tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 37

An Old Head Ch. 37


I visited Beryl in the hospital the next day after work.

"Things are not improving," the doctor told me, "she may never regain the power of speech and the paralysis is still there."

"Can I sit with her?" I asked.

"Of course, although she may not be able to talk to you."

I went into the private room they had given her and sat beside the bed. Beryl looked at me and tried to smile.

"I'm Phil, do you remember me?" I asked.

Beryl lifted her right hand and mouthed a word at me, the word was ring. I put my hand in my pocket and took it out. Beryl lifted her right hand and offered her finger, I placed the ring on it and blacked out.

"Wow! that was a weird feeling!" She exclaimed as we came round again. "At least I can speak now."

"You are twenty-one again too," I told her.

"I'm dying Phil," she told me, "I can feel it. Just let me have a little bit of fun before I go."

"Alright Beryl, but I am not letting you out of my sight, I will want my ring back."

"O.k., now get me out of here."

Beryl got dressed and we sneaked out of the hospital and went to my house. I showed her to Anka's room.

"One of my lodgers lives in this room, but she is away, you can borrow some of her clothes, I'm sure she won't mind," I said to Beryl, "I will wait for you in the living room, which is on the right of the front door."

I went to my room and put on my best suit, then I went downstairs and made a phone call.

"Wow!" I said when she walked into the living room an hour later.

"How do I look?" She asked.

Beryl was wearing a tight fitting black dress that ended well above her knees. She had shiny black high-heels on her feet and bright red lipstick on her lips. She had washed and blow-dried her hair to make it wavy and although fairly short, it looked fabulous.

"Oh Bez," I said, "they will be falling at your feet."

The Palace was an old cinema that had been turned into a nightclub. At about ten that evening Beryl and I walked past the queue waiting to get in and up to a door at the side of the building. I knocked on the door and it was opened.

"We are with Trudi," I said to the large man who had opened the door.

"She's over there," he replied in a deep voice, pointing towards the bar.

"Come and meet Trudi," I said to Beryl, "you'll like her, I'm sure."

Trudi was standing at the bar talking to a man in his fifties, he was dressed expensively, he had a tan. I saw her hand him a card and he turned and walked away. I went up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hi Trudi," I said as she turned and saw me, "this is Bez, a friend of mine."

"Oh goodness," Trudi said as she saw Beryl, "aren't you beautiful?"

"Oh behave," replied Beryl, smiling, "you're not so bad yourself."

"Drink?" Asked Trudi.

"Dance first," said Beryl as she slipped her shoes off and handed them to me.

I watched her walk to the dance floor and begin to enchant a young man with her moves, soon several heads were turned in her direction, both male and female.

"Christ she's hot," Trudi said to me, "I would love to have her on my books."

"So what's the score?" I asked.

"There's a private room upstairs where a group of players from Barstow Athletic are celebrating their win this evening, I have brought a couple of girls with me to entertain them."

"Where are the girls?"

"Well, one of them is dancing with Bez," Trudi replied, "and the other is chatting to one of the players."

I looked out onto the dance floor to see Crystal gyrating her body next to Beryl's and several spectators enjoying the show.

After a while Beryl and Crystal came over to the bar where Trudi had a couple of drinks waiting.

"Crystal," she said to the Niki Minaj lookalike, "this is Phil, a friend. I see you have already made Bez's acquaintance."

I offered my hand and she shook it.

'I was hoping to see you again,' I thought to myself, 'Marcus owes you a fuck.'

"A pleasure to meet you Crystal," I said, careful not to show recognition.

Just then a young blonde walked over and whispered to Trudi. I swallowed when I saw her, she was the spitting image of Elle Fanning.

"It seems they want us to go up," Trudi said to us, "follow me."

"Is she old enough?" I asked Trudi as we walked past the dance floor.

"She's eighteen, that's old enough," Trudi replied.

"What's her name?" I asked.


We were shown into a large room furnished with several sofas surrounding a large coffee table on which there was a bottle of Champagne chilling in an ice bucket.

"You girls sit on the sofas," Trudi told them, "Phil and I will sit in this armchair in the corner."

Trudi led me to a large armchair and told me to sit, which I did, then she sat across my lap and put her arm around my shoulder.

"Let's relax and watch, shall we?" She said, smiling at me.

The door opened and two young men walked in, one black, one white. They were tall, athletic looking and well-dressed.

Crystal immediately stood up and went to the white one.

"Hi, I'm Crystal," she told him as she stroked his lapel.

"Hi, I'm Tim," he replied, "and this is Billy."

