tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 02

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 02


The oral sex Jeff have his wife was extra good because Steve had instructed him on a few new methods to stimulate Marilee. She settled her ass back on the bed after peaking and cumming hard on Jeff's face. Steve said, "Jeff quickly now, before Marylou begins to recover any more, I want you to use this vibrator and stroke it very gently over her entire slit. Don't put it inside her until I tell you. But, make sure the tip just touches her clit. But be very gentle. When she arches her back and cries out I want you move the vibrator out of the way and penetrate her with your cock fully with one shove. Understand? Then fuck her hard and fast. Drop the vibrator then, hold her hips and drive it home buddy and just do her. Understand?"

Jeff said he did and took the vibrator from Steve's hand. He took the 8-inch cylinder and very softly began to rub it up and down his wife's pussy as he explored what it was doing to her. He stroked it up and down Marylou's pink little vagina slit making her moan. Steve saw that she wasn't receiving the full benefit of the stimulation and he said, "No Jeff, like this. Watch."

He took the cylinder out of Jeff's hand and showed him how it should be done. He rubbed Marylou's pussy slit using the entire vibrator and placing it against all of her vagina slit from her clit to her hole. As he slowly ran it up and down with a low setting for the vibration she moaned loudly this time. "Jeff watched her face and see when she is ready. You'll know when you see it, believe me. There's nothing more erotic than a woman's face when she is just about there", Steve told him.

Meanwhile Steve continued to run the cylinder over her entire pussy. His mouth was watering to have her. He used the toy like it was made to be used and gently inserted the tip of it into her hole when it got there. Marylou arched her back and cried out immediately. She lifted her hips to try and get more of the big toy into her pussy. He quickly pulled it out again and went back to rubbing up the slit. He didn't want her to cum yet. Jeff watched intently as the other man worked on his wife. He was hard as a rock but was still upset that Steve was the one working on Marylou's body and especially her pussy.

The big fake cock was more than enough to touch all of Marylou' sexual special places. And, it didn't take but a very few minutes from Steve's great knowledge of what he was doing before she was rocking and pumping her pussy on the damn thing telling him to fuck her. As she moved faster it was then that Steve said, "Be ready Jeff we're almost there. I'm going to insert this tip again inside her pussy about an inch and when I pull it out you thrust your cock all the way into her. Her pussy will be open and you should just go right in. Once you do fuck her like hell. Understand?"

Jeff shook his head yes as he watched his wife fucking herself on the vibrator rubbing her slit as he watched Steve inserted the tip of the big toy into Marylou's open and very wet hole. She cried out and lifted up high off the bed and began to fuck herself on it. Steve decided to push it in about half way. When he pulled it out and back in for three or four times she cried out saying she loved it, she loved it over and over again.

He moved quickly to the side and out of the way and as Marylou cried out in protest of the big cylinder being removed. It was then that Jeff slammed his cock all the way into her. Marylou lifted her legs high up in the air and almost screamed loud and husky voice, "Oh yes! Oh yes baby! Fuck me. Fuck me hard Jeff! Make me cum please!"

She wrapped her legs around Jeff's stomach and used her arms to wrap around his neck and pulled him down on top of her. She started to fuck her husband like a woman who couldn't get enough, like she was wild and crazy! Steve watched her hips thrusting up and her beautiful full round ass rocking and pumping as she took Jeff's cock fully inside her and worked her pussy on it now.

Jeff was humping into her hard and fast and she was meeting his thrusts with her own. Marylou screamed with pleasure as a great orgasm, which was building in her body for a long time hit her like a freight train hits a car. She screamed out again with her lust and humped and humped and humped and humped her body on her husband's cock that as now spewing his seed into her. Marylou was having a wonderful orgasm. And, Jeff wasn't just starting to cum. And boy was he CUMMING, and cumming and cumming and cumming.

She held him tight feeling his sperm flowing over her tunnel and she thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts down into her. She cried out over and over tell him how much she loved him and how good it felt to climax with him inside her pussy.

