tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 42

An Old Head Ch. 42


I drove away from Hendrick Mahle's house later that day with mixed feelings. I had taken on the persona of a damned soul and had a duty to help Tibah and Alison, if they indeed were the re-incarnations of the ancient princess and her lover, but I liked being the good looking young man who seemed to get on well with the ladies and if I did indeed find the tunnel to eternal peace, would I have to give up the ring?

Concentrating on my dilemma meant that I was not concentrating on my driving and I never saw the lorry pull out in front of me until it was too late, so I crashed into it and was knocked out.

"He's lucky to be alive," I heard a female voice from somewhere nearby.

"How long has he been unconscious?" I heard another female voice.

"He has been in this coma for two days."

"Have we contacted his next of kin?"

"He doesn't seem to have any."

"He's very attractive, I'm surprised he's not married or anything."

"I'd go with him."

"So would I."

"Let's see if he responds to stimulus."

"What sort?"

"Oh, you know what sort."

"Go on then, dare you to."

I felt the sheet covering my body being pulled off of me. I felt long slender fingers wrap themselves around my flaccid penis and pull back my foreskin. I felt my penis begin to harden as the fingers rubbed gently on my cock shaft.

"Did I see his eyes flutter?" Said the first voice.

"I don't think so," said the second, "keep manipulating him and see if he reacts as he becomes harder."

"I'll put a bit of lube on my hand," replied the first voice.

The fingers left my cock for a few seconds, when they returned they were slippery and they rubbed me rapidly and squeezed me a little harder.

"He's not a bad size, is he," said the first voice.

"I've seen smaller," replied the second, "but then again I've seen a lot bigger."

The wanking got faster and I could feel my seed rise. My breathing got a little heavier as I approached the end.

"Whoa!" Exclaimed the first voice as I shot my load, "did you see that?"

I pumped several jets of spunk out of my cock, it felt wonderful.

"Well there's nothing wrong in that department," laughed the second voice.

"He's covered himself in his white stuff, I had better get a sponge and some warm water to wash it off," said the first voice.

I tentatively opened one eye. I could only see a blur to start with but after a few seconds I began to focus. I could see who the voices belonged to and I was not disappointed, the two young nurses who had been attending to me looked like a young Emma Watson and a young Rachel Riley.

"Look," said 'Rachel', "his eye has opened."

"Hello," said 'Emma' to me, "can you hear me?"

I closed my eye and pretended to sleep.

"Must have been some sort of reflex action," said 'Rachel', "but I shall get a doctor to check on him, just to be sure."

I enjoyed having my spunk sponged from my body by one of the nurses whilst they waited for the doctor to arrive, I was not sure which one of the two beauties did it to me.

I felt my eyelid being pulled up, I focused my eye to see a man looking into my eye.

"Hello," he said to me, "I am doctor Jones, you were in a crash, can you hear me?"

"Hello doctor," I replied groggily, "how long have I been like this?"

"Two days. Apart from a bit of bruising and the bump on your head, you are unhurt. We shall keep you here until we are sure there is no brain damage," he told me.

"Thank you doctor," I replied.

I stayed in bed for another couple of days. On the morning of the third day the nurse who looked like a young Emma Watson came into my room.

"We are going to get you up today," she told me, "I shall hold onto your arm to make sure you don't fall."

'You or 'Rachel' got me up several days ago,' I thought to myself.

"Why are you smirking?" 'Emma' asked me.

"Nothing," I replied, "what's your name?"


"Pleased to meet you Ashley."

"You too Marcus."

Ashley pulled the sheet away and I sat up. I swivelled round and put my legs down on the floor. I stood up and she helped me walk across the room.

"You are doing well," she said to me, "let's get you to the shower and clean you up."

I showered and changed my gown for a clean one. Ashley did not need to help me walk back to my room, I was feeling much better.

"I think you might be able to go home today," she told me, once we were back in my room, "there is just one thing we need to make sure you are capable of."

