An On-the-job Surprise for Sarah


Sarah was forced to straddle his hips and slowly raise herself to her knees, her dripping pussy poised above his rigid shaft. He took her hands and made her press the thick head of his, nine inch rod against her swollen lips. His hands moved to encircle her waist, and slowly he lowered her onto his shaft, his hard manhood sliding into her drenched womanhood until her pussy rested against his groin, she had his cock buried deep inside her belly. Her traitorous body was so aroused she couldn't begin to protest as he began to raise her off his cock, and then plunge back in to the hilt.

Sarah couldn't stop moaning as he made her ride his cock. Against her will, she was riding him this time.

Eric pulled her body down against his chest as he pumped into her, his hands on her hips pulling and pushing her as she humped his hard shaft. Her body was hot; Eric could feel her cunt gripping his cock as he thrust his cock into her. His thighs made a slapping noise against her ass as he moved his hands to caress the soft skin of her heart shaped ass cheeks.

Sarah was unable to ignore the steady pounding of his cock as it slid in and out of once virgin channel. The incredible sensations erupting inside her made her body play the traitor to her mind. She felt like her whole womanhood was burning hot as her pussy squeezed and gripped his long, thick maleness each time he plunged it in and out of her. Her hips had begun to rise and fall to match his thrusts. The steady rhythm of his pounding had awakened unwanted passions hidden deep in her feminine core. She humped against his upward thrusts as her rebellious body tried to accept his entire hard pulsating shaft.

Tears flowed freely from her eyes. This was so humiliating. Nothing he did to her hurt any more. In fact, her body was overwhelmed by the unwanted pleasures that were flooding through her. She had never imagined sex could make her body react this way, and she had certainly never dreamed her first time would happen like this, with a co-worker's hard cock fucking her ass off against her will.

"I'm being f...fucked," she thought incoherently. "This isn't l... lovemaking, or even s... sex. I'm getting fucked! Raped! How can this be happening to me?"

Suddenly, Eric rolled over, pressing her body into the bed beneath them. Looking into Sarah's eyes, he said, "Sarah, I'm going to pound your pussy, and you'll never forget that it was made for my cock." He pulled out, rubbed her slit with his cockhead, and slowly drove his rock hard shaft into her tight sheath. Her cunt spasmed as his pole slid all the way into her snug channel. Placing his hands on her hips, withdrew until only the head of his cock was still in her pussy, and then plunged all the way into her again. His thrusts increased in pace, and Sarah began to orgasm again, her hips rose to meet his downward thrusts, and they pounded one another as she moaned "AhhhHHH, Ohhh, nossaaa! Eric, you're f... fucking meeee! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! AAAHHHHHH!" as she went over the edge into a massive climax.

Eric's lips lowered to nurse each of Sarah's erect nipples in turn as he continued to pound in and out of her. The sensation of his lips and tongue on her tits intensified her orgasm, and she began to thrust in time with his pounding even harder. Of their own will, her small hands reached up to hold his head against her as he suckled her swaying breasts. He continued his long hard thrusts as he sucked her tits, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her tight cunt.

Sarah groaned and arched her back as she thought he would split her apart as he bottomed out, his cock pounding rhythmically against her cervix. Suddenly, Eric gave one final thrust, and planted his manhood deep inside her fertile womb.

"Oh baby!" Eric groaned. "I'm gonna cum inside your tight pussy, Sarah. I'm cumming in your sweet cunt, and knock you up! OHHH YEAH!!!"

Sarah felt his cock expand inside her and she cried out as her orgasm intensified again as he erupted inside her. "OHHH, PLEEEASE don't do it inside MEEEAAAHHH!!!"

If Eric even heard her plea, he didn't care. His massive cock erupted deep inside her, launching his steaming cum deep into her pussy. For the third time in her life, she felt his virile manhood claimed her body; his hot, potent semen bathing her womb, filling her with his seed.

Eric's final orgasm seemed to last forever, and Sarah felt her body filled to overflowing with his cum. Finally, he collapsed against her, his mouth finding hers in a deep, French kiss that she was powerless to resist. Her cunt muscles continued to milk his cock until it finally slipped from her abused hole. Eric slowly raised himself off from her, and quickly took a basin from the bathroom and filled it with water. Before Sarah even had a chance to recover from her last climax, the orderly had cleaned her cum-soaked body, and piled her scrubs and underwear on the bed next to her.

"Oh," he said, turning back to enjoy a last look at her naked form as he headed out the door, "Incase you were thinking about reporting this as a rape, you should know that Kim will tell anyone who asks that you told her that you wondered what it would be like to have sex with me, and that she arranged for us to be alone in here because you asked her to." He grinned at her, "You're a great fuck, Sarah. I'll be glad to fuck your pussy for you any time you `ask' again."

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by Anonymous01/21/19

Could have been hot

So tired of reading stories with dumb descriptions like "his 9 inch cock" and "he pushed through her cervix and entered her womb", not to mention the misspellings. Its "bowels" not "bowls". Get an editor,more...

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