tagMatureAn Old Head Ch. 30

An Old Head Ch. 30


I gave Roz a call and asked her if she would like to visit some of my friends with me. As Casa Sophia did not open at weekends she would not miss any work and she was quite enthusiastic about going away with me.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Devon," I replied, "to visit a farm."

"Sounds lovely, can I bring a friend?"

"I don't see why not, Jack and Stella are a very welcoming couple."

"Let's meet at Dave's bar on Victoria road, say ten on Saturday morning?"


I had been told by Frank Shaw to change my car as it was being noticed by his colleagues in the drugs squad. Not everyone shared his liberal attitude to Reggie's business. I had traded it in for a VW Tuareg, which I liked quite a lot.

I found a spot outside of the bar and walked in to meet Roz and her friend. I stopped and took a breath as I noticed she was sitting with a very attractive woman a little older than her and with them was Jeff Hill from LKJ, my firm.

Roz noticed me and waved, I waved back and walked towards them.

"Hello darling," said Roz as I bent to kiss her cheek, "this is Linda, who works with me, and this is her friend Jeff."

"Hello Linda, hello Jeff," I said, trying not to recognise Jeff.

"Are you stopping for a drink?" asked Linda.

"No thanks," I replied, "you finish yours and we'll get going."

I sat opposite Roz with Linda on my left and Jeff on my right, I felt Linda give my left thigh a gentle squeeze. I turned and looked at her.

"I hope the weather stays nice," I said to her, "we can do some walking."

"Yes," she replied, "I'm always up for some exercise, of any kind."

My balls were tingling already.

I glanced at Jeff, he looked as if he could grab hold of her and ravish her at a moments notice.

My companions finished their drinks and we carried their luggage out to my car. Once it was stowed in the rear Linda and Jeff got in the back seats and Roz sat in the front next to me.

"Next stop Price farm," I told them and I drove off towards the motorway.

The motorway was not very busy but I decided not to drive too fast, keeping it down to about eighty.

"What are we like?" Linda said to Roz, "two milfs and their toy-boys off for a dirty weekend."

"Oh Linda," said Roz, trying to sound shocked, "what do you mean? I'm just going for the fresh air and a change of scenery."

"Well I'm going for some fun," said Linda as she leaned over and kissed Jeff on the mouth.

I kept my eyes on the road as much as possible, but it was difficult when all I wanted to do was watch Linda as she started to undress Jeff in the back of my car.

"Watch the road Marcus," Roz said tersely, but I could see the antics in the back were turning her on too.

Linda had got Jeff's shirt off and his trousers open. She kissed his chest whilst rubbing his cock. He sat, legs spread widely apart, breathing heavily. Roz had turned in her seat and was watching avidly over her shoulder.

I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see what Linda was doing and relied on my side mirrors for watching the traffic. I decided to slow down before I caused a crash.

Linda had been wearing jeans but soon they had been pulled off and so had her panties. She was lying on her side on the seat and Jeff was crouching behind her trying to get his cock inside her.

"It's lucky you got a bigger car," said Roz to me, "or maybe you should not have."

"You are enjoying watching them, aren't you?"

"It's funny, watching my friend fucking a man nearly half her age."

"Oh yes!" said Linda from the back seat, "that's my boy, now fuck me, fuck me hard."

I watched as Jeff thrust forward and back, making Linda's head bump against the door trim. She put her hand out and pushed back against him as he banged her.

"Oh Jeff, oh God, oh fuck," she moaned as she became more and more excited by his cock moving up and down in her cunt.

"Oh Linda, oh Linda," said Jeff as he too, became more and more aroused.

My foot instinctively pressed on the gas as I heard them both groan in unison when they came. Linda roared, Jeff roared and the engine roared, all at the same time.

"Oh Linda," said Jeff after a few seconds, "that was so nice."

"Mmmm, it was," she replied.

I glanced over at Roz, she was blushing and her eyes looked a bit glazed. She had been aroused by watching her friend fucking.

Linda put her clothes back on and Jeff buttoned up his shirt and put his cock away, then they sat quietly, Linda leaning on Jeff, who gently stroked her hair.

I pulled into the farmyard to be greeted by the dogs as usual. Just as I got out of my car Jack turned up in his tractor.

"Hello Marcus," he called, "new car?"

"I was advised to change up," I replied.

"Who's that with you?"

"I have brought some friends, I think you and Stella might like them."

