An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 26


He could see her fear and the lust crazed old pervert grew more excited as he realised it was something he could use very much to his advantage.

"Sit down!" The old tramp shouted. Alison jumped and instantly sat down on the edge of his blanket covered straw bed behind her.

"P...please l...let me go," she begged looking up at him with her beautiful big blue eyes. She had no idea that in sitting down her skirt rode up a little higher as it pulled tight across her lap, now showing not only even more stocking top but also the clips of her lace suspenders.

He just looked at her with lust filled eyes and licked his lips as he shrugged off his dirty stinking old coat and sat down next to her.

"I'll let you go," he growled, "if you're nice to me."

With his vile breath filling her nostrils she knew exactly what he meant. The thought of running for the door flashed through her mind, but in high heels she would never make it, plus she knew nothing of this old tramp or what he may be capable of, it just wasn't worth risking making him angry.

Sitting there in fear she again pleaded with him, "please......p...please don't...." With his craggy old face close to hers she could see just how thick with dirt it was, he couldn't have washed for years. But even worse was his beard, it was absolutely filthy, its grey and black wiry hair was so matted together that it made her feel quite sick.

His heart was slamming hard and fast in his chest, his cock was throbbing hard and he could feel the wetness of pre-cum oozing from it. Her fresh young face was so lovely and pure and her sweetly scented perfume filled the air around him, he had never wanted anything more his entire life.

Alison froze as he brought a hand up behind her and took hold of her soft wavy blond hair. As he slowly pulled her head back she knew there would be no point in fighting him, she found him so scary and she would do anything rather than risk his temper, what choice did she have?

He let out a deep low grumble as he leaned towards her. She flinched as she felt his horrible wet tongue touch her neck, he let out a deep sigh and dragged it slowly up until he was licking her ear.

"Mmmmmmmm," he whispered into it as he placed the side of his face against hers and looked down at her magnificent young bosom. "What lovely big tits you've got," he hissed, "ooh God they are fucking huge....."

Alison again begged him to stop, but he ignored her plea and brought a hand up and gently placed it on one of them. He held the thing for a few seconds feeling its size and weight, he was completely mesmerised unable to believe that that was actually his hand.

Unable to control his frustration and urges he began to squeeze it. "Ooh fuck yesssss," he went on as he found out just how unbelievably firm it was. "Mmmmm lovely...lovely...," he sighed. His eyes bulged in his head as he mauled and massaged it with his filthy rough old hand. After a few moments he moved his hand across to fondle and grope the other. "Ooooh what big heavy fuckers," he crudely whispered in her ear as he squashed and squeezed them both in turn through her fine tight pink blouse.

His breathing grew more heavy and rapid as he became more and more excited. Alison tried to keep her head turned away in an attempt to avoid his terrible rancid breath. She felt sickened at this disgusting old tramp and angry at herself for just sitting there and allowing him the complete freedom to molest her in this way. But she knew there was nothing she could do to stop him, the thought of angering the creepy old man filled her with dread. All she could do was try and beg him to stop which she kept on doing, but he was completely deaf to it.

Just then she felt him undo the buttons of her blouse, the outward thrust of her tits causing them to spring apart.

"Oh my," he gasped as her bra encased tits came into view. "Oh fuck look...look!!!" He had never see a more incredible sight as he spread her blouse open. Her full 32GG half cup bra was so beautiful and delicate made of the most subtlety pale pink satin and lace. Delicate yet strong enough to hold such fantastic wonders perfectly, her immense cleavage displayed proudly as if being offered for the taking.

If there was any doubt where this was leading there was no more, like a starved animal old John buried his filthy bearded face deep into it, both hands now mauling and squeezing her huge breasts through the sexy lace bra as he sank his fingers as deep into them as he could.

He licked and kissed them all over. Alison tried to lean away as he slobbered his way up her neck but it was no use, he was soon pressing his mouth to hers. With the overwhelming excitement he forced his tongue between her soft pink lips, he was desperate to get it as far into her lovely sweet mouth as possible. There was no stopping him and Alison knew it. She hated what he was doing and tried to push him off, but he was too strong and too determined.

The stench of his filthy crusty old beard made her want to be sick, but not as much as his invading foul tasting tongue. She could do nothing as his dirty old groping hand crawled inside her bra. So she decided that, rather than risk getting it ruined, she took it upon herself to unclip the front clasp. As the bra separated and her phenomenal tits bounced into view in all their naked glory Alison instantly got some relief from his sickening mouth.

As soon as he realised what she had done he dropped his head and started to suck and chew on her bullet-like nipples. Grunting and groaning he feasted on them like a starving man, his hands now squeezing and grabbing at her tits with such force and desperation it was as if he had forgotten that they were attached to a person.

Just then he stopped and looked down at her lap, in all the commotion her skirt had ridden up above her stocking tops and her pink lace suspenders were on full show. That was the final straw, a sexier image could not exist. This incredibly beautiful blond girl sat there with the biggest tits he had ever seen thrusting out from her opened blouse, and if that wasn't enough she was now teasing him with her stockings and suspenders. That was it his cock couldn't wait a second longer, if he didn't get satisfaction now it would be too late and he knew he would just come in his trousers.

