tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn On-the-job Surprise for Sarah

An On-the-job Surprise for Sarah


Eric's eyes followed the blonde nurse as she oversaw the process of preparing a private room for the nursing home's newest patient. The room's previous occupant had passed away a few days before, and as usual, the room would be filled without much delay. Sarah was the duty nurse for the shift, and so it fell to her to make sure the room was ready. Eric, an orderly, and his friend Kim, a nurse's aid, were assigned to help her.

For a couple of months now, Eric had been fantasizing about getting into Sarah's scrubs, so as he watched her move around the room, he imagined what she's look like doing her job without the scrubs... it helped pass the time in what was otherwise a fairly boring job.

The truth was that, Sarah wasn't usually his "type". Eric was 19 and had just finished high school the previous spring, where he'd been on the football team. He was tall, good looking, with dark hair and well built from years of weight training. Unfortunately, he hadn't been good enough to earn a scholarship, so he'd taken this job for a year or two to make some money for tuition. The kinds of girls he had dated in high school had all been the cheerleader type, and he still generally went for that basic look. When he had first started working at the nursing home, he'd barely noticed the 24 year old shift nurse. She stood about 5'2", which was nearly a foot shorter than he was, had a cute, unmade-up face, and long dark blonde hair which she habitually kept in a braid. The one thing Eric did notice was that as far as he could tell through the baggy scrubs, she had a killer rack. 36C easily. Other than that, what little he did notice left the impression of a somewhat distant person, who didn't seem all that interested in getting to know the people she worked with more than superficially. He knew she didn't hang out with the other nurses or aids after hours... Kim had told him that... and she'd completely ignored the one minor pass he'd made at her. Kim had also told him that as far as she knew, Sarah didn't date, and didn't seem to have any interest in dating. She was a religious sort, didn't drink or smoke, and as a result some of the aids had taken to referring to her as "the nun", though not to her face.

Eric's attitude toward her changed one day when Kim informed him that it had come out in a conversation that not only did Sarah not date, but she was still a virgin. In fact, according to Kim, the whole subject of sex as more than an abstract medical concept seemed to have made her uncomfortable and nervous. For some reason, the idea of fucking a girl who was not only a virgin, but who seemed to have no desire to ever get laid had made him horny as hell, and he had begun to wonder what it would be like to be the one to pop her cherry, and then make her cum for the first time. The thought of launching his seed into her virgin snatch and maybe even knocking her up drove him nuts.

Since deciding he wanted to fuck the blonde nurse, Eric had made several passes that seemed to go straight over her head. He had resorted to the sophomoric ploys of pulling her braid and looking for excuses to touch her or rub against her, just to see how she'd react. To his frustration, the only response he got was annoyed reactions to the hair-pulling. When invitations to hang out after work from him and separately from Kim had been refused, frustration turned to aggravation and a little anger. He had talked to Kim about his growing annoyance with Sarah's aloofness, and his growing desire to fuck her brains out. A little to his surprise, Kim had agreed to help him set things up so that he could do just that.

The first step had been for Kim to get into several conversations with Sarah, during which she made sure the subject of sex had come up. Kim found Sarah's obvious nervousness about the subject funny, and even pretended to want to know which of the orderlies she fantasized about having sex with, after telling Sarah that she thought Eric would "be a great fuck!"

When the old gent in room 122 had died, they both knew that this was the perfect opportunity.

The three had worked for several hours cleaning and prepping the room for its new occupant, when at a little after 2am, Kim had left "to use the bathroom". As she let the door swing shut behind her, she used a key she had borrowed from the nurses' station to lock it.

As Eric continued to watch Sarah work for a few minutes, he could feel his cock stiffen as he anticipated fucking this standoffish religious bitch. When she walked over to the wall next to the bed to clean the fixtures on the oxygen supply, Eric made his move.

He slipped off his sneakers and quietly pulled his scrub shirt over his head, revealing his bare torso, and stepped up behind her, his muscular 6'1" frame towering over her small body. Before she had even realized he was there, his right hand found the cleft between her shoulders and he pushed her roughly against the wall. He heard the soft "whuff" of her breath as the surprise and the impact knocked the air out of her.

