tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Lamp, A New Life

An Old Lamp, A New Life


Writer's Note: This is the beginning of a fantasy. It does start slow, at least sexually. I hope that the reader will find a nice pay-off at the end. If I get enough comments, I will continue the story. It has many possibilities!

Chapter 1

It was a Saturday morning. I found myself browsing through a pawn shop. I wasn't there because I was interested in buying somebody else's junk. I was there because the girl behind the counter was beautiful. She was about 5'2", between ninety-five and a hundred pounds, blonde, blue eyes, and a smile that was so bright it put the sun to shame.

I met her at a party the weekend before. We hadn't talked much because frankly before the events of that day I was a shy, slightly pudgy, less than average middle aged guy with a pencil dick. She was in her early twenties and had at least three guys hitting on her at any one time the whole evening. I just lurked in the corners following her into whatever part of the room she happened to be in. I know, that makes me just a creepy loser. But that's who I was, a constantly horny, oversexed, creepy loser.

She came over to me. I thought I would pass out when she got close. Of course, she did not recognize me. Just doing her job, she asked, "Can I help you find something?"

Her voice was sweet, cute, and sexy. I swallowed like I had not had anything to drink in days and muttered something like, "Uh, no, uh, just looking." That was true; I was just looking at Candace.

"Let me know if I can help you with anything." And she walked over to another customer.

When I was able to start breathing again I decided I better actually look at some of the merchandise so it wouldn't be so obvious that I was a creepy stalker. I went over to an area of the store marked "Estate Sale." The goods in this corner apparently all came from some rich guy's estate. He had died suddenly with no real family. The pawn shop owner had gone to the estate sale and bought some of the smaller pieces. He had bought the whole lot pretty cheap hoping to make a profit by selling them an item at a time.

There were a few little statues, some old ash trays, some small paintings and lithographs, two Tiffany style lamps, and various other decorative items. However, there was one piece that caught my eye. It was a little oil lamp. It reminded me of something you would see in an Arabian Nights movie. It desperately needed cleaning and polishing, but I could tell it was probably the oldest item in the lot. It intrigued me, so I decided to buy it.

None of the merchandise from the estate sale was priced, so I had to summon up the courage to ask Candace. "Uh, Miss? I need some help." Boy, did I need help.

She came over and once again disarmed me with her sweet smile. "Sure! How can I help?"

I wanted to blurt out, "Please marry me and make me the happiest man in town!" Instead I said, "How much is this old oil lamp?"

"Well, the owner hasn't really priced this stuff yet. Did you have a price in mind?"

How was I supposed to know the value of something like this? "I didn't really have anything in mind. It looks like it might be worth something. How about $100?"

She smiled and replied, "Oh, sir I don't think the owner would part with this piece for $100. How about $500?"

Now you have to know that I was a low-level accountant at a small box factory. I did not make much money and spent all I did make. Five-hundred dollars was a lot of money to me. However, I did not want to appear cheap to this goddess, so I countered with a four-hundred dollar offer. She countered with four-hundred and fifty dollars, and we had a deal. I took out my credit card, maxed it out with the purchase, and left the store to go home.

All the way home I was beating myself up about buying that old lamp. What the hell did I need an oil lamp for? Why would I spend so much on an old piece of junk? Was Candace laughing at me because I was snookered into buying a piece of worthless garbage? Yes, I know, these were the mental ramblings of an insecure loser.

Before going home I stopped by the hardware store and bought some brass cleaner. I thought since I had the thing, it might as well look good. After eating a quick sandwich, I decided to see if I could do with it. My wife had left me about five years ago, so my apartment looked like a bachelor's pad. I thought maybe this would be the start to adding some spice to the décor.

I started by taking a wet rag and washing off the surface dirt, and there was a lot of it. This lamp had not been touched in years. I then squeezed some of the cleaner onto another rag and started rubbing it onto the surface. As I rubbed the compound onto the lamp I could not believe my eyes. The surface under all of the grime was absolutely gorgeous. It shined up brilliantly. My buffing uncovered a luster like I had never seen in my life. It was so beautiful it was mesmerizing. When I finished polishing the last section, my life changed forever.

