tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 41

An Old Head Ch. 41


I led Zeta, or Sha-ra out of the cellar and upstairs to the kitchen where Rosie was sitting drinking her wine.

"Could you get Zeta a robe or something?" I asked her, "she seems to have torn her clothes."

"I suppose I had better," sighed Rosie, "before Hendrick sees her like that."

Rosie got up and left the kitchen, I went out into the hall and picked up the parcel I had brought with me from Barstow, returning with it to the kitchen.

"Do you have the weed?" Zeta or Sha-ra asked me.

"Yes," I replied, opening the parcel of cannabis, "will you make the spliff?"

I provided her with the papers and the tobacco and she made a fairly large joint. We sat at the table and she lit up, taking a long draw on the reefer.

"Good," she said, nodding her approval, "this comes from a fine crop."

"Devon's best," I replied.

She passed me the joint and I took a tentative drag. I don't smoke and I was worried that I might be sick, but I felt fine so I took a longer drag.

"Relax and let it come to you," she told me, "remember who you are."

I closed my eyes and began to doze, soon I was fast asleep.

"Look what I have brought for you," I heard a voice say.

I opened my eyes to see Tibah looking at me.

"Sorry princess," I said, "I must have dozed off."

"Never mind, now listen. I am sneaking out tonight and I want you to make sure no one misses me so you must stay in my apartments and keep everyone out. I have brought you this whore to keep you company."

I looked at the young woman standing next to her, it was Gudi!

"Thank you princess," I said quite sincerely, "I shall make sure your absence is not noticed."

Tibah turned to the girl, "this is Marcus, he is my friend, entertain him."

Gudi nodded her agreement. Tibah gave me a peck on the cheek and skipped out of the room.

I looked at Gudi, she was wearing a simple cotton shift which came to just below her knees, her feet were bare apart from rings on her little toes. She had some thin silver bangles on her wrists.

I walked behind her, took a handful of her long black hair and pulled her head back. I kissed her on her exposed neck. She let out a little mew of pleasure.

"You are beautiful," I told her, "I expect you are well used."

"She keeps me for special customers," Gudi replied, "my cunt is still tight."

My balls tingled at the sound of her words.

"Undress," I told her, "let me see what the princess has bought for me."

She let the garment fall to the floor and stood, naked, for me to inspect. I walked around her, she was Gudi alright, the image of her beautiful body was etched on my memory.

I could feel myself harden, I opened the robe of fine linen that covered me and my stiff cock jutted out in front of me.

"Look what you have done to me, you temptress," I said to her.

"The prospect of having that inside me has made me wet," she replied.

I let my robe fall from my shoulders and went to her. I took her in my arms and held her tight. I kissed her hard on the mouth, she responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her stiff little nipples pressing against my body.

I put my fingers to her slit and felt her, she was indeed wet. She responded by wrapping her slender fingers around my cock shaft and gently rubbing it.

"Get on your back," I told her, "I want to fuck you."

She pulled away from me and lay on the pile of cushions on the floor. She opened her legs and spread her arms out. She looked up at me and smiled.

I got down between her legs and lowered myself onto her. She took my cock in her hand and guided me to her hole. We both sighed with pleasure as my cock slipped effortlessly inside her all the way to my balls.

"You are tight," I told her, "but your wetness makes it so easy to fill you."

"I am glad you like me," she said, "I want you to like me."

I began slowly, pushing my cock all the way in her and pulling all the way out. She lifted her hips as I pushed in, getting as much of me inside her as she could. It wasn't long before I was thrusting faster as I felt my seed rise.

"Oh yes," she whispered, "I like that, that is nice."

"Oh yes!" I cried, "by all the gods this is the best I have had!"

A copious quantity of hot spunk left me and entered her, I felt my cock twitch as I shot my load, my balls hardening and shrinking as they emptied. Gudi cried out as I climaxed, simulating an orgasm to please me.

"Having fun?" Came a voice from across the room.

I knelt up and looked around, Tibah's uncle was standing there looking at me. I got up and put my robe back on, Gudi rolled over onto her side and leaned on one elbow.

"Am I to service you too, my lord?" She asked Tibah's uncle.

"Not now whore," he replied, "I am looking for my niece. Where is she?" He asked, staring at me.

"In her bedchamber," I told him.

He walked briskly across the room and entered the bedchamber, reappearing almost immediately.

"She's off with that foreign slut, isn't she?" he said to me, "you people have come here and ruined everything, you will pay for this you swine!"

With that, he stormed off.

I woke up back in Hendrick's kitchen, Zeta was still sitting with me and Rosie had returned with some clothes for her.

"You let her down," Zeta told me, "your whoring cost her her life and that of her lover. If you had kept her uncle out she would not have been caught out. They were entombed together and it was your fault."

"So I have to find some tunnel so she can find eternal peace?" I asked.

"Marcus was slain at the time of their entombment and all three were cursed to walk among mankind forever until they entered the tunnel to eternal peace."

"Christ on a bike!" Shouted Rosie, "will you two give it a rest?"

"What's going on?" Came a voice from the doorway, it was Hendrick.

"Ask your wife," said Rosie.

"Zeta?" He asked.

"I am Sha-ra and I have been summoned by Marcus to help princess Tibah and her lover find the way to eternal peace," she replied.

"Your eyes look awful," Hendrick said in a concerned voice, "I think we should go to the doctor and have them looked at."

"I think she's possessed," I told him.

"Are you a whole man?" Zeta asked Hendrick.