I opened the doors and my friends all got out of my car. Jack climbed down from his tractor and looked at them.

"Oh goodness!" He said when he saw Jeff, "my Stella is going to eat this one right up."

"He's mine," said Linda, putting a protective arm around him.

"I think you are going to have to lend him to her though my love," laughed Jack.

"What have you brought me to?" asked Roz in a whisper.

"Don't worry, " I replied, "they are really nice and they won't make you do anything you don't want to."

Just then Stella appeared from the farm house. She looked at our little group and smiled.

"Marcus," she said as she saw it was me, and then, "what have you brought me?" As she saw Jeff.

"Everyone," I said aloud, "this is the mistress of the house, Stella."

They all introduced themselves to Jack and Stella and we all trooped into the big kitchen.

"You're just in time for lunch," said Stella as she opened the fridge door, "pork pie and salad, is everyone o.k. with that?"

We all made noises of assent and Jack invited us to sit. I noticed that he sat next to Roz, his chair very close to hers.

We enjoyed our lunch and Stella was complimented on her home made pork pie. Jeff and I cleared the table. I noticed Jack had his arm around Roz and she didn't seem to mind. I looked down at them as I brought two cups of coffee back to the table and saw that she had her hand on his thigh, quite high up on his thigh.

"Well young man," Stella said to Jeff, "I know what the other two look like in the nude, but not you, so how about it?"

I looked at Jack and he smiled back at me and shrugged his shoulders, Roz looked at Jack in a way that I can only describe as wanton, Linda giggled.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Jeff.

"She wants you to strip and show her the goods," laughed Jack as he pulled Roz close to him and gave her a squeeze.

"Go on Jeff," said Linda, "I don't mind. Anyway, I might have a go on Marcus if that's alright with you Roz."

"I don't mind," said Roz, "I think this big strong farmer is going to look after me."

Roz turned her head and gave Jack a lustful stare, he responded by putting his big hand behind her head, pulling her to him and starting to french-kiss her forcefully.

Jeff took off his clothes and stood in front of Stella. She reached down and took his semi-stiff cock in her hand.

"Let's make him nice and hard, shall we?" she said as she began to massage it to full stiffness.

Linda stood behind him, reached around and rubbed his chest, Jeff let out a little groan as the sensation of having two women attend to him aroused him greatly.

"What's he like Linda?" said Stella, "does he stay the course?"

"He's good," she replied, "he had me in the car on the way here, it was lovely."

I sat at the table, taking in the scene. The waitress and the farmer's wife molesting the twenty-four year old junior accountant and the farmer with his tongue down the throat of the chef and his hand rubbing her boob through her shirt. My cock was stiff, where was it going to end up?

Stella got her jeans and panties off, she took hold of Jeff's hand and placed it on her mound, she let out a moan as he pushed a finger inside her. Linda stood back and started to undress, I stood up and went to help her. Jack stood up and Roz unzipped his fly and got his cock out.

"Mmm," she said as she freed Jack's cock from his pants, "that's a nice mouthful."

Jack stood still and let Roz suck him. He closed his eyes and immersed himself in the lovely feeling you get when a woman works on your cock with her tongue and lips.

Linda was naked. She left me, went over and stood behind Stella. She helped Stella remove her top and bra. Stella gasped as she felt Linda's hands cup her boobs and begin to massage them. Jeff was still finger-fucking her. I looked on, enjoying the scene being played out in front of me.

"Go and sit in that chair, Stella," Linda told her.

Stella disengaged herself from Jeff's finger and went over to the corner of the kitchen where there was a big leather armchair. She sat in it and opened her legs, exposing her soaking wet cunt for everyone to see.

"I haven't done this since school," said Linda, "so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty."

Jeff and I looked on, Roz stopped fellating Jack and looked on as Linda knelt in front of Stella and put her face between Stella's outspread thighs.

"Oh fuck, that feels nice," said Stella as she felt Linda's tongue make contact with her clitoris.

Linda licked Stella out expertly, if she was a bit rusty I wondered what it would be like when she was back up to speed!

"Oh yes, yes, yes," moaned Stella as she was brought to within an inch of climax by Linda, "God Lindy, you are good at this, oh yes!"

Linda came up for air and looked at Stella. "Do you want some cock to finish?" She asked.

"Anything, anything, just make me come!" she cried.

Linda moved away from Stella and Jeff was straight in, he knelt in front of Stella, took hold of her legs, hoisted them up and shoved his stiff cock inside her with one big thrust.

