tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 06

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 06


Steve the sex therapy doctor
Marylou the wife
Jeff the husband

When Saturday came, Marylou spent a long time that afternoon preparing for the swinger party at Steve's house that night. It was Jeff and her first time to do anything like that way all and now that they were she was going all out.

Marylou had purchased a very short and extremely tight black dress and she had the body that could wear such a dress. Marylou was beautiful. She also purchased all black underwear consisting of a half bra, which would hold her breasts up with her nipples at the very edge of the bra. If she got excited at all they would actually hang over it. God she was excited now and saw her two red hard nipples sticking over the edge of the bra. She had to keep adjusting it. She was thinking that if she were this excited now how would she be at the party when guys started hitting, dancing and touching her? she didn't know but that made her even more excited.

She had also picked out a very sheer black thong, which meant that her would have to shave her entire pussy area. She had shaved it to wear her small bikini but this thing was something else. She knew she had to do it all in order to wear the thong. Marylou shaved everywhere and completely just two hours before they were to leave for the party. She was completely smooth as a baby's behind. Speaking of behinds, hers was soft and smooth too.

And finally she had purchased and was wearing nylons with a garter belt, which gave her the best appearance when she stood looking at her long legs. The tops would also show whenever she crossed her legs and uncrossed them. She agreed with the doctor when Steve helped her pick out the entire outfit. She knew she looked hot. She even felt a little slutty too. She smiled thinking how her husband would look at her and how he would feel when he saw her dressed this way, so sexy. And then there was Steve their sex doctor! She smiled wondering if he would get hard too looking at her and knowing what she had on under the little dress? Everything Marylou had decided to wear made her look exceptionally erotic and sexy. It was exactly what Steve wanted her to wear tonight. He told her everything to wear down to the peals around her neck and the pearl earrings she had on each ear.

Marylou even wore the ankle bracelet Jeff had given to her for a birthday present two months ago. Again Steve had told her to tell her husband what she wanted for her birthday. While Jeff got a number of other things he had purchased the gold bracelet for her. It was exactly what she told him she wanted and what Steve told her to get. What Jeff didn't know was that piece of jewelry would indicate to group they were meeting tonight that she was fair prey to every man and women attending the party. The bracelet indicated to those who knew that Marylou was now what they called a "Hot Wife" and that she was available. It also indicated that she was married but that her husband was in agreement with her having sex with other people. Unfortunately for him, Jeff didn't know the true indication of the jewelry but by the end of the night he would find out.

Jeff wore his best dress best suit and looked very handsome. Marylou knew that every woman at the party would most likely hit on him all night long. In fact, she was counting on it. She wanted him to have the best time of his life and she hoped she would too. Steve had told Jeff and Marylou that being new to the group would mean they both would be asked to have sex with every man and woman attending at sometime during the night. He said that the new people were always in more demand than that of anyone else was. Especially those first few times they attended these parties. Since they were known to the group as "new blood it would be that way until every man had a chance with Marylou and every women with Jeff.

When Jeff saw her coming out of the bedroom and walk into the living room where he was standing his heart jumped. He knew Steve was right, every man would want to have her. She looked stunning. Her hair was fixed long falling down over her shoulders and the outfit she had on left little to the imagination. "Jesus Mary that's almost a dress."

She turned around slowly showing him the back and how the dress fit around her shapely breasts, ass, hips and thighs. Then she turned back and faced him again. He could see how it accentuated her breasts as they sat up high pushing over the top of the dress with a deep cleavage. Marylou smiled as she saw him take her all in. She asked, "Jeff? You don't like it? Oh babe I picked it out especially for you Jeff, and to wear to the party tonight. Maybe when we get home you can help me out of it."

He smiled and said, "No......No Mary. I mean.....I love it baby! You look very beautiful, absolutely wonderful."

She smiled and kissed him lightly not wanting to mess up her make up. It had been professionally done for her hours ago. He said it again as he swallowed hard, "You look so damn beautiful. I'm scare you'll be taken by every man there tonight."

She kissed him again longer and much better this time. Then she said, "Come sit down."