"What's that?" I asked.

"This," she said as she pulled me towards her and kissed me forcefully on the mouth.

I responded by pushing my tongue into her mouth and squeezing her around her waist. I could feel my cock begin to harden. I broke the embrace, took hold of her and picked her up. I carried her to the bed and put her gently down on it. She grabbed the hem of her uniform and pulled it up, revealing her pale blue cotton panties. I took hold of her panties, pulled them all the way down her lovely slim legs and off over her flat shoes.

Ashley had the most gorgeous light brown bush, hiding the most gorgeous little piss-flaps I had ever seen. I put my face to her sex and licked her slit, she let out a small moan as she felt my tongue on her. I worked my tongue inside her and licked her juicy cunt slowly, savoring her taste and her texture.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "like that, yes, mmm, just there."

I flicked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, making it stiffen. Her juice flowed freely making my chin wet. She moaned softly as she approached orgasm.

"Oh yes!" She cried out when she came, her legs twitching, her back arched.

I stopped licking her out as she relaxed and finished coming. I got up from between her legs and stood beside the bed. I pulled my hospital gown off and took hold of her by the ankles. I span her round so she was hanging off the bed, lifted her ankles high, and pushed my erection towards her.

"Let me," she said, taking hold of my stiff cock and guiding it to her slit.

Once she had me in position, I gave one last push and penetrated her hot wet cunt to the hilt.

"Oh yes!" She cried out as she felt me fill her.

"Uuuh!" I grunted as I felt her beautiful young tight cunt receive me.

I fucked her quickly, worried that we might be interrupted by somebody. I thrust with my hips, pushing my cock as far in as I could and drawing out nearly all the way. It didn't last long.

"Oh fuck!" I cried as I sent a not inconsiderate load squirting out of me and filling her.

"Oh yes-yes-yes-yes!" She cried out as she had another orgasm.

"I knew you were going to do that before he went home," came a voice from behind me.

I pulled out of Ashley and looked round, 'Rachel' was standing in the doorway.

"I beat you to it Josie," said Ashley, "you were on your way to do exactly the same thing, weren't you?"

"Maybe," Josie replied.

"Anyway, Marcus is going home today once the doctor has seen him."

"I could stay another day if you want," I suggested.

"We really need the bed," said Ashley.

"Can I have your number?" Asked Josie.

So I gave it to her.

I phoned Dennis Hunt and asked to be collected from the hospital. He told me he would pick me up as soon as he could.

"What happened to you?" He asked as he drove away from the hospital.

"Just a car accident," I told him, "anyway, how is the house coming along?"

"Your friends Jim and Steve have been doing a great job and it will be ready soon," he replied, "and Trudi is filling her little black book with potential clients."

"What about the girls?"

"She wants to get hold of that girl Bez, apparently the footballers are willing to pay a fortune for another evening with her. Can you put her in touch?"

'That's going to be difficult,' I thought to myself, 'considering she's dead.'

"She's away on holiday somewhere," I lied, "but as soon as she is back I will tell her to contact Trudi."

Dennis dropped me off at my house. He got out of his car and went to help me out of the passenger seat.

"I think I can manage thanks Dennis," I said to him, "I'm really quite well."

"I want to come in if I may," he replied, "I want to check on Phil, he hasn't been seen or heard of for days."

"Oh, o.k. Dennis, come in."

I let us into the house and showed Dennis into the living room.

"Wait here," I told him, "I shall go and find Phil for you."

I went upstairs, removed my ring and went back down as Phil.

"Hello Dennis," I said, trying to sound surprised, "what brings you here?"

"I had a call from Marcus asking to be picked up from hospital, he's had a car crash, and while I was here I thought I would see if you were o.k., you haven't been to work for a while."

"Oh dear, well he seems alright now, he just knocked on my door to tell me you were looking for me. So here I am and I am fine thanks. How is my investment progressing?"

