tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Operative Becomes a Fucktoy

An Operative Becomes a Fucktoy


Author's note: This story contains themes such as varieties of non-consent and degradation. These activities are not okay in any form in reality, only based in my personal fantasies as a slut who enjoys being used sexually.


It was a warm Tuesday evening in Prague. As a vital part of his country's intelligence apparatus, after a month of flying around the globe collecting information on some of the worlds' most powerful criminals, Agent John Bayer was taking a day off visiting some old friends before heading back to London to report to his superiors. Since he had an hour spare before dinner, John decided to make a stop at a nearby hotel bar for a few drinks. Dressed in formal black pants, an unbutton crisp white shirt and a jet black blazer with a pearl pocket square, he sat at the bar and ordered a double of scotch. It was fairly quiet at the bar, with only one other patron and one bartender on duty. Given that it was only 5 o'clock in the afternoon, this was not very surprising.

He was just about to ask the bartender for a second drink when he happened to spot that the man sitting at the other end of the bar hadn't touched his drink; just as he observed this he started to feel dizzy, this could only mean something, he had been drugged. Bayer was about to reach for his jacket pocket to send an emergency signal, but it was too late, he instantly slumped to the floor.

He woke up later in pitch blackness. He tried to open his eyes to see where he was, when he realised he had a blindfold on. When he tried to move his arms and legs, he realised that he was restrained to a chair. He was still a bit groggy, presumably from the drugs, but he started to hear. He heard something that raised the hairs on his back "going once, going twice, sold for 200 million dollars to the lady in red. Money well spent it will be, I'm sure, given how much information this man should have to offer you". A voice responded from afar, "Oh, I fully intend to get my money's worth". The voice seemed somewhat familiar, but in his disoriented state it was hard to place it.

This was not the first time Bayer was taken hostage, but the tone of her voice, and how much money she spent to get him didn't bode well with him.

He felt something press against his torso, and felt a buzz of electricity from a taser, and he passed out again.

When he regained consciousness, Bayer realised he was suspended from above with his hands cuffed to an attachment from the ceiling. His legs were spread apart and cuffed to a spreader bar which was secured to the ground, and he was suspended so high that his legs didn't reach the floor. But at least this time he wasn't blindfolded, he looked around and the first thing he noticed was a mirror. He was wearing the shirt and trousers from the night he was in Prague, how many days it has been since, he had no way of telling.

He looked around, and he seemed to be in the luxurious bedroom, but the decor was far too decadent even for a five star hotel. He looked out of the window, and he saw a view of the sea, which he immediately recognised. This was similar to a picture that was sent anonymously from the residence of Janet Lehman, the reclusive kingpin of one of the world's biggest illegal arms operation. She lived in an island somewhere, and despite the best efforts of almost all lawny enforcement agencies of the planet, the location of this place was not known.

Just as he thought he might be able to escape after finding out where this was, someone entered the room; it was Janet. She said "you're up" in a menancing voice as she moved into view. Even though she hadn't been photographed in over a decade, John had an idea of what she would look like now, but the woman in front of her almost took his breath away. Clad in a silk silver robe, Bayer couldn't help but notice her firm breasts, well-toned legs, and short blonde hair that reached her shoulders. His training and experience said that he must not say a word, and he fully intended to keep his mouth shut, no matter what happened.

This seemed to be something she knew, and after staring at him for minute, she curtly said "we'll see how long your resolve will last". She walked away for a moment and before he could even register it she was behind him tearing his shirt apart. The sound of the tearing fabric and buttons falling on to the floor sent him to a panic. He got a sense of where this could go, and having never faced this predicament before, the master spy was a bit unsettled. Soon his pants followed. They settled around his ankles on the spreader bar, and Janet punched at it and pulled the torn garment until it tore out, causing a bruise around his left ankle.

She dragged into view a wooden chest, and opened its top panel. John's jaw nearly fell to the floor at its contents. In it were a range of whips, riding crops, knives, and several masturbators.

She first took a whip and without any warning lashed him on the chest. While the white hot pain reverberated around his body, it took him everything had had to not make a sound. She continued to whip him for what seemed like an hour, with increasing power, and shouting "You're going to regret not opening your mouth now". Bayer's tight toned body was marked with whip marks all over and had even begun to bleed slightly on his chest. Lehman brought over a sharp knife and cut out his tight briefs, exposing his penis, which was fully erect.