They sat on the sofa and she held his hand and said, "Well I'm a little scared too. I mean you're no piece of chop liver yourself. Every woman will want to see what you have in your slacks I'm sure. So just remember we are going to watch tonight and maybe participate. If you feel uncomfortable please tell me and I'll do the same thing to you. We don't have to do anything. But Jeffery, please remember what we agreed too. Once we leave the room with someone or start making out hard with them or become heavily involved physically it's too late to stop the other person then. I mean we both agreed it's only fair to us and the person we are with. If we're dancing and someone feels me up you have to stop it before I let him inside my dress. If his hand is under my dress playing with my pussy or over the top squeezing my breasts I'm letting him play with my pussy or breasts. Then it will be too late to stop him or me. And if I see a woman take your cock in her hand it will be to late for me to stop you. OK? I mean we already established this before. You are in agreement right?"

He sighed and said he was. Then Mary said, "I just don't want a problem later on between us if you or I decide to go further and have sex with someone else."

He told her again he wasn't sure about tonight and was only going because the doctor felt it would be good for them. Right now he wasn't happy about the idea of men going after her body. She held his hand and they made sure they both knew they could stop anything if they didn't feel good about what the other person was doing. But she reminded him that it was a swinger party and couples were exchanging partners. She told him she was excited and wondered what it would be like. Jeff didn't actually say he didn't want to go but he was sure they would be the best looking couple there.

As they drove to the party Jeff couldn't help but notice how really short Marylou's dress was when she sat down. He was sure if someone was standing in front of her or siting across the room they would be able to see her panties covering her pussy if she wasn't very careful. He breasts looked so beautiful as they sat up high like they were tonight in that dress. He had trouble with his cock growing in his slacks as he looked and drove. She rubbed his neck and thigh feeling his cock. she smiled and told him she would relieve any hardness after the party, if he hadn't already relieved it at the party.

They laughed a little and Jeff realized his wife would most likely be the hottest woman at the party. He would have to fight the men off he was sure of it. But when they arrived they both realized they were not the hottest, but just one of them. It seemed like every man and women there were handsome or beautiful in some way. Jeff realized that every woman was built as well as Mary or in some cases better. And every woman was dressed as good or better than she was too. Jeff was stunned when he saw the type of people there and he wasn't so sure he wouldn't want to participate with any the ladies if they showed the slightest interest.

As they came into the big room, which was the greeting and get to know you room, they saw everyone looking at them. He realized they were all wondering who they were. Mary whispered in his ear saying, "Remember, Steve told us we would be checked out the most since we were the newest people here."

Jeff smiled when Marylou kissed his cheek and took his arm as they walked in towards Steve who saw them and started walking their way. He shook Jeff's hand and shook it and then kissed Marylou lightly on her lips. She felt a shock run over her clit. She started to get wet.

Steve walked Marylou and Jeff around the room and introduced them to each of the couples there. As it turned out, the very first person he introduced them too was Amy. Steve told them that Amy was his date for the evening but like everyone else in the room she was free to "mate" as he called it, with any of the other people in attendance including Jeff. Jeff saw her smile up into his eyes. Steve said, "Anyone can ask any other person to have whatever type of sex they want. Man or woman, tonight was for exploration and experimentation. All they had to say was yes if they wanted it and no if they didn't want to try it."

Steve went on saying that every person there was there because they wanted to be. No one was pressured to do anything they didn't want to do. They were all open to pretty much anything sexual."

As Amy joined them now, he walked around the room meeting and introducing Jeff and Marylou to each of the other couples. Jeff could see the man's eyes as they traveled up and down his wife's body. He also saw the women looking him over. It excited and scared him. As Steve took Jeff and Marylou around with Amy hanging on to his arm Steve began to explained the rules to them. They were simple and few. No means no! There was no pain involved unless both parties wanted it. And, if either of the couple didn't feel comfortable with the third person they were to speak up immediately. He told them again that no one there wanted to harm them or have them do anything they didn't want to do or feel good about doing. They should enjoy themselves as much or as little as they felt comfortable with doing. It was OK too if they both just wanted to watch and not participate at all. Then he left them alone and they got drinks and sat down.