"Sit by me, Billy," Beryl said, patting the sofa next to her.

I looked at Ruby, she seemed a little ill at ease.

"Is she o.k.?" I asked Trudi.

"She'll be fine," she replied, "she just hasn't done it in a group before."

Crystal had started kissing Tim and he was rubbing his hands up and down her back. Beryl was rubbing Billy's thigh and he was kissing her passionately on the mouth.

Two more young men walked in.

"Oh wow!" said one of them, "look at these."

"Hello," the other one said to Ruby, "feeling left out?"

"I'm Ruby," she said to him, "you can sit with me if you like."

"I'm Keith, I'm a football (soccer) player," he told her as he sat beside her and put his hand on her thigh.

I watched Billy put his hand up Beryl's dress as she pushed his jacket off his shoulders. She slid forward on the sofa and opened her legs causing her dress to ride up her thighs, revealing her black lacy panties.

Crystal's dress was off and she was kneeling on the floor in her bra and panties undoing Tim's trousers as he pulled his shirt off.

"Would you like me to suck your cock?" Ruby asked Keith as she rubbed the bulge which had appeared in his trousers.

"Y-yes please," he stammered in reply.

Billy had stripped and was kneeling in front of Beryl. He took hold of her panties and pulled them off her. She hooked her heels behind his shoulders and pulled him towards her. She let out a moan of passion as he buried his face in her hot snatch.

"She sounds like she is enjoying this," Trudi said to me.

"I'm sure she is," I replied.

Keith undid his trousers and got his cock out, it stood up stiff and proud. Ruby slowly lowered her head onto it and took it in her mouth.

"Oh Ruby," he murmured as he felt her go to work on him.

Tim's cock was deep in Crystal's mouth and she was sucking hard on it by the sound coming from him.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" shouted Beryl as she came for the first time that evening, her head thrown back, her legs twitching.

The fourth man was stripped and he knelt behind Crystal and undid her bra. I smiled as I saw those big tits released from the confines of her bra.

"Do you two want to do me together?" She asked as she pulled her mouth away from Tim's cock, leaving it dripping with saliva and pre cum.

"Lay on the floor Si," Tim told the young man kneeling behind Crystal, "and let her get on top of you."

The man called Si lay on his back. Crystal stood up, pulled her panties down, turned round and straddled him. She got into position and he thrust upwards as she pressed down causing his cock to disappear inside her hot wet cunt.

"Here, catch," shouted Trudi as she tossed Tim a tube of KY jelly.

He caught it, flipped open the cap and squeezed a liberal amount onto his fingers. He put his fingers to Crystal's ass and pushed them up her.

"Oooh, Tim!" She cried as he pushed them up her ass right up to the knuckles.

"Get your cock in her," said Keith as he watched whilst Ruby sucked on his cock, "stick it in her ass like you did to that girl Patsy in Spain."

Tim took his fingers out of Crystal and pushed his cock in.

"Oh fuck!" She cried as she felt him filling her back passage.

Crystal relaxed and let the two young men fuck her in both holes at once. Si thrusting upwards and Tim thrusting forwards. I could see her big tits jiggling around over Si, brushing against his hairy chest.

The door opened and another man walked in, this one was older, probably in his late thirties.

"The party has started without me," he said, smiling, "And look, you haven't even opened the fizz."

He picked up the bottle of Champagne, popped the cork and filled some of the glasses which were standing on the table.

Billy was kneeling in front of Beryl, his cock buried deep inside of her and he was fucking her for all he was worth.

"Oh fucking hell Bill," she moaned, "do it, do it, do it."

"Who is he?" I asked Trudi.

"That's Jeremy, or Jem as they call him, he's the team doctor."

"Oh fuck yeah!" cried Tim as he shot his load up Crystal's ass.

"Unnnnngh!" Was the sound that escaped from Si as he too spent himself in the young black whore.

"Oh Bez, oh God, oh yes!" exclaimed Billy as he sent scalding hot jets of spunk to coat Beryl's cunt.

"OH MY GOD!" Shouted Beryl as she had her second orgasm of the evening.

"I'm coming," moaned Keith.

"Take it in your mouth and swallow it," Trudi called across to Ruby.

I watched as Ruby dutifully took all that Keith ejaculated into her mouth, swallowing several times to get it all down.

"Champers to wash it down?" Enquired Jem as he handed her a glass of Champagne once she had sat back up on the sofa.

"Thank you," she replied, taking the glass of fizzy wine and drinking it.

Jem distributed the drinks and the group sat on the sofas drinking, soon the bottle was empty.

