An On-the-job Surprise for Sarah


Defeated, Sarah obeyed and began licking the tip and running her tongue around the head. Eric pushed his dick into her mouth and ordered her to suck it. When she didn't move, he started moving her head back and forth. Left with no choice, she reluctantly put her lips around his cock. Eric held her head and pulled her head up and down, his hard cock fucking her face.

Eric ordered Sarah to suck him faster and deeper, making her pick up speed and depth. He grabbed her long, blonde braid and started pumping his groin against her face. Sarah felt the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her mouth.

Just as she thought it couldn't get any worse, he began to press the thick shaft down her throat and moaned, "Mmmm, just like your pussy, it feels nice and warm." He pulled out of her throat and let her get some air, then shoved it all the way back in again. He repeated this until her lips were buried in his pubic hair. He oral fucked in and out of her several times before pulling out of her throat but leaving his cock in her mouth.

"Oh yeah! That's it, Sarah. Suck my cock" Eric moaned, as he continued to face-fuck her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she unwillingly gave her first blowjob. Her small mouth was full of his cock, and saliva bubbles were forming around the corners of her lips.

Eric's cock-head filled her mouth. He pressed forward, and more and more of his shaft drove relentlessly down her throat again. Sarah's cheeks bulged as he slid his cock deeper into her throat until she felt his balls slapping against her chin. The orderly slowly pulled his cock out of her throat, and started fucking her mouth again with steady in and out strokes. He fucked her mouth faster and faster, and then abruptly pulled his cock out and had her stand up.

Sarah flinched as Eric took her face in his hands and covered her lips with his own.

He forced her lips apart and slipped his tongue between her teeth to caress hers. His hands lowered to her ample tits and began to fondle them and tweak their hard peaks.

Suddenly, he broke the kiss, and pushed her backwards onto the bed. His hands grasped her thighs and pushed them apart, then he joined her on the bed, kneeling between her obscenely spread legs. For a moment, Eric just knelt there enjoying the sight of her naked body.

Her full hips were highlighted by the soft triangle of blonde down between her legs, and narrowed to a slim waist that flared to full, firm 36C breasts crowned with quarter sized pink aureoles and hard, pert nipples.

A faint scar traced its way between the impressive peaks which heaved with her arousal and panic, causing the large tips to rise and fall invitingly.

"Shit, you've got a great set of tits, Sarah!"

She gave him a pleading look as his hands each covered one perfect mound and he allowed his fingers to explore the soft peaks. He squeezed and rubbed her breasts roughly, pinching and tweaking the taut nipples as he mauled them. He covered each erect tip with his mouth in turn and sucked and worked his tongue around the large areolas. His cock was throbbing as he nursed at her, his lips sending shocks of pleasure travelling from her tits to the hot, wet core of her body.

Slowly, Eric worked his way down her belly, kissing and licking his way from her breasts to lick into her navel, and then between her legs to go down on her waiting pussy. His tongue and lips attacked her pussy with a vengeance, licking nibbling and sucking her aroused clit as his fingers and tongue explored her. He ate her pussy out, his tongue circling the erect nub of her clit and then plunging into her steaming cunt until her hips began to buck involuntarily against his face as she approached another unwanted orgasm.

Before she could cum, he sat up and took her hands in his, guiding them to grasp his rock-hard shaft. He made her guide the engorged tip of his cock to rub her swollen pussy lips. They parted her lips with the tip and pushed it inside her.

"Uhhh... Eric, please stop! Nooo!" She pleaded as she felt the thick head pierce her body again.

Eric moved his hands to steady her hips as she twisted and turned, fighting him as he slowly thrust his cock into her cunt.

She tossed her head from side to side in disbelief as her channel was filled with the muscular teen's cock ,and she knew she was about to get fucked a second time!

When Eric's 9" shaft began to drive slowly into her tight sheath, Sarah struggled as the first few inches of cock slid into her cunt. Her legs were spread wide; her pussy lips stretched around his thick rod as her cunt tried to accommodate him. She could feel the head of his cock pressing deeper and deeper into her. He pumped his dick slowly into her, fucking his way into the depths of her tight womanhood, filling her body with his huge maleness. Even as she felt him fill her, Sarah continued to plead, "P... please nooo! Ohhh, Nooosssaaa! No...Please d...don't!"

