tagToys & MasturbationAn Online Partner Gives Her Ideas

An Online Partner Gives Her Ideas


The online conversation she had had with the stranger puzzled her. Was she the only girl who hadn't squirted? Had anyone ever properly eaten her out before? Did she know how to stimulate her g-spot? This stranger on the other end of the computer had put her mind into a tailspin.

She often patrolled the web and chat rooms for things to stimulate her and help get her wet so she could cum. It was often eye opening as to how many fetishes were out there, and how open she could be on the net. In real life, she had been pretty vanilla but yearned for more. Her husband was straight laced and not exciting in the bedroom, but she was still young and needed to be sexually stimulated. By chatting with strangers on the net, she didn't cheat, but could fill a void and curiosity.

The conversation she had with the stranger had put her into heat. He talked about eating her out in public, having his friends watch while he licked her pussy, making her cum again and again. She was surprised at his eagerness just to please her. And the thought of being exposed and naked in front of other men, while he set her body on fire, made her pussy throb. That night when she lay down to sleep, she took out her slender purple vibrator and placed it on her clit. She turned it on low, imagining the scenario he had so visually described to her. Her tank removed, her jean skirt pushed up over her hips, bra and panties removed. Her body lying flat on a wooden picnic table while he separated her legs. Moving in and teasing her with his tongue.

She increased the vibration and moved it up and down on her hot slit. Her hips started to move upwards, pressing into the four inch vibe. Every so often she would insert it into her pussy and pull it out, slick from the wetness. As her mind wandered back to the scenario, she imagined the friends stripping naked, stroking their huge cocks at her loud moans. They move in closer, and one grabs her large breast. In her head, and in real life, she moans as the touch.

She had an athletic body. She wasn't considered skinny, and she was glad for it. At 5'8" she weighed 145lbs. Her plump 36D breasts were perky and got her a lot of attention. She had a tight ass from running and a flat stomach from being so active. Her fair Midwest skin had been tanned from time outdoors. Her long blonde hair was soft and had a slight wave to it. Her blue eyes often got her the most attention, most men mistaking her for being innocent. She enjoyed her body and knew that men lusted after it too. She teased with class, and never revealed too much- but just enough to keep their looks lusting after her.

As she grabbed her nipple and tweaked it, she flipped the vibrator onto full blast. She wanted to cum, already dripping from her conversation. She bucked against the vibe and humped wildly. Smooth sensations went racing over her body and her moans got louder and louder. She felt her body convulse and warmth went throughout herself. She kept the vibrator on her clit for a few seconds after her orgasm, teasing herself. She finally turned it off and drifted into a pleasant sleep.

She awoke in the morning, still curious about her ability to cum. A couple conversations involved men asking her if she squirted. She never had. Most asked if she came hard- she thought that cumming was cumming. One asked her if she had a removable showerhead- which she did. He told her to take her time, get turned on, take a shower and play with it. Use the settings; hold it close to her pussy and to see what happened. This morning was the morning she was going to try.

Looking up some porn, she watched as a man with a large cock slammed himself into a woman's tight pussy- moaning in pleasure. She looked somewhat like the girl in the video, and she found the man attractive, which lead her to put her fingers over her underwear and rub. The man pulled out his cock and unloaded his cum on the woman's mouth and chest. This was all she needed.

She went to the bathroom, removed her robe and started the shower. She looked in the mirror at her breasts, grabbing them. Her nipples were hard and sensitive and she loved the touch. Knowing that she couldn't take much more- she climbed into the shower.

Lathering up her wet body, she washed her hair and face. She took her time, shaving her legs and pussy. She used her body scrub that smelled like jasmine and stood beneath the warmth of the water. Knowing she couldn't take it anymore- she took the showerhead off of the holder.

Placing her leg up on the shelf, she opened herself below. She changed the setting to a more firm stream and increased the waters temperature slightly. She used her fingers to separate her lips further, finding her sex was ripe and sensitive. Moving that hand up to the wall for support, she turned the head towards her wanting pussy. The first splash of warm water made her breath catch in her throat. It felt just like a tongue! She slowly positioned it in different ways, experimenting with where it would stimulate her. The hand that had braced her previously against the wall now found its way to her heaving breast. Enjoying the sensation of her breast being fondled and her pussy being played with, she closed her eyes. After a minute she had found a rhythm and was bent over- exposing more of her pussy. She was doing her best to grab both of her large breasts with her free hand- and then tweaking her nipples. Her body shifted just slightly and her eyes opened wide.

The sweet spot had been discovered!! Before she knew it, she was grinding and rocking against the stream of the water with her clit. For thirty seconds her body looked like she was being fucked from behind, being bounced against a large cock. However, it was her clit being stimulated, not her pussy. She found screams escaping her mouth, louder and louder as her body responded to the pressure the water was putting on her wanting clit. Her breasts moving similarly to if she was being fucked from behind as well. She moved her hand back to the wall to help her brace against and take the force of her pending orgasm.

She knew she was building, but had never felt anything like this before. She had never been taken to this level and didn't even know she could feel like this. She felt her body flushing and she couldn't open her eyes if she wanted to. Rocking ferociously over the thick stream of water she knew it was seconds before she would release. Her screams were loud, yet she couldn't hear them. Her clit was experiencing something it could never have imagined as her body writhed, greedily enjoying the water. She let go, and the orgasm overtook her- yelling loudly. She came for close to a minute, her body allowing her to feel it all.

After the sensations ran throughout her body, she opened her eyes. She found that there was blackness coming in from the corners of her eyes... she felt faint. She grasped for the wall and found her way to the shelf she had put her foot up on. Taking slow, deep, deliberate breaths- she found her way back to present time. She had almost passed out from the orgasm. Her online pal was right; there were plenty of things she didn't know. She would be looking him up tonight to find out what else he might be able to teach her.

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