tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 36

An Old Head Ch. 36


I went to see Beryl in hospital the next day.

"Hello auntie," I said cheerily, trying to put a smile on her face.

"Hello darling," she replied, "thanks for coming to see me."

"So, what's the matter then?" I asked.

"I have a heart defect, apparently I have had it all my life, it just hasn't showed up before. My heart is giving up, Marcus, I may go at any time."

"Oh Beryl, I am so sorry."

"Don't be, darling, I could have gone twenty years ago, I must just carry on as if I didn't know. Anyhow, I'm being sent home this afternoon, would you be a love and drive me home?"

"Of course. I shall be back later for you."

I went home and phoned Jim.

"I have some more building work for you," I told him, "we should get together to discuss it. Can you give me Steve's number? I need to ask him a favour."

I phoned Steve.

"Are you free this afternoon?" I asked him.

"It's good to be home," Beryl said as she walked back into her bungalow later that day.

I made some tea and we sat at the table drinking it. I took a deep breath and then I spoke.

"You are going to find this very hard to believe," I said to her, "but what I am about to tell you is true."

"Intriguing," she replied, "go ahead, let's hear it then."

"I am not really a replica of a twenty six year old Paul Newman, I am a pretty bland looking, overweight fifty-nine year old. My real name is Phil Watson and I work in an accountant's office."

She looked at me as if I was an escaped mental patient.

"What I am about to do must be kept between ourselves, will you swear that you will keep it secret?"

"O.k. Marcus, I swear."

I removed my ring and swiftly put it on her second finger. Everything went black for a few seconds.

"What just happened?" Beryl said in a shocked voice.

"I don't know," I replied, "I went blind for a short time."

"Oh fucking hell!" she cried, "what the fuck has happened?"

I looked across the table at her, she was no longer the sixty-two year old Jane Fonda lookalike I knew, she still looked like Jane Fonda, but a much younger one.

"Oh fuck, it worked!" I exclaimed.

"You were right!" Beryl exclaimed back, "you are a boring looking old man, what happened to my Marcus?"

"Look in a mirror Beryl," I told her.

She stood up and went to her bedroom. A few seconds later I heard her scream. I ran to the bedroom.

"I'm twenty-one again!" She cried, "my God, I'm twenty-one again!"

She went to her wardrobe and pulled a photo album down from the shelf above her clothes hangers. She opened it up and showed me a picture, it was her alright.

"This was taken in nineteen-seventy-two. Look at me!" She said, excitedly, "how can this be? What has happened?"

"It's the ring," I said, trying to calm her, "I found it and it changed me into someone else, but it has just turned back the clock with you."

"What happens now?" She asked, "I assume you will want it back."

"How do you feel inside?" I asked.

"Exactly the same as I did an hour ago, I'm still sixty-two in my head."

"Sit down and relax, try and take it all in. Gudi is not going to be here today, we are alone. What were you planning to do once you got home?"

"Well, I was planning on making love to my twenty-six year old part-time boyfriend, but he is not available it seems."

"I guess a boring-looking, slightly overweight fifty-nine year old would be a poor substitute."

"It's not personal, Phil, or whoever you are, but I would prefer Marcus."

"I understand."

Just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," I said before Beryl had time to say anything.

"Hi Steve," I said as I opened the door, "I'm Phil, a friend of Marcus, you might have seen me at the Bertrams'. Please come in."

Steve looked puzzled. "Marcus said he had a little job for me, where is he?"

"He told me to look after it for him," I replied, "follow me."

I closed the door behind us and led him to the bedroom.

"Bez, this is Steve," I said to Beryl. "Steve, this is Bez," I said to Steve.

I got a thrill giving Beryl the same moniker as the Devon delight I yearned for. The young Beryl looked at Steve and he looked at her, from the looks on their faces they liked what they saw.

Beryl looked at me and smiled.

"My Christ!" She said, "you planned this!"

"Planned what?" Asked Steve.

"Just fuck her, will you?" I said to him. "Just fuck him will you?" I said to her. "Oh, and by the way, I'm watching."

I sat on a chair in the corner of the bedroom in silence as the two of them got to know each other. Beryl stood up and Steve put his hands on her shoulders. He pulled her close and they began to kiss. Beryl let out little muffled moans of pleasure as Steve snogged her gently.

Steve pulled Beryl's shirt up out of her jeans and started rubbing her sides, she tried to pull his shirt open.

'Stop snogging and strip,' I thought as I watched, 'I want to see Beryl's twenty-one year old body.'