Sarah struggled feebly against the hard, hot steel invading her pussy. Her heart pounded as she felt the thick shaft fill her pussy for the second time. Her struggles were wasted as the cock in her pussy was firmly planted between her legs. With a sudden thrust of his hips Eric drove his hard cock into her recently virgin cunt. Her eyes pressed shut in disbelief. Suddenly, he was all the way into the throbbing core of her newly aroused body. In spite of their earlier fuck, she was still incredibly tight he had to slowly pump his cock in and out to force his cock all the way into her pussy. Finally, he bottomed out, his cock pressed tightly against the soft barrier of her cervix. The knowledge that since she was a virgin, she had never been on birth control, and he might impregnate her drove him to pound her even harder.

Eric grasped her hips and began to slam his cock in and out of her virgin pussy. He grinned down at her and said, "This is just beginning baby, for the rest of the night you're mine. Claiming your cherry was the greatest. You've been letting this sweet pussy go to waste for too long. Your tight little pussy was made for fucking, and tonight it's gonna get all the fucking it can handle."

The young nurse gasped and protested as his cock tore into her deeper then she would ever have imagined was possible, and she begged and pleaded with him to stop. She was grunting with each hard thrust, and was horrified to realize that her rebellious body was becoming aroused!

Sarah was being soundly fucked. Eric's cock plunged in and out of her as he battered her sore cunt. As he pounded away at her, he told her how good she was, and how much he loved fucking her tight pussy. As he fucked her, Eric lowered his head to her chest and raked his tongue across her right nipple, causing her to buck against him as the sensitive peak responded. He then put his mouth over her tit, sucking on it, while his fingers played with the other nipple.

All of a sudden, Sarah in cried out in surprise as she felt her cunt spasm around his plunging cock. Her face grew even more flushed with embarrassment as she knew she was cumming... her second orgasm since all this had started.

She was horrified that Eric would know he was able to bring her traitorous body to climax as he raped her.

Sensing her body's surrender Eric slowed his tempo as he began pumping in and out with long, slow thrusts as the virgin nurse began to unconsciously thrust her hips up to meet his strokes. It took a several deep strokes for her cock hungry pussy to reach her orgasm. Eric took full advantage of his opportunity as her unbelievably tight cunt began to spasm around his cock. He pounded into her as her traitorous body erupted with intense pleasure from his vicious fucking.

"Come on Sarah! Fuck me! Ride my cock. I want you to fuck me." Eric gripped her hips and pulled her up and down his stiff cock. "Yeah! That's it, Sarah! Fuck me! Come on, pump your ass. Show me what a good fuck you are!"

Without realizing it, Sarah continued to thrust her hips up and down for him. Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling as she slid her cunt up and down his hard cock. Eric was in ecstasy! She was fucking him! Her hips were thrusting up and down his hard cock, rising and falling in time with his own thrusts; the sensations filling her hot wet cunt driving her to take his cock further into her aching core.

She moaned, "Aaahhh... aaahhh... aaahhh!!!" as Eric pounded his hips into her snatch. Her cunt spasmed as his rock hard shaft slid deep into her snug channel. His hands slid beneath her to grip her ass as he pulled his dick out until only the head of his cock was still in her pussy. Sarah cried out as he plunged all the way back into her again, piercing her cervix and bottoming out inside her potentially fertile womb. Eric increased his tempo again as Sarah continued to orgasm around his cock. Her hips thrust upward to meet his downward thrusts, and their bodies crashed into one another as Sarah gasped, "Ohhh, N...nossa! Nossa! Nossaaahhh! Ohhh, please! Aaahhh!!!" and came again and again.

Eric's hips rhythmically slammed into her again and again. Lost in her intense climax, she twisted and writhed in his grip. His hands moved to encircle her waist and held her tight. He knew he was getting close, and began pounding her as hard as he could. Sarah gasped; his hands holding her in position as he pounded his long, thick maleness in and out of her throbbing womanhood. She gave a cry, and then groaned as her orgasm intensified, spasms tearing through her over-stimulated body. In a distant part of her mind, she was shocked that her body continued to betray her. She was being pounded hard, and she groaned as her sweat soaked body bounced and shook from his furious jackhammering of her pussy.

Suddenly, Sarah felt her rapist drive his cock into her as deep as he could; planting it firmly inside her womb, taking aim at the target he hoped would be there. She felt the pressure of his manhood as it swelled to completely fill her tight sheath, the thick head pressing even deeper into her womanhood.

