemed to like telling me things about herself, so I just listened.

"You know what she wants you to do after we finish eating, don't you?" Nina said to me.

"I guess I am supposed to be some sort of treat for you?"

"Exactly. Polly thinks I need a good shagging and you have drawn the short straw."

"And do you?"

"I haven't had a man for a while, so yes, I guess I do."

"Where shall we go?"

"My place, I guess."

"Hang on, I have an idea."

I slipped under the table and got on my hands and knees. Nina was wearing trousers which had been cut off and stitched over, covering her stumps which were about eight inches long. I reached up and unbuttoned the waist band. She slapped my hand as I fumbled with her zip.

"Stop it!" she whispered, "you can't, not here!"

I got the zip down and pulled at her trousers. She wriggled her bottom and they slid off her. My balls started to tingle as I took in the sight of her lacy red panties. I poked my tongue out and licked the end of her left stump. There was no reaction.

I licked the inside edge of her thigh and heard her give a little whimper. She spread her stumps apart, allowing me to get my head further in. I licked further up, getting close to the gusset of her panties.

"Ouch!" I said quietly as my head bumped on the underside of the table. I heard her let out a little giggle when she heard me. I withdrew my head from between her thighs and put the two middle fingers of my right hand against her panties, then I started to gently rub her.

I pressed her panties a little way into her slit, the material grew darker as it became wetted by her juice. Her hand came down and pushed mine away, I tried to get round it but she was having none of it.

"Stop!" she whispered, "you are making a spectacle of me. People are looking at me fidgeting around on my chair!"

"Is there anything wrong miss?" I heard the waiter say to her, "has your companion left?"

I looked down to see his shoes, he was standing just to her left.

"No, everything is fine" she replied to him, "my friend has just popped to the loo, he will be back in a second."

"Very well miss," he said as he turned and walked away.

I picked up her trousers and slipped them back up over her stumps, she wriggled her ass and pulled them up over her panties and did them up. I carefully got back into my seat. I saw a couple looking over at me, the girl smiled a dirty smile, her older male companion winked at me. I smiled back.

"Get me out of here now!" Nina hissed at me, "you are a complete bloody embarrassment!"

"You enjoyed it though, didn't you?"

"Fuck off!" she whispered as a very wide grin appeared on her beautiful face.

The waiter brought her wheelchair over and she hoisted herself across and onto it. I could see where her firm grip came from, she obviously had very good upper body strength.

"Shall I push you, or would you rather I didn't?" I asked her.

"You may push me, my good man," she replied.

I pushed her out of the restaurant and into the street.

"What now?" I asked.

"Hail a cab, moron," she replied.

I did as ordered and a cab pulled up next to us. The driver folded the wheel chair and put it in the boot after I had picked Nina up and gently slid her onto the back seat. It felt really nice holding her in my arms.

Nina gave the driver her address and we drove away from the restaurant in a southerly direction.

She lived in a bungalow in a semi-rural village just outside Barstow. It was the sort of place people go to retire, full of well kept gardens and newish practical cars. She was probably one of the youngest inhabitants.

The taxi drove in through the gates to her house and stopped just in front of the front door. The driver got out, took her wheelchair from the boot and unfolded it. I got out and reached in to get her out. She put her arms around my neck and I lifted her out of the cab.

"Wait here a second," she said to the driver,"my friend will come back and pay you."

I carried her to the front door, she tapped a code into a pad on the door frame and the door unlocked. She pushed it open. I carried her in. The ground floor was open plan and I carried her to the sofa and set her down. I went out, paid the driver and carried her folded wheelchair back inside.

Nina had started to undress whilst I had been outside and when I returned I was presented with the sight of her in just her red lacy matching bra and panties.

"Christ you look good!" I told her, "they should be queuing up for a go on you."

"Get your kit off and get over here!" she ordered me.

I stripped in a hurry, I wanted to get my hands on those firm looking breasts and kiss those luscious lips. I walked towards her, stark naked, my penis beginning to stiffen. She looked at it and licked her lips.

"Stand in front of me," she ordered.

I stood directly in front of her, my shins against the edge of the sofa. She pushed her body forward and opened her mouth, then she took my length in her mouth and closed her lips around it. She started to suck on my now rock hard cock.

"Oh fuck that feels good," I told her.

