An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 11


Suddenly out of the blue the old drunk pulled his fingers from her cunt grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed incredibly hard as a rope of spunk flew into the air from his smelly old tool. He groaned and moaned as Mandy pumped more and more of the dirty smelly stuff out of him over and over.

Just as this happened the other old codger suddenly seemed to jerk violently as he too shot his load high into the air. With his fingers buried deep in her cunt Mandy was ready for anything and didn't want to stop now as she milked the final drops from each of them.

With the two old boys apparently exhausted Mandy got to her feet and buttoned her blouse back up, just in time as it happens. As she went to get her college blazer one of the care workers came in and told them they would have to leave as they needed to tidy the room.

Incredibly she didn't even notice the two old men stuffing their spent cocks back into their trousers.

As Mandy was about to leave the care worker asked her if she would mind helping the two men back to their rooms, the old drunk obviously having difficulty in assisting his friend.

"O...of course," she said as she went back to them and put her arm around old shaky and helped him walk back to his room, the old boy couldn't resist having a cheeky free feel of her ass as they went.

When they got to his room he took himself into the bathroom and closed the door leaving Mandy alone with the smelly old drunk.

"He'll be ages in there," he said looking her up and down and getting closer.

"Well, I...I'll be off then," she said as she was about to leave.

Blocking her path the old man slipped his hands around her waist and said, "oh but we haven't finished yet."

The stench of alcohol as he breathed on her face and the sight of his filthy grey beard was almost unbearable.

As he went to kiss her she turned her head away and so he planted his lips on her neck just below her ear. The light scent of her perfume and the smell of her freshly washed blonde hair was intoxicating for the filthy old drunk.

She could feel his cock hardening against her as he slipped his hands down the outward slope of her ass and work their way up the back of her tiny skirt. The firm feel of her tight round ass cheeks with her white lace panties stretched across them was such a turn on that he again started to lose all control.

Hooking his thumbs under the waist of her panties he pushed them down her legs. As they fell to the floor Mandy knew this wasn't right, she shouldn't be letting this disgusting old drunk do this, but she couldn't deny the dampness still between her legs and the need for satisfaction.

Manouvering her up against the edge of the bed he suddenly pushed her back down onto it. No sooner had she stopped bouncing on the mattress than the old man had removed his jacket, trousers, and underpants.

He climbed onto her parting her legs with his knees and holding her wrists in his hands. She gave a half hearted struggle as she felt his dirty cock press against her wet pussy lips.

Looking down at this voluptuos young woman fully clothed in her college uniform he did what had to be done, what no man could resist, and drove himself with one powerful thrust straight into her.

He groaned with pleasure at feeling, for the first time in many many years, the warm tight grip of a juicy wet cunt wrapped around his huge desperate erection.

Instantly he started pumping into her, unable to control the over excited feelings running through his entire body, it felt so good, like nothing on this earth.

Mandy too was secretly happy that her throbbing cunt was finally getting the good seeing to that it had been longing for. So happy in fact that she didn't even object when he brought his dirty smelly bearded face to hers and slobbered all over her mouth.

He knew he wasn't going to last as the excitement of having his cock buried deep inside her gorgeous cunt and his tongue inside her lovely sweet mouth became too much. His head was exploding with emotion, animal lust, rampant desire, even gratitude for the unbelievable position he found himself in.

Suddenly his balls tightened and he found it almost impossible to catch his breath as he blew his thick creamy load into her, he came with such force, he had never experienced anything like it.

As for Mandy, the feeling of his dirty thick spunk pumping into her sent her into an earth shattering orgasm wrapping her legs around him for maximum penetration, literally sucking the life out of him.

After a minute or so of pumping and squeezing every last drop out the old drunk slipped from on top of her and off the bed crumpling to the floor.

Opening her eyes she was surprised to see the other old man standing over her completely naked, she hadn't heard him come out of the bathroom.

His pathetic old body was all withered and weak, but his cock was pointing straight at her hard and proud with two of the biggest balls she had ever seen hanging below in their over stretched sack.

Being unsteady on his feet he sat himself on the bed next to her and reached out with his trembling old hands and started to undo the buttons of her blouse.

" t...t...t...turn," he stuttered.

Knowing what he wanted and not having the heart to refuse Mandy got him to lay back on the bed as she undid the remaining buttons. Next she unfastened the front clasp of her bra and rolled over next to him her huge tits tumbling into his face. Instantly he grabbed them and started to squeeze and fondle them sucking one of her erect nipples into his mouth. Big tits had always been his thing and these were the biggest he had ever had his hands on.

As he moaned and groaned she saw pre-cum oozing from the tip of his hard pulsating cock. Without a thought or a care she straddled his waist and reached between her legs to take hold of it. Feeling it twitch and jerk as she grabbed it she offered it up to her cunt entrance.

As she felt her lips part around it she slid herself down its full length sucking it up inside herself. Instantly she started to slowly ride up and down it, the old man reaching behind her and firmly grabbing her lovely round ass cheeks.

As she got faster and faster he got more and more excited, paticularily as her tits were now bouncing around all over his face. Suddenly he seemed to take over with a new lease of life and started to buck and slam his cock into her harder and harder. He put his tongue out as he rubbed his face around in her ample tits licking sucking and biting them all over.

Just as Mandy was sure he was about to come he suddenly pulled himself out and pushed her head down his body. She knew exactly what he wanted and she slid down between his legs and in an instant she had his cock in her mouth and his huge balls cupped in the palm of her soft and gentle hand. It all seemed to happen so fast, but then he was so desperate there wasn't a second to lose. He grabbed her head in his hands and started to fuck her pretty young face, within a few seconds he exploded his dirty thick spunk into the back of her throat. Those balls were big for a reason, they held a huge quantity of spunk, there was gallons of the stuff endlessly pumping out of his cock. She managed to swallow some but it was going everywhere, running down her chin and all over her tits.

Once he had finished she wiped herself clean and, looking at the two spent old carcasses, she dressed and prepared herself to leave.

"You can tell Ted that I did everything you wanted, ok?" she said to the drunk still recovering on the floor.

"Ted? who's Ted?" he asked.

"The guy who made the video," came her reply.

"Video? what video?" said the puzzled old man, "you're the mystery girl that Bernard told us about, you know, the one that has a taste for the older man."

"Oh you idiot Mandy," she muttered to herself as the realisation dawned on her that her assumption was wrong and that they were just a couple of dirty old chancers......

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