As Eric held his crotch tight against her mound, he moaned, "Ahhh, Sarah! Baby, you're such a good fuck! I'm gonna cum in your tight pussy! Are to ready for my hot cum?"

Sarah shook her head in a panic, "N... nooo! P... please, not inside me! Please don't do it inside me!"

His head lowered to her left breast, and he took the hard peak in his mouth and began nursing the sensitive skin. The sensation of his lips sucking the aroused tip sent her back over the edge of her orgasm, and her hips bucked against him, driving the engorged head of his rod even deeper into her womb.

Sarah's cunt spasmed as she came, her pussy gripping his massive cock and sending him over the edge. She cried out as she felt the first stream of Eric's potent seed erupt between her widely spread legs, bathing the walls of her cunt with its liquid heat.

After the first load was deposited deep in her womb, the orderly encircled her narrow waist with his muscular hands and resumed pumping in and out of her tight cunt as wave after wave of his cum erupted deep inside her.

Even as he came, the dazed nurse continued to plead, "Ohhh! P... p... please stop! P... please d...don't! Not... not inside MMMEEE!!! No... no more! Ohhh, please no more! Don't c... cum inside MEEE! P... please, Eric, d... don't make me p... pregnant!"

The heat of his cum intensified her climax, and her back arched, her hips tightening around his waist, involuntarily urging him to take her even deeper. She felt a final hot jet burst into her, and her pussy muscles began to milk his shaft for every last drop of his potent sperm.

"Ahhh, Nooosssaaa! you're cumming inside meee... NOOO!"

Eric gave a triumphant groan, and collapsed on top of her, his lips finding a sensitive spot at the base of her neck and suckling it, the red mark that appeared branding her virginal body as his.

Before Sarah had even come down completely from her most recent orgasm, Eric sat up and grabbed her by the waist, flipping her over on her stomach and lifting her up onto all fours. As one hand moved to cup her drenched mound, Sarah managed to plead softly, "P... please Eric, n... no more!"

The orderly nudged her legs farther apart, and then she felt him behind her, kneeling between her obscenely spread thighs. Her smooth, heart shaped ass was an inviting target for his nine inches of still-hard cock. Grabbing her around the waist he pulled her sweet ass up to his groin. Reaching down he placed his stiff cock against her wet slit and paused.

Eric leaned over and murmured in her ear, "Put my cock in your cunt, Sarah." He took her right hand and forced her to reach behind and grasp his cock, pressing it against her cunt. His other hand held her waist and directed her to rock backwards, and her eyes widened in shock as she slid herself onto his long, steel shaft. He helped her ease back until he was buried to the hilt in her tight cunt. Sarah was being fucked doggie style, on all fours, her ass in the air getting drilled by Eric's huge cock.

Eric pumped into her, one large hand clenching her long hair and one around her middle. She felt him withdraw until only the massive head was still inside her, and then cried out as he slammed his cock back into her tight sheath. Sarah could feel his hot maleness throb deep inside her womb, and felt his breath on her ear. "You want me to fuck you now, don't you, Sarah? You want me to fuck your pussy on this bed and fill your tight little cunt with my hot cum."

"Please no more!" she begged, "I don't want you to! Please stop!" she pleaded, her exhausted voice barely a murmur.

Sarah felt his left hand move down her stomach. When it reached her dripping mound, he lightly pinched her clit before sliding his hand further between her widespread legs. His fingers passed her dripping pussy, still filled with this cock. Moving around her hip, Eric spread her ass cheeks with his fingers and pressed his thumb against her tiny tight asshole.

The muscular teen began moving inside her, driving his cock in and out of her gently at first, then harder, his fingers still playing with her clit and asshole. Without warning, he shoved a finger inside her ass and she cried out as she came again. Her love juice flowed out of her pussy, coating his cock and balls.

As Sarah climaxed, she began to she hump his hard shaft. Her body felt like it was on fire, and Eric could feel her cunt gripping his cock as he pistoned into her. His groin slapped against her ass as he caressed the soft skin of her ass cheeks. Sarah was unable to ignore the sensations caused by the steady pounding of his cock as it slid in and out of her previously unclaimed cunt channel. The feelings she was experiencing between her legs and throughout her body were intensely pleasurable, and multiple orgasms had left it difficult for her to give voice to the protests that filled the back of her mind. She was burning up as her pussy squeezed and gripped his cock each time it plunged in and out of her.

