tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 07

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 07


If you don't like cuckold stories about wives and husband's fucking and sucking and cheating don't read this story. If you do read it and then write about how you hate it we'll know you're a bigger ass than before. But write all you want We'll all just consider you a closet cuck.


As Marylou walked into the room with her sex therapist Steve she realized it was the same room with the big window where people could sit behind on the other side and watch what was going on in the "sex room" as many called it. At first she felt somewhat embarrasses standing there in the room she knew was use for different types of sexual acts. Yet it soon passed as Steve began to stroke and tease her body.

Marylou became extremely turned on as Steve began to play with her breasts, nipples and pussy in front of the first group of people who had came into the room. She had never done anything sexual with the idea of people watching her. Now she knew she was about to take Steve's big cock and let him fuck her. They would all see her cum on it and see her go wild from the pleasure. All of a sudden she was very wet and very horny. Steve didn't even have to ask her to open legs wider as he turned her body to face the window she actually spread them for him.

When Marylou looked into the other room she could see the seats there filling quickly with people from the party. She felt a chill go into her and she moaned loudly as she began humping her cunt on Steve's hand. As he played with her very wet pussy right in front of the big floor to ceiling window she saw people looking directly at her pussy and saw Steve's fingers rubbing her sex.

Steve worked her body like the sexual expert he was. He was especially stimulating her clit as he pulled the soft smooth skin around the top it. He pulled on her pussy and revealed the growing hard clit. He pulled more and as the skin of the hood was moved further away it was impossible for the spectators not to see the round hard red nut that has swollen to three times it's normal size that was sitting between Marylou's thighs. Those who were closer to the window could actually see it standing out throbbing with each beat of her heart.

Steve touched it gently with the tip of his finger and immediately Marylou's body automatically arched up pushing her pussy into his finger. He stroked it and stroked it and she humped and humped his hand until she moaned and began to fuck his hand back. It was long before she knew she was going to orgasm right in front of the window. God it made her hotter.

Then as she climaxed the room was full and everyone saw her body going up and down pumping her pussy on his hand between her thighs. As she climaxed on Steve's hand the people in the audience began to clap in appreciation of what they saw.

Marylou felt so embarrassed she knew she was turning red everywhere. But, at that very moment she didn't care. All she wanted to do was cum and cum she did. As Steve stroked her pussy she pushed it hard into his hand and then grabbed Steve's hand with both of hers. She arched her back and thrust her hips up to meet the hands giving her pleasure. She held his hand tightly as she began to thrust her pussy against his hand and fingers, which were now filing her hole. Marylou was climaxing hard now and there was deep lustful sounds coming from her throat as she humped and humped her pussy as Steve worked on it. Everyone heard the sounds of her enjoyment as she climaxed hard on Steve's hand

Her body shook and shivered and as the crowd watched they could see her sex juices leaking all over his hands and running down her inner thighs. When he finally removed his hands they saw the wetness covering all of her pussy. She was wet everywhere. As he released his hold of her pussy, Marylou almost collapsed into his arms.

Steve opened her pussy lips showing everyone her wet pink insides and her tight little hole of pleasure. They clapped again as he did it. She lay back against his body as his two hands roamed over her breasts and held her up for the crowd to see her. She looked like she had been drugged but it was just the sheer pleasure she had experienced.

People asked to turn Steve to do things to her like turn her around and bend her over with her spread her legs. He did it and they clapped again when Steve had her touch her toes and her pussy was shown from the back. He used his fingers to spread both holes then as they watched. She didn't resist anything he did to her in front of the group. As he did things to her that the group asked for he knew Marylou had passed another test for her to becoming a subordinate slave. She had passed this part of the testing with flying colors. Now Steve felt she was ready for her final sex act tonight.

As Marylou was being taught what it felt like to cum in front of other people, Steve was also training her to be a full fledge sub for him and maybe her husband too. Meanwhile Jeff, her husband, was in the room next door and was beginning to really enjoy the body of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Sandy was her name and she was a true natural blond. She had a small one inch wide and two inches long strip of blonde hair that started just above her clit. Other than that there wasn't a hair, blemish or any type of mark on her body. Her pussy was extremely smooth and extremely soft. Jeff was standing between her open legs and rubbing the upper most part of Sandy's inner thighs.

