tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 04

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 04


As friday night approached old Georges excitement just grew and grew, he hoped she would remember to wear stockings and a suspender belt as this was one of his many 'kinks'. He couldn't wait to see her again and enjoy her sexy young body some more.

Friday came and as the clock on the wall showed 7 o'clock George began to wonder if she was coming. 8 o'clock came and went as did 9 and 10. Frustrated and angry he went off to bed as he realised he wasn't going to be seeing her that night.

Unsure what to do over the weekend he decided he would have to show her he was serious and that if she didn't comply with his wishes the consequences would be far worse. His anger was brought on mainly by his sexual frustration, he was desperate to have her again and again, there was no way he was going to let her go.

He obviously didn't want to send copies of the tape to her friends or family as this would mean playing his trump card and would leave him with nothing to blackmail her with. After giving it some thought he decided to involve her neighbour Ted again. He had told her that Ted hadn't got a copy of the tape and so had no hold over her, but as she wasn't playing fair that would have to change.

He didn't want to actually give Ted a copy as he couldn't risk him being stupid by maybe giving anyone else a copy or, more importantly, letting any of Mandys friends or family see it. If that happened it would all be over, and so the idea was to let her believe that he has a copy.

First thing monday George went over to Teds armed with a note and a copy of the tape shoved into an envelope.

"What happened to you the other day?" asked Ted as he invited him in.

"Oh sorry, just got nervous and went straight home....sorry," replied George.

"Thought maybe I had seen the last of you."

"No no of course not," George said with a nervous laugh realising that Ted had no idea that he hadn't intended seeing him again at all, "look I'm not stopping I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to tell her that you have a copy of the tape too, that way you can play with her all you want without me having to be here."

"Ok......thanks, that's great....but erm...can I not have a copy anyway, you know for my own pleasure..." asked Ted unable to see why not.

"Sorry but I would rather keep it for myself, if you don't mind, but trust me she will think you have a copy." answered George.

Oh...ok then, as long as she thinks I have a copy then thats all that matters.....thanks," replied Ted as the thoughts of how much fun he was going to have with the hot little minx began to race through his mind.

"Don't mention it," said George, "I'll get her to come and see you tomorrow morning first thing, she'll be all yours."

"Oh fuck yeah, fantastic, I can't thank you enough." Ted's excitement was clear to see as he grabbed Georges hand with both of his and gave it an over enthusiastic shake.

"Right, I'll sort it, just leave it with me and I'll see you soon maybe.....ok?"

"Ok ok...sure you don't want to stop a while?"

"No...really I'm sorry, things to do."

"Oh...ok.....oh just one thing."


"Tell her to come dressed for college will you?"

George just nodded with a knowing smile on his face as he turned and left. Ted closed the door and just stood there for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. That two minute conversation was going to make such a huge difference to his life, he was going to have one of the sexiest girls he had ever known at his mercy and there was going to be nothing she could do about it.

When Mandy got home from work that day she found the envelope from George waiting for her on the doormat. On opening it she saw the video tape inside together with the note. She didn't have to play the tape as she knew what was on it already, her heart sank as she began to read the note. It said......

"The tape is just a reminder in case you've forgotten me. I told you to come and see me on friday and you disobeyed. As a result Ted now has a copy. I WILL see you this friday or more copies will be distributed next week. George. P.S. Call in sick tomorrow as Ted is expecting you first thing in your college uniform."

She felt sick to her stomach, she knew she should have gone to see him on friday and now she had only made things worse for herself. What could she do? the fat old man next door was a disgusting lecherous old pervert, she had suffered his leering at her and his filthy comments for months. She had hoped that the other day had been a one off and that would be it...... What a mess she was in.

The following morning Ted awoke with his usual early morning erection causing a tent under the sheets. "You're in for a treat today old fella," he said as he looked down at it with a broad smile across his face. Although extremely desperate for some relief he wanted to wait and save all his spunk for the gorgeous Mandy, the thought of her had his balls so full of the stuff they were fit to burst.