He quickly got to his feet and pulled the string that held his dirty old trousers up and they quickly fell to the floor. Alison took a fright as she was suddenly confronted with his huge angry erection right in front of her. The smell of his dribbling old cock with its painful looking swollen purple head was disgusting. It was absolutely huge with thick blue veins that seemed to throb along its rough gristly length.

Alisons biggest fear was that he was going to want her to take the revolting thing in her mouth. He placed a knee for support alongside her on the makeshift bed, and for a second she didn't know what he was going to do.....

The old man had lots of things in mind that he wanted to do, but for now he had one need and one urge. The need was obvious, his balls were tight and his cock leaking pre-cum everywhere, and the urge soon became obvious too.........

"Mmmmmmmmmm ooooh yes," he hissed, "I gotta fuck those tits!"

Alison was so relieved that her mouth had been spared that she quickly took the initiative before he had any other ideas. The thought of it was disgusting but she knew this was surely the best she could hope for under the circumstances.

"C....come on then." She was eager to get it over with, and so to encourage him and keep him happy she spoke in a soft teasing voice as she lifted her huge tits in her hands, "fuck my tits."

This was like music to his ears, he couldn't believe what he had just heard, did she really say that? He wasn't about to wait to find out.

He placed his other knee the other side of her so he was now straddling her lap. Alison knew what had to be done and so she gently squashed her tits around his huge smelly cock.

As she did the old man gasped for breath and muttered "oh fuck, oh fuck," over and over. His cock was so sensitive and on the brink of exploding that as soon as he felt the warm softness of her huge young breasts around it he launched into action. Without warning he suddenly started pumping himself hard and fast up and down between her tits fucking them for all he was worth. The position had him pushing her tits right up against her chin and with every upward thrust his swollen purple head appeared up through her cleavage right in front of her mouth.

He looked down at the incredible sight and grabbed the back of her head to pull it forward. Alison could do nothing as her lips now pressed against it and he ordered her to open her mouth. As she did he pushed her head down over it and shouted at her to suck it, the desperation in his voice told her she had no choice.

The sensation for the old tramp was like nothing on this earth, he could feel her tongue pressing against the underside of his cock and her lips sucking on his throbbing bulbous tip. He could hold out no longer and let out an almighty cry.

"AAAAAARGH, YES FUCK YES, FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!" At that moment Alisons mouth was suddenly full of his filthy hot thick spunk. There was so much that it went everywhere, she tried to swallow it but there was too much and it made her gag. It poured from her mouth over her chin and onto her tits, and still it just kept on coming.

The dirty old man kept on pumping his cock into her mouth grunting and groaning like a pig as more and more of the foul tasting muck poured all over her tongue, she honestly thought she was going to drown in the stuff. She tried to pull her head away but he held her tight.

"YES.....OH YES YES," he cried as he rammed into her over and over crazed with excitement filling her mouth with a seemingly endless amount of his revolting old sperm.

Alison desperately tried to spit out as much as she could but it was a losing battle and load after load poured down her throat making her want to be sick. She never knew a man could produce so much, but then she had never met such a deprived and sex starved man as old John, a man who seemed to have been waiting a lifetime for this moment.

Thankfully though his pace soon slowed and his twitching member oozed the final drops from the depths of his heavy old balls.

He looked down and smiled as he surveyed the damage, her mouth chin and tits were absolutely covered in his thick white spunk. He let out a long satisfied sigh as he slipped his cock from her lips, pausing for a moment to smear its filthy wet tip all over her pretty face.

He stumbled back against the door and slid down it onto the floor. He sat there breathing heavily for a few minutes clearly exhausted.

Alison grabbed a few handfuls of straw and wiped herself over. She was amazed at just how much mess this old man had made, but then she knew the affect she had on guys and someone like him must have been so extremely excited by her that it wasn't really surprising.

She was just about to fasten her bra back up when the old tramp spoke.

"Oh no you don't."

She didn't know what to do, surely he didn't expect more of her, wasn't that enough?

He staggered to his feet and shuffled towards her, his cock still hard and swaying around in front of him. He sat down next to her and told her to stand up and turn around. Worried by what he was going to do next she hesitated.

"I said stand up and turn around!" this time he meant business and Alison did as she was told.

He took her by the wrist and pulled her closer until she was standing between his parted legs. Her short black skirt was still ridden up above her stocking tops and the old man marvelled at the curvaceous shape of her firm rounded ass cheeks stretching the fabric tightly.

She flinched a she felt him place a hand on one of her cheeks and give it a squeeze. "Oh yes lovely," he whispered before dragging his hand across and squeezing the other one.

After groping her this way for a few minutes he ran his hand down the back of her thigh and then ran it up again, only this time he went under her skirt. As he felt his way higher he slipped his fingers between her legs.

"Oooh what do we have here?" Alison just stood there frozen to the spot as she felt him fingering the silk crotch of her panties. She bit down nervously on her lip as he pressed harder against the soft warm folds of her pussy, the silk panties offering no protection.