Jeff was like a man under a spell, a sexual spell. His hips were pumping fast and hard and he fucked his wife like never before. Steve watched them and his own cock was throbbing with his desire and lust. He was so ready to cum and had been for a long time.

Jeff almost growled like some animal from his lust that he felt pumping out of the hole in his cock head. He had never cummed like he did today. And his cock got so much harder and thicker when he did that Marylou felt it too. She had actually screamed for him to cum in her, to fuck her and cum in her. Over and over again she had arched her hips and ass up off the bed and then when her orgasm hit her she seemed and just seemed to hang in the air as her husband pumped more cum into her pussy than he had done before. She moaned with such a lustful sounds that even Steve had to look up from watching her husband filling her pussy hole to her face to make sure it was Marylou who was making this animal sound.

He smiled and knew he had done well tonight as the first time being with them. It would require more sessions but he was sure if Jeff did what he told him to do and learned Marylou's sexual signs they would be OK. They would be able to achieve mutual cock to pussy orgasms. And Steve was sure they would be good ones just like tonight.

The next step in Jeff's training would be to learn to hold off cumming and that would take some practice. Steve was already thinking of a way for him to learn and learn fast how to achieve this goal Steve was going to set some goals for Jeff and Marylou. But he had to wait now until they were both more coherent and had recovered from their orgasms.

Marylou finally lowered her beautiful body back down on the bed and she held her husband panting from the best sexual experience they had ever had. Finally Jeff rolled over and off of his wife. She didn't try to cover up she just lay there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

Steve watched as he saw Jeff's cock shrink completely and he turned his attention towards Marylou. His eyes fell immediately to her breasts as he watched them rise and fall with her breathing. Steve looked down her beautiful young white body and stop to look between her legs. He could see Jeff's cum beginning to run out of her wide-open pussy hole. Steve's cock was as hard as it had ever been. He had done this before with lots of couples but none had a wife as beautiful or as sexy as Marylou was. She emitted nothing but sex when he looked at her and especially now. She lay there with her full breasts visible with their hard red nipples sticking up towards the ceiling. As he looked down her body seeing her thin and flat stomach he could see just how well built this lovely young woman really was. But when he looked between her open legs and saw that pussy, it made him moan softly. No one heard him do it. He was looking at a pussy trimmed neatly with its lips fat and swollen now from the fucking she had just had, Steve knew he wanted her and wanted her badly. Steve knew right then that after Jeff's training was done and payment was due, he would ask for a night with Marylou rather than any pay. He wasn't sure Jeff would go for it but maybe he wouldn't know about it. Maybe he could talk with Marylou and convince her to just met him one day or night and let him fuck her. His cock was throbbing hard and it actually hurt, he was that hard.

Finally Steve got up and walked into the bathroom he had to get away for a few minutes and not see Marylou's body just laying there on the bed freshly fucked. There was nothing sexier that seeing a woman's nude body, right after she had been screwed and had a number of orgasms. God he wanted to just pull his slacks down and slam his much bigger cock into her already cum filled pussy. He would rock her world if he did. She would love the feel of his big cock in her filling her so much more than Jeff was able to do for her. And Steve knew that after he had been in her body and been fucking her for awhile, Marylou would know she wouldn't have to worry about him cumming to fast. Steve was a pro and knew how to control his ejaculations. If he ever got the chance he would take it that was for sure. The only problem was Jeff. He was sure Jeff would never agree to allow his wife to let him fuck her especially after Jeff saw the size of Steve's cock. Steve began to work on a plan.

When the sex was over both Jeff and Marylou got up and took showers, then they dressed again. Steve sat in the living room and waited. He told them he wanted to talk with them about what happened today. When they were all sitting Steve began to tell them the good and bad things he saw. The good news was Marylou had cum from Jeff's cock and it was a very good cumming. She agreed. They were all very happy with that outcome. But Steve told them they had more to learn and do before they met again.