Before she could recover, Eric's left hand rose to cover her mouth, while he pressed his body close to hers to restrict her movement, his right hand moved from her back to grasp her braid in a mocking reminder of the teasing tugs of previous days. He pulled her head back slightly and murmured in her ear.

"Don't struggle bitch, or you'll get hurt. We've got this room all to ourselves, and I'm gonna put it to good use." Eric's hand left her braid and a moment later, she felt a sharp object poking into the small of her back, "I'm taking my hand away from your mouth now, but if I hear one peep out of you, you'll regret it. Understood?"

Terrified of what he might do with the knife at her back, Sarah shakily nodded her understanding.

"Good." His hand left her mouth, and he nodded in satisfaction when she obeyed his instruction to keep silent. "Good girl. I really don't want to hurt you Sarah, but one way or the other, you're gonna get fucked good tonight." Sarah shuddered as she felt Eric's hands travel along her arms to grasp her wrists. She had braced herself against the wall when he pushed her against it, and now he forced them over her head and held them in place with one hand. The other slipped around in front of her body and dove down the front of her scrub pants. He grabbed her crotch in a firm grip with his right hand through the thin cloth of her panties while his left hand moved from her wrists to grip her right tit. He kneaded it through her top, and she gasped when Eric gave her mound a hard squeeze.

Sarah's eyes opened wide in terror when Eric slid his hand inside the waistband of her panties. His fingers touched the downy triangle above her cunt, and her eyes opened wide as his hand covered her pussy lips. His fingers explored the wetness of her slit while groping for her hole. Sarah was nearly in a panic as he fingered her pussy and started to rub the soft skin of her pussy lips. He parted the tight folds with his finger and pushed it inside her.

"Nooo, stop! P... please stop!" She pleaded as she felt his thick digit enter her virgin channel. Eric ignored her pleas and continued to finger-fuck her until she became slick with her own juices.

His right hand abruptly moved away from her mound and joined his left at her breasts, and as he mauled them, he hissed in her ear, "Time to strip, Sarah!" He grabbed the hem of her scrub shirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it onto a nearby chair. He then made short work of her bra and it joined her top. His hands returned to cup her 36C tits and tweak the large, pink nipples until they stood at attention.

By now, the 24 year-old nurse was sobbing as the tall orderly assaulted her from behind, "Uhhh, p...please s... stop! What are you d... doing?" she cried. Helplessness and panic seized her, as she felt his hands move to the waistband of her scrubs, "Stop it, please don't do that!" she gasped as Eric began to push the pants over her hips. Sarah struggled to stop him, but slowly her scrubs were lowered past her narrow waist and down her legs. She felt his right hand rubbing her panty covered pussy mound.

As he held her in place by her cunt, Eric quickly used his free hand to remove his own pants and briefs. He pulled her against his body, and felt her cotton covered ass press against his stiff cock. His hand slid down across her firm stomach and into her panties.

He felt her soft pubes and began to rub her damp mound. He slid his middle finger down her slit and into her tight cunt. Sarah's virgin body reacted as his finger entered her virgin cunt, convulsing involuntarily, and causing her to gasp. Her moans had a panicked edge to them. Her love channel was so tight he had trouble getting his finger in. The thick hardness pressed more forcefully, and slid into her untried body.

Her pussy muscles clamped down on his finger as he worked it farther into her.

Sarah felt like she was in a stupor; hands were on her pussy, all over her pussy, and she being penetrated for the first time, she gasped between sobs, "P... please don't p... put your fingers in me! I'm a virgin!"

Eric held Sarah tightly around the waist with his left arm, while he pushed her panties down below her knees with his right hand, revealing her down covered bush.

She was naked now except for her white nurse's socks. He decided that he needed to claim her cherry right away to insure his absolute control over her. He held her with his arms wrapped around her waist, and pushed her legs apart with his foot.

Sarah was horrified as her legs were spread wide, it all happened before she had a chance to realize what was going on. "Please stop Eric," she pleaded. "Don't do this to me!"

Eric couldn't wait any longer. He stepped between her parted legs, and placed his rock hard cock against the crack of her ass. Holding her struggling body with one arm, he used the middle finger of his other hand to locate her tight opening. He pushed his finger into her tight, quivering cunt. She squealed and struggled as he worked his finger in and out a few times, finger fucking her. She kept struggling as he pushed a second finger into her pussy. He leaned down and murmured in her ear, "I'm going to fuck your tight, virgin cunt now, Sarah. I'm gonna enjoy fucking you. Your pussy's made for my cock."

