tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 51

An Old Head Ch. 51


"Back to the studio, boys," said Hendrick Mahle to the four young men sat at his table.

'Oh bugger,' thought Bea to herself, still looking at Zane, 'I shall have to wait a while before I can get my hands on him.'

Zane looked relieved as he stood up from the table, the red haired girl had looked at him as if he was going to be dessert, and although she was very pretty, he felt intimidated by her.

"Will you do something for me?" Rosie asked her after the others had gone.

"Certainly," she replied.

Rosie handed her a small brown mushroom. "Would you go to the woods and see if you can pick some of these for me?"

"I'll try," Bea answered.

Hendrick's house backed onto the forest, hundreds of acres of woodland untouched for centuries apart from the rough trails trodden by walkers and animals. Rosie had pointed Bea in the direction of the best places to look and left her to it.

Bea liked the forest. It was a lovely late summer afternoon and the place was very peaceful. She looked down and around as she wandered deeper into it, keeping her eyes peeled for the elusive fungus she had been asked to pick.

'I wonder what they taste like,' she thought to herself as she picked one.

She looked at the little mushroom and, on impulse, popped it into her mouth.

'Mmm, quite nice' she thought as she chewed and swallowed.

She heard a rustling and then the sound of an animal running, she looked up to see a boar coming towards her, it's head down, tusks pointing at her.

Bea shrieked as the boar passed her, one of it's tusks grazing her leg. She swung round and fell, hitting her head on the trunk of a tree.

"Here she is," she heard a voice say, "Beatrix, can you hear me?"

Bea opened her eyes to see one of the boys, Dane, looking down at her.

"She is waking," he said to someone behind him.

Bea was lifted from the ground and helped to stand, she looked down to see if her leg was bleeding and a puzzled look appeared on her face, she was wearing a long woolen dress that covered her legs. She looked at Dane to see he was dressed oddly too.

"Is she hurt?" The other voice asked.

"No Edmund, I don't think so," Dane replied.

Bea looked past Dane to see Zane standing behind him, looking concerned.

"Where am I?" She asked, "what is going on?"

"Edmund and I were sent to find you. Rosie sent you out hours ago and when you did not return she became anxious."

Bea blinked and tried to compose herself. She lifted the hem of her dress to see if her leg was cut, it wasn't. She did not have a headache, so the fall had not caused her any harm. She smiled to herself and looked up.

"Well, now you have found me, what are you going to do with me?" She asked, a licentious look on her face.

"I think Beatrix wants us to pleasure her," the young man called Edmund said to his friend, "shall we give her what she wants? What say you, Bruce?"

Bruce did not answer, he merely removed his cloak and laid it on the ground. Bea smiled as she lay on the garment, pulled her dress up to her waist and opened her legs.

Edmund knelt between her legs and leaned forward. Bea had no undergarments on and her sex was fully exposed.

"You have the most beautiful flame coloured bush," he said to her, "it invites a tongue like a flower invites a Bee."

"And this Bea invites you to her flower," she laughed.

Bea let out a moan of pleasure as she felt Edmund's tongue start work on her cunt. Bruce muffled her moan by putting his open lips to hers and sticking his tongue in her mouth. She put her hand on the back of his head, pulled him to her and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Edmund licked her cunt enthusiastically, loving the taste of the juice that flowed freely from it. He flicked her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, making her legs twitch and her hips roll.

Bea pushed Bruce away from her mouth and looked him in the eye.

"Which one of you will go first?" She asked in a husky voice.

Bruce looked over his shoulder at his friend, working away with his tongue on the beautiful young woman's cunt.

"She wants you to fuck her," he said.

Edmund surfaced from between Bea's legs and pulled his breeches down to his knees. He let out a groan as he pushed his stiff cock inside her, loving the feeling as her cunt opened for him.

Bruce pulled the top of her dress down over her shoulders and put his mouth to the stiff little nipple of her left breast. She let out a little mew of delight as she felt the cock inside her and the mouth on her teat.

"Oh Beatrix" said Edmund, "I have longed to do this for ever."

"And I have been waiting for the opportunity to let you," the randy young woman replied.

Edmund's thrusting became more insistent as he grew closer to his climax. Bea moaned and cried out as she too approached her orgasm.

"Uuuuh!" Cried Edmund as he filled Bea with his seed.

"Yesssss!" Cried Bea as she had an intense orgasm.

Bruce took his mouth from Bea's tit and pulled his breeches down. As soon as Edmund had stood back and left Bea exposed, Bruce got into position and slipped his stiff cock inside her spunk-filled cunt.

"Fuck me! fuck me hard!" She ordered him, staring fixedly into his eyes.

Bruce did as commanded, he thrust hard and fast, bringing himself off very quickly. Bea urged him on, being brought to climax for the second time.

"Oh Lord yes!" She cried aloud, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Oh Beatrix!" He cried out as he put a huge load up the slutty red-head.

Bruce slumped on top of her and Bea lay under him, reveling in the feeling of her orgasm.

"You are crushing the poor thing," laughed Edmund, "get your cock out of her and your bulk off of her before she suffocates."

Bruce rolled off of her and Bea lay there, smiling at the two young men.

"Who would have thought that picking mushrooms could be so much fun," she said to them.

The three of them made their way back to the manor house, arriving to find a commotion going on.