"Let's see if I can still do it," said Beryl as she stripped off her dress and bra.

"Do what?" Asked Billy.

I watched as the naked Beryl stood on the coffee table, legs slightly apart, over the empty bottle. She slowly squatted down until the top of the bottle was just below her vagina.

"Here goes," she said and she lowered herself down onto it. The top of the bottle disappeared inside her.

"Oh yes!" cried Jem, clapping his hands.

"Go girl!" cried Crystal.

Beryl lowered herself a little further until about four inches of the neck of the bottle was up her cunt.

"It's getting a bit wide now," she said, "now comes the tricky bit."

We all watched in silence as he slowly tried to stand. At first the bottle stayed where it was, the neck reappearing from Beryl's cunt.

"I think I am too sloppy," she said, "that's your fault Billy, with all that spunk you put in me."

Then the bottle started to move upwards, leaving the table top, lifted as Beryl squeezed it with her cunt muscle.

A ripple of applause was heard as Beryl stood up straight, her thighs gripping the bottle now. Then she squatted again, putting the bottle back where it had been.

"Good show," said Jem, who was now naked, "now kneel on the table so I can fuck your clever little pussy."

Beryl complied and kneeled on the large low table. She wiggled her ass at Jem and he took hold of her by her waist, lined himself up and shoved his big stiff cock straight into her wet and willing cunt.

"Oh fuck that feels nice," Beryl said as he began to fuck her with long slow thrusts.

"God you're a hot little bitch," he said to her as he fucked her, "a hot little spunk-filled bitch."

Si had got dressed and looked over at Ruby. "Would you like to come and dance with me?" He asked her.

"O.k.," she replied, getting up from the sofa.

She took his hand and he led her out of the room.

"I can go again," said Tim, "get on your back Crystal."

Crystal lay on the sofa and spread her legs, Tim got between them and lowered himself onto her.

"Uh," she moaned as he put his length inside her.

"Your pussy is even nicer than your ass," he told her as he began to fuck her.

"I'm coming! Oh shit I'm coming!" Shouted Beryl as she had yet another orgasm.

"Oh you fucking slut! Oh you fucking whore!" Cried Jem as he shot off in her dripping, spunk-filled, cunt-juice squirting hole.

"She is insatiable!" Trudi exclaimed.

"She's certainly making the most of it," I replied.

I watched as a torrent of thick creamy liquid flowed from Beryl after Jem withdrew from her, forming a pool on the table.

Tim let out a low groan as he came for the second time, putting a load up Crystal's snatch.

Beryl didn't have time to catch her breath before Keith stuck his stiff cock inside her.

"Oh wow, what a filthy bitch you are!" He said as he stuffed her with his meat pole.

"Oh goodness!" She exclaimed, "more lovely young stiff cock for me."

Keith gave her a good fucking, despite having come only minutes before.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Shouted Beryl as she took cock up her twat for the fourth time that evening.

"She is never going to come again," said Trudi to me, "her vag must be sore by now."

Beryl proved her wrong, she let out a guttural cry, threw back her head and arched her back as she came yet again.

"Jesus! I'm coming! Oh fucking hell!" Shouted Keith as he shot his load into her.

More spunk and juice fell out of her when he withdrew.

"Hell girl!" Cried Crystal, "you are one hot bitch!"

Beryl climbed off the table and slumped onto one of the sofas.

"That was heavenly," she sighed, "God I love young cock."

"And old cock too," said Jem smiling.

'If only he knew,' I thought to myself.

Ruby and Si came back into the room to see the others sitting around relaxing.

"How is it going?" Asked Si.

"Perfect," murmured Beryl, "just perfect."

The group slowly got dressed and the party broke up, Crystal went off to dance with Keith and Tim opened a second bottle of Champagne.

Beryl put her little black dress back on.

"Would you like these as a keepsake?" She said to Billy, offering him her lacy panties.

"Can I see you again?" He asked her.

"I don't know," she replied, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"I want her in my house," Trudi told me, "she is amazing."

I took Beryl back to her house.

"What happens now?" She asked me.

"Keep the ring," I told her, "be the young Beryl for as long as you like."

"You would do that for me?"


"Thank you."

She left the living room and got ready for bed. I said I would sleep in the spare room in case anything happened in the night. I slept like a log.

In the morning I got up and went her room to see if she was o.k. I knocked on her door, there was no answer.

"Beryl?" I said as I opened the door.

I noticed my ring on the bedroom floor and then I saw her, lying in her bed, the old Beryl. I went over to her and put my fingers on her neck, there was a slight pulse. I phoned for an ambulance.

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