An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 20


As the filthy sweaty old pig groped and mauled her using her for his own disgusting pleasure, Mandy was experiencing that same old feeling....she was actually enjoying it!!!!

Billy was so excited that he couldn't control himself, he knew he was about to come any second. He couldn't believe he was fucking this gorgeous blond 20 year old, it was all too much.

Suddenly Mandy arched her back and pushed her ass back hard against him, this was the most incredible feeling for Billy as her cunt seemed to tighten it's grip around his cock and she started to rotate her hips as if trying to milk him. He instantly lost all self control as he felt a surge of adrenalin rush through his body and the feeling of euphoria engulfed him. This was it, he was starting to come, there was no stopping it now.

Then as he knew it was too late to stop he heard Mandy cry out. "Oh god yes, fuck me you dirty bastard fuck me! AAAAAAAAARGH DON'T FUCKIN' STOP, YES AAAAARGH FUCK ME YOU FILTHY DIRTY BASTARD FUCK ME!!!"

The words were like music to his ears as he exploded a bucket load of spunk from his huge old balls deep into her soaking pussy. Over and over he pounded into her, his huge balls flailing around all over the place. As they continued to empty he reached for her lovely soft blond hair and tugged her head back as far as he could. With his other hand he reached around and mauled her huge firm tits all over, squeezing and groping as his pace slowed and he leaned into her to whisper in her ear.

"Oooooh yeah that was lovely you naughty little slut mmmmmm." His words disgusted her, he made her skin crawl. But she couldn't deny she was still turned on and frustrated by her need for satisfaction.

For the next few minutes Billy just lay over her back with his cock pulsating deep inside her cunt slowly ridding itself of any remaining spunk. He soon straightened himself up and pulled himself out, slapping her hard across the ass and laughing to himself as he did.

He climbed down from the footstool and went across to his moth-eaten old sofa, where he slumped down feeling somewhat exhausted. As he did Mandy straightened herself up and smoothed out her clothing. As she took a sideways glance over to where Billy was sitting she noticed him looking her over. More worryingly he was playing with himself and his cock looked as big and hard as ever.

"Ooh come over here gorgeous," he told her as he arrogantly tried to spread his arms out along the back of the sofa. Unfortunately for him the large hump on his back made it somewhat awkward and uncomfortable for him to do this, it also made it hard for him to raise his hugely deformed head up to look at her. So after a few moments he had to reposition himself with his arms at his side and a cushion stuffed behind his lower back.

She was in no doubt as to what he meant because as he made himself comfortable he spread his legs slightly to display his obvious state of arousal. Although she was still moist with excitement and in different circumstances may well have wanted to take up this offer, she couldn't help but find him so disgusting, so filthy, and so ugly that she simply wanted to escape.

He noticed her look to the door and knew what she was thinking. But he wasn't about to let her go just yet, she was just too sexy for words, a dream come true, and he wanted her more than ever.

"You know that guy at the sex shop said he would pay me a lot of money for your name and address..... But I told him I would have to think about it." His words had the desired affect, Mandy knew she couldn't risk that, she was trapped.

"Oh God look at you," he went on, "I've never seen a more gorgeous thing in my life." The corners of his mouth started to foam and his eyes widened as he told her to take her clothes off.

With no choice she reached behind and unzipped the back of her skirt, she felt sickened at the sight of this aged deformed freak devouring her with his eyes. With a sexy little wiggle she slipped it down her stocking clad legs to the floor. Next she undid the remaining few buttons on her cardigan and slipped it from her shoulders before placing it on the floor with her skirt.

"Oh just stop there for a moment and let me have a look at you," he said as he licked the saliva from his filthy lips. He was blown away by the sight before him, standing there in her full matching set of baby blue lace bra panties and suspenders, (not to mention the sexy white stockings and high heels), she was the ultimate sexual fantasy, he felt as if he was the luckiest man on earth.

His cock grew harder and harder as he looked her over, she was too much and he was already getting desperate to satisfy his needs again.

"Why don't you come and touch my cock, eh? Come on it's not going to bite."

Mandy knew she had no choice other than to just try and get this over with. She came over and stood between his parted feet, she then bent forward and slowly took his raging erection in her soft and delicate hand.

"Oooooooh yesssssss!" he hissed as she slowly started to gently feel her way up and down it's hugely deformed length. As she leaned forward over him the position she was stood at meant he was looking straight down her incredible cleavage.