They broke their embrace and removed their clothes. They kept their eyes on each other, obviously trying not to notice the dirty old man in the corner watching them.

Beryl's twenty-one year old body was all I hoped it would be. She had long smooth legs, nicely shaped hips, flawless skin and a beautiful pale brown bush below her waist.

Her breasts were the perfect size for a young woman of her build, not too big and very firm looking. Her nipples were lovely and pink and stood erect, signifying her state of arousal.

Steve was also in a state of arousal, I could tell because his cock was sticking out in front of him like a ramrod.

My cock was trying to break out of my clothes, the sight of Beryl and Steve about to couple had made me as stiff as I had ever been, despite the age of my body.

Beryl lay on the bed and opened her legs for him, he straddled her, his head above her thighs, his stiff penis hanging over her face.

I stifled a groan as I watched him lower his head and begin to lick her beautiful pussy and she lift her head slightly to take his cock in her mouth.

I undid my trousers, which was a relief as they were the ones Marcus wore and were a bit tight on me. I should have had the foresight to dress to allow for my transformation.

Steve and Beryl Rolled over so she was on top. I could see and hear her sucking on his cock and him lapping at her cunt which was obviously as wet as could be. I fumbled around in my underpants and released my stiff cock, which stood up proudly from my body.

Beryl took her mouth away from Steve's cock and let out a cry of pleasure as she approached her climax.

"Oh God yes Steve!" She cried, "that's it, just there, oh yes!"

I watched as he brought her off, her legs shook and she arched her back as she had what looked like a pretty strong orgasm.

Steve rolled her off of him and covered her. I saw his cock disappear inside her and watched as he started to fuck her vigorously. He lasted for about two minutes.

"Oh yes!" He shouted as he shot his load into her, "oh fuck yes!"

I sat, masturbating slowly, watching the two young lovers satisfy each other.

Steve got off of Beryl and wrapped her in his arms. They were facing away from me, trying to ignore me I thought. I would have loved to have seen the expression on Beryl's face. I stopped masturbating and sat silently.

I could hear them having a whispered conversation, I began to worry that Beryl was telling him about the ring.

After a while Steve took his arms from her and got up from the bed.

"Where's the bathroom?" He asked.

"Opposite," Beryl replied.

He left the room.

"You didn't say anything did you?" I asked, "about the ring I mean."

"No, it's fine," she replied, "I didn't."

A few minutes later he came back into the bedroom and climbed back on the bed. Beryl looked at him and smiled.

"Can you go again?" She asked.

"I can try," he answered.

Beryl pushed him back so he was lying on his back and leaned over him. She put her lips around his flaccid cock and began to suck it.

"Mmm, lovely," he said, a big smile on his face.

I started to rub myself again.

Beryl took her mouth away. Steve's cock was stiff and ready for action. She straddled him, took his cock in her hand, introduced it to her spunk and juice filled vagina and then she lowered herself onto it.

"Oh Bez!" He cried as he felt her envelope his cock with her lovely young cunt.

"You're my young stallion," she laughed, "and I am going to ride you to heaven."

With that, she began to bounce up and down on him, her hands on his chest, steadying herself.

"Oh fuck!" He cried, "Oh fuck this is nice."

My hand moved faster on my cock as she bounced up and down faster on him, the three of us let out a cry as we all came at the same time.

"Oooh!" cried Beryl as she came.

"Oh fuck!" Shouted Steve as he came.

Beryl stopped moving on Steve as she came, she just stared at him and sort of shivered. He looked up at her and his eyes glazed over as he spent himself in her for the second time.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh!" I moaned as I ejaculated, sending several ropes of thick white creamy spunk over the bedroom carpet.

We were all motionless for a few seconds, coming back down from our sexual highs, Beryl was the first to speak.

"You dirty boy Philip," she said to me, a big grin on her face.

"Sorry Bez," I said, "and thank you so very much for letting me watch."

Beryl climbed off Steve and left the bedroom. Steve rolled onto his side and leaned up on one elbow.

"I don't really get the situation," he said to me, "did you pay her to let you watch?"

"She has been well rewarded," I answered, "and so have you it seems, by the smile on your face."

Steve laughed and got up from the bed. He shook his head slightly and began to get dressed. I put my cock back in my pants.

Beryl showed Steve out, I don't think he wanted to go.

"I want to stay with you," he told her, "I want you to be my girlfriend. I will be your slave. Will you marry me?"

"Go on," she told him, laughing, "get on home. Leave me your number and I might call you sometime."

'What is it with girls named Bez?' I thought to myself, 'are they all enchantresses?'