He got himself out of bed and, wearing nothing but an old dark blue dressing gown, began walking aimlessly around the house waiting for her to call, every few minutes checking out the window to see if she was coming.

"Come on come on..." he muttered as he kept looking at the clock praying that she was going to come, all the while trying to control his frustrated excitement. The thought of having her in his house all to himself was the stuff of his wildest fantasies.

At just after 8am there was a gentle tap on his back door. Stunned for a second he couldn't believe that she had come, it tapped again and quickly he went through the kitchen to open it.

As soon as it opened she darted inside before he could even speak, obviously not wanting anyone to see her.

There she was, standing in his kitchen in her full college uniform looking just as he had seen her countless times before. He found it hard to pull his eyes from her great big tits trying to burst their way out of her crisp white blouse. Together with her blazer, her little short skirt and knitted white stockings she looked like a dream. 20 years old and so ripe, Ted felt sure that his cock might just explode there and then.

She looked at the fat sweaty 61 year old and wondered what the hell she was doing. She knew very well that things could only get worse if she didn't do as she was asked but the look in his hungry bulging eyes was filling her with dread. His dressing gown only just reached around his middle, such was the size of his pot belly, his balding head was covered in beads of sweat making his excitement obvious for all to see.

"Look at you.....oh God just look at you," he said almost in a trance as he stared at her standing there. "My my... that blouse looks tight," he continued as he looked at the straining buttons holding back her huge tits. "They seem to be getting bigger.......are they?"

"What?" she asked as she realised he was asking her a question.

"Your tits," he said as he pointed at them, "are they getting bigger?"

"Erm...no, no they're not," she answered somewhat embarrassed. The truth was different however, over the past few months she had grown from a 34EE to a 34F.

A smile came across his face as he sensed she was not being completely straight with him. "Ok...if you say so, come on through," he said as he led the way into his living room, "don't be shy."

He sat himself down on the edge of the sofa with his knees parted and took a good long look at her, she stood several feet away from him in an attempt to stay out of his reach.

"Oh yes....." he began as his eyes wandered all over her body, not once looking at her face. "What a fuckin' incredible body you've got, have you any idea how many times I have had to look at you dressed like this? You've been driving me insane for months...... I have never in my life met anyone who turns me on as much as you fuckin' do."

She stood frozen in silence as he continued. "God you're just so fuckin' gorgeous, come over here." His eyes carried on looking her over as he licked his lips and gestured for her to come closer.

She could see how desperate he was for her, obviously an ugly fat old man like him doesn't get chances like this too often and she knew he was going to make the most of it........just like old George.

"Please don't," she pleaded in vain, "please."

"Closer sweetheart," he said in a soft voice, "come and stand here," he said pointing to the floor between his feet.

"I....I can't...please don't make me...please."

He was getting more and more excited as he ignored her plea, the way she was dressed, her incredible body and her oh so beautiful face made her his ultimate fantasy, he desperately wanted to savour every second of this.

She realised as she looked at the dirty fat old pervert there was no choice but to do as he said, and so, reluctantly, she slowly stepped closer until she was standing between his parted knees.

His face was getting red and his breathing grew louder and louder as he put his fat sweaty hands on her bare thighs between her skirt and the tops of her stockings.

She could feel his hot breath as he placed a gentle kiss on her leg just where it emerged from under her skirt.

"Oh yes, yes, so lovely, so very lovely," he whispered as his hands slowly began moving up under her skirt. With each kiss of her leg he went upwards inch by inch, his hands moving her skirt gradually higher and higher.

His cock was crying out for relief but he wanted to make it last as long as possible, her skin felt as smooth as silk as his hands went further and further until he had raised her skirt enough to see her white panties.

"Oh beautiful," he whispered as he saw them come into view, "oh God how beautiful." He filled his nostrils with her scent before leaning his head forward and gently running his tongue along her panty covered pussy, "mmmmmmm ooh fuck yes," he moaned as he did it again and again, taking his time relishing the whole experience.