They both told him they were ready to work hard since they had come so far in the week that passed. Steve agreed with them. He instructed them on what he wanted both of them to work on and accomplished before they met again next week. He explained that each night as they watched TV or whatever they did at night they should take two hours to practice on Jeff's cock. He explained that Jeff was to be nude at least from the stomach down but better if he was fully nude. Marylou was to be completely nude and she should use her body as a tool for driving Jeff towards cumming. Marylou was to work on Jeff's cock for the entire two hours each night.

Steve explained to her what she was to do. Steve told her, "You should stroke him, play with his cock and balls, explore al of his equipment Marylou. Know it completely you can even suck him."

She shook her head in a yes I understand. But then Steve told her very forcefully, "But you are not to let Jeff cum until the two hours is over. You can then make him cum anyway you both want to do it. Yes, Marylou you can fuck him or suck him or just jerk him off. But make him cum then and only them"

Then Steve looked at Jeff and told him, "Strip down for me now and I'll instructed Marylou on how to manipulate your cock."

While Jeff took off his slacks, Steve told her he wanted her to work him up and then back off, once he was semi-hard again she was to work him up to the point where he very hard and was seconds away from cumming. Then she should stop again. She was to do this for the entire two hours each night regardless of how much Jeff begged her to make him cum, she was to hold off for the entire two hours.

Steve asked if they had any questions and they both told him no. Steve saw Jeff smiling and he told him it was his job to make sure his wife knew when he was about to orgasm. He told Jeff to make damn sure he didn't until the time period was completely over. He told Marylou that this training was to get Jeff to be able to hold off from cumming for a longer period of time each night. It was training first and then pleasure afterwards if he deserved it.

Steve told them they should keep a diary or log of what they did and how long it took before she had to stop each time. He told them again if Jeff cums the training was a failure. He would review the log when he met with them again next week at the same time on Thursday. They talked some more and then he told them it would take practice and training and cooperation.

He said, "Marylou you are the one who will run the entire training. You are the one that should make sure your husband doesn't cum, that's your responsibility. If he does cum, you and Jeff will had failed in the training for that day."

She asked, "And if that should happen Steve what then?"

He said, "Then you both will have to do it for two- two hour periods for the next two days, once in the morning if there is time and once at night. If you can't do it in the morning then Jef will have to live with and endure a four-hour training session at night." He looked at Jeff and said, "And believe me that can be very, very hard and extremely frustrating to you and your wife! Remember, both of you, this is training not love making."

She thanked him and kissed him softly and quickly she didn't linger. Steve then shook hand with Jeff and just before he left he told her to start with the training tonight. He knew it was late but she should start tonight. She told him she would. He reminded them both to keep the log. He said he would call them on Wednesday to conform the appointment for Thursday.

The week passed and on Wednesday Steve called them and told them there was a chance in plans they would have to go to his house since he had a broken water pipe and was waiting for the plumber. They agreed and asked what time. He said, "Let's make it 6 PM and I'll have dinner waiting for us all. They agreed and Marylou was wet thinking about what happened the last time she and Jeff met with Steve. She couldn't wait until Thursday night at 6 PM. They had tried to get Jeff to cum in her and to hold off until she had reached orgasm. She had worked on his cock for the two hours each and every night just like Steve had instructed them.

Then to finish him off, Marylou offered her pussy as the way to make her husband finally cum. She wanted him to get her off too with his cock just like when Steve was there with them. They didn't use the vibrator and Jeff had to use his cock fingers and mouth. He licked and fingered her into two orgasms each night and then fucked her. But they only had mutual orgasms once that entire week and it was on Wednesday night as she was thinking about meeting Steve and learning more from him. She felt he was an expert of sex and knew how to fuck better than any man she had ever had. She was sure of it.

Both Jeff and Marylou were a little upset that they hadn't made much progress but they did enjoyed the sex with each other every night. Jeff was eating her pussy much better and longer now after Steve had given him some tips on how to do it more suitable to make her cum. Jeff's face was always completely covered with her juices when he came out from between her smooth and shapely thighs. She was so hot by them that she would have fucked a doorknob. And Jeff always made her cum at least twice with his tongue and that was some satisfaction to her. He was happy since he able to have intercourse with his lovely wife every night after being hard and soft, hard and soft for God knows how many times before the two hours were over. When he did cum in her pussy he shot a huge load into her each and every night.