She started bobbing her head back and forth on my cock, her lips rubbing along the shaft and her tongue working on the head. I was getting close to climax. When her nose was pressed right up against my belly I could feel the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat. I knew that if I didn't stop her doing this to me I would come very soon.

"I am going to come," I told her.

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and mumbled something as she continued to suck me off. I could feel it coming but there was no way I was going to stop her doing this to me.

"Oh FUCK!" I cried as I shot my load down her throat. I could feel my cock throb and send squirt after squirt of my seed straight down into her esophagus.

My cock went limp inside her mouth and she pulled away from me. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Amazing," I replied, "how did you do that? You didn't seem to swallow more than once."

"A trick I was taught by my physio," she told me, "I just let it flow down."

I leaned over her and cupped her head in my hands. I turned her face up to mine and kissed her on her lips, her tongue came out and pushed it's way into my mouth, my tongue began to play with hers, they were like two snakes dancing. She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself up towards me, I put mine around her body and hugged her tightly. I could feel her stumps pressed against my flanks, the material of her bra and panties rubbing against my body.

I fumbled around with her bra and managed to undo it. I pushed her back onto the sofa and she released her grip on me. I took her bra off her and threw it across the room. I looked at her firm round breasts and sighed.

"Oh, you are lovely," I told her.

She did not reply, she just smiled.

I put my mouth to her left nipple and began to suckle, she put her arms around me again and pulled me onto her. She let out a little sigh. My hands went down and took hold of her panties. I wriggled them down, over her ass and off. I looked down to see the most beautiful, neatly trimmed blonde bush. I left off my suckling of her lovely tit and kissed my way down to her snatch.

She rolled onto her side on the sofa and then wriggled around until she was on her back. She spread her stumps wide, allowing me full access to her lovely cunt. I lay on the sofa, got my head down and started to eat her out, my tongue wriggling it's way between her labia and pushing inside her as deep as I could poke it.

"You know what you're doing, don't you," she whispered, "you must practice a lot."

"Mmmmm," I mumbled as I licked her wet twat, loving every moment of it.

I worked my tongue in and out of her, up and down her slit, round and round on her clit and she moaned aloud as I brought her to climax.

"Oh God, Sean!" she cried, "oh babe that is nice!"

Her stumps came together and nearly crushed my head when she finally had her orgasm, she cried out, arched her back and put her hand in her mouth to stifle the scream she let out as she came.

I managed to wrest my head from the vice that gripped it and sat back on the floor.

"God I needed that," she told me, "now carry me to the bedroom."

I picked her up and she directed me to her bedroom. I placed her gently on the bed.

"Open the top drawer in that chest," she told me, pointing to a chest of drawers to the side of the room, "and take the little bottle of pills out."

I went to the chest, opened the top drawer and found the little bottle she was referring to. I showed it to her.

"Now take two," she told me, "and we shall see what happens."

I am normally quite suspicious of taking pills of any kind, but I was feeling adventurous, so I did as she told me. I looked at her, she had a glint in her eye.

After about a minute my penis became very stiff, very stiff indeed.

"Crikey!" I said, "what were they?"

"Something special," she told me, "now get that poker in me and fuck me senseless!"

I climbed onto the bed and positioned my rock hard cock at the entrance to her sopping wet cunt, then I pushed it inside her.

"Oh yes!" she cried as she felt it fill her.

I started to fuck her as fast as I could, trying to do it like Gary had done it to Lucy. I knew it would be quick, but I just wanted to ejaculate again. I rammed my cock in and out of her like a man possessed and she held on to me, not allowing me to miss my target.

After a minute or two I realised that I wasn't coming at all. I wanted to come, I could feel something stirring in me, but it just would not come out, it was almost as if a stopper had been fitted in my cock or my balls. I tried to thrust faster, to stimulate my cock even more than it was already, the sense of nearly coming but not coming was both exciting and so frustrating.

"Oh fuck, this is nice!" she screamed as she came for the second time that day.

"I want to come!" I cried,"but I can't."

"Keep fucking!" she cried, "keep fucking!"

My back was starting to ache and then I got a cramp in my left leg.

"AAARGH!" I screamed as the pain of the cramp took over.

I rolled off the bed and rolled around on the floor clutching my leg.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" I screamed as I tried to massage away the pain.

"Oh you poor baby," she laughed as she watched my discomfort, "at least you have a leg to get a cramp in."