She couldn't look at him as she felt disgusted, she wanted to turn and run but something was making her stay. Was it the fact that he had a copy of this video that he could blackmail her with, or was it something more, something she didn't want to admit to herself.....did she enjoy being a plaything to these dirty old men?

She had to resist these feelings, she couldn't let anyone think that she was turned on by all this, especially not Ted...or George. After all she was a girl with looks that would allow her to have any guy in the world she wanted......any handsome young guy, no way would a girl like her ever choose these filthy old men.....would she?

He moved one hand around behind her and onto her ass, it felt so meaty and firm as he gave it a much deserved squeeze. "God that ass feels good, mmmmm oh yes so fuckin' tight," he murmered as his other hand moved between her legs at the very top of her thigh.

He looked up at her only to find he couldn't see her face as his line of sight was blocked by her massive tits just above his head. He leaned back slightly and saw she had her eyes closed and was chewing on her bottom lip. This made him smile to himself as he knew she was starting to enjoy it all.

She realised he was looking up at her and one more time pleaded, "please don't do this...please, I don't want this I'm begging you one more time...please."

"Yes you do you little tease," he said quietly, "you know you do."

She probably did but didn't want him to know that, or even admit it to herself, "please don't....please...."

He looked back at her pussy concealed inside the lovely white lace panties and stretched his fingers up the inside of her thigh until they were pushing the material against her now moist slit. He worked them inside the crotch of her panties and felt the warm wetness of her juicy cunt lips against his fingertips. His excitement was reaching fever pitch as he teased her a little for a few moments making her wetter and wetter. Then slowly he began pushing two fingers between the soaking lips amazed at just how wet she was inside, further and further into her they went until he was up inside her as far as he could. This caused her to draw a huge intake of breath as the sensation sent a shudder through her body.

He slipped the two fingers out and saw how they were covered in her juices before he plunged them up into her again.

She let out a moan,"mmmmmmmmm...oooooh...oooh." It was clear that she was now getting right into it and so Ted started thrusting his fingers in and out of her faster and faster, loving the sight of her getting so turned on. His hand was now almost a blur as he finger fucked her as fast as he could. The juices just poured from her all over his hand as the squelching sound from her cunt echoed around the room.

She was now getting completely lost in it all as she placed a hand on his shoulder to support herself before her legs gave way beneath her.

He began to slow down, wiggling his fingers around inside her as he got slower and slower. Eventually he stopped and slipped his fingers out, as he did her juices poured from inside her and down her leg.

"What a lovely wet cunt....ooh you dirty dirty girl," he said as he looked at her beautiful wet pink pussy lips.

He had held himself back long enough, now his cock was in desperate need for satisfaction and he couldn't mess about a moment longer. He dragged her panties down to the floor and she stepped out of them. Before throwing them to one side he couldn't help but bring them up to his nose for a quick sniff.

He slumped back into the sofa and threw his dressing gown open revealing his horrible pot belly and of course his painfully hard cock. He grabbed her by one arm and dragged her on top of him, she had no choice but to kneel on the edge of the sofa astride the wheezing bloated old man causing her short grey skirt to stretch tight across the tops of her strong young thighs. He hooked his fingers under the hem and pulled it up to her waist then reached behind her, grabbed her firm ass with both hands and lifted her onto his desperately hard cock.

"Oh God yes!!!" he cried as at last the self induced torture was at last over. She was so wet that she easily slipped all the way down its full length, her hot wet tunnel seemed to grip his cock tightly all around.

As she sank down onto it he felt the tip of his cock push against her womb. He was in heaven as he looked at her still fully clothed in her uniform sitting on his cock. As she sat there she couldn't resist grinding her cunt hard down onto him. Without hesitation he grabbed her tits and began mauling them through her blouse constantly muttering to himself.

"Ooooh yes yes, oh lovely tits...ooh lovely beautiful big tits...fuckin' hell."

His blood was boiling and his heart was pounding like a drum against his chest as his excited desperation took over. He ripped her blouse wide open and after a pause to admire her lovely white lace bra he went to rip it off.

