tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 03

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 03


On Thursday the following week, Steve arrived at Marylou's and Jeff's house with three bottles of wine and some very delicious treats from the Gourmet story. They ate drank and Jeff and Marylou talked about their week since they had seen Steve last. Neither of them had very much clothing on and Steve felt immediately that Marylou looked and was so damn hot. His cock was jumping as he saw her standing by the doorway in very short white shorts and a pink tank top.

As she kissed him hello, Steve could feel she had nothing on under the shorts. His hidden hand had touched her ass rubbing over the shapely roundness of it as she pulled away from him. She smiled as she felt it. Jeff came in and shook Steve's hand. Steve was sure Jeff didn't see either of them touching. She too had touched his ass and thigh with her hand that was hidden by their bodies too.

Jeff could now see Marylou's hard nipples sticking straight out against the think material of the tank top as she stood there looking at him. Steve was thinking, "So, Mary had on just two pieces of clothing. That makes her look and seem even hotter."

God, how he wanted to fuck her, so bad. But he made like a professional and shook hands with Jeff as they turned and walked into the living room.

As they sat and ate and drank the wine they began to tell Steve that Jeff had been able to give Marylou two cock orgasms and had come close twice more. He was learning. Steve told them both that it was a good week for them. Marylou laughed a little and Steve asked what she was laughing at. She told him that one night they had both working very hard at prolonging Jeff's cumming. In fact they started late and Jeff had held off and done so well that they almost fell asleep before he finally shot a huge load. She told Steve her hand and arms were so tired that she was sure she was going to get Carpal Tunnel. They all laughed and then Steve asked, "So what happened? You did finally cum didn't you Jeff, Marylou?"

She said, "Oh yes, he came." They both laughed some more while Steve looked at them both. Then Marylou continued, "Jeff licked my pussy and got me off. But he told me his cock was hurting from all the jerking off I did to him. So I gave him oral that night too."

Jeff said, "Yea and it was one great blow job!"

She blushed and Steve smiled at her somewhat innocent attitude. He said, "Well it's good you didn't try and go to sleep as worked up as your were Jeff. It's always good and makes you sleep better when you cum before going to sleep. Plus you don't want that added hour the next two nights do you?"

Jeff agreed and told him he felt they and he were improving. Steve said he agreed and that they should continue to work on all the things that he was providing them. He asked, "So, did you try to squeeze the base of Jeff's cock like I showed you last week Mary as h got to that point?"

She said she had become rather good at it and by Sunday night she had been able to stop Jeff from cumming three times on two separate nights as they worked and kept him held off for the agreed to time period. Steve told them they should keep working on all the things they had learned. She said she had pulled on his ball sack too but said that Jeff told her he didn't like that much, it sort of hurt.

Steve told them she was most likely pulling to hard on it and should go easier. "Stretch it Marylou don't yank or pull to hard on it. Stretch it gently and not too much. Loosen it is all you have to do Marylou. Before we leave today I want to see how you do it. OK", he asked?

They both said yes and that they would want to learn the proper way without hurt each other. So as they finished off the first two bottles of wine, Steve told them it was time to get started and they should get underdressed. He said he was going to teach them a new technique for Marylou to try on Jeff.

"In order to do this new procedure I'm going to get undressed too tonight. What I want you both of you to learn tonight is something called "Lingam massage". It another way for your wife to work on your cock Jeff and help to train you from cumming too soon. It will also be very pleasant to you Jeff. It's another way to make you not cum so soon. The reason that I'm getting nude too is so I can show Marylou how to move her hands to please you. I'll be sitting next to her and you'll be lying down in front of us. Oh you'll see as we get started. I'll bring the last bottle of wine and let's all go into your bedroom so we can begin and I can show you how it works. Ready?"

They both said yes and started to walk together with their full wineglasses in their hands and Steve carrying the last unopened bottle with him. As they entering Steve took the bottle and as Marylou and Jeff started to strip off their clothes he opened the bottle. He watched Marylou slip the shorts down her lovely long shapely legs. He felt his cock hardening. They she stood up and smiled at him. She blushed a little and removed her tank top. Her body was so very special and Steve smiled at her as Jeff pulled his polo shirt over his head getting it caught for a few seconds. Steve saw Marylou smile back at him as he removed his slacks and his bigger cock bobbed up and down in front of her. He was sure she had licked her lips as she saw it.