"Oh fuck!" she cried out as she felt his length fill her.

Jeff started to fuck her for all he was worth, banging her as hard as he could, she held onto the arms of the chair tightly and pushed her body towards him as he rammed his meat into her.

"OH YES!" she shouted as she came, "OH FUCKING YES!"

"Uuuuhh," was the sound Jeff made when he emptied his balls for the second time that day.

Watching his wife being fucked by young men was Jack's fetish, and what he had just witnessed had made him mad with lust. He more or less tore Roz's jeans and panties off her, boosted her up onto the big kitchen table and stuffed his cock inside her.

"Ooooh Jack," she said as she felt his thick cock invade her dripping wet cunt, "what are you doing to me?"

"Sorry," he said as he fucked her forcefully, "can't help it, got to fuck."

"Sorry Roz," said Stella, "shall I tell him to stop?"

"Don't you dare," she replied, "it's wonderful."

Jack gave Roz a good fucking, she had been waiting to get some cock inside her ever since she had watched her friend receive a portion in the back of my car. She put her arms around Jack, pulled him onto her and began to kiss him as they fucked.

"What about me?" said Linda as she came over to me, "are you going to get undressed Marcus?"

I hurriedly stripped off, I could see Linda was hoping to get some cock in her quite soon. She hopped up onto the table and lay back, her head next to Roz's ass.

"Stick your cock in me Marcus," she said to me, "I want to feel you in me."

I took hold of her legs and spread them apart. I got into position and wriggled my hips until my cock was in line with her hole, then I pushed. It slid inside her effortlessly.

"Mmmmm, nice," she murmured as she felt my meat go in.

She was soaking wet, both with her juice and the residue of Jeff's spunk from their earlier copulation. I didn't care if my cock was coated in his seed, I just wanted to fuck this dirty woman.

Roz let out a muffled moan as she came, her mouth still clamped to Jack's. Jack sort of groaned as he shot off inside her, squirting his big load up her cunt.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" cried Linda, "fuck me Marcus, I want to come again."

"I can't help it Linda," I replied, "I'm coming."

With that, I stopped moving and enjoyed the feeling of my seed leaving my body in little squirts, emptying my sacs inside the randy waitress.

"Oh Marcus!" cried Linda, "naughty boy! That was too quick."

"Sorry Linda," I said to her as I withdrew.

"Was that nice Jack?" asked Stella from across the room.

"Bloody lovely," he replied after he took his mouth from Roz's, "you are lucky, Marcus, having a hot woman like this."

"Oh don't," said Roz playfully, "I'm not normally like this, it must be the country air."

We all put our clothes back on and Jack showed us to our rooms. Roz went for a shower and I sat on the bed.

"How do you know Jack and Stella?" she shouted from the shower.

"Business associate," I answered.

"Are they always like this with people they meet for the first time?"

"I don't know, but every time I visit sex is involved."

"I like Jack, he's my sort of man."

"Good, I'm glad you like him."

"Shall I bother putting any clothes on?" she asked as she came back into the bedroom, drying her hair in a big soft towel.

"I expect he will have them off you pretty quickly, so no, probably not worth bothering."

Roz selected her silk robe and slipped it on, she looked beautiful in it.

"I'll have a shower now," I said to her, "you go down and see what they are up to."

I had a nice shower and a shave. I put a pair of boxer shorts on and then I went downstairs.

I followed the sound of Roz's moans to the living room. I peeked around the door and saw her sat on the sofa with her legs spread apart, Jack's face was buried between her thighs, he was licking her out.

"Oh God that's nice," she moaned as she received his tongue in her cunt.

I stood watching, rubbing my cock through my boxers.

"What are you looking at?" Came a whisper from behind me, it was Linda.

"Jack is eating Roz," I whispered in reply, "look."

I stood aside and let Linda peek round the door, I noticed that she was only wearing a dressing gown too.

"Go on Jack," she whispered, "make her come, give her a good time."

I pulled Linda's dressing gown up and put my finger to her slit, she let out a little moan as she felt me touch her. I stroked her pussy with my finger tip.

"Put your finger in me or put your cock in me, I don't care which," she whispered to me as she bent over.

I lowered my boxers and put my cock in her.

"Oh Jack! Oh fuck! Oh yes!" cried Roz as she had an orgasm brought about by his oral attention.

I gently thrust my cock in and out of Linda's hot wet cunt as she held onto the door to steady herself.