Marylou held her husband's arm as they walked up to Steve's front door. She was nervous and happy to be there again. They both had learned so much that first time with Steve that she was sure he would be able to help them more and resolve their problem, well Jeff's problem. They saw Steve waiting for them as he opened the front door and they entered his home. He told them the plumber had just left and was only there for an hour a $300 dollar hour.

He asked about the drive and they told him it was fast and not very much traffic. Steve held the door and had a nice happy look on his face as they went into the living room and stood. He walked them into the dining room and the dinner was waiting. As they sat and ate, they talked and then Steve asked them about the log. Jeff gave it to him and he began to read and ate as Jeff and Marylou watched him intently.

He looked up at them and said, "Good, you had a good week and actually achieved a cock orgasm once. That's very encouraging."

Marylou looked at him and said, "Yes, but........but only once Steve. Once is good?"

He said, 'Yes, for the first week. Look you two this is going to take some time. It's re-training actually. You Jeff have to be sort of re-programmed. That takes time and training and I think you two are doing great. How do you like the food?"

They both were smiling as they told him the food was delicious. He told them to eat lightly and then they would go into the bedroom and begin. After about a half an hour they all stood up and walked up the stairs to Steve's bedroom. When Marylou walked into the room she said that he had the biggest bed she had ever seen. He told her that sometimes there were three or four people on it sometimes more. He explained that all of his clients were couples, but some included a threesome or two couples with problems or more than two couples. He said, "You wouldn't believe all the different people and their fantasies and problems that people bring in here for me to help them. But, that's why the big bed Marylou. I sleep in another room."

The room was pleasantly lit with many lights at different positions around the room. Steve turned on three of them and the room became alive and very bright. Steve said, "The reason for the bright lights tonight folks is that I want to film this session if you don't have any objections. I can assure you that when we are finished you will be given the film. No copies will be made."

Before either could respond Steve continued, "The reason I want to film your session is so that I can review it later this week and make notes and set up a program for you without both of you distracting me. It's hard to write professionally and keep my brain on the subject with you guys moaning and crying and thrusting making the bed squeak like you do."

Marylou laughed a little but Jeff didn't. He said, "Is filming really necessary doctor?"

Steve said, "Please call me Steve, Jeff. And, yes, I think it will help me get a better idea on what is needed going forward. I promise you no one will see it but me. Then I will turn it over to you to do with it as you want. Should we get started?"

Jeff shook his head yes and Steve told them to undress fully and get on the bed. Then he turned and walked out of the room. He got the two bottles of wine and came back into the bedroom. When he did he saw Marylou and Jeff on the bed nude and sitting there. She looked beautiful as he remembered and her nipples were already hard as small rocks. He offered them both a glass of wine and they accepted.

Once they drank the wine Steve told them what he wanted in this session. He said, "First Marylou I wanted to ask you some questions about last week. Did you enjoy it? I mean did you enjoy working on Jeff's cock like you did?"

She smiled and said, "Oh yes Steve, but I liked it better when at the end he was inside me every night. Even if we didn't have mutual orgasms each night, Jeff was very loving and we had fun didn't we babe?"

He laughed and said, "Hell yea. Making love to you every night was a joy. I could really get use to that Marylou if you don't kill me first."

Steve said, "Good because this week and for the weeks going forward I want you both to continue this practice. You don't have to fuck every night Jeff but I want you to cum at the end of two hours. OK?"

They both said yes back to him so her continued. He said, "See if you can keep him from cumming for another half an hour Marylou, that would be two and a half-hours total. It will be better folks I can assure you. This will be much better as time goes by. Now Jeff it's time for you to begin to make love to your wife. I will instruct you again if I see something that will improve your technique or give your wife more pleasure. OK?"

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