Zeta stood up, she was still naked, she walked around the table and up to Hendrick, she took hold of his shirt and tore it from his body. She tore his jeans off and then shredded his underpants with her razor-sharp fingernails.

"Careful babe," he said, "your nails have dug into my skin."

Zeta looked down to see a trickle of blood running down Hendrick's thigh. She fell to her knees and poked her tongue out. She carefully licked his blood from him and kissed the wound. Hendrick's penis began to stiffen and Zeta took it in her mouth.

"Oh Zeta, you dirty minx," said Hendrick to her, "you love putting on a show, don't you."

Rosie looked at me and shook her head, "it's a wonder Hendrick has any time to produce any tunes with her in the house," she said to me.

"You're just as bad Rosie," Hendrick said to her, "you're always in bed with her."

"I'm keeping her occupied so you can get some work done."

"Oooh! She's trying to put the tip of her tongue inside my penis."

"Really?" I asked, "what does that feel like?"

"I quite like it. Careful Zeta, don't hurt me."

Zeta looked up at Hendrick with those red eyes and carried on fellating him. Hendrick let out a little squeak and his hips bucked involuntarily as he started to ejaculate into her mouth.

"Oh fuck, oh my God, oh my!" He cried as she sucked his semen from his body.

I watched as Hendrick's balls were emptied completely by his teenage wife who was possessed by some sort of demon.

"Zeta! Stop!" He cried as he tried to push her away from his body.

I had an idea. I went behind the kneeling Zeta, unclasped the necklace and took it off of her.

Zeta took her mouth from Hendrick's penis and looked around, she seemed a bit disorientated.

"How did I lose my clothes? Have I been sucking your cock Hendrick?" She asked.

"Hello, what's going on?" Came a voice from the doorway.

I turned to see who had spoken, it was Kevin Arras, the successful dance musician. He must have been working with Hendrick in his studio.

"It's just Zeta playing her games," said Rosie.

"I like games," said Kevin as he walked over to Rosie, stood behind her and put his arms around her.

"This is Marcus," Rosie said to him, "I think he has brought something for you."

"Oh, jolly good," said Kevin as he squeezed Rosie in his arms.

"I like your music," I said to him, "are you working on something with Hendrick?"

"Yes," he replied, as he rubbed Rosie's fulsome breasts through the material of her top, "nearly finished, I reckon it's going to be a winner."

I noticed Rosie running her hand up and down his thigh as he squeezed her tits and kissed her below her ear.

"Do you want to watch him fuck me?" She asked, staring into my eyes.

"Are you trying to make me feel jealous Rosie?" I asked her, "I love you very much, but I know you like to put it about a bit."

"Come on Kev," she said to Kevin, "bend me over this table and fuck me like the bitch I am."

Kevin shoved her forwards and she leaned over the big kitchen table. Kevin unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. Rosie kept staring at me as Kevin pulled her red lacy panties down to her knees and slipped a finger inside her cunt.

"You are always wet, aren't you?" He said to her as he withdrew his finger and put it in his mouth.

"I still want to know why I am naked and can taste Hendrick's cum in my mouth," said Zeta, becoming annoyed that every one was concentrating on what was about to happen to Rosie.

Neither Hendrick or I replied as we watched Kevin pull his jeans and pants down to his knees and slip his stiff cock inside the wanton slut that was Rosie Morris.

"Oh I love taking your cock inside me Kevin," Rosie sighed, "you are such a good lover."

"I love fucking you Rosie," Kevin replied, "you are such a horny bitch."

Kevin rammed his cock in and out of Rosie with quick short thrusts, it wasn't long before the two of them were approaching their respective climaxes.

"Oh yes! Fuck me Kevin! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Rosie cried out as she came.

"Uuuuuuuh!" Exclaimed Kevin as he shot his load into her, his knees wobbling, his hips pushing her hard against the table.

"Hello people!" said Zeta, "answers please!"

"Help me," came a croaking voice from the doorway, it was Clem.

"What happened to him?" Asked Hendrick.

"What was about to happen to you, if I had not removed that necklace," I told him, pointing to the necklace on the table.

Clem staggered into the kitchen clutching his genitals. He looked at Zeta as he slumped onto a kitchen chair.

"My balls have gone," he said to her, "you have taken my balls. I want my balls back."

"What the fuck!?" Cried Hendrick, "have you been messing with my wife?" He asked, looking at Clem.

"That thing," said Clem, pointing at Zeta, "that thing forced herself on me and fucked me to the extent that my balls have gone, disappeared, been removed. I want my balls back."

"I have never touched you!" Shouted Zeta, "I know you fancy yourself, but I would never cheat on Hendrick behind his back."

'Only in front of his face,' I thought to myself, 'and with his approval.'

"What is the significance of the necklace?" Asked Kevin as he pulled his flaccid cock out of Rosie and pulled his pants and jeans back up, "where did you get it?"

"Oh yes!" Cried Zeta, "I forgot to say. Hendrick, I found a hidden room in the cellar, and it's full of treasure!"

"Really?" Asked Hendrick as he cast around for something to cover his nakedness, "let me get something on and you can show me."

Rosie put her panties on and pulled her skirt back up, then she suggested Hendrick and Zeta put some clothes on before she showed Kevin and Hendrick the treasure. Hendrick took Zeta's hand and led her out of the kitchen to go and get dressed. I stood and watched Kevin and Rosie kiss and cuddle, enjoying each other as lovers do.

A few minutes later Hendrick and Zeta came back to the kitchen and went down the cellar steps. Rosie,Kevin and I followed.

"What about my balls?" Came a plaintive cry from Clem as he sat on the kitchen chair.

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