tagGroup SexAn Old Head Ch. 34

An Old Head Ch. 34


Nina and Suzie left Barcelona early next morning.

"How far is it to Benidorm?" asked Nina from the back of their hire car.

"About three hundred miles," Suzie answered, "it should take about five hours, so sit back and relax."

Nina reclined across the back seat and read a magazine for a while then she began to rummage around in the luggage.

"What are you looking for?" Suzie called from the driver's seat.

"He's in here somewhere," said Nina, her hands stuffed into a holdall, searching through assorted items of clothing.

"Nina! Really!" Said Suzie as it dawned on her what Nina was looking for.

"Here he is!" said Nina, triumphantly, waving Mr. Darcy around in the car.

Nina undid her shorts and pulled them and her panties off in one motion. She unscrewed the lid on a jar of coconut oil and stuck her fingers in. She put the jar down and picked up Mr. Darcy.

"Oh Mr. Darcy," she said to the rubber cock in her hand," I have missed you. Let's get you all nice and slippery, shall we?"

Nina spread the lubricant all over her sex toy and then wiped her fingers on her labia.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," she muttered as she rubbed the facsimile of a large veiny penis up and down the outside of her pussy.

"I don't need a running commentary, thank you very much," said Suzie.

Nina took hold of Mr. Darcy and slid the tip inside her vagina, letting out a little mew of pleasure as she felt herself being penetrated.

"Oooh!" she cried as the car hit a bump in the road and the jolt caused the cock to go into her cunt a bit further.

"You alright back there?" Suzie asked.

"Mmmm, fine," replied Nina as she fed more of the cock inside herself.

Nina began to fuck herself with the cock, pushing it in and out of her cunt in a controlled, regular motion. She nestled down onto the seat and reveled in the sensation of being penetrated.

"Oh Mr. Darcy!" She cried out after a few minutes of self-gratification, "oh you lovely thing!"

Suzie glanced in the rear view mirror and saw her friend with her head thrown back, her eyes closed and a look of absolute bliss on her face as she brought herself to a shuddering climax.

"Oh yes!" Nina cried, "oh fucking yes!. Oh my God yes!"

Suzie smiled, shook her head gently and drove on.

Nina slowly withdrew the cock from her cunt, wiped the lube and her cunt juice from it with some tissues and put it, together with the jar of coconut oil, back in the luggage. She put her panties and shorts back on and kept quiet for the rest of the journey.

They reached their destination a little after lunchtime.

"Hungry?" Suzie asked her friend.

"Yes," Nina replied, "let's unpack and go to a nice restaurant to eat."

An hour later the two women were sitting at a table outside of a small restaurant watching the people go by as they ate their late lunch of sardines and salad.

"Are they looking at me?" Nina asked.

"A few of the men are, and why not? You are bloody good-looking Nee."

Nina had decided not to wear her legs and she was in a wheelchair. She was wearing her salmon pink shorts, showing a few inches of stump and she had a t-shirt over her bikini top on top. Suzie had a t-shirt on over her bikini top and shorts over the bottoms.

"My legs used to look like that," mused Nina, gazing at Suzie's long lithe bare legs.

"Don't get maudlin Nee," said Suzie, "please don't my love."

"Anyway," said Nina, changing the subject, "when do we meet up with the hens?"

"At six, in Paddy's bar, it's not far from here."

Whilst Nina had been fucking Pete, Suzie had been chatting to his friends and they had told her all about Molly and her friends on the hen do in Benidorm. Sam, the best man, had phoned Ashley, the chief bridesmaid and asked if Nina and Suzie could join up with them when they got to Benidorm.

"What are they like?" Ashley had asked him.

"They are a little older than you lot, which is probably a good thing, they might stop you doing things you shouldn't."

"We're nineteen you know, not nine, we know how to behave."

He had phoned her before they had all gone back to the apartment that evening. He later wondered if he should have made that call, knowing what he then knew about Nina and Suzie.

After their lunch, Suzie pushed Nina to the beach and they sat on the sand and sunbathed for a while. Men watched surreptitiously as the two young women rubbed suntan lotion over each other in a provocative manner.

"Well," laughed Suzie, "they're certainly looking at you now, Nee."

"I love the feeling of your hands on my body," Nina replied, "it makes me wet. I want you."

"Later my darling," Suzie whispered to her, "later."

At about six Suzie pushed Nina into Paddy's bar. Suzie had changed into a knee-length sleeveless floral pattern summer dress, Nina had changed her top, but kept the same shorts on.

"That looks like them," said Nina pointing to four young women sat at a table by the wall.