Sarah shook her head frantically, and tried to struggle, but his strong hands at her waist held her firmly. "Don't, please," she begged, her words coming out in a jumble. "Don't do this to me! I... I'm a v... virgin. I... I'm not on anything; I could... could get pregnant! Please, nooo!"

He rubbed his cock along her pussy lips, his thick, nine inch shaft looked huge against her tight pink slit. He aimed his manhood between the soft lips of her slit and slowly pushed the tip of his cock against her tight hole. The virginal nurse was so tight; he couldn't get the tip in at first.

Sarah tried to squirm away from the probing shaft as he prepared to take her for the first time, "Eric! Don't! Please! I'm a v... virgin. NOOOooo!"

He pressed his rock hard cock more forcefully between her swollen lips, and slowly the head slid into the entrance of her tight virgin hole. "Just let yourself go, baby. If you do, I promise you're going to love this." he gasped. He pushed his hips forward, and her pussy lips parted to accept his hard cock. He moaned, "Uhhh, you've got such a tight pussy, baby!" Sarah tried to buck and twist, as he pushed his dick deeper into her tight virgin pussy.

The petite nurse's face showed her surprise and horror as he pressed his rigid maleness into the warm sheath where no man had ever been before. She felt the pressure as the long, thick shaft slowly filled her virgin channel, and her heart pounded as she felt a hard cock filling her pussy for the first time. She could feel her pussy lips spreading to accommodate his maleness within her throbbing womanhood. Sarah moaned as her vaginal muscles began to ache with the strain of accepting him inside her. Her tight virgin cunt was forced open for the first time as his cock entered the previously unexplored depths of her unspoiled body. Her eyes flew wide open when his cockhead touched her hymen.

Eric grabbed her braid again and forced her to turn and face him, "Look at me, Sarah," he said, "I want to see your face when I harvest your cherry." Placing his free hand firmly on her hip, He withdrew until only the thick head of his cock was still in Sarah's trembling body, and then with a violent thrust he drove his rock hard shaft back into her waiting cunt. Her breath caught in her throat, and she moaned loudly as a sharp pain deep inside her announced that he had claimed her cherry.

Sarah's eyes glazed over in shock and disbelief as she felt his rigid cock slowly slide all the way into the tight confines of her throbbing snatch. It pressed deeper and deeper, where no cock had ever been before. Waves of pleasure seized him as he gave the standoffish bitch every inch of his shaft. His hips slammed against her ass he bottomed out, his cock buried to the hilt in her tight sheath. Eric decided that this was going to be one of the best fucks he'd ever had.

Sarah sobbed and begged to be let go. Tears streaked her face as she struggled against the massive invader between her legs. Her struggles weren't successful. Eric held her tightly, both hands now gripping her full hips as he withdrew and then slammed his cock forcefully in and out of her virgin cunt.

Eric closed his eyes and let his cock explore Sarah's tight pussy as his hands moved around her body to squeezed her tits. She was warm and tight, and fit his shaft like glove. Her vaginal muscles clutched his cock as he thrust in and out. He squeezed her tits and continued to furiously pound her aching snatch. There was never any question that he was going to shoot his load into her hot body.

The idea of filling her womb with his steaming cum, and maybe even knocking her up, made him even more determined to fuck her brains out.

In spite of her horror at what was happening to her, Sarah's body began to react to the friction of his manhood inside her and against her erect clit. Sarah could feel every stroke of his cock as her juices began to coat the hard shaft, allowing him easier access to the hidden depths of her virgin womanhood. Eric soon fell into a rhythm and began to seriously fuck her increasingly wet pussy. She was still incredibly tight but it became easier to slide into her hot core as he drove rapidly in and out of her body.

The tall orderly was banging away at her snug fitting cunt, pounding his cock in and out rapidly. He fucked her hard now, enjoying the thrill and excitement of having taken the young nurse against her will. Her struggles were exciting, and they made him want to fuck her even harder.

As her newly claimed body shook with her own sobs and the impact of his hips against her ass, part of her thought wildly how strange this new feeling of having a man's cock filling her and moving inside her body was. She had never felt any desire to be with a man, and now she was being raped. This muscular orderly was claiming her virgin body. No... She was no longer a virgin. Instead she was really being fucked against her will.

