An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 17


The filthy old pervert sounded like a pig at the trough as he kissed and slobbered all over her neck and face. He couldn't get enough of her, she had the body that men can only ever dream of and the most beautiful face that you couldn't help but fall in love with.

Mandy however found him disgusting, but at the same time couldn't deny how much she loved and now needed that huge hard cock of his, the deep ridges that covered felt just amazing.

She needed more, and so with one huge effort she rolled him over onto his back and pinned his arms down as she sat on him writhing her hips against him feeling his cock stretching the walls of her now drenched cunt.

He lay there staring in utter and complete awe at her mammoth tits so big and hard bouncing around above his face. Her nipples stood out like bullets and as he thrust his face towards them desperate to take them in his mouth. Mandy, still keeping his hands pinned down, managed to keep them just beyond his reach. The teasing little minx swayed them from side to side, she was such an unbelievable tease.

"Don't you think my boobs are too big?" she asked him in her usual innocent girly way.

As he shook his head and stammered out the word, "!" Mandy remembered this was a naughty little game she had played before with some of the other old men she had encountered.

"Do you like them?"

He eagerly nodded his head.

"You really don't think they're too big?" she went on as she arched her back a little more thrusting them out above him. Again he shook his head, his tongue hanging out like a dog, she knew exactly what she was doing, and she was loving it.

"Men are always looking at them, some even try to touch them........I don't suppose you would like to touch them?"

"P...P...P...PLEASE!" he cried, the look of desperation all over his face was almost painful to see.

"Oh go on then," she said quietly as she slowly released her grip on his hands. Within a second he threw his arms around her and pulled her down towards him forcing her tits to squash into his face, his toothless old mouth open wide and sucking on as much meat as possible.

Mandy found it all so exciting and needed to fuck him harder. With her tits smothering his old face she bounced her ass up and down faster and faster, her lovely tight wet cunt sucking hard on his huge gnarled old cock. Then all of a sudden he let out a loud groan as he started to hammer up into her as hard and fast as he could. His sweaty old hands grabbed her ass tight and his fingers sank into her firm round cheeks as deeply as they could. With a fistful of ass cheek in each hand and a mouth stuffed full of firm young tit he couldn't control himself any longer. He suddenly blasted spunk from his heavy old balls, straight up through his cock and deep into her eagerly waiting cunt.

He bucked and jerked under her as he pounded more and more of the stuff into her. Mandy was amazed at his stamina and strength as he kept on ramming his cock up her, each thrust shooting another load of his dirty hot spunk into her grateful pussy.

He was indeed making the most of it as he feasted on her lovely young body, feeling groping licking and sucking her all over. All too soon he started to slow down, the final drops now oozing from his cock.

Mandy wasn't finished yet however. She sat herself upright, her ass resting on his tired old balls. She started to grind her clit hard against his pubic bone, faster and faster she went, the feel of his huge cock filling her pussy together with the sensation on her clit was all too much. Within no time at all a massive orgasm shuddered through her entire body, she let out a loud cry as she grabbed at her tits and squeezed them together.

The old man watched the entire show unable to believe what he was being treated to. He could feel her juices running down over his balls as she drew a tit up to her mouth and sucked hard on her nipple.

Her body shook and trembled all over as her cunt constricted around his cock, she continued to grind hard against it as she moaned and groaned in ecstacy.

After a few moments she released her tits and they tumbled forward as she grabbed the sides of her head and came to a standstill. She let out a long sigh as she calmed herself down.

The old man just watched as she slowly seemed to come back down to earth, he had never seen a more exciting spectacle.

After another minute or so she slowly lifted herself off him, his cock popped out like a cork and an incredible amount of fluid poured from her cunt all over him. Despite having come twice his cock was still rock hard and in need of more satisfaction.

As Mandy tried to climb from the bed he put his hands on the back of her head and pushed her down towards it.

She knew exactly what he wanted, it was what he had wanted earlier, only this time she not only felt she could do it, she actually wanted to do it.

She parted his scrawny old legs and curled up in a ball between them. Next she took the base of his cock in one hand and fiddled with his balls with the other. Then, her beautiful eyes looking straight up into his, she opened her mouth slightly and placed her lips against the underside of his swollen purple end and gave it a long smothering kiss.

Slowly she lovingly worked her lips all over the glistening bulbous tip before she opened her mouth more and gently licked it all over.

"Oh p...pretty lovely and p..pretty," he sighed as she slipped her mouth over it and started to suck, all the while her gorgeous big eyes looked lovingly into his.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Mandy moaned as she wanked his cock with her hand, sucking it harder and deeper into her mouth. He could feel her tongue swirling around it, she was driving him crazy, the sight of her pretty face with her lovely sweet mouth stretched around his dirty great cock was out of this world.

She knew he was so close to coming already, and as she kissed licked and sucked on the tip of his twitching cock she started to pump it faster and faster in her hand.

"S....SPUNK, G...GOING TO S....SPUNK!" he cried out excitedly.

"Mmmmmm, come on then," she whispered seductively as her mouth and hand continued in their joint assault on his cock.

All of a sudden he cried out. "AAAAAAAAARGH!!!"

A huge fountain of his thick creamy seed instantly burst forth into her mouth and all over her face. She kept on pumping with her hand as she licked and sucked all over the dirty sticky thing. More and more he kept coming all over her face as she wanked him off, it looked incredible to see her so young and beautiful, so pretty, covered in his dirty spunk.

He let out a huge sigh as she sucked his filthy cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. As she slowly drew herself back, she sucked as hard as she could, drawing every last drop from deep within his balls. At last the old guy felt totally satisfied, more so than he had ever been.

Sensing he was completely spent she looked up at him and gave him a cheeky smile. "Mmmm that was nice," she said in a teasing way as she picked the long strings of spunk from her face with her fingers and licked them clean.

He just lay his head back and smiled, for some strange reason his feelings of depression seemed to have gone.......

Mandy knew she had done enough, and feeling pleased with herself she climbed from the bed gathered her clothing from the floor and went back downstairs to get dressed, not saying a word.

Peter had obviously left, and as Mandy got back into her normal clothes she made the decision that she would go back home tonight, being at the mercy of Peter was as bad as being at the mercy of Ted.....

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