An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 33


Then without warning and like a man possessed he applied pressure to her back holding her firmly in place. He moved a little closer and with Mandy unaware of what was about to happen she suddenly felt him press his swollen cock against the lips of her pussy.

Suddenly she panicked and as she protested she quickly realised the seriousness of the situation. Then with no warning other than a loud groan he gave an almighty shove forward and drove his thick stiff tool straight up inside her.

Instantly Mandy began to struggle. But the old man had her pinned against the table and she couldn't move. "Oh yes yes yes," he groaned as he dribbled in her ear, "oh come on it won't take a minute," he excitedly said as he reached under and took hold of her massive heaving young breasts. "Oh my sweet sweet dear," he went on as he began to drive his red hot steel cock in and out of her lovely warm tight wet tunnel.

Still she struggled and tried to break free of his grip, but it was useless, he was so determined and Mandy knew a man in this state wasn't going to stop until he had had his way. The old Doctor grunted and groaned excitedly as he squeezed and fondled her tits as hard as he could, his slobbering tongue now all over her neck as he rammed himself faster and faster into her.

"Oh God yes yes yes," the old man cried as he felt his aged old balls tighten, "you're so beautiful, oh God yes, so beautiful." As he spoke he continued to maul her tit with one hand while the other worked its way over her ass and down her thigh. "Oh God I'm sorry, I'm so s....s...sorry," he cried out clearly completely unable to control himself. His pounding grew faster and faster until it reached speed that the pretty young blond knew only too well. This was it, the old man had clearly passed the point of no return.

Mandy had no choice other than to allow him to continue, struggling was useless. All of a sudden he let out a cry as if in pain and in an instant Mandy felt herself fill up with the unmistakeable burning hot fluid of the old man's spunk flooding into her. Over and over he hammered against her spewing more and more of the filthy sticky stuff from his dirty old cock as she felt the full weight of the old Doctor now laying over her back, his legs had clearly given way as he jerked and twitched on top of her. Still he groaned as he emptied the final remnants from his withered old balls into her.

It was all over in a matter of seconds, ending as quickly as it started, and Mandy just remained as she was, shocked by what this old man, a Doctor, had just done.

Slowly he came to rest as his cock slowly throbbed and pulsated inside her. "Oh yes, that was lovely, oh God yes...I'm sorry," he said, "but what did you expect?"

Mandy was amazed by his sudden arrogance and suggestion that it was all her fault. But she said nothing, instead she just remained still as his throbbing pumping cock slowly began to shrink inside her. He let out a moan as it eventually slithered out like a shrivelling snake followed by a small river of fluid that ran down the inside of her thigh.

The old man finally released her tits and stood up straight behind her as he did his trousers back up. Once he had he flopped into his chair and just watched as the beautiful 20 year old girl re-dressed herself. He couldn't believe what he had just done, it wasn't the fact that he had forced himself on her, it was that he had just fucked this stunningly sexy young blond, what an achievement!

Mandy said nothing and just quietly and calmly left the room.

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