Sarah could feel her pussy stretch to accept Eric's cock each time he slammed it into her. He told her how good her pussy felt; how wet, warm and tight it was. How he would have fucked her a long time ago, if he had known what a good lay she was.

His tempo changed, and he started to fuck in and out of her cunt with long, forceful strokes as she sobbed, and turned her face back toward the wall so he couldn't see how humiliated she was. The sensation from her hot, throbbing sheath overwhelmed his senses, and the more he fucked her, the more of her he wanted.

Sarah cried out as he began to move his hips back and forth more roughly, plunging his hard cock deeper and deeper into her tight virgin body. "Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ohhh, please s...stop! Eric! P... please! Ohhhaaaahhh!" she cried out shock as the thick head of his shaft began to crash against her cervix.

Her cries only seemed to turn him on more. He began to pull her up and down on his hard shaft more and more roughly as his thrusts penetrated deeply into her.

She could feel his cock begin expanding inside her, and shuddered as his voice whispered in her ear, "Ohhh, Sarah! Here it comes, baby. I'm gonna cum inside your tight little pussy. Are you ready to feel me fill you up with my cum?"

The thought of accepting his sperm inside her made Sarah nauseous. Obviously, she wasn't on any kind of birth control. Panic seized her... what if she got pregnant? "Uhhh... Uhhh... Ohhh, please, d... don't do it inside me! Please, I... I'll do whatever you want, just d... don't do it inside me! I don't want to get p... pregnant!"

Eric grinned over her shoulder, "But Sarah, that's the whole idea. What fun would it be if there weren't a possibility of knocking you up?""

Sarah moaned in defeat as suddenly he drove his cock into her as deep as he could, piercing the soft resistance of her cervix and lodging inside her fertile womb. She could feel Eric's dick expand inside her.

He held her ass tightly against his groin as the first stream of potent sperm launched into her tight baby factory. She felt his body jerk and the hot pressure of his cum erupted into her body. Stream after stream bathed her insides with his potent seed and filled her womb with a hot flood that seemed to last forever.

Sarah had never felt a man cum inside her before Eric, and she groaned with orgasmic sensations as he thrust his cock deeper into her cunt and his cum filled her womb. As his manhood continued to plant its seed deep inside her, his hand reached down to fondle her clit. This sent her over the edge, and to her humiliation, her body launched her into a massive orgasm... another first for the 24 year-old nurse.

As Sarah orgasmed around the thick shaft buried inside her, Eric continued to thrust into her until he was satisfied that her cunt had taken all the cum he had to give her... for the moment.

He looked down at her ass; from his position standing behind her he could see the soft skin of her bottom, and the glistening, swollen pussy wrapped around his steel shaft.

Finally he pulled out, and Sarah felt the product of the fucking he had given her begin to trickle out of her newly opened snatch and flow down her legs. He took her by the waist and turned her around to face him. She flinched as he cupped her face in his hand and made her look at him.

"I know you came, baby. You may not think so, but your body needed that fucking. Now we're going to get to know each other a whole lot better." She gasped as Eric's lips covered hers and he forced her to kiss him. She felt his warm tongue press between her lips to stoke hers. One hand held her head still as he kissed her, while the other fondled her breast, squeezing the soft flesh and lightly pinching the taut nipple.

Tears flowed down Sarah's cheeks as she thought about the horrible position she found herself in as the orderly continued to kiss her. She had never wanted to have sex with anyone, and now she had experienced, against her wishes, his unwanted, throbbing cock thrusting in and out of her cunt until the massive invader had erupted, filling her with his cum. It all seemed like a bad dream, but the reality wouldn't go away.

Eric suddenly broke the kiss and began pressing on her shoulders, pushing her to kneel in front of him on the floor. When she was kneeling before him, he grasped the back of her head in one hand while the other guided the swollen flesh of his cock toward her flushed face. He leaned over and told her it was time for her to learn how to suck him off. He rubbed his cock across her face then told her to start licking the head. Sarah shook her head in disgusted refusal, but had no choice but to do as she was told when he pressed the head against her lips. Eric told her to do as she was told or she's get hurt, and emphasized his point by showing her the knife he'd poked her with earlier.

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