Now I know you're expecting something cliché. However, you need to know that there was no smoke; a fat, blue-skinned man in a turban did not magically appear in my room; and Barbara Eden did not magically appear wearing a belly dancer's outfit mysteriously covering her navel. However, I suddenly felt that my mind was being transported to some other dimension. My body was still in my living room, but my mind was in another place, maybe even another time. I really could not see anything, but I just knew I was in a separate space.

I could not see anything, but my mind perceived everything. I could hear birds chirping. I could hear voices talking. I tried to look around but nothing was clear to my sight. Suddenly a voice talked directly to me. "Hello Kyle."

The voice made my heart jump a beat. It was a deep, booming voice filled with a power I had never experienced. I could not figure out why I was not scared out of my mind, but I was not afraid in the least.

The voice spoke again. "Kyle, I am Haji Ben al Sib [at least that's how I remember the name]. I am known in your language as a genie. I am aware of the legends, and you need to know that none of what you have read is strictly accurate. I am not here to grant you three wishes. However, I am here to change your life. I am here to grant you any fantasy you can dream of."

I was dreaming, surely, but I was still aware of my earthly surroundings. I was still aware of my body. But my mind was definitely hearing this voice. It was real. I could hear, but I was so confused, I could barely speak.

"Kyle," he continued, "I know you have many questions, and I will answer them in good time. However, let me tell you the stipulations for granting these changes, and then we will see if you want to continue."

I managed to let out an "Ok, sure."

"Rather than three wishes, I will spend one week with you tailoring your new life. You must make all of the choices. I cannot make any suggestions nor offer advice. I will grant you everything you desire with a few exceptions. I cannot make something appear out of nothing. I can only reshape or influence what is already there. I cannot change the past. What is done is done. I cannot give you eternal life. That privilege is out of my hands. Once the week is done and my job is finished, you will never return to my abode and never hear from me again.

And Kyle, this is the most important stipulation; everything I put into motion will be permanent. Your life can never return to the way it was. So you must choose your changes wisely."

My body swallowed hard, and my mind began swimming with possibilities. I did not know if he could read my thoughts, but he interrupted my imagination by saying, "And Kyle, you may never tell anyone about me. If you do, one of my associates will visit you and terminate our contract permanently. Also, my lamp only works once every fifty years, so it would be useless to give it to anyone else. The lamp will choose my next human at the appointed time. You have until tomorrow to decide if you want to proceed. If you do, simply pick up the lamp and you will return to me."

After that instruction, I found my mind back in my living room. My body was shaking. My knees were weak. Was I dreaming? I looked down at the lamp in my hand. I could see my reflection in the now shimmering metal. I looked like I had seen a ghost. Genies are not real. But God did that feel real.

I did not sleep at all that night. I kept waffling between convincing myself it was an afternoon dream and considering all of the wonderful things that I could wish for (if it were real). My alarm unnecessarily went off at 6:00. I had decided that I would check out the lamp's reality bright and early so I could get on with my day when it all turned out to be a figment of my imagination.

I took a shower so I could relax a bit. I put on my robe and walked into the living room. I stared at the lamp for a few minutes trying to work up the courage to pick it up. Why was I so worried about a dream? I kept asking myself, "Was it a dream?" There was only one way to find out.

Chapter 2

I nervously picked up the shiny lamp. I was immediately back in the other dimension hearing my new friend Haji say, "Hello again Kyle."

"Hello Haji" is all I could muster.

"So you are ready to proceed?"

"Yes, I think so."

"There is no think Kyle. You must decide yes or no. Remember, I can give no advice, so you must be sure of each request. Every alteration I make has many ripple effects. So I ask again, are you ready?"

I thought for a moment, but my lust and greed took over and I said, "Absolutely, I am ready."

"Good. Everything must originate with you. I must give you everything you ask for without question as long as it does not violate the previously mentioned rules. I only caution again for you to choose wisely. Whatever I do can never be undone."