"Hi, is this Molly's hen do?" asked Suzie as they came up to the table.

"Oh hi," said one of them, "yes, I'm Molly, you must be Nina and Suzie."

Molly offered her hand and the two women shook it in turn.

"This is Ashley, this is Patsy and this is Josie," she told them, pointing to each of her friends in turn.

They all gave each other little waves.

The evening progressed with light hearted chat and committed wine drinking, they all got on well. At about eight they went to a restaurant for a meal.

They sat at the table and ordered their food, more wine was consumed.

"Shall we play 'never have I ever'?" said Josie.

"Nina will be under the table before dessert!" Laughed Suzie, "if you play that game!"

"Then we are definitely playing," laughed Molly, "I want to hear all about her."

Suzie put her right hand out in front of her, palm down.

"Put your hands on mine and promise that you will be totally honest. Whatever is said at this table goes no further and there will be no recriminations," she said in a serious voice.

The six of them made a pile with their hands and made the promise.

"You first Molly," said Suzie.

"Never have I ever skipped school," she said.

Ashley took a drink.

"Never have I ever driven my car after a drink," said Josie.

No-one took a drink.

"Never have I ever taken a wee in a swimming pool," said Patsy.

Molly and Ashley took a drink, the others giggled.

"Let's be a little more adventurous," said Ashley, "never have I ever touched myself whilst thinking about Harry Styles."

Josie blushed as she took a drink, the others laughed aloud.

"I know you have a thing for him," said Ashley, "I knew you would do that."

"Stop it Ash," replied Josie, "you are embarrassing me."

"A promise is a promise," said Nina, "well done for being so honest Josie."

"O.k," said Suzie, "let's move it up a notch. Never have I ever been licked out by Pete's dad."

"Who, my Pete's dad, Mike?" asked Molly, her eyes widening.

"Yes," replied Suzie, turning to look at Nina.

Nina took a drink and then Josie, Patsy and Molly gasped as Ashley picked up her glass of wine and took a drink.

"Ash!" said Molly in a startled voice, "When? Why?"

"It was at their new year's party," Ashley explained, "I was in the garden, somebody had given me a joint and Mike caught me smoking it. He said he wouldn't tell my mum if I let him kiss me. We went into the garden shed and he kissed me."

"No! Really?" asked Josie, "he's so old!"

"He's quite nice actually," replied Ashley, "anyway he put his hands up my dress and started touching me, it was a nice feeling, having a man's hands on me. I let him pull my panties down and I climbed onto his workbench and opened my legs for him. I told him he could touch me, but nothing more. He said he would like to kiss me rather than touch me, so I let him."

"He made you come, didn't he?" said Nina, "he knows how to use that tongue on a girl."

"It was amazing!" said Ashley, "I have never had such an orgasm!"

"So did you let him do anything else to you?" Asked Molly.

"No, he said that he only wanted to eat my pussy, nothing more."

"But he could have done more, couldn't he?" said Nina.

"I don't know," replied Ashley, blushing even more, "maybe."

"O.k.," said Nina, "my turn. Never have I ever had sex with a Spaniard."

Suzie, Patsy and Josie took a drink.

"Well I guessed you had Suze," said Nina, "the way you were looking forward to coming to Spain, it was obvious you were up for sampling the local talent, but you two," she said, looking at Patsy and Josie," "when did you do it?"

"He was an exchange student at our school last year," said Josie, "Named Pedro."

"Who had him first?" Asked Suzie.

"I did," said Patsy, "then, when he was ready, Josie had him."

"Oh, it was a threesome then," said Nina, "I like threesomes."

"Only with you it's two men and you," laughed Suzie.

"He had a lovely big cock, didn't he?" Said Patsy.

"Mmmm," agreed Josie, "I felt really full when he was inside me."

"You don't have his address by any chance, do you?" asked Suzie.

They all laughed aloud.

"Why don't we go to a bar and pick up some men," said Nina, "then go back to our apartment and have a party."

They settled the bill and left the restaurant to look for some men. It didn't take long to find some, eight to be precise, they were standing in a group outside of a bar. They all looked 'pretty fit' according to Ashley.

"You sit here with Nina," Suzie said to Molly and Josie, "Ashley, Pats and me will get the drinks."

One of the fit young men approached the three women siting at the table.

"Hello," he said to Nina, "I remember you, you were on the beach this afternoon with your friend."

"Hi," she replied, "I guess I do stand out from the crowd, if you'll excuse the pun."

"No, it's not that" he smiled, indicating Nina's stumps, "it was the way you two were applying that suntan lotion, we were watching you."

"Did you like what you saw?"