"No no!" she cried wanting to save the expensive garment from being ruined, "let me."

He stopped in his tracks and watched as she undid the front clasp and brushed it aside to reveal her wonderous huge tits, her nipples pointing at him like bullets.

"Shit yes!" he cried as he squeezed them tight with both hands. He continued his constant muttering, "oh I love your fuckin' tits, so big, oh yes they're so fuckin' lovely and big." He opened his mouth wide and pushed his sweaty red face into them and began sucking on one of her swollen nipples, all the while bucking into her harder and faster.

She was of course now so turned on herself that there was no turning back. This horrible fat old pig of a man was driving her mad and she started jumping up and down on his cock wanting more and more.

"Come on you dirty fat bastard fuck me with that cock...come on...come on!!!" Her sudden cries sent him over the edge as all the spunk he had been holding back could be held no longer. Releasing her tits from his grip and grabbing her head tightly with both hands he pulled her face to his and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth.

At that moment his spunk was finally released, it surged up his cock with such incredible force and errupted like a volcano as it exploded into her over and over. He released her face and just stared at her huge firm tits as they bounced around violently in front of him. He took them again in his hands and pushed them against her chest as he squeezed them as hard as he could.

"YES..OH FUCK YES!!!" he cried out as he pumped more and more of the hot sticky stuff deep into her tender wet cunt. He had built up so much that he thought he would never stop, he had never experienced anything like it before.

Eventually the torrent subsided and he emptied his final drops into her. As he slowed he looked into her face properly for the first time, her skin was so soft and smooth, her lips full and pouting, he could have drowned in her beautiful brown eyes. "God you're so beautiful," he said in an almost tender and loving way.

When she looked at him however all she saw was the bloated red face of a dirty old man, a candidate for a heart attack if ever she saw one. His glasses looked painful as the frame dug deep into the sides of his head, his eyes bulged from their sockets and his mouth seemed to drool constantly.

As she climbed off she saw his cock was still semi hard as it lay against his belly. She had just had an incredible orgasm and, feeling satisfied, wanted to leave.

He had other ideas however and told her to sit down next to him. As she did he instantly pulled her in close and started kissing her roughly on the mouth, his tongue diving in deep as he kissed her harder and harder his body shaking with passion. She was just such a turn on that he wanted more and more, he couldn't get enough of her.

Pulling his head away he looked down at her bare tits, groaned quietly and placed a sweaty hand over one and began groping and mauling it.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he said softly as he enjoyed feeling it all over. "I've wanked myself off dreaming of squeezing these things more times than you'll ever know."

The disgusting old pervert carried on doing this for several minutes, his cock growing harder by the second. She saw what was happening and knew there was more to come. Reluctantly she admitted to herself that she was enjoying it, just as she had done each time with old George.

She lifted her feet onto the sofa and curled up next to him. Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it went down and wrapped around his now fully hard cock, causing him to let out a long sigh.

"Oooh thats nice," he whispered "oh wank it for me.....please."

With that her hand started moving up and down his thick veiney shaft, her touch was so soft and gentle as she felt up and down its length. He was in heaven as he continued feeling her tits with one hand while holding her close with the other.

"Oh that feels so goooood.....why not give it a little suck for me.....mmmmm?"

She looked into his eyes, "aaw no...do I have to?" she complained giving him a sorrowful look.

"Yes you do," he whispered, "go on.....just for a few minutes......please."

He watched as she lowered her head towards it, he released her tits and placed a hand on her firm round ass cheek as it raised off the sofa as she leaned across. His other hand rested on the back of her head and he applied a little pressure to move her lower. Then he felt it, it was an amazing feeling, her sweet lips gently brushed the tip of his aching cock. She teased it more and more with just tender kisses and the odd lick of her tongue.

"Oh please...please suck it...please..." he begged her pushing her head down harder.

As she sucked it into her lovely mouth the sensation was out of this world."Fuckin' hell!!!" he called out, "oh God thats fuckin' wonderful."

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