After all the fantasizing, thinking, and mental planning, now that the time had come to start making my choices and I was almost too afraid to say anything. All Haji's talk about "ripple effects" and "permanency" had me scared to death. I kept thinking about destroying the space/time continuum or something.

Finally, I asked, "Haji, can you change my appearance? I mean I'd really like to look like a stud instead of a wimp."

He cautioned, "Yes, I can change your appearance. However, if I do that you will have to cease being you, Kyle. You will be unable to explain the drastic change to anyone you know. But, if you choose to do so, I can alter your appearance to anything you like. I cannot change your height. I cannot change your gender. But every other aspect of your appearance is changeable."

Did I really want to do that? "If I choose to do that, what do I do about my job, my family, my friends? What about the government...you know driver's license, social security, and any other legal matter?"

Haji answered with no hint of emotion or judgment, "If you so choose I can alter every facet of your life in order to give you a new one. I can arrange for you to get a new job. I can alter government records to give you a new identity. However, I can do nothing about your family and friends. You would never be able to contact them as Kyle. You can never tell anyone about me, so there would be no plausible explanation for your appearance."

I thought to myself, "No wonder Tony Nelson never wanted Jeanie to use her magic on him."

However, as I reflected on my life so far, I decided that the change was needed. So I nervously said, "Ok Mr. Haji, I am ready. Make me into one well-built, handsome, completely desirable young man."

He corrected, "Kyle, the process is not immediate. Your body could not handle the sudden change. However, over the next week you will gradually see the changes coming. By the end of our week together, your metamorphosis will be complete."

I added, "While we're at it Haj, can you make sure my, uh, penis is long and thick? I mean, what's the use of a stud's body without a stud's cock?"

I laughed. Haji did not. He just said, "As you wish."

I tried to reconnect my mind with my body to see if I could sense any changes. So far I thought my stomach might feel a little smaller, but it might be my imagination.

Each request I made went something like this description. I made a request, Haji gave me some helpful warning about the world ceasing to spin, I insisted, he complied. Every day for eight hours I planned my new perfect life with this miracle worker. And at the end of the week, my new life was at my doorstep.

I couldn't believe the week was over, but when I looked in the mirror, I knew Haji was who he said he was. I was the same height, but I had abs! I had a taut, muscled chest. I had a full head of blonde hair. I was gorgeous. Everything was well-defined and muscular. I had the face of a movie star, and the star wasn't John Candy. Haji had delivered.

And when I surveyed my nether regions, I was very pleased. Instead of my five inch pencil dick, I had a flaccid cock that was hanging down a good five inches already and was thicker than any soft cock I had ever seen. I could only imagine what it would look like when I was aroused. I would have to test that out later.

Haji left me with a few more words of wisdom. "Your former life is over, Kyle. Your new life as Devin Harris begins today. Report to the company I indicated at eight o'clock in the morning, and you will be hired as their new senior vice president of accounting. From there you will have to make your own way up the corporate ladder. However, your new salary will be more than adequate to support the new lifestyle you requested. And Devin, you must put the lamp out of sight. No hint of my work can be known. The lamp will find its way into the right hands fifty years from now. It is time for me to retire from your presence. I hope you made your choices wisely, Devin."

With that veiled warning, I was returned fully to my new body that was sitting in my new apartment. Of course, I had to move. Kyle was on the former lease, and Devin had a new life to start. The new apartment was a two-bedroom penthouse flat in the best part of town. It was an apartment complex that catered to the rich and the beautiful. It had the reputation of being a playground where anything was possible and expected. Rumor had it that nothing was taboo in this building. Truth be known, that's why I picked it.

The apartment had everything a hot bachelor could want. And every time I looked in the mirror I knew I was a smoking hot bachelor, but it was going to take a while to look in the mirror without having to do a double-take. Part of the deal with the good genie was that I would always put out a sexy vibe with the ladies. He had another word for it, but I can't remember what it was right now. And dear reader let me tell you, that was my biggest mistake of the whole transformation. I know what you're thinking; every guy has the fantasy of being able to turn on any lady he wants, right? But that's NOT what I asked for. I asked to be irresistible to every lady. And since good old Haji couldn't give me advice, he did what I asked.