She let out a shrill laughter and immediately reached for a masturbator and pushed his cock into it. Even though Bayer was proud of his prowess as a lower, the high setting of the device and his physical ordeal meant that within 15 minutes he was close to ejaculating even though his best efforts not to. He was just about to give into the pleasure when she pulled it out. She took out a riding crop from her collection of tools and smacked him on his buttocks until he almost whimpered in pain.

And she grabbed at the masturbator and it was around his cock before he could react, after a minute he was close to an orgasm at which point she pulled it out again. She said, at this point, "I can see how much you want to to give into the pleasure, so how about we make a deal? I'm sure you must be up to take a risk. What I'm after is your 8 digit access code to your laptop. Give me the first 5 digits, and I will let you come. And then I'll go again to see if I can get the other three out." John thought about it for a few minutes, knew even if she doesn't hold up her end of the bargain, he doesn't see anything she can do to get him to break anyway, and the chance to experience the release seemed worth it. In a level voice, he replied "83071".

She tried the partial code, saw the first five boxes turn green indicating the correct digits, and put down the masturbator. "No, I didn't put it down because I'm going to blow you myself, even though that sounds tempting. I have no reason to let you cum".

What happened next was not something Bayer expected in a million years. She brought a large metal briefcase out in front of him, and opened it to display a set of dildos of various sizes. She ran her hand over the dildos saying I haven't had anyone to fuck in over 10 years, and these make for good company. Noticing his look of shock over an extremely large one that easily the size of a large fist, she replied, "yes, that is a bit of a challenge but a girl can hope".

At this point Bayer realised that he had miscalculated this badly and this might not end well. She grabs one of the medium sized dildos and says "let's try to open up your asshole" and jammed it in his hole. He let out a yelp as it pushed into him, without any lubricant to reduce the pain. She continued to thrust it for a few minutes before taking it out. Bayer knew what was going happen next, but knew he had to hold out as much as he could. But he could only watch has Lehman grabbed the large dildo which was easily as big his leg, and push it inside him. She pushes this mercilessly inside him, making him fear that it is going to tear him apart, he screams from the pain, and she only thrusts it out to push it back in much harder. He only lasted all of 30 seconds before screaming "I give in, 305, stop this".

She stopped thrusting, and tried the remainder of the code. The lock screen turned green giving her access to all the information he had. She put the computer away, and said, "you are now useless to me in terms of information, but I'm not going to kill you. You are going to fulfil a need that I have been trying to fill for years. I haven't had anyone to fuck in 10 years. I can't fuck the people who work for me, after all they are criminals. So, from today on you, my slut, will be my own personal fucktoy. You will at all times be tied to this bed, and I will use your body until I get bored of you or I ride you to death, and since you kept your mouth shut and made me work for it, you're going to have a gag on forever".

She put a ball gag on him, took out the masturbator and said "I'm not going to fuck you right now because you're close to coming, I want my first cock in 10 years to be fresher." She pushed the masturbator over his penis, and within 20 seconds, he began to squirm and shook violently in pleasure that arched his back even though he was restrained rightly causing a lot of pain. As his semen was flowing down his thigh, he almost passed out from the intensity of the orgasm, but he didn't. He wish he had, because Janet took that massive dildo, and after applying lubricant over it rammed it up his ass. Each thrust was harder than the one before, and he screamed in agony for several minutes before he blacked out.

He woke up later in the evening, his crotch still aching from the orgasm he had earlier in the evening. His ass was still burning from the fucking he was given, and as he realised that we was now lying on the bed tied spread eagled, he came to terms that he was now the personal slut of an criminal. His penis was very erect even though he was not particularly aroused, which could only mean he was under a particularly high dose of viagra. His evil owner came in, completely naked this time, climbed onto him and rode his cock. The viagra meant that even though he had multiple orgasms and had ejaculated to the point where he was dry and it was agony and nothing else. As the woman who was on his body getting herself off with a look of evil pleasure on her face came multiple times when he was screaming in agony through the gag, her response to her was truly terrifying "You will be kept sedated when I'm not fucking you so your body doesn't lose it's fine shape. And every time before I'm about to fuck you, you're going to have enough viagra in you, you will be nothing but a slut in heat who exists to be fucked. Once you stop coming, I'm going to keep fucking you as you scream in pain, until you pass out. And I'll be in to see you once a day,"

It was only then the gravity of the situation he was in dawned on him.

The once all powerful John Bayer was now the owned fucktoy of a vile merchant of death who will keep him tied up, naked and in heat for as long as she wants to ride him like a whore, till she decides to put him away.

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