"We had to lie on our stomachs," he laughed.

"Wish I had been there," said Josie.

"So do I," said the young man,"I'm Richard by the way, but call me Rick."

"I'm Nina and this is Molly and Josie. Who are your friends?"

Rick pointed to his companions and reeled off their names. Tim,Lee,Keith, Billy,Si, Hugo and Joe. He explained that they all played football (soccer) for Barstow Athletic and were on a pre-season holiday together.

"Which one do you fancy?" Nina asked Molly.

"Billy looks nice," she replied.

"She'll take that one," said Nina to Rick, pointing at the tall young black man on the left of the little group.

Just then Suzie, Ashley and patsy returned bearing drinks.

"Here we are ladies," said Suzie, "now where are our men?"

"We're here if you want us," said Rick, smiling, "why don't you come back to our villa and we can have a little party."

"Sounds like fun," said Nina.

Once everyone had finished their drinks they all wandered off along the street towards the boys' villa.

"It's not far," said Hugo as he pushed Nina along the pavement, "it's a very nice villa, belongs to Tim's uncle or something."

"Are you Spanish?" asked Nina.


"Oh goody," said Nina, smiling to herself.

It was a very nice villa. Set back from the road with a gated entrance and a well-tended garden, it was not just some holiday home, it was someone's pride and joy. A sign in the hallway instructed them to remove their shoes.

"Who wants a drink?" asked Tim as he led them into a very large living room and crossed to a bar at the far end.

"We all do," replied Rick.

They sat around on sofas and chairs getting to know one another. Josie sat on Si's lap, her arm around his neck, Molly sat beside Billy and let him put his hand on her thigh, just below where her very short dress ended and her bare flesh began.

"Can you get me out of this chair?" Nina asked Hugo.

Hugo gently put his arms around her and lifted her up. He carried her to an empty sofa and set her down, then he sat beside her, leaned towards her and kissed her.

"It's started," Suzie whispered to Joe, the other young black man in the group, "shall we join in?"

Joe took Suzie's drink from her, set it on the table next to his, took her in his arms and began to kiss her passionately. She responded by sticking her tongue in his mouth, putting her arms around him and pulling him close.

Josie started kissing Si and Billy's hand went up under Molly's dress. Ashley stood up with Tim in front of her and Lee behind, one kissing her on the mouth, the other kissing her bare shoulders, having unzipped her dress and pulled the straps away from them.

Rick and Keith undressed in front of Patsy, who stood and watched, wide-eyed.

Nina broke her embrace with Hugo and looked across at the two naked young men.

"Fit as fuck!" She cried, "come on Patsy, which one are you having first?"

Patsy immediately pulled her dress off over her head and pulled her panties down. Keith went behind her and undid her bra. Patsy fell to her knees, took Rick's stiff cock in her mouth and began to suck it. Keith knelt down behind her and began kissing the back of her neck, his hands kneading her ass cheeks as he did so.

Molly slid forward on the sofa and opened her legs, Billy reached up and pulled her panties down and off, Molly pulled her dress up to her waist, revealing her soft pale brown bush to him, he put his face to her sex and started to eat her out.

"Oh yes!" she cried as she felt his tongue on her clitoris, "oh yes!"

Hugo had Nina's shorts down and was rubbing her slit through the material of her panties, she was squeezing his cock and balls through the material of his trousers.

"Get your kit off and get inside me!" she ordered him, a look of determination on her face.

The young Spaniard did as he was told. He tore his clothes off as if they were on fire. Nina pulled her damp panties down and threw them across the room. Hugo grabbed her stumps, pulled her to the edge of the sofa, knelt in front of her and plunged his big stiff cock inside her.

"Oh yes!" She cried as she felt his hot meat fill her dripping hole.

"Jesucristo!" He cried in reply as he felt her hot flesh envelope him.

He began to fuck her vigorously, his thighs thumping against the sofa as he ploughed her for all he was worth.

"Wow, look at those two!" Said Ashley, looking across at them.

"I bet she takes it up the ass too," said Lee, a wicked grin on his face.

"Do you take it up the ass?" Tim asked her.

"Never tried it," she replied.

"Are you all anal virgins?" Suzie asked.

The four hens all nodded, although it was difficult for Patsy to nod with Rick's cock stuck in her mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Cried Nina, "oh fuck-fuck-fuck-FUUUUUUCK!"

"She's coming," said Suzie.

"Tu, bonita!" cried Hugo as he shot a huge load inside Nina, coating her vagina walls with his thick sticky cream.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched Nina quiver and twitch as she had an intense orgasm. Hugo fell back, his flaccid cock exiting her, followed by a river of liquid which flowed out of her and onto the floor below the sofa.