"Ahhh!" Sarah gasped each time Eric's swollen cock penetrated her hole and slid all the way inside. "Ohhhhhhh! Nooosssaaa!" He was balls deep in her hot cunt, her pussy lips stretched around his thick shaft and she could feel the muscles of her channel cling to him as he pumped in and out of her hot core.

His deep thrusts made her ass quiver and shake each time he drove his cock deep into her belly and his hips crashed against her pussy. She was crying out each time he bottomed out, "Ohhh nooo! Noooo! You... you're f... fucking me! AAAHHH!!!" Somewhere in the back of her mind, she recoiled at her own use of such a vulgar word to describe what was happening to her.

Eric's hands cupped the soft globes of her ass cheeks. Sarah moaned as she felt his thick cock leave her throbbing pussy.

He pushed two fingers into her soaked cunt, then withdrew them and rubbed their cum around her pink hole. Her body quivered with fear, making her heart pound, as a finger pierced her pink opening. He pushed it in to the first joint, then the second, then all the way.

"Mmmm, you have such a nice tight ass, Sarah! Are you ready to loose your last cherry?"

He quickly pumped his finger in and out of her virgin ass, amazed at tightness. He covered her mouth with his hand as Sarah tried to scream at the feeling of having her ass penetrated for the first time. He pulled his finger out and shoved his cockhead against her hole forcing her open. He rocked forward, putting pressure against her opening. The engorged head of his cock pushed past the tight muscles and inside, and he felt her tight anal tunnel squeeze his cock. He grunted with the exertion as he pushed harder, forcing his thick maleness deeper insider. He slowly began to pump in and out, each time forcing his cock deeper.

"Oh yeah! You're so good, Sarah!" he moaned.

She pleaded with her tormenter, "AAAAHHHHH, take it out!" She sobbed as the invader drove slowly deeper into her last virgin hole, "Ohhh, NOSSA, it hurts! Please take it out! Take it out"! Sarah twisted, and turned trying to dislodge the terrible thing in her ass, but Eric's strong hands gripped her narrow waist, holding her firmly as he claimed her again.

Sarah closed her eyes and tried to block out what was happening to her, but she was still dazed from her latest orgasm, and Eric was taking advantage to the easy access. Sarah moaned and cried out at the pain as his massive cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her bowls. Her head rocked back and forth as inch-by-inch he slid into her virgin ass. She was so hot from her climax, an odd feeling of warmth from deep inside was spreading through out her body as her unbidden passions consumed her. She couldn't believe the feelings. The pain was subsiding, and now he was fucking her ass in a way that the thrusting of his cock in and out of her body was causing waves of pleasure to build up inside her again.

As he felt her muscles relax, Eric began to pound her cock hungry ass. It took only a few deep strokes before she began to meet his thrusting rod. He drove deeper and deeper into her belly. He pushed harder, and her ass clenched tightly around his manhood. He pulled back, then thrust back up into her. His hands grasped her hips and slowly forced his cock farther into her tight ass until his balls hit against her cheeks.

The full length of his cock was buried deep into her bowls.

"You got an ass full of my cock!" He murmured in her ear. "Yeah baby! Your tight little ass is full!" He gave her a few seconds to adjust, and then started pumping his cock in and out of her tight virgin bottom.

Sarah moaned and grunted as her forehead became covered with beads of sweat. She trembled as he thrust his cock back and forth inside her. It was a strange, humiliating, orgasm producing feeling to her; she felt him deep inside her where nothing had ever been before.

Eric humped her ass with roughly, his tempo increasing as her chute became used to his girth. His hands left her bottom, and slid up her sweat-soaked body to cup and squeeze her swaying tits. He tweaked the sensitive nipples as he continued to ream her bottom.

"OH!" Sarah squealed each time Eric's swollen shaft penetrated her hole and slid all the way in. "Ohhh!" Her rapist plunged balls deep into her tight ass, as her body was stretched painfully around his thick cock and clung to it as he pumped in and out of her, his balls slapping against her swollen pussy lips. Just as her next climax was about to hit, Eric abruptly withdrew his cock from her ass.

Robbed of the support of his hands, she collapsed onto the bed. He lay down on his back next to her and stroked his rock-hard cock as he reached over and pulled Sarah's obedient body toward himself, "Come here Sarah. My cock is just for you tonight. Your tight little pussy was made for me to fuck."

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