tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 29

An Old Head Ch. 29


Reggie had summoned me to a meeting at a cafe on Birmingham road called 'Brill'.

"Good morning Reggie," I said as I walked towards his table in the covered area outside of the cafe.

"Hi Marcus," he replied, motioning me to sit with him, "please sit. Let me get you a coffee."

He looked towards the counter and a beautiful young red-head nodded back to him.

"What's it about?" I asked him.

"I'm retiring," he answered, "the Chongs have beaten me, I don't want any of my boys ending up in hospital any more."

"No you're not," came a voice from behind me, "we need to talk."

Reggie looked up and I turned in my seat to see who had spoken. A rather large man, probably in his late forties or early fifties with a shaved head was looking at Reggie.

"Who are you?" Reggie asked the man.

"Detective inspector Francis Shaw," he replied, "but you can call me Frank. Do you have an office Reggie?"

"Yes, out the back," Reggie said, getting up from his chair, "follow me."

I looked puzzled, probably because I was fucking puzzled!

"You had better come too Marcus," said Shaw, "after all, you are one of his boys, aren't you?"

"Er, yes,I guess I am. Is this your place Reggie?" I asked.

"Didn't you know that Marcus?" Shaw said to me, "I wonder what else you don't know about Reggie."

Reggie led us past the counter, pausing to speak to the red-head.

"Could you bring three coffees to the office please Bea?" he asked her.

"Yes Reggie," she replied.

The office was at the back of the building. There was a desk, a filing cabinet and four chairs crammed into a room about ten feet square. Reggie sat behind the desk and Shaw and I sat more or less facing him. Reggie looked at Shaw expectantly.

"I shall cut to the chase," said Shaw, "you sell a lot of weed to the young of Barstow and I don't have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is when it progresses to something harder. The Chongs are into heroin and if they take over the distribution of weed they will also push the hard stuff. It won't be long before we have drug-related deaths in our fair city."

"And?" said Reggie.

"So I have had a word with Lyn Chong," replied Shaw, "I have let her know that she and her gang must leave you alone. She will get out of Barstow if you stop trying to sell further afield and leave the midlands to her."

"And you will leave us alone too?" asked Reggie.

"Have I ever had one of your boys arrested yet?"

"No, but only because I thought we were being careful."

"Oh Reggie," laughed Shaw, "you are so naive sometimes. So do we have an understanding?"

"Yes," said Reggie.

Just then Bea brought in our coffees.

"She's gorgeous," said Shaw as Bea left the office, "I do like a red-head."

"Do you want to fuck her?" Reggie asked him.

I was shocked, was Reggie running whores too?

"You don't run whores Reggie," said Shaw, "who is she?"

"My little bitch," he replied, "she will do anything I tell her."

My balls went mental! Tingling was not the word!

"Well, get her back in here then," said Shaw, "we'll seal the deal by sharing a girl. I expect you would like a go on her as well, Marcus, or have you had the pleasure already?"

"I-would-love-to-fuck-her," I stammered.

"Where's that Wicks confidence?" Shaw laughed, "caught you out there, didn't I?"

I nodded dumbly.

Reggie got up from the desk and went to the door, opened it and called Bea in.

"Yes Reggie?" she asked once she was back in the room.

"This is Frank," he said indicating Shaw, "and this is Marcus," indicating me, "I want you to be nice to them, you will be nice to them won't you?"

"If you want me to, I will," Bea replied, "you know I will do anything for you master."

"Tell her to get her knickers off," Shaw said to Reggie.

"Do what Frank says, please," Reggie said to Bea.

She reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She noticed me put my hands out and she threw them to me. I bunched them up and held them to my face. I inhaled deeply.

"Nice?" Reggie asked.

"Mmmm," I replied.

"Come here," Shaw told her.

Bea took a couple of steps towards him and stood next to him, Shaw put his hand up her skirt.

"Nice furry pussy," he murmured as he felt around under her skirt.

"Put your finger in me," Bea told him, "I want your finger in me."

'Fucking hell!' I thought to myself, 'she is a proper little slut!'

"Is she wet?" Reggie asked Shaw.

"She's getting there," Shaw replied.

Bea let out a little moan as Shaw's finger stimulated her. I could feel my cock stiffening, straining at my underpants to be released.

"Yes there, touch me there," moaned Bea as Shaw found her clitoris with his finger.

"Do you want to go first Marcus?" Shaw asked me, "because you are going to split your trousers if you don't get your old man out soon."

I stood up, undid my trousers and pulled them and my underpants down to my knees. My stiff cock sprang out in front of me.

"Get your skirt down and bend over that desk," Shaw told Bea as he took his hand away from her.