Once they were nude Steve told Steve to lay down on the bed. He then positioned Marylou between Jeff's open legs. His cock was already sticking up at a 45-degree angle. Steve sat next to Marylou and his big cock was also pointing up but directly at her. He said, "Let's begin. Marylou, Jeff I want to explain the Lingam massage to both of you. Then we'll begin to try it out and Marylou if you don't understand anything I say I want you to ask me what I mean. If we have to you can try it on my cock. That's why I'm sitting here next to you nude. Is everyone OK with all of this so far?"

Jeff said he was OK and Marylou told him she was good to go. She looked at his face and down at his extremely hard cock. She licked her lips again as she turned towards her husband and said, "I hope this works Jeff. I really do baby!"

Steve said, "I've opened the last bottle of wine how about some before we start?"

Jeff and Marylou drank their glass dry and Steve poured them both another glass full. Then he said, "OK. First the Lingam massage has a receiver that's you Jeff and he's on his back with pillows under his head so he can look up at his partner, the giver, and that's you Marylou. Now place another pillow and covered it with a towel, under Jeff's hips and ass." Jeff your legs are to be spread apart with your knees bent and more pillows or cushions are to be used and placed under the knees. This will make your sex organ and your genitals clearly exposed for the massage that Marylou looks like she is ready and will to give you."

They all laughed as Marylou sat there smiling down at both men who had hard-ons. She smiled and told them they were both easy! Then Steve said, "Before your wife touches you Jeff I want you to take deep, relaxed breaths. And keep doing it. Every time you stop Marylou you must tell him to start again. Now Mary, gently start to massage Jeff's legs, abdomen, and thighs. Work your way up to his chest and make sure you touch his nipples too. OK? Try to get him to relax fully. And don't forget to check his breathing and remind him to breathe deeply as he tries to sink relax more and more."

"Now start with pouring a small amount of oil down his hard shaft and let it drip on his balls. Begin to gently massaging his balls and his sack that holds them. Yes, that's it go slow and be gentle. Take care not to cause him any pain in the area. Show me how you stretch his sack if he should begin to get tight. Jeff I want you to stay hard but I don't want you to cum. If you feel like you are I want you to tell us. Yes, just keep using your hands Mary to please your husband."

She smiled at him and then looked down at his big cock still looking at her. She could see the hole in the head now and she smiled into Steve's eyes before turning her head and telling her husband to breathe. She ran her fingers all over his front as his cock jumped and moved with his excitement.

Steve watched for a time and then said, "OK! Good! Now I want you to massage only his balls and be gently. I want Jeff to relax Mary not cum. Understand?"

She shook her head and said yes. Then Steve told her, "Your job is to keep him hard as hell but not to cum. Massage the area above and around the shaft. And use your fingers to rub down again over his balls Marylou. Now go a little further baby. Rub between Jeff's balls and his ass hole. That's it, very good Marylou. Very good! Take your time and vary the speed and pressure in your hands. Gently squeeze the shaft at the base with your right hand like you are trying to stop him from cumming only use all of your hand not just one or two fingers this time. Yes, that's it, now pull up and slide off your hand off of the shaft. Alternate with your left hand. Do it again, take your time, right, left, right, left, that's it baby. Now, change the direction by starting the squeeze at the top of the cock head and then slide it down and off. Again, alternate with right and left hands. Right, left, right, left, see how his cock jumps and stands up almost straight? He's loves this effect don't you Jeff?"

Jeff moaned and said in a horse whisper, "Yes! Yes, it feels really good Marylou."

Steve watched for a few minutes as Marylou worked on her husband's cock. He noticed she was really enjoying the view of two men with hard-ons, one in front of her and one next to her. She looked at her husband who had his eyes closed and was breathing properly. She turned her head towards Steve and took her left hand and reached for Steve's cock. She circles her fingers around it thickness and smiled at him as she began to jerk him off.

He continued to instruct her on the Lingam massage. Now Marylou, I want you to massage the head of Jeff's cock as if you were using an orange juicer. Here, let me show you. Place you left hand on top of my cock. That's it now here's how to do it."