"Ooh fuck those tit's are so fuckin' massive," as he spoke his voice trembled as she continued to stroke his cock. "Ooh tell me what size that fuckin' bra is."

"Th...thirty f...four d...double F," she said nervously.

"Ooooh fuckin' hell," he whispered as he raised his hands and cupped each tit in his palms, lifting them slightly to feel their magnificent weight. They felt so big and heavy and so amazingly firm and his excitement was getting too much for him to cope with. "Come on then," he told her, "climb on."


"You know what....I said climb on."

She stood upright unsure of what to do, she knew what he meant alright but she hoped she had got it wrong.

"I don't want to have to make that phone call, even though the money would come in handy," he threatened.

Nothing else needed saying and Mandy slipped her sexy little panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Billy smiled a dirty smile as he looked at her mound of lovely fine blond pubic hair.

Mandy knew what had to be done and so she knelt on the sofa either side of his groteque body and slowly began to lower her pussy down to meet his erection. As she did Billy groaned as he reached behind her and, with his big dirty clumsy hands, unhooked her bra and peeled the straps from her shoulders. Suddenly he let out a gasp as her huge perfect tits were naked right before his eyes.

"Oh God look at them!" As he spoke he felt the unbelievable sensation of her moist pussy lips stretching over the head of his cock. He let out a huge groan and saliva poured from his opened mouth as he felt the tightness of her cunt slowly begin to slide down it.

Mandy placed her hands on the back of the sofa either side of his head for support, her huge firm young tits now just inches from his face, her nipples sticking out like bullets. He grabbed one tit with both hands and squeezed it hard stuffing it into his vile smelly mouth as he did.

Mandy couldn't help the feelings inside her as her nipples hardened even more with him slurping and slobbering all over it. He sucked and chewed on her nipple as he pushed his ugly wart encrusted face hard into it. Now more excited than ever he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight as he squashed both of her incredible tits into his face. He sounded like a pig as he grunted and slobbered all over one then the other, rubbing his face all over them.

Mandy too was starting to lose control, her pussy was getting soaked as she now bucked her hips backwards and forwards on his huge cock. She grabbed her tits and squashed them together to force both nipples into his mouth at once.

"Ooh yes oh yes," she moaned as she bounced harder and faster on his cock.

Billy feasted on the gorgeous young body sat on top of him, there soon wasn't an inch of her left that he hadn't groped squeezed licked or sucked. He knew he was about to come, there was no way he could hold out much longer. With the adrenalin pumping he twisted around and slammed her onto her back on the sofa. He hooked his arms behind her knees and pushed them up by her shoulders, with her feet waving around in the air he drove the full length of his monster cock straight into her.

Mandy couldn't believe how good it felt, suddenly she didn't care who he was or what he looked like, she just wanted that dirty great cock pounding into her cunt. Even when he kissed her on the mouth she responded by kissing him back, she even went so far as to slip her tongue in and wrap it around his.

Billy looked down to see her playing with her tits, squashing them with her sweetly manicured hands, it looked just incredible. Harder and harder he rammed his cock in and out of her, the wetness of her cunt sounded around the room as his huge balls slammed against her ass.

Mandy cried out. "Oh yes yes, fuck me you dirty old pervert, fuck me! Oh God I'm coming yes yes I'm coming AAAAAAAARGH!!!"

As she writhed around beneath him in the throws of orgasm Billy felt his balls tighten and he thrust himself into her as hard and fast as he could. He suddenly felt the surge of spunk thundering up through his cock and instantly explode into Mandy's lovely tight wet pussy. Over and over he pumped load after load of the dirty hot fluid deep into her, it was an incredible feeling as a wave of satisfaction washed over him.

After a minute or two Mandy seemed to come back to her senses and she tried to push him off. Billy took the hint and after taking a moment to make sure he had emptied the last drops from his spent balls he rolled off.

Mandy got to her feet and quickly dressed. Billy just sat there on the old sofa and enjoyed the show. He loved the way her beautiful big firm tits bounced and jiggled as she pulled her panties and skirt on. He smiled as she heaved them back into her fine lace bra and stretched her cardigan around them as she buttoned it back up.

Soon she was finished and ready to go, but before she could leave Billy told her he had something that he wanted her to do...

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