It was maybe five minutes when the first man came and asked Marylou to dance. She turned him down nicely. Jeff made a sound of real relief. Marylou did the same thing to the next man who cam over to ask her to dance. They watched the people mingle and begin to dance and talk. They sat there watching people touch and fell each other up as they talked.

Then she looked up and saw this tall blond man who was the most handsome man Marylou had ever seen in her life. He had left his wife or girl friend and had come over and was standing in front of her now. He smiled and she felt her knees shake a little. Then the man didn't ask her to dance, he asked if he could chat with her for just a few minutes alone, if it was OK with her husband. Jeff said it was and Marylou stood up in front of whom Mary felt was a blond god.

Jeff watched the man take his wife's hand and walk way from him. Jeff watched as the man move his wife to the corner of the room and began to talk with her. After a few minutes Jeff saw Marylou smile and begin to laugh. Then he saw the man smile and laugh. Then the man touched his wife shoulders and ran his hands down her arm. She didn't move. The man then touched her face and moved to her and kissed her. It wasn't a sexual kiss but rather a long friendly one. When they separated again Jeff saw the man take her hand and they move out on the dance floor. With the blond headed man pulling her into his arms Jeff saw his wife start to dancing very close to the man with her body pressed against his.

As they began to sway it didn't take very long before Jeff saw the man rubbing his hands over Marylou's ass on the outside of her dress. He had elevated her dress higher and cupped her bare rear, which was only covered now by her thong. Jeff sat there and could see the tops of his wife's nylons now and the white smooth backs of her thighs and rear end. He could see her tan lines as she swayed with the man. He could also see the start of the thong she was wearing as the back of it was up in between her cheeks. He stood and walked to the doorway and about to put a stop to them when Amy came up to him and pressed her body against him.

As Jeff looked at Amy and then to Marylou and he saw three things. First he saw his wife press her body tightly into the man dancing with her and secondly he saw the man cup both cheeks of Marylou's ass under her dress. Jeff knew the man's fingers must have been touching her pussy. He still wanted to stop it when he saw the third thing. Amy had taken the top of her dress down and was showing him all of her enhanced breasts. They were unbelievably beautiful and her nipples were huge. Jeff didn't move as Amy took his hands and placed them on her breasts and asked how they felt. As he was about to speak she reached for his cock and squeezed it as it was still inside his slacks. She asked him to dance with her and pulled him out on the floor.

She began to dry hump her pussy on his hard cock as he looked around to see his wife. She saw still dancing with the man and they two were dry humping each other. Jeff could see the huge lump in the man's pants as he danced with Marylou. As Jeff watched his wife, Amy turned his face towards her again and said, "Bit them."

He said, "What?"

She said, "Use your lips and teeth baby and taste them and bit them gently."

As she said it Amy pulled his head down and Jeff's face was buried between her tits. He sucked one nipple and she squeezed his very hard cock again and again. She pulled down the zipper as he worked on her breasts now. Seconds later his hardon was out of his slacks and he felt the air on it. She began stroking it with her hand. "Umm Jeff that's nice. You have a nice package down there too Jeff. I love how hard your cock is. Do you like my tits?"

He smiled and told her he loved them. She was dancing with him and pressing her pussy hard into him as he rubbed his hands and mouth all over her full breasts. He took her in his arms and they began to dance that way. She was holding his cock and he was holding her tits. She pressed her body into him and used her hand as she stroked his cock. Jeff moved his hands to her ass and felt the roundest firmest ass he had ever felt. She smiled into his eyes and whispered, "Lift my dress and feel it."

He did and realized Amy had noting on under her dress. He slid a finger over the slit of her wet pussy. Jeff heard her moan softly. Then she looked up into his face and said, "Want to take me in the other room and fuck me Jeff? I want to fuck you."

He smiled and thanked her and was about to say no thanks when he felt he shouldn't make her mad. So he said, "Well Amy thank you. You are very sexy. But can we try later? Right now I just want to watch my wife a little......."