"What is it?" Edmund asked a squire who was saddling a horse.

"The lady Becca has stabbed master Marcus, it was while they were all in the great hall, she did it in front of everyone."

"Oh goodness!" Cried Bea, "how badly is he hurt?"

"The wound was fatal."

Bea sank to the ground in a faint.

"Hello, can you hear me?"

Bea came round, her head was aching and her leg hurt. She sat up and looked up, an attractive young woman with long black hair was looking at her.

"My head hurts," she said to the woman, "and I have cut my leg."

"Come on," said the woman, helping Bea to stand, "let's get you home."

As they walked back through the forest they talked. The woman introduced herself as Lisa and told Bea that she lived in Smallton with her brother-in-law and her two sisters. Bea told her that she was visiting Hendrick.

The two women arrived back at the house and went into the kitchen where Rosie was loading the washing machine. Bea had a sort of deja vu when she saw her, she had seen her do something like that before.

"Your guest is hurt," Lisa told Rosie.

Rosie immediately became concerned and told Lisa to take Bea to one of the guest bedrooms, informing them that she would be up presently with the first-aid kit.

Lisa helped Bea up the stairs. Bea didn't really need her help but she liked the feeling of the other woman's arm around her waist.

"Let's get you on the bed and take a look at that cut," Lisa told her as they entered what was a nicely furnished light and airy bedroom.

Bea lay on the bed and Lisa slipped her shoes off her. Then she gently undid her jeans and wriggled them down over her hips. Lisa looked at Bea and smiled, Bea smiled back.

"It's not a bad cut," Lisa said, "how did it happen?"

"A boar came running out of the undergrowth. It grazed my leg and I fell and was knocked out."

"Oh you poor thing."

Lisa leaned down and put her mouth to the cut. She poked her tongue out and licked the trickle of dried blood from Bea's calf. Bea let out a little sigh as she felt the touch of the other woman's tongue on her flesh.

"Was that nice?" Lisa asked.

Bea nodded.

"You have such fine white skin," Lisa told her, "you are beautiful."

With that, Lisa began to lick Bea some more, working her way up to Bea's thigh. Bea took hold of her panties and pulled them down a little way, stopping when she met Lisa's mouth. Lisa lifted her head to allow Bea to pull her panties right down, which she did, then she opened her legs.

Lisa put her head between Bea's legs and kissed her on her vagina. Bea put her hands on Lisa's head and held it to her. Lisa understood what she wanted and so she started to lick Bea out.

"Oh my God!" Cried Bea, "oh my God!"

The door opened and Rosie walked in, carrying the first-aid kit. She had a very strong feeling of deja vu when she took in the sight of the beautiful young raven haired woman servicing the young red haired woman with her tongue.

Bea opened her mouth and a sort of caterwaul came out. Rosie was stunned, she had definitely heard that sound coming from that woman before!

Lisa got up from between Bea's legs and knelt in front of her, "was that nice?" She asked.

"Christ, that was amazing!" Replied Bea, "I have never experienced an orgasm like that before, ever!"

"She's good, isn't she?" Said Rosie from the doorway.

Lisa looked over her shoulder and smiled at the Adele lookalike. "You're pretty good at it yourself," she said to her, smiling.

Rosie started removing her clothing as she walked over to the bed, taking her cue, Lisa did the same. Bea looked on as the two other women stripped and then embraced, their open mouths clamped together, their tongues down each other's throats.

Bea shuffled to one side of the big soft bed and Lisa lay back on it. Rosie straddled her and began to massage her breasts. Lisa put her hand out and Bea took hold of it and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Rosie leaned forward and took Lisa's left teat in her mouth. Lisa gave a sigh as she felt Rosie suckle. Rosie's fulsome ass was sticking out and Lisa stroked it with her free hand. Bea followed her lead and stroked Rosie's other ass cheek.

Rosie slid down the bed and Lisa opened her legs for her. Rosie got her head in between Lisa's legs and began to emulate what Lisa had done to Bea.

"Yes," said Lisa, "Lisa likes that, Lisa likes Rosie doing that."

Bea could feel Lisa squeezing her hand tighter as she became more and more aroused. She watched Lisa screw up her eyes in concentration as she came. Bea smiled as she watched her new friend twitch and shake as her orgasm took over her body.

"Fuck yes! Fuck yes!" Cried Lisa as she came.

Rosie's head re-appeared from between Lisa's legs, it had a big smile on it.

"Nice?" She asked.

"You know it was," replied Lisa, smiling down at her.

"Now for you," Bea said to Rosie.

Lisa slid off the bed and Rosie lay down on her back. Bea leaned over her and put her mouth to Rosie's. The two women kissed passionately as Lisa climbed up from the bottom of the bed and settled herself between Rosie's open legs.

Rosie let out muffled moans of pleasure as Lisa used her tongue to bring her off. Bea knew she was coming as the kissing got more forceful and Rosie's tongue wriggled around in her mouth more energetically.

After a few minutes Rosie pulled away from the kiss and threw back her head. She let out a loud howl as she came, her fingers digging into the mattress, her cunt squirting juice over Lisa's face.

The three women lay cuddled together on the big soft bed, relaxing after their sexual exercise.

"Do you think Hendrick will let me stay here?" Bea asked.

"He will If I have anything to do with it," replied Rosie, stroking her hair.

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