Once we were alone, we sat down and discussed our situation.

"How often can I have it?" She asked me, "can I go into town and go shopping as the young me?"

"Why not?" I replied, "I don't want to be Marcus all the time."

"Are there side effects?"

"Never wear it when you sleep alone," I told her, "the dreams are very real but they end in pain."

"How do you mean?"

I stood up and lifted my shirt. I showed her the gunshot mark, the sword mark and the wheals made by the riding crop.

"All these marks are as a result of my dreams," I told her.

"Christ almighty!" She exclaimed, "you look as if you have been through a mincer!"

"Can I have it back now?" I asked.

Beryl removed the ring and everything went black for a moment. When I regained my sight she was back as her sixty-two year old self.

She handed it to me, then she collapsed onto the floor.

The ambulance took about fifteen minutes to get to her house and they took her to hospital, blue lights flashing, sirens blaring. I followed in my car.

"It seems that your friend has had a stroke, Mr. Watson," the doctor told me, "she has lost the power of speech and her left side is very weak,we will keep her under observation and see what happens."

It seemed like the ring liked to keep it's secret.

I called at Nina's the next day, hoping she was back home. I let myself in and there she was, sitting on the sofa reading.

"Hello Marcus," she said, "how is it going?"

"So so," I replied, "did you have a nice holiday?"

"Mmm, yes, it was very nice."

"Have you met Gudi yet?"

"Yes. She is upstairs doing her horticultural thing at the moment."


"Go on then."

I put the kettle on and called up to Gudi to come down for a cup. I went back to the kitchen area and made three mugs of tea.

Gudi came into the living room, she was wearing her t-shirt and shorts as usual. She was covered in a fine sheen of perspiration as usual, she looked fabulous as usual.

"Marcus has come to give me my key back," Nina said to her as she walked into the living room.

"Hi Marcus," said Gudi as she sat down next to Nina, very close to Nina.

"Hi Gudi," I replied.

I carried their mugs of tea over and handed them to the women, they raised their mugs in a toast.

"Here's to the future," they said in unison, looking at each other.

"Salut," I said as I raised my mug and drank.

I noticed Nina had put her hand on Gudi's leg, just below her shorts, I noticed that Gudi had let her.

"How far have you gone with her, Nina?" I asked.

"Just kissing so far," she answered whilst looking into Gudi's eyes, "but I intend to go further, a lot further."

"You don't hang about do you?"

"You've fucked her, so why can't I?"

Gudi put her mug on the coffee table, took Nina's mug from her, set it on the table, leaned towards Nina and kissed her on the lips.

I put my mug down and knelt in front of the sofa. I reached forward and started to undo Nina's shorts. Nina grabbed hold of Gudi's t-shirt and pulled it upwards, revealing her lovely tummy, all glossy with sweat. Gudi grabbed Nina's shirt and tried to pull it open.

I pulled Nina's shorts off and dropped them on the floor. I grabbed hold of her panties, pulled them off and held them to my face. I inhaled deeply, reveling in the smell of her.

Whilst I was preoccupied with Nina's panties Gudi put her two middle fingers on Nina's slit and began to rub her. Nina let out a muffled moan and rubbed her hands over Gudi's body as she felt the young Indian woman stimulate her sex.

"Hang on a second Gudi," I said, "Let's get her undressed."

Gudi stopped kissing Nina and rubbing her, I knelt up and unbuttoned Nina's shirt while Gudi pulled her own t-shirt off and took off her bra. Nina stared at Gudi's body as I undid Nina's bra.

"God, you are beautiful," Nina told her, "you skin is such a lovely colour."

Gudi stood up and dropped her shorts and panties in one movement. Nina and I let out little groans as we saw that lovely black bush. Gudi got back on the sofa and pushed Nina onto her back, then she fell on top of her and began to suck on her tits.

"Mmmm, Gudi," she moaned, "that's nice."

I stood up and stripped. My stiff cock sprang out of my underpants and stood, waiting to be put in a hole. I squatted next to the sofa and put my index finger to Gudi's pussy, she let out a stifled moan as I touched her.

I rubbed my finger up and down her slit, wriggled it between her lovely puffy labia and pushed it inside her up to the first knuckle.

"You are so wet," I said to her, "I have to get inside you."

"Fuck her Marcus," said Nina over her shoulder, "go on, fuck her."

I climbed onto the sofa behind her and crouched. She knelt, her knees either side of Nina's stumps, her back arched, presenting that beautiful rear end to me. I put the tip of my cock at her hole and pushed it in.