He placed his hand over Marylou's and as Jeff and she watched, Steve showed her how to move her hand like she was juicing an orange. Jeff moaned and Steve felt his cock strain as it jumped from her sweet gentle touch.

"Now massage all around the head and shaft lie this", and again he instructed her as he held her hand on his own cock and showed her how it should be done.

"There are many nerve endings on the cock shaft but many more in the head and just under it. It is believed that many ailments may be cured by a good Lingam massage. Jeff's cock may or may not go soft to hard and back to soft sometimes as you work this special technique. Don't worry if it doesn't get hard quickly again. You will probably find that it will get hard, then go soft, and then get hard again. This is what we want; it's highly desirable to have it do this. Tantric experience can make it bob up and down as it goes from hardness to softness and back to hardness. They are the two ends of the pleasure spectrum you are giving Jeff. It will be very much pleasurable to work him hard again."

Jeff moaned and told her he didn't think his cock was going soft as long as Marylou worked her soft hands all over it. Steve said, "well maybe so Jeff but if it appears that you are going to ejaculate, Mary I want you to back off. Allow the cock to soften a little before resuming the massage. Do this many times just like you did every night. If he coming close to ejaculation make sure you back off each time Marylou. It's very important to remember that the goal here is not orgasm in and of itself. Men can learn the art of cumming mastery and control by coming close to ejaculation and then backing off on the stimulation. Deep breathing is key here and will soften the urge to cum a little. Eventually cumming control and mastery will allow you to make love almost as long as you want. And Jeff, you can become multi-orgasmic without losing a drop of semen. Orgasm and cumming are two different things that you have to learn and separate. The result is a very expanded sex life and a much happier wife. Right Marylou? That's what you want a man who can keep going and going and going, like that battery bunny."

She laughed and Jeff moaned as she worked on his cock, she was also pleasing Steve's cock too. She loved feeling his cock. It was almost twice as long as her husband's cock was and they were about the same thickness. She was slowly working Steve into what she knew would be an orgasm too. She smiled at him and licked her lips again. Steve looked at Jeff and saw that his eyes were closed and his cock was throbbing hard. He asked, "Are you going to cum Jeff?"

He just moaned. Steve took Marylou's hand and removed it quickly from Jeff's hard cock. Jeff moaned in protest. Steve said, "Breath!! Breathe and relax Jeff! Keep your eyes closed and breath. You're not allow to cum yet, it's only bee 20 minutes. You have 40 more to go."

Jeff moaned again and began to concentrate breathing as he kept his eyes closed. As he did, Steve moved a little closer to Marylou and placed his lips to hers and his fingers touched her breasts for the first time. They were very firm and full with red hard nipples sticking straight out. He was playing with fire but he had to try. He lifted up a little and as his mouth came closer to her left nipple he said, "Eyes closed Jeff, think about not cumming. That's all you have to do. Breathe , yes that's right! Breath and don't cum. He placed Marylou's hand back over Jeff's cock and whispered she should start to jerk him off again very slowly. As she did Jeff moaned and when Steve looked he knew his eyes were closed completely.

Steve moved his lips to her nipple and he sucked. Marylou took a deep breath as she felt his fingers touching her wet pussy. She opened her legs wider and his finger slipped into her pussy hole. Almost immediately she began to hump on it! "Yes, good Jeff. Breath, think about not cumming! Good that's it Marylou. Slow and easy rub your hands over Jeff's cock like I told you. Yes, very good both of you. He was sitting close to Marylou and stroking her clit, which was showing from under her long shaved hood. Marylou had shaved her pussy very close this night and he could see all of it, her full swollen lips and they were open and ready for anyone's touch. Steve wanted her so bad. His cock was throbbing and he actually had to stop her from jerking him off or he was going to cum. She smiled and giggled at him as she opened her thighs wider for him. Now his entire hand was rubbing and fingering her cunt.