Eventually the pain passed and I lay on the floor recovering. My cock was still as stiff as a steel bar and I was still desperate to ejaculate. She looked at me and smiled.

"You need to come, don't you, you poor thing," she said as she rolled herself off the bed and scrabbled over to me.

She pulled herself on top of me and wriggled her way down, positioning her cunt above my cock. She reached down, took hold of it and poked it between her cunt lips.

"Push," she told me.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down, impaling her on my cock.

"Oh fuck!" she cried as she felt her body pushed onto my pole.

She put her hands on the floor either side of me and started riding me. Her muscular arms working her torso up and down, her tits rubbing against my chest.

"Oh yes!" I exclaimed as I felt my seed beginning to rise once again.

I started to thrust upwards with my hips as she pumped her body on me. We were both sweating and grimacing as we worked our way to paradise.

"Ooooooh!" she moaned as she had yet another orgasm.

"Ugh!" was all I could manage as, at last, my seed left my body.

Nina lay on me, panting. I lay under her, panting just as hard.

"Don't ever make me take those pills again," I told her.

"Why not? You loved it really," she laughed.

"I might not survive next time," I told her.

She rolled off me and I got up off the floor and picked her up. I kissed her on the lips and carried her to the bed.

"I need a piss," she told me, "carry me to the bathroom."

I carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the loo.

"Go outside," she told me, "I don't want you to watch."

I went outside, but I listened to her taking that piss. I love listening to girls pissing.

"Finished?" I called, knowing that she had.

"Yes," she replied, "come and get me."

I went in and picked her up. I carried her to the sink and she washed her hands.

"You don't really need to be carried, do you?" I asked her.

"Of course I don't you idiot" she said, softly, "I just like being in a man's arms."

I carried her back to the bedroom and set her down gently. I got into bed next to her and we settled down for a nice cuddle.

"I'm glad Polly got us hooked up," she said, "you are quite good looking and not too bad at fucking."

"Well you," I replied, "are beautiful and bloody lovely to fuck."

We napped for a couple of hours, wrapped in each other's arms.

The sound of the front door being opened woke me up.

"Hi honey!" I heard a female voice call, "I brought us supper. Where are you?"

"In bed!" Nina called in reply.

"Who's that?" I whispered to her.

"That's Suzie," she replied, "my physio, well more than that now."

The door opened and I was presented with what could only be described as an Ellie Goulding double. She had her hair tied back in a pony tail, but otherwise she was the spitting image of the famous songstress.

"Ooh, who are you?" she asked, looking directly at me.

"This is Sean," Nina answered, "Polly Bertram set us up on a blind lunch date."

"Which obviously went very well by the seem of things."

"Not too bad," said Nina as she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Do you want to stay for your tea?" Suzie asked me.

"That would be nice," I replied.

"I shall go and prepare it while you lazy sods get your asses out of that flea-pit then."

"Does she live here with you?" I asked.

"No, she just calls round when she feels like it. Makes me a meal now and then and hangs out."

"She seems very nice."

"Oh she is," purred Nina.

I carried Nina to the bathroom and she dismissed me, telling me she would only be distracted by my presence. I went back to the bedroom and dressed.

Nina came into the bedroom on her hands and stumps and told me to go and keep Suzie company while she dressed. I did as I was told.

"She's nice, isn't she?" Suzie said to me when I was standing in the kitchen watching her cook.

"She is very nice and very attractive," I replied, "I can't see why she is still single."

"Oh, she's a player, a slut, a scrubber," came the reply, "she just likes to fuck around."

"Jesus!" I exclaimed, "we didn't use protection!"

"That's Nina for you, the thrill of the unknown. Don't worry Sean, she only goes with nice clean men, usually older married ones who she knows are safe."

"Thank fuck for that!"

"Thank fuck for what?" came Nina's voice from behind me.

"Suzie was just telling me how you like to sleep around. I should have known really, we had only known each other for five minutes and you had my cock down your throat."

"Yeah, sorry about that, I raped you didn't I?" Nina said sounding sarcastic.

"Stop squabbling and sit at the table," Suzie told us, "your tea is ready."

Nina grabbed hold of the table and hoisted herself up onto a chair. We sat and ate a very nice meal of fish and veg. The women chatted about girly stuff and didn't seem to want to know much about me at all.

"I think you should show Sean your lovely legs," Suzie told Nina, "you shouldn't be shuffling around on your stumps all the time."

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