"God, Marcus, that's nice," she said as I fucked her, "take it slow, nice and slow."

I couldn't though. The exquisite feeling of her cunt enveloping my cock was too much for me, I just could not stop my hips bucking, stimulating my cock, making my seed rise up my shaft and explode out and into her.

"Oh Linda," I sighed, "I can't stop myself, you are so fucking hot."

I emptied my balls inside her for the second time that day without fulfilling her needs.

I pulled out of her and she straightened up. She strode into the living room just as Jack was about to stuff his cock inside Roz.

"Do not put your cock inside my friend," she ordered Jack, "I need it inside me."

With that, she sat next to Roz and opened her legs.

"You had better do as she says," Roz said to Jack, "she will be insufferable otherwise."

Jack shuffled across from Roz to Linda and put his cock to her opening, then he shoved it in her.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "that's nice. Now make me come you big agricultural animal."

"Yesh milady," he replied in his best Parker-from-Thunderbirds voice as he began to give her a good fucking.

Linda squealed with pleasure as Jack's cock stimulated her spunk-filled cunt, bringing her to an earth shattering climax.

Jack shot off a huge load inside her, which, together with the mess I had put in her filled her to the brim. When he pulled out a stream of thick white goo flowed from her satiated twat.

"My goodness, she's a noisy thing," said a naked Stella as she walked into the living room accompanied by a naked Jeff.

"Yes," he agreed, "she certainly lets you know when you are doing it properly."

"Let's see if you can make me be a bit noisy then Jeff," Stella said to him as she lay down on the big soft rug on the floor.

Jeff got between her legs and lowered himself onto her, she let out a long low moan as she felt his stiff cock fill her insides.

"You are a hot bitch," he said to her as he began to fuck her.

"Show them how a real stud does it Jeff," she told him as she began to writhe around under his body.

We sat and watched as Jeff gave Stella a proper fucking, his thrusting was fast and powerful, bringing her to a quick climax.

"Oh fuck yes!" She cried, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"Nnnnngh!" he cried as he shot off in her.

"Ooooooh!" she shouted as she came.

Jeff slumped on top of Stella, his slim young body dwarfed by her large muscular frame.

"Oh Stella," he whimpered, "I think I love you."

"There, there, my darling," she replied, smoothing his hair, "that's just your cock talking."

We all laughed at her little joke.

We all went back to our rooms and dressed for dinner, Jack had booked a table at a restaurant in the nearest town, we were to dine at eight.

The restaurant specialized in sea food and very nice sea food it was too. We ate well and had some wine, everyone was feeling mellow.

"So how did you meet Jeff then Linda?" asked Stella.

"His little brother is a waiter in our restaurant," she replied, "Jeff came to give him a lift home and things went from there."

"How old is your brother?" Stella asked, looking at Jeff.


"I would love to meet him."

"I bet you would."

"I am sure he would love to meet Stella," put in Linda.

"No offence," said Jeff, "but she might be a bit old for him."

"Oh I don't know," said Linda, "he might go for the more mature woman."

There was something in the way she made that last remark that got me thinking, was she speaking from experience?

"Young men like women with experience," said Jack, "after all what are you two doing here if they don't?"

Jeff and I smiled and nodded in agreement. If they only knew that I had fourteen years on the oldest one sat at that table.

"Remember those young lads who asked if they could camp in one of our fields?" Jack asked Stella.

"Oh yes," she replied, and then she took up the story.

"We were sat watching T.V. and the dogs started barking like fury. Jack picks up his shotgun and gets up to go and see what's going on. Two minutes later he comes back in the room with these three young lads, all soaked to the skin."

"A terrible storm had just started," said Jack, "and these three were hoping to camp for the night."

"They had just finished their exams and had left school, they were eighteen years old, they were very good looking," Stella continued, "I told Jack to let them stay with us for the night, they were ever so grateful."

"What were their names?" asked Linda, sounding very interested.

"Josh was one," said Stella, thinking, "then there was Toby...."

"Nigel," put in Jack, "the third one was called Nigel."

"That's right, Josh, Toby and Nigel," continued Stella, "I showed them up to the guest rooms and told them to get their wet things off and come down to the kitchen for a hot drink."

The table was quiet, we were hanging on every word.

"So they came down to the kitchen dressed in bathrobes, looking so sweet," said Stella.

"Thing is," said Jack, "Stella had stripped off too. She was wearing her silk robe, which she had left undone. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they saw her."

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