Meanwhile Marylou was beating of her husband as he was taking deep breaths and keeping his eyes closed tight. Marylou held Steve's hand now and slowed it down as she pressed against it and started to softly moan. Steve kissed her and she rammed her tongue into his mouth as she started to orgasm on his hand. As she did, Jeff moaned that he was going to cum but Marylou wasn't paying any attention to her husband, neither was Steve. Jeff cried out louder, "I'm going to cum Mary stop! Stop jerking me off!" But Marylou's hand was flying up and down Jeff's cock now as she peaked with her own organs and moaned deeply as she felt her own cum begin to leak out of her pussy and cover Steve's hand. He looked at Jeff and saw the pre-cum leaking as it ran down Mary's hand. He said, "Stop Mary Jeff's going to cum."

But it was to late, Jeff arched his back and lifted his hips and his cock began to squirt shot after relieving shot of cum and he climaxed cumming hard and strong.

Steve said, "Oh my! To late Marylou. Looks like you weren't concentrating hard enough! Sometimes that can happen, that the giver get so into it she doesn't see the receiver ready and she works him until he cums. Tonight that's OK. But you still have a few things I need to show you."

Jeff opened his eyes as he finished cumming and Steve handed him a towel. He wiped his cum off of his wife's hand and then cleaned his cock. Then he saw the puddle under Marylou and handed her the towel. She smiled at both men as she said, "I guess I got carried away too Steve, sorry."

Steve said, "That's OK. It happens that's why you both need practice. Jeff looked at Steve's cock and said, "Jesus Steve you look hard as a rock."

Marylou said, "More like a bolder!"

They all laughed at her words. Then Jeff stopped when he heard his wife ask him if she could jerk Steve off?

He didn't answer her right away and just looked at her. She said, "Look at it it's Jeffery! I mean it's only fair. You and I both have had nice orgasms. But, poor Steve here had to sit there and watch us enjoying ourselves. We have both had our little cummings and orgasms and he's hard and hasn't cum yet. Come on it's just a jerk off. And you're here and can watch if you really don't....trust me after all these years."

Jeff took his wineglass and drank it all down. He didn't want to seem like he didn't trust his wife and so he said, "OK! OK! Sure, Go on Marylou make him cum. Jerk off Steve. Practice on him while I go get us all more wine."

Marylou smiled at her husband first and told him, Thank you sweetheart. I'll only be a few minutes."

Then she turned and smiled at Steve as she said, "Do you want to lay back a bit or sit up and watch? How do you like it?"

Steve said, "I think I'll watch and see if you got the squeezing at the base of my cock down properly Mary. And, thank you. Thank you both. I really do need this you know."

Jeff had stopped in the doorway and looked back at his wife. He smiled at her and she smiled back at him as she took Steve's cock in both of her hands and began using both of them to slowly stroke the bigger cock in front of her now.

Steve rested on two of the large pillows and his elbows as he watched this very beautiful woman take his cock in her hands. He said, "Go on Mary, kiss it. Jeff's gone from the room now. Lick it for me a little. Suck the head a little before he comes back in."

She looked into his eyes and smiled a devil's smile as she bent her head and took his big cock head into her mouth. Steve moaned as he felt her suck and her hands jerking him off. She was very good. Steve told her, "Move around so I can see and touch that beautiful pussy of yours Mary. Hurry before he comes back let me touch it with my tongue and fingers. I want to taste you."

She moaned with a sexual desire she hadn't felt in her loins before. God how she wanted to just straddle his hips with her knees as she opened her thighs wide and sink her pussy down over his huge cock. But she moved very quickly around and Steve took his fingers and touched her wet and still open pussy. He pulled her up over his face and licked her tasty cunt fir the first time. She cried out with her lust as he buried his tongue deep into the folds of her pussy slit. He licked her hard and fast as his finger opened and pride and fucked her cunt. He was throbbing for her and really wanted to take her and fuck her and show Jeff how it should be done.

He could feel her body quiver with desire in seconds of his fingers and tongue to please her he ran his tongue and fingers all over her sex including Marylou's ass. No man had ever done that before and it felt absolutely wild and nasty. Marylou she was going to fuck Steve now. She knew before they had finished with her training that she was going to let Steve take her, and use her body giving her his big cock and that sweet wonderful long tongue, again and again.

Steve put a fingers into each of Mary's holes and she moaned with his cock in her mouth. He loved feeling her wet dripping pussy and tight little ass hole. And he loved how she was sucking his cock. He loved her wet and ripping mouth sucking and holding his big cock head as she sucked on it.

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