She did as she was told, she unzipped her skirt and wriggled it down over her hips and off. Shaw gave her a playful slap on her ass as she walked to the desk.

I stood up and went over to her. I got into position behind her and held the tip of my cock at her cunt, then I pushed forwards and it slipped inside her.

"Oh," she murmured as my length disappeared inside her tight, wet cunt.

"What's she like?" Shaw asked me.

"Wonderful," was the only word I could think of to describe the feeling.

I pushed her shirt up, revealing her flawless pale skin. I took hold of her slim waist and began to pump in and out, her tight smooth cunt felt like a velvet glove around my ramrod-stiff cock.

Reggie stood up on the other side of the desk and got his cock out. He offered the stiff black member to her and she started to suck on it greedily.

"How long did it take you to train her Reggie?" asked Shaw.

"I didn't," Reggie replied, "she said she wanted to be my submissive slut after I had known her for only a week or so, she just gets off on being used by men."

"Sounds like someone I know, " I said, thinking of Rosie Morris.

"Have you passed her round much yet?" asked Shaw as he watched me fucking her and her sucking Reggie off.

"This is her first outing, for me anyway," answered Reggie.

"I'm coming," I declared as I ejaculated inside the bitch, putting a good sized load in her.

"Me too," grunted Reggie as he shot off in her mouth.

I could hear her swallowing his seed as I stood behind her, my cock softening inside her.

"My turn now, I think," said Shaw.

I pulled out of the girl and turned to see Shaw advancing towards her, his large stiff penis clad in a condom. I looked down at it.

"It's not personal Marcus," he said to me, "but I would rather not have my cock swimming in another man's spunk."

"Uh!" groaned Bea as she felt Shaw shove his cock inside her.

"Is that nice girly?" he said as he began to fuck her.

"Yes uncle Frank," she said in a soft voice, "it feels so nice, I want you to make me come."

Shaw started slowly, sliding his length all the way out and then all the way in again, but soon the lust took over and he began to thrust more animatedly, pounding her against the desk.

"Fucking hell, she's hot!" exclaimed Shaw as Bea pushed back against his thrusts and shook her head from side to side.

"Fuck me Frankie!" she shouted, "Fuck me!"

"Oh God, she's a hot little thing," said Shaw as he pounded his cock in and out of her, "I think you should give her to me to keep, Reggie."

"Perhaps I will," said Reggie, "If you look after me, it is only proper that I do something for you."

"Would you like that slut?" said Shaw to Bea, "to be given to me to do with as I please?"

"Fuck me! Just fuck me!" squealed Bea as she approached her climax.

"Oh yes!" cried Shaw, stopping his thrusting and obviously coming.

"Oooooh!" cried Bea as she came, her nails scraping the desk, her head thrown back, her back arched.

They stood still, locked in a moment of sexual peak, Shaw emptying his balls into the condom, Bea's vagina contracting, pulsating, squeezing him.

"Jesus, that was the best I have ever had," said Shaw finally.

"Oh uncle Frank," said Bea, "I want to be yours. Please give me to him Reggie, please."

I stood there dumbfounded. Was I having another of those weird dreams I had when I forgot to take my ring off when I was alone at night? I pinched myself to make sure this was real.

Shaw pulled out of Bea, gave her ass another gentle slap and pulled up his trousers and pants. Bea straightened up and stayed standing by the desk.

"Does that mean I lose a waitress?" said Reggie.

"No, of course not," replied Shaw, "but from now on, no-one else puts a finger on her, got me?"

"Fine by me," said Reggie, "I was worried that Denice might find out about her anyway."

I looked inquisitively at Reggie.

"Christ almighty!" said Shaw, "you know fuck-all about your boss, don't you Marcus. Denice is his wife."

"Oh," I replied.

"Don't mind him," said Reggie to Shaw, "he had a knock on his head a few weeks ago and lost a lot of his memory."

"As long as he remembers who's boss, eh Reggie?"

"Quite right Frank."

Shaw took Bea's phone number and left. Bea put her skirt back on and retrieved her panties from my pocket, I pouted at her, I wanted them as a keepsake.

"Are you o.k. with what has just happened?" Reggie asked Bea.

"Yes Reggie," she replied, "he is big and strong, just how I like a man to be, and he's a policeman, so I know I am going to be safe with him. Anyway, it's only for a few weeks until I go back to uni."

"You do realise that you are a fucking slut, don't you?" I asked her.

"If I were a man you would be slapping me on the back and saying what a player I was," she replied, "you are a fucking hypocrite."

I could not reply to that, so I went home.

The next day I got a text from Reggie telling me to go to the farm and pick up some more product, we were back in business.

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