"Ooooh!" Cried Gudi as she took her mouth away from Nina's tit and threw back her head.

"Fuck her good Marcus," urged Nina, "make her come."

I started to thrust forcefully, not starting gently like I had the first time I had fucked her. She pushed back against my thrusts, trying to get as much of me inside her as she could. I grabbed hold of her around her small waist and pulled her onto me. The feel of her tight little cunt around my cock was the best feeling in the whole world.

"Oh sweet Mary, mother of Christ!" She called out as she came.

I stopped moving and savoured the feeling of her cunt pulsating around my cock, trying to squeeze the seed out of it, which it did. I felt my cock throb, sending jets of scalding hot spunk into her womb.

"OH GUDI!" I shouted as I emptied my balls into her.

Gudi slumped down onto Nina as she came down from her orgasm, her head resting on Nina's shoulder.

I regained my composure and looked down at Nina. The look on her face was one of both arousal and envy.

I withdrew my cock and stood up from the sofa, the last little dribble of semen hanging from it, ready to fall onto the floor at any second. I caught the drip in my cupped hand and then rubbed it over Gudi's ass.

"You filthy sod," She murmured as she felt my seed being spread over her smooth, sweat soaked skin.

"Take me to my bedroom," Nina said to me, "and bring this hot little bitch with you."

Gudi got off of Nina and stood up. I picked Nina up and carried her to the bedroom, Gudi followed.

I set Nina down gently on her big soft bed. I put my hand between her stumps and felt her pussy, she was wet, very wet.

"Do you eat pussy?" She asked Gudi.

"I haven't done that before," she replied, "will you teach me?"

Even though I had just come, her words and the way that she said them made my balls tingle like crazy.

"Lay down on your back and open your legs," Nina told her.

I spent the next ten minutes watching Nina expertly eat Gudi's cunt, pausing every now and then to lift her head up from between Gudi's thighs and give an instruction.

"Can you feel what I'm doing?" She asked.

"Yes," replied Gudi, "I think I know what to do now, just do it again so I am sure."

Nina put her head back down and carried on for a minute.

"Oh fuck!" Cried Gudi, "oh fucking hell! I'm coming again! Oh sweet Jesus!"

Gudi grabbed handfulls of Nina's hair and pulled as her orgasm took over her body. She screwed her eyes tight shut and grimaced as she had what looked like an incredibly intense orgasm.

Nina got out from between her legs and tried to get Gudi's fingers out of her hair.

"Careful Gudi!" She cried, "that hurts!"

"I'm sorry Nina," Gudi said, apologetically, "I'll try not to do that again."

'So, she's expecting a repeat of that,' I thought to myself, 'Nina has her under her spell, just like she has Suzie.'

Nina lay on her back and spread her stumps. "You try now," she told Gudi.

I stood and watched as Gudi attempted what Nina had just done. She soon got into it and had Nina writhing around.

"That's it Gudi," she told her, "mmm, yes, that's right, use your tongue like that, oh yes."

My cock was stiff again, I wanted to put it in a hole again.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Cried Nina as Gudi brought her off.

Nina hammered on the bed with her fists and rolled her head from side to side as she had her orgasm.

Gudi got her head out from between Nina's stumps and I got on the bed next to her.

"May I?" I said to her.

"Be my guest," she laughed.

Nina opened her eyes and looked up to see me lowering myself onto her, she smiled broadly.

"I don't remember you asking," she said.

"I didn't," I answered as I shoved my cock inside her.

I kissed her hard on her mouth as I fucked her. I could taste my semen and Gudi's cunt juice on her tongue from where she had licked Gudi out, it aroused me even more.

"God, you are dirty!" I said as I took my mouth away from hers, "but I wouldn't have you any other way."

"Fuck me Marcus!" She cried, "shut up and fuck me!"

I banged her as hard as I could, thrusting with my hips, pumping my cock in and out as fast as I was able.

"Oh God I'm coming!" She shouted as she came again.

"Oh Ninaaaaaah!" I cried as I shot a load inside her.

I rolled off of her and lay beside her, Gudi knelt the other side of her and started to gently caress her tummy.

"I wonder what Suzie will make of you," Nina said to Gudi.

"I expect they will get along fine," I said.

After a while Gudi got off the bed and went for a shower, I got up and dressed.

"How long before you visit again?" Nina asked me.

"I have some business to attend to, but I shall call on you soon," I replied. "Give my love to Suzie when you see her."

"I shall, Marcus, I shall."

I shouted farewell to Gudi through the bathroom door and left the house. I was worried about Beryl, was it the ring that caused her stroke?

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