Jeff's hands moved from her very soft inner thighs up over her vagina and he used his thumbs pushing them into the slit rubbing the pink of her inner lips. Sandy was enjoying his touch very much. Jeff wasn't Steve but he was a considerate and fairly good lover. He was moving slow and gently just like she wanted him to do. Her body was becoming very turned on and she softely whispered, "Umm that feel so nice Jeff. Yes, right there. Stroke my pussy for me right there. Touch my clit Jeff; rub it with your fingers. Umm yes that's it baby that's what I like." She almost moaned the words to him.

Jeff ran his hands over her pussy using his thumbs to open her pussy separating the fat full lips of her vagina as he touched the pink insides for a second time, then a third. He would play with her pink inner lips for one or two seconds before moving his hands up over her soft shapely body. He ran them over her tight hard stomach and up until he was cupping both of her 34 C breasts. He love to explore this lovely woman and saw her nipples hard and pressing against the palms of his hands as he squeezed each of them. She had great breasts, bigger and fuller than his wife's breasts. He watched as she licked her ruby red lips with her pink tongue. "God she is so fucking beautiful. I hope I don't cum until she does. I really what her to enjoy this", he said to himself.

She opened her eyes again and smiled up at him as she felt his hands moving back down over her body. Down over her stomach and again moving between her wide open thighs, Jeff couldn't seem to get enough of touching her shapely body. His cock stood straight out pointing right towards her pussy. It throbbed and jumped with his sexual excitement.

Sandy's eyes were a deep blue and her light golden hair fell around her face and down over her shoulders. She was extremely beautiful laying in front of him with her legs wide her body open and available for his pleasure. Jeff could see when he touched her the right way or in the right place how she would inhale a deep breath and moan softly as she lifted her hips and humped her pussy on his fingers.

While Jef didn't want this pleasure to end, he felt his cock would explode before he could put it in her if he didn't begin to fuck her soon. Then like his preys had been answered she said, "Fuck me now Jeff. Make love to me. I need your cock to fuck me now baby, right now. Oh come on baby. Do me. Fuck me Jeff! I want a cock inside me so badly. Please. Hurry baby."

Jeff felt like he would cum just from the sensual sound of her voice and the erotic words that she was saying to him. She was an extremely beautiful woman who totally captured him with her mind, body and her erotic actions. He had followed her into the room and had no idea where his wife was or what she was doing. And right now he really didn't care as he felt her hand wrap around his hard cock shaft and begin to guide his extremely swollen cock to her open and waiting vagina.

She rubbed his cock head up and down her wet slit and over her clit. Her pussy was on fire now and she moved the head centering it at the doorway to what Jeff could only imagine would be the greatest fuck of his life. His cock was throbbing and jumping and pre-cum was almost running out of it. She arched her back as she moved the head into the start of her love hole and Jeff pushed it into what he knew was going to be paradise. He was a little surprised as his entire cock went into her fast and easy. He was surprise she wasn't tighter but them realized she must have had a line of men waiting to fuck her all night long. Maybe he was the last of the men to do her. He didn't care! He was fully inside her and now began moving in and out with a steady motion.

Sandy began working her pussy on his cock lifting and humping on it with the experience she had gained from being in the club. They were going at it hard and fast and both felt like they would cum in a few minutes. Then the TV set in the room came on.

Jeff looked up at the picture and saw his wife. She was lying on the big soft mattress, which covered table; Steve was standing between her wide open, which Jeff could see were secured with silk scarves. Jef could see that Marylou's arms were also tied. Steve was in a similar position between Marylou's legs to how he was standing between Sandy's open thighs.

As Jeff watched he continued to pump his cock into Sandy's pussy. He watched as Steve pumped his big cock into Marylou. Jeff could see his wife arch her back and thrust her hips up into Steve and then Jeff heard her cries for Steve to fuck her more, fuck her harder, and fuck her faster. Jeff watched as she began to scream telling the world how good Steve's big cock felt. Over and over again Jeff saw his wife arch and cum arch and cum and still Steve continued to fuck her.