She cut him off in mid sentence and smiled at him as she turned his head toward the direction of his wife. He saw her moving towards the doorway leading to the other rooms. Jeff watched his wife in the arm of the other man around her shoulder. He also saw the straps to her dress were down and Marylou's breasts were out just like Amy's were. He realized it was too late. He knew it and so did everyone in the room that had been watching the new couple be introduced to the procedure about to happen to Marylou.

As Marylou left the large meeting and greeting room a few other couples moved off the dance floor and towards the rooms. Amy took Jeff's hand and half pulled him as they walked towards the rooms too. As they went out the room the rest of the couples walked behind them. When Jef got to the door of a room he saw his wife in the arms of the man with blond hair. He watched as the man began to kiss and tongue and take off her clothes. Slowly he released Marylou's dress and she wiggled out of it. When it fell to the floor Jeff moaned in pain. She was so beautiful standing there in her black underwear. The man moved his mouth to her breasts and Jeff could see her large nipples sticking out over the tops of the bra. Jeff saw the man suck one and pinch the other one as he worked on her body.

Then he saw Marylou's hands go to the man's slacks and in seconds she undid them just like she had done to his slacks so many times. His cock jumped in Amy's hand. She smiled as she continued to slowly stroking him off. Jeff watched as Marylou let the slacks fall to the floor next to her dress and now then man was standing there nude and his cock was throbbing in her small hands. Jeff felt the man was bigger than he was and that concerned him. She said, 'Don't worry Jeff it's not that much bigger than your sweet cock."

She dropped to the floor and began to suck on Jeff's cock as he watched Marylou do the same thing to the blond guy's cock. Jeff watched Marylou begin to suck the man's cock and he was a natural blond. She buried her face into the blond hair and took the guy's cock down her throat. Jeff moaned again and heard sounds behind him.

He turned and saw that most of the couples were there watching Marylou sucking the man. A guy standing next to him told him the man's name was frank and that Marylou was stunning. "She is going to be taken into the club now Jeff. Just watch and enjoy it, Marylou will always remember this and what she is about to do and have done to her. It will give her so much pleasure and we hope you too."

Amy sucked his cock like no other woman had ever done before. In only minutes he was sighing and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. She took all of it and buried her face into his cock hair as she sucked and licked and played with his balls too. He moaned and everyone watched as Jeff began to cum. Amy stayed there kneeling on the floor and sucked and sucked and sucked his cock draining him of the cum he had built up. There was a lot of it. She finally let his softening cock out of her mouth and stood up. She licked her lips and wiped her mouth and then kissed Jeff. He could taste his cum on her lips but didn't do anything. Then she held him and he thanked her. She told him he owed her one and after the club welcomed them both she wanted him to eat her pussy and then fuck her. He didn't say yes or no he turned and saw Marylou wiping her mouth and he knew she had sucked Frank's cock and made him cum too. Frank had shot his load into her mouth and Jeff knew his wife had just sucked another man's cock and finished him off by taking his cum and drinking it all. And she did it while he had his cock sucked by Amy and she took his cum. Jeff didn't know what to do.

As he turned and saw no one behind him now. When he looked back at his wife he saw Frank and Marylou fucking now. Marylou was under Frank and he was driving his cock into her hard and fast. It wasn't more than a few minutes when Jeff saw Marylou arch her back and elevate her hips and pump her hips as she cried out that she was cumming. Jeff listened as she cried out over and over that she was cumming. She didn't say Frank was better than her husband or bigger or that he was a better lover, all she said was that she was cumming.

A minute later Jeff watched Frank back arch and he pushed hips forward and Jeff saw his rear end squeeze and he knew Frank was cumming inside his wife's pussy. Jeff realized Marylou had done the ultimate act of sex with another man.

As Jeff watched his wife just lay there recovering from her orgasm with Frank he felt Amy moved against him and whispered that he was next. Jeff looked at her and asked what she meant. She told him that she was going to bring him into the club too by fucking him on the same table after Marylou was done. Jeff turned towards her and saw she was taking the rest of her clothes off. When she was completely nude she pulled him to her and kissed him hard as she put his hand between her legs. She squeezed his hand with her own against her wet warm pussy. Amy was very beautiful and really built and any man would have wanted to have sex with her, including Jeff.

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