His free hand then came up the front of her skirt to join its partner in fondling her pussy through her pink silk and lace panties. There was nothing she could do as he eased the crotch to one side and teased his fingers between her lovely moist lips.

All the while he's muttering to himself over and over, "yes yes, ooh yes yes." Then Alison couldn't help letting out a gasp as he pushed two of his dirty craggy old fingers up inside her. He could feel she was wet and hearing her gasp made him think she was enjoying it.

He manoeuvred her feet further apart with his own to give him better access, in doing this her skirt accidentally rode up even higher and her beautiful cheeky ass sprang out into view. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, what a sight, he couldn't resist pressing his face to it and licking and kissing the silk that stretched tightly across her perfectly shaped cheeks. His cock was now as hard as ever and his excitement was again getting out of control.

Before she knew what was happening Alison had been pulled face down onto the straw bed and the bearded old man had buried his face into her ass, biting sucking and chewing it all over. All the time his two fingers are worming around deep inside her pussy making her wetter and wetter. Despite her reluctance she couldn't control the way her body was reacting, she felt sickened by herself but couldn't help it.

Hurriedly he pulled her panties down her stocking clad legs and off over her feet. Seeing her sweet pink pussy between her slightly parted legs was such a thrill and he knew he had to have it, he was desperate to plunder its moist tightness with his raging hard-on.

Alison seemed to know what he was going to do as he got to his feet behind her. Reluctantly she accepted the inevitable and got onto all fours with her knees close to the edge of the straw bed. With her ass sticking invitingly up in the air and her big heavy tits swaying beneath her through her opened blouse a more tempting and incredible sight could not exist.

The dirty smelly old tramp leant his knees against the edge between her parted legs, he couldn't believe what was about to happen. With her skirt up around her hips his huge erection was pointing straight at her exposed cunt.

He placed his grubby old hands either side of her gorgeous ass and pushed his cock against her. Alison could hear his heavy breathing and felt him tremble as his cock started to part the lips of her moist pussy.

"AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!" His cry signalled the incredible sensation as he instantly drove himself straight up inside her as deep as he could go. He had never known a feeling like it, a million times he had wanked himself off but nothing could ever compare to the feeling of this beautiful wet cunt wrapped tightly around his big hard cock.

He wasted no time and instantly started ramming himself in and out of her, the smacking sound of their bodies colliding every time he slammed himself in up to the hilt rang around the confined space.

"OH FUCK YES YES YES!" His cries were endless, "YOU DIRTY FUCKIN' BITCH," he shouted as he slapped her hard across the ass. "YOU DIRTY FUCKIN' SLUT.....YOU'RE CUNT'S SOAKED!!!"

There was no denying it, her cunt was soaked, she didn't want to but she was starting to enjoy being used by this horrible old man, the feeling of his monster cock driving in and out of her was sending her over the edge.

"Don't you fuckin' stop you dirty old bastard.....don't you fuckin' dare!" Her words surprised him but only added to his excitement. He reached underneath her and sank his dirty old fingers into her huge swaying breasts. With his head down beside hers he wormed his tongue into her ear muttering all kinds of obscenities as he did. He ground himself into her as hard as he could as if trying to get deeper and deeper inside.

Alison wanted it all to be over, but not before she had gotten some satisfaction for herself. She was confused by how but the old man had managed to get her so turned on that she now needed to see it through to the end.

"On your back!" Alison cried as she seemed to take over. The old tramp didn't need telling twice, he was eager to see what she had in mind.

No sooner was he on his back than she straddled him and sank herself down onto his rock hard erection. Instantly she started riding him like a wild thing, his hands came up and grabbed at her huge tits as they now bounced freely around right above him.

"Ooooh squeeze my tits, oooh go on squeeze 'em squeeze 'em," she moaned.

This was too just much for the old man, he knew that he wasn't going to last much longer at this rate. She dropped to her hands either side of his head and her tits tumbled into his filthy bearded old face. She didn't care what he looked like now, she was too close to reaching a climax to worry about that.

"Ooooh you love my big tits don't you eh?"

"Mmmmmmmmph," was all he could reply with them squashed into his face as he sucked and chewed on her nipples.

"Suck them ooh go on, suck them hard," she went on. With her excitement was reaching it's peak she rammed her cunt up and down on his cock as hard and fast as she could, its walls gripping it tightly.

The old mans hands went around and grabbed her ass as it bounced up and down on him, he couldn't hold back any longer and with a muffled cry he started pounding into her as fast as he could.

This was what Alison needed and she let out a shriek as she suddenly experienced the most amazing orgasm. On and on it went and she wondered if it would ever end, she had never had one like it.

At the same time old Johns cock exploded a mass of spunk up into her, over and over he pounded dumping load after load of the stuff inside her.

The two of them writhed against each other as their juices mixed deep within Alisons now satisfied cunt. The old man held her tightly in his arms for a few minutes as he expelled every last drop from his pulsating old cock.

After a good few minutes Alison was able to climb off. The old man was so exhausted that he didn't notice her pulling her panties back on and straightening her clothes.

As he lay there with his eyes closed and a huge grin on his filthy old face Alison quietly crept out of the door.

As she drove away she thought how that was a hard lesson learnt...

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