Chapter 3

Since I didn't have the interview until the next morning, I decided to try out my new body. I went to the closet and surveyed my incredible new wardrobe. I could dress up or dress down in the latest and most expensive outfits. I had the day off, so I chose to dress down. I put on nothing fancy, just a nice polo shirt and a pair of slacks. I walked by the mirror, made one last minute check of my new fabulous self, and walked out the door.

Because Haji and I had been busy the last week, I hadn't met anyone in the building yet. My penthouse covered the entire top floor, but I shared an elevator with the whole building. I got on the elevator, and pressed the lobby button. It was a ten story building. The elevator stopped on the ninth floor. In walked a pretty, middle aged lady, probably in her early to mid-forties. She was really only slightly above average, but attractive. She had kept herself in pretty good shape I judged. She had brown hair, about five foot four our so. I won't even try the weight thing. She was wearing a green button down blouse, tight fitting jeans, and tennis shoes.

I smiled at her, but had other things on my agenda. The door closed and both of us reached for the button to repress the lobby button. Our hands accidentally touched. I said excuse me, but when I looked at her I saw bells going off in her head. She looked at me with lust. I tried to look away, but she said, "Well, hello. And who are you?"

I started to say Kyle out of habit but managed to say, "Devin."

She cooed, "I'm Sheila." She smiled and licked her lips. They were nice lips covered in a pink, shiny lip gloss. Before I could look away she said, "Would you like to go for a cup of coffee?"

I was stunned. I looked down at her left hand and of course her finger was complete with a nice, big rock and a wedding band. I never had a desire to be a home wrecker, so I politely responded with, "Uh, Sheila, I'm flattered but I don't think I can go today."

She didn't miss a beat, "Well, how about later?" Her hand then brushed against mine.

My heart was racing. What the hell was I supposed to do with this? I mean it wasn't that she was unattractive, but this was not what I had bargained for. I nervously replied, "Sheila, I, uh, well, I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"And why not?" I was getting the picture that she wasn't planning on taking no for an answer.

"Well, uh, it's obvious you're married." Trying to sound magnanimous I said, "I don't think your husband would approve."

"Fuck him," she bluntly replied. "He works all of the time, never comes home until late in the evening, and I'm sure he's balling his twenty-five year old secretary."

She then reached over and put her hand directly on my crotch and continued, "And I need some of this very badly, Devin." She gave it a good squeeze before backing away slightly.

I was aghast . . . no turned on . . . no aghast! I was feeling all of it. I figured there was no way of getting away from this lady, so I suggested, "Uh, Sheila, let's, uh, just go back up to my place, then."

I couldn't believe I had suggested that. By that time we had arrived on the lobby level. The door opened, and a twenty-something blonde beauty stepped into the elevator. She had been for a jog and was wearing a tight, white t-shirt, some barely there shorts, and tennis shoes. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and sweat was pouring down her face. The sweat also made her shirt stick tightly to her body. She was about five foot two or so, and no more than ninety-five pounds. Yes, I went there with the weight with this girl. Her breasts were smallish, probably a B cup, but oh so perky! She reminded me of my dream girl, Candace.

She asked us to push eight, and looked puzzled when we didn't get out. The two women knew each other. Sheila said, "Good morning Brittany."

Brittany replied, "Good morning Sheila. Who's your friend here?"

Sheila moved in a bit closer and answered, "This is my new friend Devin. He just moved into the Penthouse upstairs."

I thought that would be it, but then she smiled with a wicked grin and continued, "We're going up to his place."

I couldn't believe my ears. What was Brittany going to think? The bubbly, young woman just said, "Great!"

She then looked over at me, and the same fireworks were going off in her eyes. She then looked at Sheila and asked, "Can I join you two?"

Now, you know my former self by now. In that life I could never have picked up one overweight senior citizen without pissing my pants. Now I had two attractive women almost forcing themselves on me. I have to admit, my cock was getting pretty frisky by this point. At this moment I thought that Haji's work was pretty damned successful.

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