"You can come for the grand opening soon," Dennis said to me, "Marcus can bring you. shall I tell them to expect you at work anytime soon?"

"Tomorrow. I shall be there tomorrow."

I showed Dennis to the door and went back up to my room.

I heard the front door open and went down to see who was coming in. I smiled when I saw it was Anka, back from her trip home to Warsaw.

"Welcome back," I said to her from the stairs, "did you have a nice time back home in Poland?"

"Oh hello Phil," she replied, looking up at me, "yes thank you, it was fine. Is Marcus at home? I have something for him."

"I don't know," I replied, "I'm going out, you should knock on his door and see if he is at home. By the way I have taken in another lodger, her name is Alison and she is very nice, I am sure you will like her."

"Oh that's nice," said Anka warily, "how does she get on with Marcus?"

"Between you and me," I said conspiratorially, "I think she prefers girls. She has her friend Tibah to stay quite a lot."

"Oh good," said Anka quietly to herself, and then, "I look forward to meeting her, and her friend."

I walked down the stairs, past Anka and out of my house. I jogged to the side gate and let myself in. I went into my shed, changed my clothes and put my ring on. I went into the garden and sat on the bench as Marcus.

"Oh there you are," came her voice from the kitchen doorway, "Phil said you might be at home."

"Anka!" I cried, "It's so good to have you back. Did you have a nice time in Poland?"

"I missed you," she said to me as she came towards me, "did you miss me?"

"Of course I did, I missed you so much."

We put our arms around each other and kissed, our tongues dancing together in her mouth, our lips pressed together so hard I thought I might bruise hers.

"I have something for you," she whispered to me as she took my hand and led me back indoors.

We went up to my room, she closed the door behind us and we resumed kissing. I ran my hands over her body, re-acquainting myself with her shape and feel. She pulled away from me and began to take her clothes off, I did the same.

"There," she said to me, once we were both undressed, "what do you think?"

I looked at her naked form and smiled, she had let her pubic hair grow, it looked fabulous!

"I know you prefer a girl to be natural," she said to me, "so I let it grow as a treat for you."

"Thank you Anka," I said to her, "thank you so much."

I took her by the hand, span her round and pushed her over onto my bed. I got down between her outspread legs and buried my face in that beautiful muff. I snuffled around like a pig searching for truffles, it was glorious!

"Oh Marcus," she moaned, "I have missed you doing this to me."

I licked her enthusiastically, running my tongue up and down her slit, pushing it in between her cunt lips, flicking her clitoris with it.

"Oh yes!" She cried, "oh Marcus! Oh yes!"

I worked on her with my tongue until she let out a long low guttural cry and her body began to twitch, she was having a very intense orgasm.

"Oh mother! Oh God! YES! YES!" She cried aloud as she came.

I took my face away from her cunt and wiped her juice from my mouth with the back of my hand. I smiled at her and then I mounted her.

"Oh Anka, oh how I have missed you," I told her as I slipped my stiff cock inside her body.

"Ooooh!" She cried as my meat filled her hot wet cunt.

I fucked her nearly as enthusiastically as I had eaten her out and I did not last long.

"Oh God I'm coming," I told her as I shot my load into her, my thick cream pouring out of me and into her.

"Mmmm, it feels nice," she murmured as I emptied my balls into her.

I rolled off of her and we lay side by side on my bed. I felt so very happy.

"How long are you back for?" I asked her.

"To stay, I think," she replied, "I only really went to collect my diploma."


"Yes, I am now a fully qualified Egyptologist. Not that there is much call for Egyptologists in Barstow."

'Fucking hell!' I thought to myself, 'now that is spooky!'

"I might be able to put some work your way," I told her, "if you are nice to me."

She rolled on top of me and smiled, "just tell me what you want me to do," she said, "and I'll do it."

Things were looking up, but for every ying there's a yang.

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