As Jeff watched in amazement as Steve plowed into Marylou again and again and again. Jeff felt his own cock begin to shrink as he watched the better man fucking Marylou. As he stood there watching Steve's massive cock go deep into his wife's pussy he knew Steve was cumming too. Then Jeff heard Sandy said, "What! What are you doing? What's wrong! Oh God! Don't go soft on me now! Shit Jeff I'm almost there! What the fuck is wrong with you? Fuck me Jeff!"

As Jeff stood there with his soft cock slowly falling out of Sandy's pussy hole he watched as Steve fuck Marylou like Jeff knew he could never do. Steve's big cock was half way inside her and then it fully inside her. Then it reappeared again half way out of her pussy. Jeff could see the white cum around the shaft and he knew for sure that Steve had cum inside his wife. Jeff knew Steve was fucking her in places he could never get to. Steve was deeper and his cock was harder and thicker and he was lasting much longer than Jeff could ever do. Marylou was getting the fucking of her young life and both her husband and the group of people in the next room were watching it all on TV.

Back in the "sex room" Steve had lifted Jeff's wife up in his arms after making her cum as she stood facing the window. He carried her and laid her on the sex table and adjusted her body on the soft mattress, which lay on top of it. She could see the group of people watching their every move. Marylou had turned her head towards the window and looked at all the people sitting and saw more still coming into the room.

Then she felt Steve rammed his cock hard into her wet and opened pussy making her scream. He had already positioned her body in such a way so that she could see the faces of the people watching them and they could see her body being taken. There were cameras in the room one focused on her vagina with the big cock in it and the other one showed her body from the top of her head down to where Steve was standing with his cock inserted deep inside her pussy. . She looked so sexy lying there as he began to slowly fuck her.

Steve had already informed Marylou that once they started fucking, people would be looking from the table to the monitors and back seeing her body and what Steve was doing to it from different directions. This excited her even more knowing she was going to be on TV as his big cock was fuck her. He told her she was also being filmed and she would receive a DVD of all the sex acts that too place tonight in the "sex room. The DVD should be used as a training devise for her. She should watch it and enjoy it and learn from it."

Steve positioned her shapely rear end on the edge of the table and had secured each of her feet in the restraints on the sides of the table. Her knees were bent and her legs opened wide. As Steve moved around to give the viewers a clear view of her body especially her vagina they could see her swollen pussy lips were open and they were clapped around his big cock shaft which was inside her. He signaled and a lovely young woman came into the room fully nude. She walked to the other end of the table and smiled down at Marylou. Steve told Marylou to raise her arms over her head. She did it immediately and the woman took the silk straps at that end of the table and secured each of her wrists like her feet had been secured.

Marylou was now secured at both ends of her body; her arms and legs were held tightly by the silk scarves. She tested them and realized she couldn't move them much at all. Her arms were over her head lifting her full round breasts even higher for Steve's pleasure. Her legs were opened obscenely and were bent at the knees so his big cock could be seen. He didn't move it in and out of her pussy he just kept it in her hole about 4 inches deep. Marylou felt like she was in a dream world from the pleasure it was providing her just being there stretching her and filling her. His cock felt good just being in her even when it wasn't moving in and out.

Marylou saw movement to her left and she lifted her head to see the room behind the "sex room" was now full of people. Instead of 4 or 6 people there, the room was full with more than 25 or 30 people sitting and standing watching her being fucked. In fact she realized that everyone but her husband and the blond-headed woman were now there to watch her plus some others she hadn't seen before.