"I think you should all lose your virginity," said Suzie, "get on your knees in a line and let's get a cock in each of those tight little ass holes."

The hens gave her frightened looks.

"Got any lube?" she asked Tim.

"On my way," he replied, running out of the room.

"I don't know if I want to do this," said Ashley.

"We'll see how it goes," said Rick, "if you say stop, we'll stop."

"Well, o.k. then," she said.

Tim returned clutching a tube of KY jelly.

"Put some on your fingers to start with," Suzie told the assembled men.

The four hens knelt in front of the largest sofa and leaned forward, in that position their asses looked very inviting.

Lee, Billy, Si and Tim applied some of the lube to their index fingers and knelt behind the girls.

"Now gently ease your finger into her ass," Suzie told them.

Nina sat next to Hugo watching the show, gently rubbing his cock with her right hand. He had his arm around her shoulder, his left hand stroking her breast.

The girls all let out a little gasp as they felt their asses being probed by the boys' fingers.

"Wriggle your finger around a bit," Suzie told them, "to get her to open up a bit. You hens all relax, try and make it easier for them."

"How is it girls?" asked Rick.

"O.k.," said Molly.

"Alright," said Josie.

"Fine," said Patsy.

"Mmm, nice," said Ashley.

"Now," said Suzie, "put another finger in to get them really ready for you."

The boys did as they were told and gently slipped their middle fingers in alongside their index fingers.

"Oooh," said Ashley, "I like this."

"I think they're ready now chaps," said Suzie, "take your fingers out, lube up your cocks and gently slip them in."

Fingers slid out and the lube was passed around, then cocks were positioned at the puckered rings of the four hens.

"Gently now," said Suzie, "and if anyone says stop, you stop, right?"

Billy pushed forward and Molly let out a moan as she felt his meat enter her. He very carefully began to feed it into her, inch by inch it disappeared up her rectum until it was all the way inside her.

The other three followed suit and after a minute or so all the hens had their asses stuffed with stiff young cock.

"O.k. girls?" Asked Nina.

They all nodded.

"What's it like boys?" asked Joe.

"Oh fuck, it's fantastic!" Replied Lee.

The four boys buggered the four girls gently, pulling back and pushing forward, not all the way out, but all the way in, balls squashed against bum cheeks as they tried to get as deep as possible.

"Oh fuck!" cried Si as he emptied his balls up Josie's rectum.

"Nnnnngh!" Shouted Billy as he too, shot a load into Molly.

"I'm coming," moaned Lee, "oh God I'm gonna come."

"Can you feel him coming in you Ashley?" Nina asked her.

"Mmmm, yes," she replied, "it feels nice."

Finally, Tim let out a cry and froze, his cock twitching in Patsy's ass, shooting a huge load up her.

The four boys pulled out and sat on the floor, leaving the hens still kneeling in a line.

"Do you want to do one of them up the ass?" Nina asked Hugo.

"I would rather do you again," he replied, kissing her on the neck.

"Nina likes two cocks in her at once," Suzie announced to the group, "who wants to double up with Hugo?"

Joe walked over and picked Nina up.

"Get on the floor Hugo," he told his friend, "and I will put her on you."

Hugo got up from the sofa and lay on the floor, his cock stiff again and ready for action.

"You are a strong boy," Nina said to Joe, "and what big hands you have."

"Goalkeepers need big hands," he told her as he lowered her onto Hugo's flesh pole.

"Oh fuck!" She cried as she felt herself being impaled on Hugo's cock.

Joe pushed her down so every last millimeter of Hugo's cock was right up inside her then he pushed her forwards. She began to kiss Hugo passionately as he began to thrust upwards.

Nina let out a muffled squeak as she felt the cold lube on her anus, the squeak turned to a moan as she felt his finger penetrate her anus.

Joe withdrew his finger and inserted his cock, he worked it gently up Nina's rectum until it was all the way in.

"Wow!" Said Rick as he watched his team-mates fuck and bugger the beautiful amputee.

"Just you and Keith left for me," Suzie said to him, "Which hole do you prefer, Rick?"

"I've never done a girl up the bum," he replied,"can I do you up the bum?"

"Nor have I," said Keith.

"Start with Rick in my ass and swap round after a minute," suggested Suzie, "that is if you can last a minute."

"Oh fuck!" Cried Joe as he came in Nina.

Nina stopped kissing Hugo, threw back her head and howled as she had an other orgasm. Hugo stopped thrusting, grunted and relaxed as he came in her pussy for the second time that evening.

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