She felt Steve move closer to her as he stood between her open legs. She watched as he moved closer to her pussy and he held his big cock in his hand as he pulled out all the way. His cock looked so hard as he held it at the base above his balls. He began to put half his cock in her pussy and then pull it out again. It went in and up to where his hand was holding the shaft each time he inserted it. Marylou felt him pull it back out all the way. She moaned from the empty feeling inside her tunnel each time he removed it. As

Marylou lay there watching him fuck her beautiful body she saw and then felt him moved it back into her hole again. Then he pulled it out and pushed it in again and again. He was teasing her, stretching her and letting her feel how his cock felt going into her opening and then coming back out. He was pleasing her for a few seconds pushing it in and then stopping the pleasure as his cock came out again.

Over and over again he teased her, first pushing it in and then pulling it out again. He did it until she cried out for him to leave it in and to fuck her, fuck her hard, fuck her fast. It was those words that Jeff had heard as well as her screams to Steve on the TV. He had watched her take that big cock into her pussy again and again and again and, it was that sight and the sounds of her begging which made Jeff's cock begin to deflate inside Sandy's pussy.

As Jeff watched the TV Steve rubbed the thick cock head up and down her pussy slit and Marylou looked up at the monitor and saw the big dick head. She saw the head and part of the shaft covered with her wetness. The camera was pointing directly between her legs and it showed her pussy hole still open a little and Steve's big cock at that open hole. He stood there running his hands over her cunt and she arched up to meet them. He smiled and said, "Relax baby you're going to love what I have planned for you now."

As Jeff watched his wife on the TV in the other room Sandy was bitching and yelling at him to fuck her but Jeff just continued to watch the TV monitor. Marylou too watched the TV in the "sex room" too. She had a perfect view as Steve's big cock head moving towards her eager pussy hole. Then she felt it pressing against her opening and then began to push more. She watched in a sort of fascination as the lips of her pussy began to spread wider and wider in order to accommodate the thickness of Steve's cock.

Steve smiled down at her as she was looking up at the TV seeing his big cock begin to disappear inside her. "Oh yes! Oh God yes Steve! Fuck me please", she moaned as it went into her.

Then Marylou heard the crowd begin to clap once the big dick head was fully inside her. She watched the TV and felt the dick beginning to move up inside her and she arched her back and lifted her ass elevating her pelvis offering her pussy to her lover. His cock felt so good as it started to fuck her properly now.

Steve pushed in and out and in and out as her husband and the crowd all watched his huge shaft disappearing into her lovely body. She felt a thrill knowing she was taking his cock completely now without any problem. Steve had stretched her good by teasing her like he had done. She had felt it before but Marylou had never seen her pussy spread and take more and more of his wonderful big dick into her hole. Steve's cock was almost buried completely in her pussy tunnel now and she felt him begin to fuck her faster. "Oh yes! Oh my God! Yes Steve, yes, yes, yes", she moaned with each inward push.

As Marylou looked over at the big window she could see all of the women in attendance smiling and watching her being fucked by Steve. They had all known how good Steve's cock felt inside them at one time or the other. He had fucked them all at least twice, but many of them had been his lovers and he had fucked them a great deal more than that. Some had become his S&M lover for a few months and a limited few he had kept as his lover for a year or more. Steve was sure Marylou was going to be one of them that he would take and keep for a long time. "God she is so beautiful and looks so young. Her body is so great and her pussy feels so tight. God I loved how her tiny little pussy squeezes around my hard cock", he said to himself.

All the women there had been where Marylou was now. They had all been under Steve feeling the fullness and pleasure of being fucked by this man. He had a big cock, that was true, but he also knew how to use it without pain. They all knew what was coming and they were very excited for this new beautiful woman who wanted to be a member of their club. They were all hoping she would succeed.

Jeff's cock soften so much it finally fell out of Sandy's cunt as he watched his wife arch her back again and scream as she climaxed on Steve's cock. Jeff didn't know how many times his wife had climaxed now and still Steve hadn't cum. He just continued to fuck her.

Then Jeff watched as the another woman came around to Marylou's side and he knew it was the same woman who had tied Marylou's wrists with the scarves. She was small with good size breasts and no pussy hair. She looked young and he wondered how old she was. He watched as she moved her head over Marylou's face and began to kiss her. They kissed for a long time and the woman touched his wife's face and shoulders and finally ran her small hands over Mary's breasts.

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